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 From the Mountainside

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PostSubject: From the Mountainside   Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:24 pm

This senario took place before the events of Chapter 5, and after Lemayas 'Coming Down the Mountain' Story.

Roaring, the wounded man climbed to its feet, clambering from the crater that its great body had created in its plumet from the edge. Having regained human form, the steep sides of the crater were extremely steep, but Raianion had little strength to transform and fly back up to his parapet. Curcing his loss at the hands of the small girl, a mere Elf, a weakling... but her friends... Pacing he strode down the length of the bottom of the Crater, and turning stared right into the eyes of a bald man, skin heavily tanned, eyes looking into his.

Taken aback by the sudden introduction of this human, Raianion took a step back, then regained his pride and drew himself up to full height. Snarling, he chalenged the newcomer, demanding for a name. Disapointingly the responce was simply a smile, as the stranger turned his back on the Dragon and paced away.

"I know who you are, Raianion, Leutenent of the Black Dragonflight. And I need you. They call me the Emmisary, a creature of Many faces. And I am here to offer you a proposal. I need the black dragonflight and your going to give me the means to take over."
Roaring in laughter the Dragon threw his human head back and chuckled loudly.
"And what makes you think I'm going to comprehend your request?" The Dragon laughed, glaring at the Strangers back.
"Your not going to. I don't need you to. I only need you."
The Dragon froze at this... what could he mean? Still he was only human. Chuckling again, he began to transform, roaring out to the heavens. Suddenly the Stranger spun around, two fingers pointing at the Dragon, who was thrown backward into the sides of the Crater, his arms flung aside, and strapped to the rockface by invisible chains.
"What in-"
Striding up to the imprisoned Dragon the stranger smiled.
"I only need you"
Pointing two fingers at the Dragon the stranger smiled, as Raianion roared in pain, his very soul leaving his body and entering the Strangers. His very form began to slowly disintergrate, turning into dust, the particles flowing into the Stranger, flashing as they hit his body and disapearing. Closing his eyes the Stranger smiled, Two burning gates of fire materialising behind him as two demons climbed through.

"I can still sence his pressence. He must still be here. Find the harbinger, or where he went. Blackrock spire, is mine now."

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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From the Mountainside
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