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Welcome, Horde and Alliance alike, to the Venture Co. Forums! Please please please invite all of your guild mates and any other RPer's you find, even new blood that have just joined WoW.

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 Rules and information

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PostSubject: Rules and information   Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:36 am

Welcome to The Venture Co. RP Forum!

This is a Horde based forum, to connect all Horde role-players on The Venture Co. server. The purpose of this forum is to make communication between all Horde role-players easier. You can introduce your characters, promote your guild and stage events between individuals or entire guilds. The goal is to promote role-play and to just have fun.

We have some rules to ensure that there is a good atmosphere.

* This is a forum for Horde Role-players only.
* Insulting out of character posts are not allowed.
* Spamming is not allowed.
* Posts must be in english.

Members in violation of these rules can be removed from the forum without prior notice.

Member groups
Every role-playing guild can have a membergroup. They will also get a section on the forum that only they can see and write in. If you want your guild to have a special place on the forum, please PM me. These groups are moderated by the Guild Master and your guild members can join the group.

If you have any suggestions to improve the forum or its promotion please PM me.
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Rules and information
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