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 Another Chance Chapter three: A Mothers Love

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PostSubject: Another Chance Chapter three: A Mothers Love   Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:27 pm

Chapter 1: Shadows of Andorhal

Chapter 2: Rise of the Forsaken

Pulling my woolen cloak around me tighter I walked through the Ruined Elven gates, and into the old Lands of Lordaeron - the Plaguelands as the newly dubbed Sin'Doreai had named them. I had walked for weeks now, hiding from the undead that swarmed the southern reaches of Eversong Forest, but fatigue was yet to touch me. Fear did not seep into my heart, I knew that I would do anything, pay any price to find a cure for him. My Beautifull Boy. Not that I didn't trust our Prince, Kael'thalas, to find a cure in the Outlands where he had dissapeared not long back, but recently my sons condition had taken a turn for the worse. He could not wait for a cure to be found, I had to find something of my own, something that could sustain him long enough for our beloved Prince to find our Salvation. I was fortunate, and so was my Daughter, neither of us had felt the Sunwells Destruction as hard as my Son... but my once Bright Azure blue eues had dimmed to a faint glimmer of what they once were, the mana rich energy I had called my own was little more than a shadow of its former self. But I was all that was left that could save him, his Father was dead, and it was up to me, his poor mother, to help him, or he would die... No I told myself, he was my boy, he couldn't die, never. I wouldn't let myself think that the inevitable was even a possibility. Fighting back tears, as I did every day, I continued on my long walk, the Mountain Pass through to the Plaguelands towering above me on both sides. I could see the glow to the West, the Fires of Stratholme still burning, no rain to quench it, no wind to extinguish it. It had been over a year since the Traitor Arthas had set it on fire... but still the houses burned. Slowly the Lodge came into view - the home of the High Elves that had turned their backs on us, who had run when the Sunwell was violated. I wanted nothing to do with them, least of all asking for their aid. Still the Traitors held out against the Scourge, yet they were deserving of the same fate. Gripping the Staff that supported my weakened body, a mastercrafted shaft of Eversong Wood, a family heirloom and a strong weapon in such circumstances... I continued on.

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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Another Chance Chapter three: A Mothers Love
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