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 A Brief Breifing

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PostSubject: A Brief Breifing   Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:49 pm

Kneeling down Lemayas nocked another arrow. She could Just about see the Target dummy, the green mist the Canals were producing obscuring her vision. She was lurking near the counter of an empty alcove in the inner ring of the war quarter, completing her hourly practice. So far she hadn't even hit the Target dummy, let alone the red ring over the heart, her shots falling wide, splashing into the viscous pond behind the scarecrows. Closing her eyes she concentrated again, a fully fledged Dark Ranger could hit the target blindfolded, but she was still only a trainee... Breathing deeply she pulled the bow back, the bright azure blue arrowhead glowing, potential frost energy wafting off the enchanted head. Holding the bow taunt, as protocal, she had to keep it steady for five minutes as a minimum before firing, A Dark Ranger on the hunt may have to wait in a spot with a pulled bow ready for hours, but already, after less than a minute, her arm was already aching, her aim slipping. Still, determination held the string, her face scowling as the diverted the pain to her chest, keeping her arm as steady as possible. One Minute passed. Two. Three. Still she held it, counting every second in her head, beads of persperation forming on her forehead, her teeth gritted and her body tense and unmoving. A fourth minute ticked away, at which time her arm was starting to shake, weakness of youth and naivity pulling her back. Her vision tunneled, everything elce but the Target blurring, and blacking out as she glared at her objective. As she gladly counted over the five minute mark she still held on to the string, determined to last as long as possible. Finally, as her aim began to deteriorate beyond the abilities of a four year old she let the string go, the built up elastic energy stored in the taunt bones in the bow suddenly shooting the slim master crafted arrow forward, whistling through the air at extreme speeds. Holding her breath, Lemayas watched as the hed struck the soft beaten wood and sunk in, the enchantments shattering, releacing the freezing cold, which froze the wooden arm the arrow had struck on contact, blue ice spreading along the splint, reaching up and engulfing the shield. but even the spread of ice didn't even come close to touching the red target ring... another missed shot. Groaning Lemayas fell back onto her bottom, sitting looking at the Target dummys now frozen arm. Looking behind her Clea was still there, her bow casually strung, standing on one leg a bored look on her face. She had been like that for almost an hour now, unmoving even when a large fly had landed on her face, crawling over her eye. she didn't even blink. Now she looked down at Lemayas, and smiled, Casually letting her arrow go, the tip sharpened into a needle point. The dart shot through the air over the canals, before striking Lemayas' arrow embedded in the wooden arm of the Dummy. The wooden shaft of Lemayas' arrow split as the second arrow ran down its length, and as it broke the entire arm of the Target dummy shattered, the splintered ice falling to the floor with a loud crash. Cracks spread along the entire length of the light blue frozen body, before shattering and falling to the floor. Slowly, the straw body of the dummy began to bend, and the sides of the canvas bag split, a crack going right rhough the small red circle over the heart. Grinning, Clea let the bow down.
"Come on Lemayas, you'll learn eventually. For now, the Dark lady wishes to see you."
Lemayas swallowed - she had only ever talked to the Dark Lady twice before, once upon Induction and once when she was ordered to Join the Thorns. Yet now, Sylvanas had summoned her once more. Getting to her feet the small Ranger jogged to follow her friend who had already swooped of towards the Royal quarter. Curcumnavigating the inner ring, they crossed the Canals, and entered the Tunnel towards the Meeting Chamber. There she was, Tall and beautiful, Lemayas' Queen. Yet Clea barely blinked as she approached the Banshee Queen, bobbing in curtsey, crossing her arms across her chest in salute. Lemayas followed suit, before kneeling before the Lady.
"Girl..." Sylvanas' voice was broken, and in the chamber it echoed across the walls. "You Voulenteered for the Mission to Outland. I have chosen you to go, and Clea has so kindly agreed to go and Mentor you in the field. When you return I trust I will permit you to become a Fully Fleged Dark Ranger, someone who I will trust with my Life. Do NOT let me down girl."
At this Sylvanas' attention left Lemayas, and she returned to her pondering. Scrambling to her feet, Lemayas backed away down the slight steps, before turning and Following Clea who had already began to leave the room.
"W-What was - w-we go now?"
"Yes. Now"
"Don't I need to pack-"
"A Dark Ranger has no need for possetions." Clea Interupted "You are in your Uniform, you have your bow and your Knives. you have everything you need."
The pair crossed the Canals outside the Royal quarter, and began to circle the Undercity anti-clockwise. As they passed the Rogue quarter, Lemayas could see her Deathmaster sitting on his Rostrum, but as she went to go talk to him she felt Cleas cold hand around her wrist, and she was pulled away. Eventually they reached the mage quarter, and as they scaled the building in Silence Lemayas looked around the Undercity, gazing sadly at its archetecture.
"You know what our Mission is?"
"Yes" Lemayas replied, her attention elcewhere. Still Clea Replied, giving her a quick briefing.
"We go to Outland, making base camp in the outpost of Thrallmar. I will be heading North into the Netherstorm, a dangerous place for Banshee's. Our target is a weapon developed by Kael'thas Sunstrider, and currently held by the Sunwhisper Expedition. You will make your way around through Blades Edge Mountains and Zangermarsh, where we will Rendevous in area 52. You are not permitted to return untill the Mission is complete."
Finishing the quick briefing, Clea grabbed Lemayas, spinning her round, and Pushed her through the Portal to the Blasted Lands, Chuckling.
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A Brief Breifing
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