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 A Cold Dark Heart.

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PostSubject: A Cold Dark Heart.   Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:18 am

OOC: Another glimpse into the past and mind of Iscario, this one's a little darker.

A Cold Dark Heart

The Rider crested the top of the hill and came to a stop, looking down at the town below he watched the people go about their day, oblivious to his presence. The town itself was identical to a hundred others he had seen, the inn at the centre, a small town hall, the chapel. This one had a school too, a little unusual but not too much so. The laughter of the children reached him, carried by the breeze; it was light and innocent, happy. He watched them play for a while, how long..... he couldn’t say.
Eventually, pulling his gaze from the children playing below him, he turned to look back the way he came, his three companions now almost to the top of the hill also. “The school is mine, understood” it was a statement not a question. As one the three nodded. The rest I leave to you, you know what to do, none are to live. Turning back to the town he spurred his mount forward and down the slope.
As the four riders got close enough that the towns people could see them clearly, the screams began. Kicking their mounts into a full gallop the Deathknights surged forward, weapons drawn, cutting down any and all in their path. Those brave enough to stand and fight died first. Those that ran lived only until they were chased down and dragged back to the town square. Through it all the school and the children within remained untouched.
As the last of the adults was dragged into the square and put to death Iscario turned to the school. “Signal the Necromancers to come in, they have work to do.” As he said this he turned to the school, cries for dead mothers and father could be heard from within. Slowly, deliberately he walked to the door. Slowly, almost gently he pushed it open, the children within suddenly going quiet in fear.
The three outside heard the silence as their leader entered the building, heard the creak of the boards beneath his feet as he turned and closed the door behind him, and turned away as even they were disturbed by the sounds of butchery and screaming coming from behind that closed door.
*the present*
Sitting atop his mount, Iscario gazed down the slope at the ruins of a town, this was the place Antel wanted them to claim as their new base. But she did not know its history, or perhaps she did? Did he even care one way or the other?
“What am I, that even such memories as these bring no regret, no guilt? Am I truly the monster that was created in Acheron or was the monster always within me? I did not have to enter that school; I choose to keep it for myself, to prove my loyalty to Him, to prove there was nothing good left within me...”
“And I was right...”
Again he started down the slope...
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A Cold Dark Heart.
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