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 Sunwing Enterprises

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PostSubject: Sunwing Enterprises   Wed May 05, 2010 6:11 pm

Sunwing Enterprises

The business empire headed by the incumbant Lord or Lady Sunwing has weathered the greatest upheavels wrought by Azeroth. It has withstood Amani, Scourge, even one or two attempts at takeover by Undermine, and why? Diversity. Sunwing blood has forged such a mighty set of companies, and bought into almost every level of societies needs, from construction and mining to the finer things such as wine and jewellry, that almost nothing can stop the relentless onslaught of the historic institution. ((Think Tesco, but with added history)) Indeed, some would say the Thalassian economy would be somewhat crippled if the businesses were abolished. Despite the tragic endless war between nations of the world, Lord Magyk Sunwing, like his father and grandfather before him, saw only opportunity. Armies, after all, require food, drink, weapons, armour, transport. All of which a budding entrepeneur can quite easily take advantage of.

Under the head of the family, there is a small comittee to run things day to day. These include several prominant merchants, a few engineers and apothercaries, and a scryer. ((Not a Shattrath Scryer, just a gifted witch who ocassionaly gets an astral text message about the future)) At times, the High Sorceror of the Sunwing Academy of Magical Artistry will attend sessions to discuss funding for his school and employment for his graduates. Zazulia Sunborne, personal aide to Lord Magyk, currently holds the comittee chair.

The research and development wing takes a large portion of the empire's annual budget, around six and a half million gold. This is spent on various experiments and inventions the assorted engineers, apothecaries and arcanists wish to carry out. Last year, funding was given to the then Jaelen Sunwhisper, who proceeded to thrive in Outland, inventing several valuable items in a joint effort between Sin'dorei and the Ethereal Consortium.

Another branch of the empire concerns itself with the future. It is here that the Sunwing Academy holds sway, offering education to only the most intelligent and powerful magi in Quel'thalas. To date, only three mages, two warlocks and a priest have passed the final year exams with top honours. Also under the 'future' category lies the Sunwing's charitable donations, to various orphanages and infimary's throughout the world. These donations have all but gone in the last few years, Lord Magyk feeling that Quel'thalas needed this gold to rebuild it's shattered walls.

The final branch of the Enterprises deals with the many merchants and traders of Quel'thalas. It is said that for every one hundred gold that comes to Silvermoon, at least thirty flow into the Sunwing vaults. Which is probably accurate. Over half of Silvermoon's Bazaar district rents stalls and shops from the Sunwing's, and unbeknownst to the general populace the Sunwing vaults lie three stories beneath the great plaza. Up until the Wrathgate, trade flowed almost unhindered between Quel'thalas and Stormwind, Magyk and his ancestors once again seeing oppurtunity. Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth has unfortunately had to decline all offers of trade under strict orders of King Varian, although Elven wine and jewellry inexplicabley still manage to find their way to Stormwind's streets.

There has also been talk of a seperate department, set up to quell Lord Magyk's desire to investigate Azeroth's past. This group supposedly regularly deals with the Explorer's Guild of Ironforge, and in fact employs a few of the Explorer's themselves. Nothing of this department has been proved, although Magyk himself has signed away several hundred thousand gold under the heading 'other expenses'.
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Sunwing Enterprises
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