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 The last day we were called 'the watchers'.

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PostSubject: The last day we were called 'the watchers'.   Thu May 27, 2010 10:26 pm

A few month ago...

- Zuimi?
That moment I was carried away with coping with my elexirs and vials laying in front of me on the floor. I rose my head for a second and saw a dark-haired elf lazily coming into the room.
- Hey, Miranis.
That time I didn't know him much, we have talked only several times before. He often seemed arrogant to me, although there was something attractive in him.

- I think it's time for changes, - he continied, - Don't you feel the same?
I recognized a blink of excitement in his eyes.
- Have you concieved something? - I squinted at him.
- Well... To make a long story short, our Order is to be reorganized.
- The Light Watch? - I looked at him sceptically.
- Yeh... - he made a pause. - And the sooner, the better. I feel we need something different. I'm going to hold a meeting with the watchers this evening to explain my intentions. And I would be very thankful if you'd come too.
I was thinking of it for some time staring at the wall in front if me and didn't know which question to ask at first.
- You said 'watchers'... including Starrok?
He sighed.
- When did you see Starrok the last time?
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-05-25

PostSubject: Re: The last day we were called 'the watchers'.   Thu May 27, 2010 10:29 pm

It was difficult to answer. I recalled the ceremony of my joining The Light Watch with Starrok and some others in pure white clothes. Then I remembered how he came to me to talk during my training. I did love those meetings. But only that moment I realized that I knew almost nothing about him. Sometimes he seemed much older than he really is. Who knows which forces the light warlock had to face and resist every day? I never dared to ask. And the last time he came to me was...
- Frankly.. I even can't remember, - I sighed, - And you?
- Some months ago. That damned place is far away as hell. My preceptor didn't want to see or talk with anyone, even me, - he grinned, - He had completely come into his shell.
Miranis sat on the floor near to me. These news made me forget about my alchemy exercises.
- Why have we let this happen? Oh, gods... What was that? - that moment I felt like a child who isn't allowed to know all the truth by adults.
- Don't worry so much. I'm sure, he is able to take care of himself and one day he'll return. But not soon. He is in another world.
- Too many surprises for today!
- You should be prepared for the changes. - the elf winked me, - We must admit that he can't lead The Light Watch any more.
I looked intently at him.
- So... Are you going to take his place?
- Yes, Zuimi. That's what I wanted to inform you about. Are you coming to the evening meeting?
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The last day we were called 'the watchers'.
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