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 Repent your sins!

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PostSubject: Repent your sins!   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:48 am

ooc- Hey
I wrote this story to explain alittle about Anethrax and Antels relationship, also to explain alittle about the Sorrow guard as Im sure they are still a mystery to most
Please pardon any mistakes in my little story as I was very tired and didnt edit that much of it

love me please!

Feed back is more than welcome

The old church building was little more than a ruin now, A once beacon of hope to those who prayed within its sacred halls. Now it sat alone in the dead of night coated in the winters embrace.

“Ma’am the prisoner has yet to repent “a Sin’dorei voice said from behind as he stepped up from the cellar.
“Deathshroud you know he must repent before we take anymore action” Antels voice replied to the Sin’dorei Deathknight as he stood behind Antel cleaning his hands from the prisoners blood.
Another figure entered the building ,a Forsaken Deathknight clad in black plate armour with his double handed sword strapped across his back
“Deathshroud have you anything to report?” the Sin’dorei with the same name questioned his forsaken counterpart
“No Deathshroud, the night is as still as the grave” Deathshroud replied as he brushed the snow off of his armour.

Members of the Sorrow guard were given a new name when they joined and gave themselves to the cause, the reasons behind the new names was that they could start a new life without the baggage of their previous lives, the other reason was to give them anonymity in their future existence within the Sorrow guard and the future actions they would have to take

“She is close” Antel said quietly as she walked across the church to the old altar, her swords scratching against her black plate armour.
Her memory would flash back to the moment her and Anethrax first met one another when they were close to one another.

“So you’re the one called Antel” Anethrax said as she stared into Antels eyes
“I am” Antel knelt down before Anethrax hoping in what she knew about Anethrax was right.
“Rather brave aren’t you ?” Anethrax smiled upon Antel and slowly walked around her as a predator would its prey
“Anethrax I know all that you know, they have placed inside of me all of your memories and feelings” Antel looked up at Anethrax “and all your pain”

There was along silence as both of them remained locked in their poses

“So why if you knew all about me did you come to find me? Perhaps to release me from some sort of inner pain you think I suffer from or perhaps to avenge all those that I have killed?” Anethrax said as she bent down slightly to look into Antels eyes
“I Know what it is to have suffered as you have” Antel looked back at Anethrax
“I have felt what you have had to bear alone” at that Anethrax leant closer to Antel who then whispered something into Anethrax’s ear

That something was the thing that brought Anethrax and Antel closer to one another, to a level where they would understand each other and trust each other more than anyone else.
From then on they would be as mother and daughter to one another

“My dear daughter, one day I will be able to creep up on you without you knowing I was coming “ Anethrax said as she stepped from the shadows

“Mother that day I would feel we had grown apart” Antel smiled at Anethrax as she stepped closer.
The two Deathshrouds had dropped to their knees in front of Anethrax, both had their own reasons to join the Sorrow guard and pledge themselves to Anethrax and Antel
“Our lives for the Mistress!” the two Deathshrouds said in unison, Anethrax nodded in respect to the two Deathshrouds and motioned them to return to their feet.
“Perhaps Antel, yet I do like the element of surprise as you well know” Anethrax stepped forward and embraced Antel
“I could always pretend if you want?” Antel said as she gazed upon Anethrax
“That would be great, if you wouldn’t mind” Anethraxs attention turned to the blood trail that lead to the stairs down to the cellar. “Been busy have we?” she turned to Antel
“We have found another on the list, He is soon to repent all his sins that he committed against you and the vile thorn outrunners” Antel said as she stared at Anethrax, trying to read her face and work out what she was thinking.
“I see, perhaps you should return home to Silvermoon and see Arli, he has been asking for you”
“I know mother, I will return as soon as I can, Im sure Arli can keep himself busy” Antel thought back to the rumours she had heard about Arli and an elf from the Shatterskull marauder
“Perhaps, or perhaps you should have alittle more confidence in yourself instead of hiding behind your mission” Anethrax smiled at Antel “You are your own person Antel, there is no need to follow my example and dedicate yourself to your cause” Anethrax nodded to Antel and slid back into the shadows.

“Deathshrouds” Antel looked ahead to where Anethrax vanished “You can take care of the prisoner without me, I have to return home”
“Yes Ma’am” the Sin’dorei Deathshroud replied.
“Our lives for the Mistress” Antel and the two Deathshrouds said as one and went their separate ways.

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PostSubject: Re: Repent your sins!   Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:35 pm

Love the story Ane and it fills in the background of Ane and Antel nicely. And why the SG lose their real names.

Oh and as for Arli and the SSM elf, the rumours of Arli and Trueshot are completely unfounded. Arli, not having four legs, a furry coat and a love of chasing sticks, isn't his sort.
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PostSubject: Re: Repent your sins!   Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:48 pm

Thanks Arli for the feedback. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Repent your sins!   

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Repent your sins!
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