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 The Twilight's End.

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PostSubject: The Twilight's End.   Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:08 pm

It was nearly Midnight, Cale was sat alone in the Blood Knight Temple after having questioned a 'thistle user about his supplier. He was in a pensive mood, thinking about the Prophecy and a whole assortment of other things.
Suddenly a knock announced the arrival of his superior, Champion Vranesh. The fearsome Knight strode into the room, seating himself opposite Cale, giving him a hard look. Cale was instantly anxious, the Champion had given him that look many a time, and it always meant that he had something for him to do, or that he dissapproved of. The Champion continued to scan Cale's face for a moment before speaking in his usual harsh tone. " I have just come from a meeting with Lor'Themar. He wants a suitable candidate to lead a small force of men and women as crack troops against scourge forces. He believes the Blood Knights have the discipline and training required for this role, So I told him I would find someone I thought worthy from within My ranks."
Caledar Gave the Champion a level, calm look, before looking questioningly at him and asking "What about the other races? Surely they have elite groups who could pick someone to command this Warband?"
The Champion smiled at this question, humour evident in his eyes as he carefully spoke his next words. "The ah...Forsaken have been disregarded after their treachery at the Wrath Gate, Light knows we don't need a repeat of that fiasco. The orcs....they just want to smash into the Alliance, they don't really have the right drive for this. The tauren are up to their eyes in peace and tranquility, and the Trolls are busy with their voodoo. The only true military with the discipline and ability to pull this off are the Blood Knights of Silvermoon. The powers that be agreed upon that much."

Caledar nods slowly, regarding the Champion now with a pensive stare, motioning to him to continue with a curt gesture. The Champion shrugs in return, looking thoughtfully at the Knight before him. " I need suggestions. Who do I chose who is willing to put in the work?".

Caledar falls to thinking about his recent torture, thinking that it made him look weak among the other Knights. How he failed his duties in Alterac after the ambush in his previous command. He had to prove himself somehow, this seemed like the perfect oppertunity. He knew it would be hard to convince Vranesh, his affiliation to the Vile Thorn rogues had caused quite a stir, and sullied his reputation somewhat within the Knights. Eventually, he piped up, in a low voice. " I would like to lead the Warband sir. I have previous experience commanding troops, I'm practically unbreakable, being still here after my torture at the hands of the madwoman, and my discipline is unquestionable."
The Champion raised his eyebrows, considering the proposal at length before speaking. "But Can I trust you? You are known to work closely with the shady parts of society. I don't want your loyalty divided. You answer to no one but the Leaders of the Horde, Project Twilight's End is to have no outside influences. Your recruits answer only to you, and you answer to no one other than the horde leaders."
Caledar set his jaw, he had anticipated this reaction and so had his arguament ready, in a flat tone, he stated; " I have left the Rogues, I know now that affiliation with them was a bad Idea, I cannot, with my own morals and beliefs, support their actions. I am once again a free agent. Give me this chance to prove myself, I will not let you down sir."
The Champion nodded, gesturing at a pile of black cloth as he speaks. "Very well, Do not let me down, or you will regret the day you were spawned Midir. Take those Tabards and get recruiting. Funds have been transferred into a bank and are at your disposal. I will have a goblin engineer you some Communication devices, you will need them for co-ordination. Go forth Warlord, and Light be with you." The Champion stood, saluting, then strode out of the temple, leaving Caledar to mull over what just occured.

((Tl;dr: I left the VTO, I started a guild called Twilight's End. I will post history/background later, Enjoy folks))
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The Twilight's End.
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