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 A Shattered World

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PostSubject: A Shattered World   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:31 pm

Prologue: Doom

With great horror the heroes watched as the World Tree got drained of it's powers, Malfurion plans to lay Achimonde the Defiler into a trap failed and managed to drain Nordrassil of its powers. A short moment after it Nordrassil died, it leaves falling down and moments after it, it collapsed under its own weight creating a massive thunder when it hit the ground smashing the mountain side away.

Archimonde, with his newfound power destroyed the last resistance left at Hyjal. Every living being fighting against the combined might of the Burning Legion and the Scourge were eradicated. Great heroes like Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Jaina Proudmoore, Thrall and other heroes were killed. The also new-found horde was destroyed before it even began.
The Night Elf civilization was wiped out two weeks later when Darkshore and the rest of Ashenvale forest fell. A handful of Night Elves avoided the Burning Legion and managed to escape with other survivors of kalimdor to the Southern Eastern Kingdoms. A handful survivors of Night Elves, Orcs, Humans from the destroyed Lordaeron, Tauren, Trolls and High Elves arrived weeks later at the Stormwind Harbor telling the bad news to the untouched part of the Eastern Kingdoms. The races managed to get along better than they would normally, now they all shared something in common.

During this time the Scourge advanced throughout Lordaeron to wipe any human resistance out and they were succesfull. The Argent Dawn, Scarlet Crusade and other organisations fell before the might of the Scourge. After the Scourge was done in Lordaeron they advanced north in Quel'thalas again to wipe out any remaining High Elves who survived or came from Dalaran. Kael'thas and his mages managed to open a portal in the nick of time teleporting them also to Stormwind. During the second invasion of Quel'thalas they also managed to wipe out the Gilneans and many Dalaran mages. The Scourge was unchallenged and claimed the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. The new alliance managed to fortify Thandol Span putting an halt to the advancing Scourge.

Kalimdor was easily consumed with little resistance left and the Lich King had gained time to transform Northernd and Lordaeron into a true paradise of darkness... And Kalimdor was a preparation ground for the Legion to launch an invasion of the last survivors of Azeroth.

Only a few positive things came out of this, it brought all races closer together. Now having all good forces of Azeroth in once place, it gave them a chance to eradicate lesser evils of their lands. Things like Gnomeregan is reclaimed. The Dark Iron joined forces with the newly created order on Azeroth: the Azerothian Resistance, The Firelord is no friend of the Legion or the Scourge. Even the trolls in the south and other unthinkable races joined the Azerothian Resistance in hope having a chance to survive.

The Dragonflights were no match also for the combined power of the Burning Legion and the Scourge. The first flight to fall was the Bronze Dragonflight, the Legion managed to corrupt the timelines making the Bronzes unable to see what was going to happen in the future. With refusing to retreat from the Caverns of Time, Nozdormu and his Flight fell before Archimonde and his power.

Second flight to fall was the Blue Dragonflight. The Scourge overran the Nexus. As last act, Malygos overcharged the Nexus creating a massive explosion ripping Northern apart into pieces. It exists of several islands now. The north side of Mount Hyjal fell into the sea by the massive explosion and sunk Kalidar isle beneath the sea, the future home of Teldrassil.

The Green Dragonflight were hit hard when Nordrassil got destroyed, it somehow cut down the connection between Azeroth and the Emerald Dream. Denying them acces to Azeroth.

The Red Dragonflight managed to escape and joined the Azerothian Resistance, not entirely without losses.

The effect of all of this on the Black Dragonflight is unknown, Deathwing hasn't shown himself to give himself a fighting chance...


The Burning Legion has won the third war, a big resistance managed to survive hoping they can restore all this and perhaps live.
This is where the story starts, the story will be seen mostly out of Ilsinea's eyes. But everyone can PM if they want into the story and what role they want.

I doubt any scourge manage to break away from the Scourge itself, the Lich King hasn't weakened. Also Arthas and the Lich King are in this timeline seperate beings. Sylvanas and her whole gang are Scourge.
Sadly this story restricts some races like Blood Elves and Forsaken. Since Illidan never got the chance now to attack the Lich King and the Elves never got to meet Vashj to lead them to the demons. This makes them High Elves.

Archimonde left the world and now Azgalor along with a few dreadlords rule the Burning Legion and Scourge.

So every event that happened after the third war did NOT happen, making a lot of friendships non-existant. Feel free to ask me questions about it. Smile

And I always wondered how Azeroth would look after the Third War was lost.

And a map showing what happened and controlled regions:

Black = Scourge controlled
Red =Burning Legion controlled
Dark Red = Scourge and Burning Legion controlled.
Purple = The Azerothian Resistance
Gray = This shows what the Nexus did to the world, the gray lines mean gaps between the lands.
And yes I'm aware the Burning Legion controls the Scourge, just showing the forces.
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PostSubject: Re: A Shattered World   Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:48 pm

Wow, a pretty interesting read. Post-apocalyptic themes ftw ^^
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PostSubject: Re: A Shattered World   Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:01 pm

I think personal preference plays a large part when someone is writing... Ilsinea has proclaimed that Phantaz does not exist in this alternate world, and therefore, it being hers, he does not.

Posts deleted.
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PostSubject: Re: A Shattered World   Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:41 pm

Part 2: New Beginnings

Ilsinea overlooked the Loch Modan. In the time the Elves came here they had build their own city. In honour of their fallen brethern, Prince Kael'thas had named their fellow kin Sin'Dorei, meaning "Children of Blood", the Blood Elves. The Sin'Dorei had named their new village "New Silvermoon" as it is their new capital now. She turned her head with her blue glowing eyes to see the progression made on New Silvermoon. The elves had traded their traditional blue and golden colours for red and gold. A lot of buildings were already finished in the newfound city but yet there were many buildings still under construction. Their loss of their homeland and their kin made them determined to have a new home.

Behind her she heard footstep, a Sin'Dorei came up to her. "Finally I've found you, prince Kael'thas summons you.". Ilsinea a bit overwhelmed said she would come. "Why would he want to summon me? What could he want from me?". During the trip to New Silvermoon she wondered off about her life before the third war. She came as a young elf and mage to Dalaran to study. She fairly quick managed to get her degree and became a teacher herself. After some years she got promoted to teach advanced magic and magic in combat. During these times she met her love of her life, a fellow Quel'Dorei. He was a mage like her and a teacher. They were like one being, one contributing to the other to fill up their flaws.

She arrived at their new city and made her way to the townhall, in these times it's a waste of time to build an entire palace. They did not have their riches and space anymore, things weren't alright anymore. She looked at the new architecture, she always liked the colour red more than blue. She also looked that their buildings were made of wood and stone instead of marble. Something entirely different than she remembered from her childhood. She approached the townhall and entered the building. When entering the council hall she saw prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, Halduron Brightwing, Magyk Sunwing. "Ah, you're finally here Lady Fireleaf. Please take a seat we have something to discuss." Ilsinea greeted the three and took a seat. "I've discussed this already with Lord Sunwing and we need a new order for our kin. After since we lost the Sunwell we felt empty, like something is eating us from the inside. I fear we became addicted to magic itself and now with our precious Sunwell gone we're no longer fed. I want you along with Lord Sunwing to erect an order to keep the magic in control, instead that magic controls us. I want you to erect the Golden Flame. The Golden Flame will be a collective of any magical Sin'Dorei. It will teach the unexperienced, it will be our private magical army and don't cause our people to go into a wrong way. In a shattered world like this, dark magic is easy to find and can very easily corrupt our people. Especially if they want to feed this hunger inside of us.". Ilsinea nodded and looked at Lord Sunwing, he obviously heard the entire story. "Your reputation in Dalaran precedes you as a teacher so you'll be the headmistress of this collective and Lord Sunwing will be the commander and a general in our army." A bit overwhelmed once again she nodded and accepted it with great honour. The two discussed into the late night on how to rule the Golden Flame.

In the far south of the continent, Azerothian Territory .
The Darkspear Trolls, what was left of them were honoured and allowed back into Gurubashi Empire in Stranglethorn Vale. Their fight at the Battle of Mount Hyjal earned their respect of their brethern. The trolls were now one empire, not divided as much as it was back then by the clans. Most of the trolls understood the seriousness of the threat in the north.

The Tauren settled in the Elwynn Forest as it resembles a bit of their most promising lands when they still traveled as nomads. They named their village Bloodhoof Village in rememberance of their fallen chieftain: Cairne Bloodhoof.

The Humans who survived the battle at Kalimdor quickly joined the Stormwind humans, they returned as heroes. The few dwarves that tagged along got the same treating in Ironforge.

The Orcs settled in Redridge Mountains as it resembles their homeland a lot. The Old Horde did not gave up their old ways and they pledged themselves on battling the evil horde to get the last taint out of the A.R. territory.

The Night Elves felt almost instantly at home in Duskwood, after finding the Emerald Dream doorway in Duskwood they settled down there and hope once again reaching the Emerald Dream and hopefully getting the Green Aspect to join their fight.

Sadly the villages were lowly populated since everyone who could fight were called to defend the Thandol Span and other strategic points. The Wetlands is a perfect place for an invasion, along with Westfall and Stormwind or even Stranglethorn Vale.
The few Dalaran mages left decided to keep a close watch on the Dark Portal incase it opens again, an invasion from the south would be disastrous.


The story has started from my mage's point of view, people are still welcome to send in request to get their character into the story. Also that allows me to write something else than Blood Elves. Wink

And a map to keep you updated:

PS: People are free to post replies and give ideas. I'll see if they're implented. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: A Shattered World   

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A Shattered World
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