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PostSubject: Willow   Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:49 am

((A story related to events concerning 'The Brotherhood'. Sorry if it's currently long-winded, I will probably go back and edit it later. I just wanted it up there.))

It was early morning, and the stillness of the dying night was broken by the day’s first cheerful chirp of a bird. The city of Silvermoon was starting to awaken, some elves still only half awake making their way to their jobs; the baker, the smith and the auctioneers all shuffled grudgingly through the streets toward their destinations and awaiting chores.

In a small house in the Bazaar district a light flickered in the window, a final gust of life before it was extinguished, having burned all night through. On the floor, among many cushions, pillows and blankets that were shaped into a makeshift bed sat a female sin’dorei with pale blonde hair hanging tousled down her shoulders. Wearing nothing but a shirt much too large for her slight frame that reached almost all the way down to her knees, she sat cross-legged with her hand raised up and out from herself.

Emmelina stared at the unassuming blue gem that rested innocently in the center of her bandaged palm. No matter how much she glared at it, it refused to so much as twinkle or shimmer.

"Invoke, damnit!" she hissed. The gem didn't respond any better to curses than it had done to threats about being dropped in the fountain, or desperate pleas to do something, anything. It simply lay there at the end of its silver chain, simply… unremarkable.

Truth of the matter was that Emmelina had no idea what she was doing. She was not good at magic. Not the conventional kind, anyway, and she wouldn’t refer to using the Light’s powers as ‘magic’ if someone held a gun to her head. No, she was quite unskilled with magic but she was good at taking orders and following instruction. So she tried. The Oracle, a ghostly figure of an old and withered woman, had told her to invoke the power within the gem and communicate with the avatar, Willow, to get some answers. Emmelina wanted nothing more than answers, every fiber of her being vibrating with the need to know. What exactly she wanted to know she wasn’t sure of herself, but maybe this Willow character would enlighten her to what it was that she needed to know.

“Willow?” she inquired in a gentler tone. For the umpteenth time she cast a glance around her, making sure she was quite alone. Anyone seeing her now would think her insane, a rumor she didn’t feel she needed added to the list just now. “I.. uh.. Really need to speak with you. So invoke. Please.”

Emmelina paused and stared at the gem. It didn’t twinkle. It didn’t do much of anything, really.


The elf cursed and threw the pendant disdainfully aside, watching it land on a cushion. Part of her had hoped it would break and maybe ooze its secret out in a cloud of mysterious vapor, but most other parts of her was relieved it was whole, no matter how useless. Maybe she wasn’t saying it right. Or saying enough. She irritably pushed tresses of her hair out of her face and turned to reach under her pillow. Unrolling the parchment, Emmelina frowned at the words that were now so familiar after countless readings, but made no more sense to her. It was to be known as ‘The Second Prophecy’ and why it had been given to her she didn’t know. Maybe that was what she should ask Willow, she thought, scowling over at the unhelpful blue gem on its silver chain.

Taking a deep breath through her nose, Emmelina looked back down at the cryptic words written elegantly on the parchment. It started going bad from the first line.

“Only the Stars begin. The Moon’s death is assured.”

Emmelina stared at the first paragraphs, but it made no sense to her. Not until later did she recognize some of the references.

“Willow will lead them to the Eye.”

She was Willow, and she had to assume that the Eye referred to the Oracle and thus that task was already completed. This was how she attempted to “translate” the Prophecy. Relating each titled name to a person she knew was involved. She sighed, and began to write down what she did know on a scrap of paper.

There were four Guardians, representing four Avatars, of whom she knew three: herself, who was Willow. Caledar, who had told her he was the Guardian of Earth, and therefore could be Ash. Doctor Haluthious was presumably the Guardian of the Flame; Hellfire. Who Tide was, she did not know. Then came the Pure, who was Arli, and would according to the Prophecy play the biggest role in the end. The Chosen was Catari, who wielded the blade. The Candle was the elf Fireleaf. The Brotherhood, that was all of them.

And then it all went downhill from there. Too many symbolic references to people she didn’t know if existed or were just symbols, and what their possible purpose could be, and how she would manage to usher everyone to do what they had to do… It was enough to make Emmelina’s head explode.

“The Chosen Champion of Doom will begin the War in the place of surprising intent,” she read to herself. “Place of surprising intent,” she mumbled. “What the hell is that supposed to mean!”

Emmelina furthermore had no idea who the Rock was, or the Whisper, or the Moon or the Stars or most of the other symbolic names were, or what they referred to. She tossed her quill aside and rolled up the parchment to tuck it away again. It was obvious she needed help but she didn’t have first clue who to go to. Who would know these things?

Dejected and with an unsettling feeling of helplessness Emmelina was not at all accustomed to being plagued with, she laid herself down and closed her eyes, frowning all the way into her dreams.
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