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 Assassination: Upper class mercenary's

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PostSubject: Assassination: Upper class mercenary's   Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:31 am

“Assassination, is not always about stealth. You are here to be instructed in the art of pain, but more importantly, how to kill, quietly, efficiently, but above all, elegantly. To be paid to kill with brutality places us all on par with common mercenaries. King Sunwing is most firm on that point, we are not barbarians.” High Assassin Arli Sunblade looked down at the large group of prospective Noivces below the raised stage. The last of the evening sunlight was just trickling through the high windows behind him, through which the Court of the Sun could be seen, the paved ground only broken by the monumental fountain in the centre. For two years Arli had been in this elevated position, unchallenged for his leadership. When King Sunwing had formed the Society, he had appointed a triumvirate to oversee the schooling of the young killers. This trio did not last a month. Dal'thon Suntouched died mysteriously within twenty-four hours of taking office, and three weeks later, Alarius Firebrand was found dead locked in his own room with no apparent cause of death, leaving Arli Sunblade with the sole position as Principal of the Society. A short-lived rumour had swept the city that Arli had killed them himself, short-lived, that was, because Arli had admitted to both assassinations, citing that if they could be killed so easily they would not have survived long on a job. Arli had quickly grown accustomed to his new life, and often invited his old Thorn comrades to give lectures at the expansive academy, knowing full well his invitations were being ignored.

There was a slight commotion by the door, as a lone teenage boy hurried in looking out of breath and sprinted the length of the hall, trying to hide behind a slim, rather beautiful young blonde, not altogether successfully. Arli stopped mid-sentence, and gestured for the girl to stand aside. She did so, leaving the young man in plain view and under the full scrutiny of his classmates and Arli himself, who gestured again, seemingly to the boy's right shoulder. It was only a second later that something changed in the boys eyes, the emerald flare flickered and died, as the fourteen year old, not even a full grown man, perished at the hands of one of the prefects. Arli smirked and turned his attention back to the crowd. “My final point, as young Mr. Dawnstride has just so aptly demonstrated, is that punctuality is most important. But enough now, I'm sure you're all quite tired after all this fuss. Off to bed you go.” The young assassin's filed out of the room quickly, being careful not to step in the rapidly spreading pool of blood their classmate was providing. When the room had emptied, Arli turned to the windows and smiled, enjoying the view as he had these last years.

A shift in the air, a slight rustle of cloth, Arli's left ear jerked slightly, but even as it started it's involuntary movement, Arli was already reaching for the engraved silver daggers on his belt, already swinging around to confront his would-be attacker. Magyk Sunwing ducked sharply, silver meeting gold as a dagger met the Thalassian crown and sent the great circlet flying across the room. It hit the floor and burst into a shower of golden sparks, reappearing instantly between Magyk's ears. “I do wish you'd stop doing that.” Arli scowled slightly at his superior. “Sir.” He added hurriedly as he remembered his station. Magyk smirked. “No doubt Mr. Sunblade. Paranoia is a deadly affliction....but then, it's not paranoia if there is someone actually out to get you, remember that.” Magyk busied himself adjusting his robes slightly, counting to five silently as Arli worked his last sentence through his brain. At the start of the sixth, where Arli's lips were framing the word 'who', Magyk spoke again. “Aurora Summersun, your protégé I believe...” Magyk glanced at his pocket watch “ about half an hour.” Magyk moved on, as though they had been discussing dinner plans. “How are the new apprenti....” Magyk caught sight of the darkened section of the floor, and looked at the epicentre of the scarlet carpet, where Fin'dul Dawnstride lay still. The King raised an eyebrow in a way only he could and turned back to his right hand of the law, Arli. “Late?” Arli nodded. “The only one I hope. Well, I'd best be off if you've got your assassination to screw up. And make sure you clean him up quickly will you?” Arli nodded and bowed several times as Magyk strode down the centre of the hall and out of the door.

[Gonna make a seperate little forum for all my King Magyk threads. If anyone wants me to write them a story arc, let me know and I'll try and accomodate you.]
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Assassination: Upper class mercenary's
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