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 Pillow Talk

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PostSubject: Pillow Talk   Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:59 am

"Thank you sir."
Smiling, The Dark Ranger watched the Deathmaster turn and walk away, In the direction of the Rogues Quarter. as he walked away, growing smaller and smaller, all the strenght seeped right out of her legs, and she fell to her knees, her shoulders falling, a hand shooting straight to the stabbing pain in her chest. She could feel it, pressing against her heart - what is was she had no Idea, but it had been there since she returned to her body, since she made that deal -
"How did it go."
The voice behind her was sneering, a cruel voice, but, kudos to The Dark Ranger causing it, the voice was at least trying to be nice. Striding around the Kneeling Elf, Dark Ranger Clea knelt down, and looked Lemayas in the eye, red eye to red eye, a sneer on her pale face, Lemayas' eyes wide and terrified.
"Get up."
Clea offered no aid as Lemayas scrambled to her feet, clumsily stumbling halfway up, tripping over her cloak. Sneering slightly Clea swept off down the corridor to the Royal Quarter, and Lemayas jogged to keep up, almost tripping as her small cat Esmarelda wove in and out of her legs.
"I see you've actually been listening to what I taught you" The Taller Ranger commeneted, as Lemayas caught her up, "Did you offer him a spliff?"
Lemayas Nodded nervously, looking up at the Elf towering over her.
"And did he accept?"
Lemayas shook her head, looking down."
"Awwww Lemmies little boyfriend reject her again?" The Ranger Laughed, and pushed Lemayas playfully into the wall. Smiling slightly, Lemayas bounced back, and shouldered Clea into the other wall. giggling like the Little girls they once were, the Two Rangers hugged slightly, and continued walking down the corridor, the gates to Sylvanas' chamber in sight.
"I-I don't think I stuttered o-once during the entire conversation" Lemayas remarked, as they passed under the doorway, "T-Those t-tips you gave me are - are really helping."
"I try" Responded Clea, as the pair circled the Rostrum, and entered Lemayas' alcove. Stopping her from sitting down on the sleeping mat, Clea pushed the hidden door in the wall open, and beckoned for Lemayas to follow. "Come on, Lets go to my quarters, its quieter." Decending the spiral staircase, the Pair of Dark Rangers entered a hallway of corridors, and, shoosing one of the doors on the Left, Clea swept into the room beyond. It was a simple room, an empty bunk bed, and a small wooden desk, covered in papers. Falling down on the bottom bunk, Clea relaxed.
"I can't believe you Stole from the Dark lady."
Lemayas Froze, the words biting into her. How did she- Is she bluffing? Clea just laughed, and threw a pillow at her. "And then letting that grouch of an Apothecary take it..."
Lemayas opened and closed her mouth a few times, unable to find the words to say. eventually she threw out one word- "How?"
"I watched the whole thing. And I couldn't let all your hard work go to waste - he was simply going to throw that beautiful crown in the sea, you know?"
Lemayas just stood there, eyes flickering nervously. Clea Laughed again. "You know, my Roomate died a month back, you can have my top bunk if you want to stop sleeping in that alcove." Lemayas attempted a smile, but shock was still covering her face. Pulling a loose stone out of the wall of the room, Clea retrieved a small package, wrapped up in brown cloth, from a hidden space in the wall. "I swiched the crowns" the Elf said. Throwing the package to Lemayas, the cloth unfurled, and in her hands was the broken bloodied crown of King Terenas.
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Pillow Talk
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