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 A dream?

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PostSubject: A dream?   Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:39 pm

“Knock...knock” Acontius turned to Anethrax with a grin across his face as they knocked against the church’s large woodern door
“I don’t think...they wish to invite...death in” Aconitus said as he stepped back
“Death comes for us all Master” Anethrax said as she also stepped back from the door and drew both her gore covered blades
“Indeed it...does” at that Aconitus and Anethrax kicked the door.
The door smashed open against the cold stone wall of the church, Inside the church the women and children stepped back further into the building in the desperate attempt to escape the two assassins, with terror in their eyes and the sounds of their whimpering filling the holy building.
“mercy!” begged one young woman, her young child being held back by her mother as she knelt before Anethrax.
“Mercy is for the weak” Anethrax hissed as she swept her blade across the woman’s throat then stepped forward and allowed the child to follow her mother into the grave.
“Smell...that...Deathmaster?” Aconitus said as he watched the crying huddled masses
“the smell of fear, just before the end” Anethrax said quietly as she looked down at the bodies of the mother and child
“good..isn’” Aconitus said as he pulled a straggler from the crowd and plunged his daggers into the old woman’s chest
“Let us get this done with” the Deathmaster said as she walked slowly towards the crowd, their whimpering got louder with every step she took “But Master” Anethrax turned her head to Aconitus “Lets enjoy this” a grin covered both of their faces as they launched into the unarmed humans.

“Antel, wake up!” Arlis voice filled her head
Antel awoke with a shiver down her spine
“Its alright, you were having a nightmare” Arli said as he stood next to the bed looking over Antel with a strange look on his face as he looked over Antel’s body
“What is it?” Antel noticed Arlis eyes
“you did the frozen thing again” Arli said with a concerned smile on his face
Antel looked down to see her body covered in a slight frost , a cold sweat brought a new meaning to Antel as she stood up and brushed off the frost
“What was it this time?” Arli said as he handed a glass of water to Antel
“Scourge days, when my mother was still with them” Antel sipped the drink and sat on the end of the bed
“Its okay, just have a drink and we can go back to bed” Arli said as he smiled reassuringly to Antel
Antel looked back at the bed and thought about the images, the smell and sounds that filled her head only moments ago
“Its fine, you go to bed. Im going to do alittle reading for abit” Antel said her eyes still locked on the bed, she looked up at Arli and gave him a slight smile
“sure, you hog the bed anyway” Arli smiled and climbed back into the bed as Antel left the room.

The cool air ran over Antels body as she stood out on the balcony in her gown, the stars were bright tonight she thought
“It was only a dream” she muttered to herself as she looked up into the stars.
But it wasn’t

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A dream?
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