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 Sunwing's Journal, an excerpt

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PostSubject: Sunwing's Journal, an excerpt   Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:51 pm

Eight hundred and forty four years ago this October, a son was gifted to Lord Dorrien and Lady Francesca Sunwing. Yet somewhat inexplicably, I am to celebrate my millennium this year. Temporal distortion has infected my mind. I am not the same Magyk that vanished atop the Ivory Tower. There is something more in my mind now, something that invades my thoughts, my dreams, my soul, something feral, and Infinitesimally corrupting. There is still Time, I think, for one last sojourn beyond my beloved borders.

Several months ago, when my Last Will and Testament was enacted against my knowledge, several Titanic artefacts were gifted to the Dwarves of Ironforge, after I could not gleam any useful information from them. However, the Explorer's Guild, it seems, may have.

For many years, they have toiled in their libraries and dig site's across all of Azeroth, hoping to uncover something that might lead to the discovery of the very thing they crave the most. The answer, to their past. And little did they realise that all the while, the very thing they were looking for rested in the hands of the Northern Elves. If my ancestors notes are to be believed, the artefact in question has resided in gallery since the first days of it's building.

I have received a request from High Explorer Magellas of the Guild to help in 'the uncovering of historical artifacts imperative to Dwarven advancement' in Southern Kalimdor. I can only imagine that the Guild is once again searching for an entrance to their precious Uldum, and I must say, I am intrigued by the invitation. My association with the Guild is less than well known, but it is somewhat common knowledge that I have long held an interest in the Titan's and the first years of Azeroth. To risk the wider world knowing of my continued friendship with Ironforge must mean that they are closer than ever before.

So here I am, having packed books and tools, and robes of every shade, ready for any situation, writing the final entry into my journal before joining my fellow Explorer's in Gadgetzen. I wonder if Brann will make an appearance. In which case, must pack a bottle of Sunwing Special for him...

OOC: See you all in either a few weeks, if I pass my exams, or at the start of Cata if I don't, as punishment for failing them Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Sunwing's Journal, an excerpt   Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:25 pm

OOC: In that case, very good luck with the exams. I'll get Arli to sacrifice a gnome for you, which I believe is a good luck charm.
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Sunwing's Journal, an excerpt
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