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 The Second Prophecy

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PostSubject: The Second Prophecy   Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:29 am

((send to the Brotherhood in game by Saga, with notes about what they have discovered so far. Feel free to assume you have got it IC if you are part of the DOA events.))

Quote :
Only the Stars begin. The Moon's death is assured.
The First will see the Darkness return at it's hand.
In ancient place, the Spear will be sought by the Pure. The Knight will guard the Chosen. The Knight will be tormented.
They that doomed them will be chosen to lead them,
until the Brotherhood return to guide the path.
Choices will determine victory over the Seed and the Slave.
Chalice will overcome it's fears. The Moon will take strength of it. The Moon will make a choice.
The Stars are their guide. The Stars choose life and death.
Their is a time to be had without the oppression of the Champions.
Its price will be paid by the King or the Moon. The Moon will decide between the Chalice and the Brothers.
The Stars have begun the passage across the heavens. The Pure have joined them. The Heroes are coming, and the Brotherhood will soon arrive.

So apparently this has allready happened according to miss Emmelina and my mother and the others.
We kinda think the Stars are the family of Jaelen and that Jaelen is the moon. Kinda sucks for him because I guess he is gonna die at some point.
The First is someone I don't know named Cain who apparently saw the demon return (the Darkness)
We think Alathreal is the knight, because apparently she had to get some Spear but she didnt succeed and was tormented by an Imp (a champion). I'm one of the Pure, but I dont really know what that means. My mother, Arli and Marick are too since apparently our line is "pure". Mom also became the chosen.
I dont know what the part means about those that doomed them will be chosen to lead them, maybe that is the Cain person again since he apparently did something to get the Darkness back. The bortherhood is all of us.
Seed is one of the Shards according to mister Jaelen, I didnt really get a chance to ask what that means. I dont know who Slave is.
The King was Lord Magyk, we all know he died trying to save the rest. We think Chalice is Lady Xondra, because Jaelen is the moona nd he choose to stay with Lady Xondra instead of joining the Bortherhood.

Quote :
The One will choose a Guardian. Willow will lead them to the Eye.
The Eye must make it's choice, if it will show them place to see their foe.
After learned, but without sight, they will return to the Eye and find their shadow.
The Rock and the Whisper will become the greatest Heroes. Candle will light their path.
Willow will find it's power in place of Wind.
Ash will find it's power in place of Earth.
Tide will find it's power in place of Water.
Hellfire will find it's power in place of Fire.
They are to find the power of the Four, each One.
The Blade of the First and the Four will be remade. The Chosen will take it. It holds great power, but not over the Heralds.
In the place of greatest fear, the Harbinger will come. Candle will put light on its weakness. Rock will be its greatest foe. The Brotherhood will decide the fate of Kalimdor. The Four will be powerless. The Blade will be powerless. The Pure will hold the greatest part.

I'm still unsure who the one and the guardian are. Willow is miss Emmelina and the Eye is the oracle.
We think Mister Melir and Shriu.. Shru... that tauren are Rock and Whisper. Lady Fireleaf is the Candle. Mister Caledar said the oracle told him the candle would lead him on his way, kinda suggesting he is Rock or Whisper, but miss emmelina said the names sometime change with our choises.
Anyways, Mister Caledar is apparently also ash, and Alathreal made contact with tide! Good for her, you go girl!
They think soemone named the "doc" might be hellfire. We got a bit confused since mister Melir has a pendant too. Tide said its from the students of the four elements. Apparently there are 4 more elements, like shadows of the big ones. Fire has light, water has life, earth has death and air has darkness. Melir probably has Light, but apparently we dont need them. I do still would like to point out that "darkness, life and death are mentioned in the prophecy however. And light too!
The heralds are the guys in robes, ours got away last week and then I has a vision of him in Dire Maul. We didnt get to the Harbinger part since everyone was getting tired.

Quote :
It's return will be heralded by the loss of the Precious things. The Whisper will face it's choice.
The Brotherhood and the Pure will seek to reclaim the lost.
It's servant will be reborn - risen in the body of a vengeful one. The Chosen Champion of Doom is come again. Rock and Candle will suffer its touch.
The Stars will come to give their sacrifice for freedom. The Union or the Moon will perish. The final end will be determined by this. The remaining Stars will join the War. Chalice, Moon, Sun and Union will be touched. The extent of their change will govern the final victory.
The Chosen Champion of Doom will begin the War in the place of surprising intent.
A Champion will return, loathed by the Knight. More blood will be taken - the Pure and the Brothers will suffer. The Heroes will play the largest part.
The Living Star will determine the length of the Victory. There will be no victory without Price.

There is victory to be had, but it's time of freedom is not decided. Actions and choices will decide this freedom.

((will edit this later))

The Brothers rise and fall, their part is great. The Stars pay the price; their line will suffer if the Sun is lost. The Pure hold the least and the greatest, and will take the last moment. The Heroes will be the weight that tip the scales to Victory or Doom.
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The Second Prophecy
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