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 Wolverines, recruitment notice.

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PostSubject: Wolverines, recruitment notice.   Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:25 pm


In a cold, snow coated forrest, the snow is falling softly from the sky in the cold winter evening. There were little to no sound in this peacefull forrest, but in an opening, two characters are standing, clearly discussing agressively.

"Hey, thats mine!", one of them shouted out loud.
"Oyh you scum, I saw it first!", the other roared out louder, to claim his authority.
The two characters, an elf, dressed in torn leather armor and an orc, dressed in bulked and rusted plate armor, were staring eachother down, clearly both claming the gold between the two.

"It's goin' to our chest, fo'the sake of the warband!", the orc roared in the elf's face.
The elf barely managed to put out some words, partly in fear, partly in anger. "You're gonna keep it yourself, you greenskinned loudmouth. And its only the two of us left, what's the point of sharing it with the rest of the warband that does not excist. Huh? We're reduced to no one, we're better of alone. One and one!"
"Oyh!", the orc said. "You're so roit, pinky! Tha proud warband's reduced to one and a pinky!"
"Yeah, that's exactly what I am saying, captain. Lets just take a share of the gold each and split up, and who knows. Maybe we'll meet again.", the elf clearly said in an optimistic tone.
"Tha hell! You're roit again, pinky!", the orc replied, a bit sarcastic.

In a cold, snow coated forrest, the snow was still falling softly from the sky in the cold winter evening. The silence was now a fact in this peacefull forrest. Footprints from a couple of big boots and a large wolf could be traced back to an opening in the forrest. The snow was starting to cover warm stream of blood, running from a decapitated elven body.

And the Wolverines were reduced to one, again.

The inn was at its latest in the night. Only to living souls were to be seen. One of them, the innkeeper, the other a big orc, sipping on a bottle of rum. The silence between them was somewhat of the emberassing kind, untill one of them broke the ice.
"Any reason for not going to bed, orc." The innkeeper finally let out.
The orc just grunted.
"May I know your name then, orc?" The innkeeper tried.
The orc looked up from the bottle and to the innkeeper.
"How's that of any interrest of you, bone pile?"
"I'll find a fine bottle of rum that I've been saving for years, if you want to have a little chat, orc.".
The undead innkeeper let out a carefull smile, hoping to get the orc to ease the boredom of this silent inn.
"Oight, but I want tha rum first!"
As the rum was placed on the bar by the innkeepers thin, old arms the orc finished the last drops of his old bottle, and instantly opened the new one.
"Smells.. Okay.. It ain't poison?"
The undead laughed and shook his head gently.
"No orc, no poison in this inn."
The orc took a good, long taste of the new bottle.
"So, what brings a big orc like you here, in this cold, snowy place?".
Again, the orc took a big sip of the rum.
"I just lost my last member in tha warband, and now I'm lookin' fo' sum' new, fresh blood.", the orc said in a low tone.
"Sad to hear.", the undead replied. "Was it something unavoidable, like an ambush? There have been a lot of those lately around here I've heard."
"You could say it was sum'thin' like that, ye." The orc said as a sarcastic smile found its way on the orc's face.

The silence overtook the inn again. But this time, the orc was the first to let out some sound.
"Anyways, I'm recruitin'. Could I hang up a couple of notes'ere?"
The undead shrugged.
"Sure thing. We all need someone to stick together with in these times. Especially with all these ambushers out there. And you could perhaps work for me a little, if you want to, orc."
"You got'ny work for an orc like me? What could I do fo'the inn except drinkin' your goods out?" The orc asked, a bit surprised.
"I know this is in a desolated area, orc. But travellers use this inn a lot when they travel through. And the income is good. So there will definately drop some coins in your pockets if you could keep an extra eye open for shady characters spending their time here. I can't afford being robbed, and with all these ambushers and thieves around, its a risky business.".

The inn's windows were covered like the place were closed for the season. The front door was sealed from the outside. A frost covered skull were placed on a pole, just in front of the door. A note, written on an old parchment was nailed to the forehead of the skull, the note also a bit covered with frost:

"Hello, traveller.
There is nuthin' left in this inn, no drinks, no gold..
I took'its all, and this skull is what's left of tha ownah.

If ya got any ta complain'bout, you can come visit me somewhere in Orgrimmar, but tha gold is hidden, so ya can forget tha plan on takin'it!

If ya got no ta complain'bout, but wants some work instead, you can also come visit me in Orgrimmar.
I'm in need of a few orcs ta start rebuildin' the warband.
The once so proud and fierce Wolverines, who only serve tha gold and blood might be in need of ya!
Ya should be orc, but if ya 'ave tusks like a troll, fur like.. well.. If you're not orc, ya can try tha luck, but I do mostly prefere them orcs!"

Signed: Captain Ghorzach "Turtle" Skullsplitter.

After a break in WoW, and with a upcoming season of rain, cold and ofcourse a lot of game hunting in the woods. I wish to get this old Roleplaying guild up and running again.
As it indirectly said above, Orcs will form the main core of this guild, as the Wolverines is an orcish warband. Other races is ofcourse welcome, but not too many.

The Wolverines is a mercenary orc warband. Doing services in exchange of gold and shinies.
And for those that don't think that works, it does. Believe me.
The guild is RP PvP based, but the members are however free to raid the PvE stuff if they want to do that aswell.

So if you're green, mean and a killing machine, what are you waiting for? Join now!
We shall again spread respect, hate, fear and blood!

You can contact me ingame by mail or whispers.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolverines, recruitment notice.   Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:28 pm

It'd be great to see some Orc RPers around. Best of luck !

Enjoyed the story, too.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolverines, recruitment notice.   Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:50 pm

And if you come by some, let me know or just send them straight to us!
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PostSubject: Re: Wolverines, recruitment notice.   Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:09 am

together we shall drink beer in the inn!! until we drop
cheers mate

grtz bloodfurie
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Dane Helldon
Dane Helldon

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PostSubject: Re: Wolverines, recruitment notice.   Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:29 pm

*Papa smiles to himself*

He had been hearing rumours of the Wolverine...interesting...

*With a soft sigh he looks at his Succubus*

Yes, Yes, her magic gag is still secure.

"Come my nagging beauty, follow Papa!"

As he walks away he begins to plan a meeting, he may have need of Captain Skullsplitter's services in the future, oh yes very useful indeed.


Thumbs up mate, keep it rolling, liking your RP style.

Father Dante - Carnival of Lost Souls
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PostSubject: Re: Wolverines, recruitment notice.   

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Wolverines, recruitment notice.
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