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 The Legion, and Tytaniac...The Last Chapter...

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PostSubject: The Legion, and Tytaniac...The Last Chapter...   Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:39 am

The Marauders, Wings of Reality, and the Guard stepped into the Dark Portal, where the Dark Tytaniac had lead them. They arrived one by one, to notice him standing at the top of the stairs, glancing outwards.
What at? The new masses of the Burning Legion. Somehow, he had managed to gather the stranded forces of the Legion to meet.
Tytaniac sniffed the air.
"Can't you see? Can't you feel the power?"
Miranis lets out a cough; "No, can you?"
"You too, could join Sargeras, he promised me eternity... I'm sure he could do the same for you..."
Titania stepped forwards. "We end this now, Tytaniac, you have caused us enough damage as it is..."
"Silence, Orc...I am listening... I am listening to the sound of your demise!" At this, he laughed, and flew up on his mount.
"Get him!" Titania yelled, as everyone charged forwards.
"The power of the Legion... I call to you... ATTACK THEM!" The Legion's forces rushed forwards and began slicing.
The battle was fierce, but the Legion's forces were swept away by the strong Horde. Eventually, Tytaniac took things into his own matter.
He stepped down, and faced the tired Horde. "Who challenges me first?"
Titania stepped forward; "I shall be your first... and last challenge..." The two fought for about 10 minutes, exchanging blows, and shots, and eventually, Titania dealt the final blow, knocking Tytaniac down the stairs towards the front of the Legion.
Suddenly, the Pit Commander yelled: "Sargeras no longer needs the weakling. Destroy him!" Tytaniac looked confused, slowly edging backwards.
"No...this can't be! No...NO!" Tytaniac was surrounded by 6 hungering Fel Guards...
Tytaniac's body began glowing green. Titania noticed this first, and Qore rushed to his body. All of a sudden... a green spirit floated out of his body, screaming: "NO...!"
Tytaniac sat up quickly, looking around. His hair changed from Black to Blonde, and his eyes went from green to blue...
"What happened... Where am I?"
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The Legion, and Tytaniac...The Last Chapter...
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