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 Kal'Jorian Exiles

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PostSubject: Kal'Jorian Exiles   Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:06 pm

I will be using this post to complile and discuss the Kal'Jorian Exiles - those few who survived the destruction of Kal'Jor and the more recent turmoil on Azeroth as their 'Gods' (the Harbingers) caused no small manner of Havoc before the Light prevailed, and the Rite of Andor was completed.

The Kal'Jorian Exiles are the 'faction' (much like any other in Warcraft, like the Sha'tar or the Knights of the Ebon Blade for example) with whom people may have a positive or negative reputation with. I am tempted to use Gryponheart Reputation to solidify this - but it is unlikely.
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Kal'Jorian Exiles
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