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PostSubject: Chey   Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:22 pm

"Quel'Dorei? Sin'Dorei..? Does it really matter what they call us..?" Celena raged at her husband. Although she was angry there was a note of desperate pleading in her voice.
Eldaran ran a tired hand through his hair and looked at his angry wife. He was growing weary of this arguement, every day she railed him about his decision to denounce the new order in Silvermoon and live here in Shattrath City in relative poverty.
"Its not what they call us my dear" he said "It's why..., I cannot, will not be a part of the new order, I have my principles..."
Celena interupted him " Principles...we cannot eat your principles, and look Eldaran..look what youre doing to our child"
She pointed outside of the small stone hut they now called home. "Look at, rolling in the dirt" she gave a shudder "and shes playing orc"
Eldaran followed his wifes finger and looked at his small daughter, she was as his wife said, barefoot and rolling in the dusty street as she play fought with the young orc from the nearby orphanage. He tried to hide a smile as he thought he had never seen his daughter to so happy or carefree.

Cheyenne was indeed carefree, wild was how some of the locals described her. Seemingly joined at the hip to "young Grok" as he was known, the pair roamed the lower city of Shattrath playing and finding mischief,only seperated for short periods whilst Cheyenne attended lessons at home with her mother. A duty she saw as a chore and as soon as her mother closed the book Cheyenne darted back outside.
Her downfall started innocently enough, the children feeling peckish duped old Granny Smith into thinking Grok was hurt, and while the kind old lady soothed the crying orc, Cheyenne nimbly slipped behind the barrow and stole an armful of fruit.
From then on it became a game of sorts with them, testing their nerve and stretching their imaginations as the pilfering became easier.
Cheyenne quickly learned how to manipulate any given situation and person. Taurens she thought both male and female were complete suckers for big tear filled eyes and a trembling bottom lip, many a pocket she picked as a huge tauren offered her a soothing arm and a handkerchief. Orcs she left to Grok, he'd make a show of being weak and inept and when the warriorlike target Orc came across to offer "expert" advice and invariably a cuff around the head, Cheyenne would creep unseen behind and take what she could.
Forsaken they avoided unless they were desperate, nothing but nothing worked to beguile them, they were impervious to everything they could do.
As she grew, she learned that Sin'Dorei males were fools for a slow burning sidelong look and a coy smile.Top this off with a strap half falling off one shoulder and she never had to steal from them, their purses opened willingly and they parted with their gold.
Grok voiced concern at this tactic, convinced that sooner or later one would want more from her than a come on smile and a promise. She laughed lightly and shook her head."I'd kill him first" she replied. Grok frowned, he wasn't altogether sure if she were joking. A few days later a Sin'Dorei Bloodknight was found with his throat cut in a side alley of the lower city,there was an outcry and for a while there was unrest and tension between the factions as it seemed an alliance rogue was the perpetrator. Grok saw Cheyenne smile and had his doubts but said nothing.

It was around this time that Cheyennes mother dropped the bombshell.

"Darling" she smiled hugging Cheyenne to her "wonderful news, the scryers have agreed to take you three days a week to train you as a mage....isn't that just good news?"
Cheyenne struggled free and sneered "What do I want to be a mage for? If I wanted sheep Id marry a shepherd..."
But her mother wouldnt hear of any arguements and the following day, dressed in a secondhand blue robe she entered into her training.
The days seemed to drag endlessly on for her, sitting in a blue curtained chamber surrounded by blue robed mages and blue water elementals she struggled to keep her eyes open. Hearing but not listening as her tutor droned incessantly about fluxes and counter fluxes.
She was startled back to reality as a hand slammed down on the desk in front of her. She looked up at her annoyed tutor.
"If you will please give us your attention..." his voice was patronising and scolding. She affected a sigh.
"What would you do Cheyenne...if you were faced by a warlock summonimg his spell to immolate?"
"Huh?" she replied
He repeated the question
"Turn him into a sheep..." Cheyenne replied
"your polymorph misses" her tutor countered
"Freeze trap him?" she retorted
"his minion takes the force" was the reply
"Id kick him in the nuts then..."
There was a stunned silence.

Her mother cried and wrung her hands and nagged at Cheyenne about the shame she'd brought to them, she looked to her father for support but he shrugged and turned his back, once again disappearring to the nearby inn.

A few weeks later Grok dropped the bombshell that he had to leave the orphanage and the matron had found him work in Terokkar forest at a building project. He was leaving the following day. As he left Cheyenne hugged him tightly and cried as he promised that one day he'd come and find her again, he was loaded into the back of a cart with several others and driven away. Cheyenne stood watching and waving the cart out of sight then returned home with a heavy heart.
Perhaps it was that she didnt care or had become careless that a bloodknight caught her by the wrist as she tried to pick his pocket.He grasped her tightly and slapped her face.
She tried to struggle free and kick him but the plate mail he wore made this impossible, she looked at him sidelong and gave a sultry smile and his hand found her cheek again.
"Don't even think it you little street rat..." he snapped " where do you live Im taking you home. you parents shall hear of this, its only because youre Sin'Dorei Im not taking you in"
"Quel'Dorei -actually- " she spat then cried out as he yanked her arm.
He took her home and her mother was appalled and apologised profusely to the Bloodknight, who gallantly smiled at Celena and kissed her hand. Cheyenne rolled her eyes as she saw her mother blush.
The Bloodknight was there the following day and the next..and the next. She noticed her mother smiled more often, looked younger and happier than she had for years yet something in the back of her mind worried her.

A month or two later her mother announced to Cheyenne that Haldiir, the Bloodknight, was taking them away from Shattrath, through the portal to Silvermoon City.Where Celena would be a Bloodknights lady and she Cheyenne would train to be a Bloodknight herself. Cheyenne tried to protest but Haldiir wouldnt listen and they left the same day, not even allowing her to say goodbye to her father.
Cheyenne loved the city, its tall airy streets and avenues, its glittering cleanliness and the beautiful buildings and fountains.
For a while she towed the line, Haldiir sponsored her entry to the Order of Bloodknights and she set to her training with a will. Learning the lore of her people, Cheyenne became Sin'Dorei, proud and defensive of her race.
She passed her training and was summoned to General Baneth to take oaths and enter his command. She entered the study where the young general sat at a large desk, he glanced up at her briefly.
"you can go through there" he said not looking up but motioned towards a room behind him "undress and get to the bed I'll be through shortly"
"What?" Cheyenne spluttered and laughed " Youre having a laugh..."
The general looked up his eyes spitting fire.he rose angrily and in a quick fluid motion sent a heavy plated gauntleted backhanded blow to her face. She staggered and fell stunned by the attack, he hauled her up and threw her through the door.
"Do I look like Im laughing?" he glowered "Now do as youre ordered"
Cheyenne looked uncertainly at him then shook her head defiantly "No"
"you'll be cast from the order" he spat
"So cast me..."she hissed "but touch me again and I'll kill you..."
The general laughed coldly but the laugh died on his lips as he saw the look on her face and her hand already curling around the hilt of a small dagger she had had in her boot.
pushing him comtemptously to one side she left the room and the order.
"You should think twice about what youre doing missy" he called after her. " The way youre headed you'll end up a Thorn and eventually swing with them on the gallows"
She ignored him and continued out.
Haldiir was furious and her mother cried in shame.She left to let them cool off and when she returned they had gone, the house locked and a hastily written note to her pinned to the door, telling her they had left Silvermoon for Haldiirs new posting in Nagrand and that she was not welcome to shame them further.

Cheyenne refused to be beaten and mentally shrugged, the next few months she spent in and around the city and woods, living off her wits and utilising the tricks and guiles she'd learned in the gutters of Shattrath.
Her life was good and rich, not going short of anything she wanted except occasionally companionship. People tended to mistrust her and give her a wide berth. She'd often overhear whispers of Thorn...and this intrigued her.
What was a Thorn she wondered, it was mentioned in hushed fearful whispers or low voices of awe and she was utterly puzzled.
She mooched into the city one night and into the inn on murder row, the only place she felt welcome if she was honest.
After a quick drink she decided to head back to Eversong woods for the night, as she left she all but bumped into a young Sin'Dorei, she looked up to see a pair of laughing green eyes over a red mask. She flashed a semi apolgetic smile and went to continue.
"Hey" he called her back "Fancy a drink?"
She looked back over her shoulder and smiled back, eyeing up his demeanor looking for signs of any pickings.
"Yes thanks...that would be nice" she replied somehow warming to the young elf.
He gestured to the inn door and guided her through.Smiling down at her as they walked he said
" Tell me have you ever heard of the Thorns.....?"

(( this is my first venture into Horde RP, so put this piece together to start it off apologies to those who've already read it))

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