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 Vile Thorn history

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PostSubject: Vile Thorn history   Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:42 pm

This Thread is to aid all new Thorns and current ones in knowing alittle bit about Thorn history up untill this date and key events

Please keep in mind this is from my point of view and some events may differ from other peoples point of view

1.Vile Thorns during the Third War

The Vile Thorns were founded by the Scourge during the third war to act as the scourges scouts, saboteurs and were also known to be used as Assassins. They would be sent ahead of the main Scourge force to take out any sentries around an enemy key position or to sabotage key enemy defences.
Most missions the Vile Thorns were sent on lead to a high death rate and it was thought that a good 80% of vile thorns on a mission would be killed.

2. The Great Sacrifice

During Arthas' exodus, Sylvanas broke free of the Lich kings control and taken over the ruins of the city of Lordaeron.
A large scourge army was sent to quell the uprising, Aconitus was the Thorn master at the time and had secretly planned with Anethrax his second in command to join with the forsaken once they got to the city.
It became clear to Acontius as he and all the Vile Thorns marched alongside the Scourge army that his plan had become known to the Scourge, the Vile Thorns were surronded and in an act of bravery Acontius lead half of the Thorns into a suicidal charge straight into the middle of the scourge army so that Anethrax and the other thorns could escape and warn the Forsaken.
Acontius was assumed to have died as were half of the vile thorns.

3. Thorns in the Wilderness

After the battle against the Scourge the remaining Thorns tried to enter the Undercity but were turned away by the forsaken, the Vile Thorns had been key to many of the Scourges victories in the past and the threat such a large group of assassins posed was too great for the forsaken to risk.
So Anethrax lead the Thorns up into the hills away from the city untill perhaps they gained some trust from the Forsaken and from Sylvanas, During this time the Vile Thorns had to fight against the Scarlet Crusade as the Crusade tried to gain a foothold in the local area and also against Scourge forces sent from the plague lands to fight the forsaken.

4. The Forsaken.

The Vile Thorns after suffering heavy casualties during there time in the wilderness (suspected to be upto 75%) were eventually brought into the Horde under the blessing of Sylvanas and the Forsaken with two conditions. One Condition was it was Lead by a Forsaken, the Forsaken who was picked by Sylvanas was named Hemlock who was one of Dark ladys most loyal subjects and would make sure there was no sign of corruption within this new group of rogues. The Second condition was that the Vile Thorns would allow other races in, this was met with some protest from some of the remaining orginal thorns.

5. Anethrax becomes the Thorn Mistress

After some suspious events Hemlock is accused by Orgrimmar of working for a "Dark master" and Orc gaurds are sent to arrest him.
Hemlock vanishes before the Orcs get there ( Rumors are that Vile Thorns aided Hemlock in escape but nothing is ever proved ).
Anethrax is raised to the rank of Thorn Mistress which is met with great relief from other vile thorns who feared Orgrimmar would send someone to replace Hemlock ( Oolon is also promoted to Deathmaster )

6.The Tides attack on Stormwind

The Vile Thorns see their first large action when they join the warband known as the Tide in their attack on Stormwind. The Tide have challenged the alliance to meet them in battle at Lakeshire and try to stop them on their way to Stormwind. The Vile Thorns wait in the hills to the west of Lakeshire watching the alliance defenders deploy their forces waiting for the Tide to arrive, When the Tide enters Redridge they crash over all defences the alliance were able to put in place and slaughter everyone in the area.
The following battle spreads across most of the local areas (Westfalls, Elwynn, Duskwood, Stormwind).
( See ... +Lakeshire for what happend to the server with such a large battle)

7. Battle of Thandol Span

Anethrax is tasked with the destruction of Menethil , Anethrax uses her diplomatic contacts to arrange a large battle force which march on Menethil but are met at Thandol span by an Alliance force which is lead by the Knights of Lordearon ( see ... n/465.html )
Deadex one of Anethraxs new Deathmasters leads a large group of Thorns and druids in a rear attack against the Alliance. Its thought that due to this action the horde claimed victory.

8. Invasion of Stormwind

The Vile Thorns arrange four raiding parties and invade the human city of Stormwind and hold parts of the city for most of the day, The Invasion party had included most warbands in the horde which would answer the call.
The forces were summoned into stormwinds cellars via warlocks and traitors and waited untill their full force had been summoned. This battle lead to a long and bloody campaign across the Eastern Kingdoms.

9. The Forming of the Outrunners

Following the previous battles the Vile Thorns gain many supporters from all diffrent walks of life. Anethrax orders the creation of the Vile Thorn Outrunners to put these followers to use , Maximus a Tauren hunter is placed in command of the Outrunners and shows much promise as the Outrunners aswell as the Thorns expand.

10. War against Eshin.

A "Cult" know as Clan Eshin are formed by a Tauren who later is known to be called Kharn and pledges to destroy the horde and bring the world into an age of Darkness. Loyal warbands under the leadership of Starrok of the Light watch launch a campaign to bring an end of Clan Eshin, the Vile Thorns join the Light watch in their efforts.
During this time the Thorns counterd many of Eshins plans and inflicted heavy casulties on Eshin while also sustaining a large amount themselves. Tensions grew between the Vile Thorns and the Light watch as the Thorns seemed to be taking the brunt of the attacks, the Vile Thorns left the alliance shortly after and Nighthaunter the deamon that had taken over Kharns body was defeated by Starrok.
Since those dark days there has been distrust between the Light watch and the Vile Thorns.

11. The Betrayal of the Deathmasters

The first Orc Deathmaster Grogesh who had joined the Thorns at the end of the war with Eshin had proved himself to the Vile Thorns and Anethrax .
Grogesh was found murdered in the tombs that ran below Duskwood, it was first thought that he was murdered by the scourge and so he was buried.
Some days later Deathmaster Scheme said that he had located the murdered and had cornered him in Blade Edge mountains in the Outlands, When Anethrax arrived there she was attacked by both Scheme and Deathmaster Feltharion she was moments away from death when she alerted the Thorns of this Betrayal who quickly came to her aid.
The two traitors left straight away after the attack and formed the Crimson circle.

12. Deadex the Thorn Master

Anethrax disillusioned by the bitter conflicts within the horde and the Betrayal of her most trusted she leaves the Vile Thorns and vanishs. Before leaving Anethrax places her most loyal Deathmaster Deadex in Command.
Deadex served as Thorn master with distinction and was in some peoples eyes a much more strict master than they had since the Scourge days.

13. Anethrax the Thorn Mistress

Once Anethrax had returned to Thorns , Deadex stood down and returned to his role as Deathmaster.
Anethrax had reclaimed her role as the Thorn Mistress and the Thorns had started to recruit once more after losing many to the war in Northrend against the Scourge.

14. Trial of the Thorns

Since the Thorns had been apart of the Horde they had always been sent on missions of great importance that would bring dishonor to any other warrior or fighter the horde would normaly send. The life of a Vile Thorn was normaly short and blood and filled with death and so over time they had adapted to that life style.
Deathmaster Deadex as a Thorn master had many run ins with the Shatterskull Marauders and threats had been cast from both sides at the other party, So when Deadex went missing the obvious suspects were those in the Shatterskull marauders. After carrying out some questioning (which was later proved to be torture) on several members of the Shatterskull marauders the Thorns actions were reported to Thrall and the Vile Thorns were forced to answer for their actions.
The Horde court found the Vile Thorns guilty and sentenced the Deathmasters and Thorn mistress to be sent into exile for a short amount of time.

15. Return of Aconitus

After the "Trial of the Thorns" the high ranking Vile Thorns had lost faith in the Horde and the way it acted towards its warriors.
The order was given by an unkown source (Thought to be Sylvanas herself) that Anethrax should be removed from power and the Forsaken would replace her with someone else.

Aconitus who was asumed dead during "The Great Sacrifice" had instead been saved by Sylvanas and placed in one of her armys to the north, He was now needed to deal with the situation developing in the Vile Thorns. Aconitus found Anethrax at the location of the Thorn shrine in Duskwood and assassinated her, he was then placed in command of the Vile Thorns without the Thorns being aware of what had happend.

16. Arli the Thorn Master

Arli Sunblade became the first Blood elf Deathmaster to be promoted to the rank of Thorn master. His promotion followed a declaration of guilt from Aconitus who could no longer lead the Vile Thorns after Assassinating Anethrax.
Arlis leadership was short lived compared to previous Thorn masters as he weas under a large amount of personal preasure from the city of Silvermoon and its Officals.
Arli was ordered by Sylvanas to step down and Aconitus was ordered once more to lead the Vile Thorns.

17. Ressurection of Anethrax

On the Day of the Dead an agent of Anethraxs tricked the shatterskull marauders into ressurecting Anethrax from her grave and thus returning her to power after the Thorn Master Aconitus was badly injuried in a attack.
Soon after this Deathmaster Deadex was reported missing while on a mission, he is asumed to have fallen in action
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Vile Thorn history
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