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 The Kal'Jorians - READ FIRST!

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PostSubject: The Kal'Jorians - READ FIRST!   Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:00 pm

Disclaimer: The Kal'Jorians, and the world of Kal'Jor are a fictional addition to Blizzard's lore that I have made during my time DMing for the Horde. Nothing written here is supported by Blizzard, and neither does it need to be - it's a personal little spin-off that has touched and defined a number of character's personal development, and may well continue to do so.

I have asked the admin team to provide me with this board so that I might share that which is the Kal'Jorian story - although it is personal, it is not private. I am no longer willing to run large-scale events as a DM any longer, but I am very happy to animate an exciting, shorter 'quest-line' for those others who would like to become a part of the Kal'Jorian Exiles. Due to the nature of this 'quest-line', it functions both for the Alliance and for the Horde.

There is no obligation to register any level of appreciation of the Kal'Jorians if you do not wish - I have written them so their influence is utterly inconcequental towards anything loreworthy. To all save those who engage with this, they may as well not exist.
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The Kal'Jorians - READ FIRST!
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