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 The day the Legion came.

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PostSubject: The day the Legion came.   Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:19 pm

“The day the akaira wells ran dry, Ran’ku did not come to save them.
The day the wyrms began to fade, Sanalan did not come to save them.
The day their forms turned dark, Ramalan did not come to save them.
The day the sky rained fire, Taim’u did not come to save them.
The day I left my people, I did not return to save them.

We were peacefull. A perfect ecosystem. Light shone from our body, which was taken by the grassy fields in order to grow. The grass was taken up into the rocks, and drained to produce berries, which were gratefully eaten by the lumbering creatures that roam the planes. From their body pours akaira, the sweetest liquid of all kind, that seeps into the ground where we collected it. The akaira was used to feed both us and the wyrms, who were reared for absorbation. And in return, we produced light to feed the grass. We led our people. We were Gods. We were Harbingers. But my colegues, my friends failed me. They failed our people. Not one came up with a soloution, and as our world fell down around us they all atoned for their wrongs, as both them and our people became shades. But not me. I shone on, a bright light in the darkness, and when the Legion came I was the only one to turn my head from them. They came with their armies, from beyond the skys, creatures, abominations… Daemons. We could choose to serve or die.
Ran’ku chose to serve. Sanalan chose to serve. Ramalan chose to serve. Taim’u chose to die. And I chose to fight. I evolved. I grew. A light that shone alone I sought guidance and I found it, in the depths of the earth. Delving deep into our worlds core, I found the truth, the Akaira was being stolen from us, pumped out of our earth by the Legion. They had tricked us into servitude.
I chose to destroy my world sooner than see the Legion have it. The shades that weren’t killed in the blast were sent from our world into the Twisting nether, a lone Harbinger leading them. I left with the Legion, hidden amoung their ranks. For I had grown stronger with the destruction of my world, and I had taken its power as my own and taken the body of a demon to use as my own. Slowly I moved up the ranks, taking the forms of those above me, making friends along the way. They reveled in my power and chose to follow me over the Legion, and before long I left the Legion with the body of one of your most powerful Eradar. My newfound comrades left with me and grew powerfull in my wake, feeding off my power. I found new worlds and took their power, growing more and more, and nothing could stand against me. I fought toe to toe with the greatest creatures imaginable, and yet still the Legion raged on, burning its evil path across the sky.

I have come to end this once and for all Sargeras. It is just you and me.

For the day the Legion came, Phantaz did come and save us.”

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: The day the Legion came.   Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:45 pm

Oh-ho! The plot thickens!

Excellently written there, Cain. Time to end this story!
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The day the Legion came.
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