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 Anethrax and the Ebon Thorn

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PostSubject: Anethrax and the Ebon Thorn   Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:02 pm

The bridge spanned across the canyon below, It was a reminder to all of the past glories of Man and Dwarves and their mighty empire that stretched across the Eastern kingdom.
Those times were over now and many of the great achivements of that age had fallen into disrepair and ruin

Three sin'dorei and one forsaken started to cross the bridge, as they did they scanned the area for anyone horde or alliance that shouldnt be there, they stopped once they got to the middle.

"Where.....are they" the forsaken male said with a sense of urgence in his voice.
"They will be here soon enough my friend, you two watch the north end of the bridge, we dont want to be disturbed" Ordered Altasan , Altasan was a sin'dorei mage who had spent much of his life trying and failing to prove himself to his peers and had lately tried to find an easier way to progress and seek some sort of pety vengance on those who had overlooked him.
"Yes sir" muttered one of the sin'dorei as she turned to walk back up the bridge towards the horde side, drawing her blades and nodding to the remaining sin'dorei.

"No turning back now, is there?" Bealous said quietly to his female companion as they left Altasan and the forsaken to talk and wait in the middle of the bridge. Bealous was a young sin'dorei rogue who had lost most of his family to the wretched afew years ago when they raided his family home, the justice that followed was a joke and had left Bealous disillusioned with Silvermoon city and its justice system.
"No there isnt, you know we have to kill anyone who would stumble across us" Saalan replied and stared ahead towards Arathi

"So what did they promise you my forsaken friend" Altassan said at the forsaken as he looked over him
"They promised me....answers"
"Answers to what question may I ask?"
"To who...I was..and who" he replied and suddenly drew both his blades and looked up at the arch that joined the two centre towers.
"You shall have all the answers you wish my forsaken friend" a voice came from the shadows followed by the form of a human rogue.
Altasan looked up in suprise and by instinct went to bring his staff up.
"No need for that Altassan" smiled the human rogue from behind his white mask "no need at all" at that another human rogue appeared beside Altasan and knocked the mage to the ground.
"I have what you all want and in return I hope you all have what I want" the first human rogue said as he dropped down from the arch. "I by the way am Correlion" he said as he landed on the stone bridge below the arch.

Altassan looked round behind him to see the other two sin'dorei being escorted up the bridge by two more white masked human rogues.
"You..concentrate" Correlion said to Altassan as he clicked his fingers "Do you have the guard rotas for silvermoon city that I asked you for"
"Oh yes sorry, with the added rotations of troops returning from northrend" Altassan replied as he handed over the scrolls "I think you will be impressed"
One of the other rogues collected the scrolls from Altassan and unrolled them, giving them a quick glimpse he looked around at Correlion and gave him a nod.
"Super! Now have you two got what was asked of you ?" Correlion pointed at Bealous and Saalan as they had now returned to the centre of the bridge

In turn both Bealous and Saalan handed over what seemed to be reports from silvermoon city and naval reports.
"Sorry...I wasnt...asked to bring any sort of" the Forsaken asked as he had watched all the others hand scrolls over to the human rogues.
"My dear friend, you are so much more important than any of these elves" Correlion smiled and lowered his mask "You see, now they have outlived their purpose"
"Pardo..." Altassan managed to say before the rogue standing next to him knocked him to the floor with a single punch, Altassan looked up to see the rogue had lowered his mask and was smileing down on him as he drew his blades "Please dont, I did what you asked!" Altassans once arrogant tone had been replaced by one of begging.
"Sorry" Correlion turned his attention from the forsaken to Altassasn "Nothing personal, I just cant stand traitors" Correlion winked and turned back to the forsaken.

The Forsaken male turned round a moment later to see all three of the Sin'dorei dead and gutted on the ground.
"Bringing anything back to you?" Correlion said as almost a whisper into the forsakens ear.
the carnage infornt of him didnt disgust the forsaken, it was as if he had seen it thousands of times, almost as if he had done it thousands of times.
"I feel....nothing"
Correlion smiled under his mask "Then we have the right person after all, the orignal vile thorn master...Aconitus!"
Aconitus looked at Correlion "The name I know, the past I dont"
"All in good time, Lets find somewhere alittle less public , shall we?" Correlion put his arm around Aconitus and headed towards the Wetlands, he was then followed by the four human rogues.
The bridge was left alone oncemore with only the fresh bodies and something alot more sinister lurking in the shadows to keep it company.

Aconitus and Correlion walked across the marsh and down onto the beach
"So Aconitus what do you know about your past?" Correlion looked over Aconitus then turned to look back into the marsh
"I dont all" Aconitus stared out at the ocean " I name and I have...flashs of...what must be my past"
"Well let me just get this out the way..." Correlion stood infront of Aconitus and smiled "Im a biggg fan!" Acontius looked blankly at the human rogue
"what mean?" at Aconitus's question Correlion passed him a group of scrolls "That is your past, which we know about atleast" Correlion was like a young child as he handed the scrolls over "I mean wow! You became the thing of nightmares"
Aconitus sat down on the dark sand and started to read the scrolls.
"I will leave you too it and check on my troops" Correlion said as he stepped into the shadows and vanished

Memories of such horrendous crimes came flooding back to Aconitus as he read the tattered scrolls, some words would repeat themselves time and time again butchered,carnage,mutilate and disgusting.
Aconitus came across a scroll which seemed to have been pinned up in the past several times as the corners were covered in pin holes and it was ripped in several places, the scroll told a tale of how two undead rogues had cut their way through a school of children.
"Now thats the one I have had on my wall" Correlions voice crept in from behind Aconitus "You and Anethrax at the peek of your careers, butchered almost seventy children without stoping for breath" Aconitus turned round to see Correlion leaning over his shoulder.

Correlion spent the next couple of hours filling in the gaps that he knew about Aconitus and his past, Aconitus remained silent the whole time as he absorbed this flood of infomation, infomation that he had been searching for since he awoke after an attack which had taken his memory.
"So...what do you...want in return for all of this?" Aconitus looked up at Correlion
"Well" Correlion tried but couldnt help but hide his smile of excitment under his mask but his eyes gave him away "Id like you to deal with a very nasty problem myself, my comrades and the alliance have had for the past few months" Aconitus looked up at Correlion " the ...problem, I can help you...with"
"You know her" pointed to a name and a picture on one of the scrolls "She, the little blighter has caused me no end of trouble" his tone changed "I need her and her followers dead, well deader I suppose"
"Im no...match..for them" Aconitus said as he stood up from the cold wet sand
"Still dont understand what your able to do, do you?" Correlion looked at Aconitus "You have the abilty to kill all of those you wish, You had already killed her once and im sure you can do it again"
Aconitus had guessed he had done something to the Vile Thorns in the past to recieve the welcome he had now grown accustomed too, he turned and looked out onto the marsh and tried to spot Correlions followers, They seemed to be alone almost as alone as Aconitus felt now.

"Think Correlion is done with that bag of maggots?" sneered Chauop "Why are we even out here!" He ran his hand over his bald head and looked over to his leader Correlion and the forsaken stranger
"The master wanted us to keep an eye out and to make sure we wernt followed, so thats what we are going to do, got it?" Eatan said his normal cool and relaxed voice as he looked out back towards the path they had taken down to the beach.
"I mean, why is this forsaken so important to us?" Chauop had almost completely ignored Eatan as he remained focused on his master and his guest
"What do you think Eatan?"
"What do you think about the forsaken?"
"look.." Eatan turned away from the route he was watching
"Eatan, dont try and use your logic on me" Chauop said with a slight smile on his masked face "I know you too well old friend" Chauop laughed slightly and turned to see the reaction on his friends face.
What Chauop saw was his friends dead eyes looking back at him as his body lay covered in blood next to him, Chauop let out a slight gasp of suprise as he reached for his axe but found nothing where his axe once was ,he looked down to see if it had fallen out "damn" he muttered but as Chauop looked up his insides felt as if they had turned to jelly and he seemed paralysed at the yellow glowing eyes that stared straight at him.
Before he could say a word the assassin had cut Chauops throat wide open with one swift move of her dagger, the last thing Chauop saw was the glowing yellow eyes following him as he fell to the soft cool ground.

"What was that?" Correlion looked off into the marsh as if someone had called his name "I think we have guests!" Correlion grinned under his mask in excitment.
"report in assassins" Correlion spoke into some sort of Gnomeish communication device and waited for a response, he looked up at Aconitus "Well this hasnt gone to plan now has it" he said letting out a slight smile
"Look, here my card" dropped a dagger into the dark sand beside Aconitus "When your ready to start your mission , let me know" Correlion winked and vanished into the shadows.
Aconitus waited alone on the beach for another few minutes untill something moved in the long grasses
"Who goes...there" Aconitus stepped closer
"An old friend" Anethrax stepped out from the shadows slowly and looked over Aconitus "should I ask what you were doing with the humans?"
Aconitus looked over Anethrax and tried to picture the events he had learnt about from his past just a few moments ago.
"He was telling me who ...and..what I was" he stared at Anethrax for some sort of reaction, but got none.
"Aconitus I should kill you now and leave your body for the murlocs and crabs" she paused for a moment "Come with me and I will explain everything you want to know back in brill" Aconitus nodded, not knowing if he could trust her or not

Both figures went off back towards Tirisfal glades while staying close to the shadows and off of any main road.
The waves of the sea slowly crept up the beach and removed any trace of what had happend on that night, One silver dagger remained sticking up from the dark cold sand with some simpe words engraved in the side
"Thorn master Correlion, leader of the Ebon Thorns"
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PostSubject: Re: Anethrax and the Ebon Thorn   Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:40 pm

Just got to reading it, sorry about the delay =) Can't say anything else but Wow. <3

Did I get it right by the way, and Thorns are getting an alliance counterpart?
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Anethrax and the Ebon Thorn
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