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 Orbs, rituals and reincarnations

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PostSubject: Orbs, rituals and reincarnations   Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:03 pm

The sun beat down on the strand of beach, long shadows cast by the the ruins that scattered the coast as the four made their way towards the village. Dragging between them a huge laden bag, that left marks along the sand as it moved. The group consisted of two Trolls, an Orc and a Sin’Dorei, and had visited the deserted Blackfathom Deeps for research purposes. Inside they had found a Stone orb, and the Orc, Gregtar had Identified it as a Communication device with none other than the Old Gods. Upon touching it they had been assaulted by Twilight Cultists, and had fought their way out, Eventually breaking out of the underground stronghold.

“I still ‘tink we should sell da Orb” Suggested the male Troll “We could get ah fortune fer it”
“Were –Not- selling it” Asserted Gregtar, “we need to research it”
“I’m aggreeing with Shimmey” The female Troll spat out at the Orc “and I’m not lettin’ angry Orc boy tell me udderwise!”
“Its not open for discussion Shateen!” Gregtar barked, “As I said, this is a very powerfull artefact, and we need to examine it”
“Well what choo tink Sister?” Shateen cooed at the Male Elf, who had remained silent throughout the whole argument.
“I’m not a girl!” the Elf replied shortly, through Gritted teeth.
“But why do ya have dose breasties?” Shimmey piped in, immediately reaching to touch the Elf’s chest. His attack was deflected by a flash of fire, and he retracted his hand quickly to a scowl from the Elf.
“Get off!” Yelled the Elf, jumping back into a combat position, as Gregtar tried shouting to retain order.
“He flared me”
“This wouldn’t’ve ‘appened if you had just sold da shinies!”
“Were not-“
“Yes we are”
“Shut up”

“Good Evening!”

The alien call stopped the argument in its tracks. Shimmey had Gregtars arm in his mouth, who was kicking Shateen, and the Elf had a fireball spinning around his head, but the simple voice, almost commanding, stopped all four in their Tracks. Slowly they all looked up, and On top of one of the Ruins stood an Undead, his back straight, flanked by a Succubus and an Imp. His face was hidden by a wooden mask.

“Tut tut, fighting with these savages Jaelen? I expected better of you.”

“Your not my master!” The Elf, Jaelen called back through Gritted teeth. “What are you doing here?”

“Is that a way to greet a friend Jaelen? As it happens I was just here to collect that pretty Orb, then I will be on my way.”

“No!” Gregtar roared, purple lightning flashing from his fists as he summoned an Imp of his own.

“None of that little Orcie.” The Undead tutted, as his imp cacled, flaring a fireball to shoot at the tiny imp below him. As the Imp fired, Gregtars imp summoned a fire shield, but the fireball simply absorbed the shield turing into a massive ball of flame that engulfed the smaller imp. All that was left was a pile of ash.

“Who is that Jaelie?” Shimmey wispered to Jaelen, who had begun to look rather nervous.

“He’s the Grand Apothecary, and I’m afraid we don’t stand much of a chance against him. I think we have to give him the Orb.”

Hopping down from the top of the ruins, the Grand Apothecary jumped to the ground, and began slowly walking towards the group.

“I thought the Alliance killed him?” Came Shimmey’s startled reply.

“The Alliance killed Putress. This was his Protegé, and has since been promoted.”

Suddenly green tendrils sprouted from the ground, grabbing the two trolls and Gregtar, pulling their arms by their sides, and pinning them.

“Now, Jaelen, bring me the Orb.”

“No!” Gregtar shouted again, struggling against his bonds. But regardless, Jaelen reached down and with some effort picked up the Orb. Slowly, he bagan to walk towards the Grand Apothecary.

Placing the Orb on the ground, Jaelen backed away. The Grand Apothecary bent down and picked it up, cackling.

“Oh the Society will be thrilled to have this, Brightflames been looking for a-“

Without warning, Jaelen spun round and pointed at the Orb. Suddenly there was an explosion of flame, that knocked the Undead back, and the ball of fire burnt right through the other Three’s bonds. Roaring the Undead jumped to his feet before disapearing with his deamons in a green flash.

In dispair the Four looked at the ramains of the Orb, scattered around the beach. Bending down, Jae picked a shard up.

“Best collect these, so we can do a ritual to recreate it.”

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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Orbs, rituals and reincarnations
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