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 Time looped

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PostSubject: Time looped   Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:54 pm

For a Month the violent battle had raged on in the skies above the Sunwell Plateau, Two Immortals locked in a permanent duel on the many walkways that littered the Isle of Quel’dalas’ skies. Cain, wearing his ornate armour, the two golden Citerens, the eyes of the Oracle sat proudly in his eye sockets, home again, yet even their strength was not enough to match Phantaz, who, in Human form returned blows as the sword dance continued under a rain of fire, ice and through arcane and fel winds summoned by both parties. Neither side could kill the other, Cain was working hard preventing Phantaz from removing the eyes again, which protected him from his old vice fire, yet without his Scythe his blows did nothing to the Demon of Andorhal, wounds filling themselves seconds after being caused. In the skies flew Black Dragons, yet none interfered, instead they watched the duel as it continued.

With a Pommel to the face, Fel energy leaking out of the hard green metal mace, Cain was knocked back, His sword thrown away, landing hard on his back, The Ground a mere few metres away from the edge of the platform he was on. Resigning himself to iminant defeat he activated his failsafe, pulling the glowing yellow stopwatch out of his Tabbard, the casing reflecting the sun in brilliant light. Taking a step back, Phantaz looked at the Stopwatch in dispelief, carved out of the Sphere of seconds, the very orb that had trapped Magyk atop Kharazan, an orb taken from Phantaz himself. Looking down at Cain who was opening the glass front of the watch, Phantaz lunged for the artefact, but with a claw, Cain moved the second hand back, a single second, as time slowed. The second hand, frozen in time stayed a single second behind reality, yet The entire sunwell Plateau still moved, Dragons flapping their wings slowly in the air, The dark skinned human with glowing white eyes looming over him, a single spec of white in the sky amoung the sea of black dragons.
The Speck flapped its wings as it swooped down, a faded spirit of the bird Asol, the last tracts of its Herald side. Kicking at Phantaz, knocking him back, Cain jumped up, and in a single arc, threw the Stopwatch at the bird, the golden disk flying slowly in mid air. Phantaz, his skin darkening, horns sprouting from his head as he transformed lept at the Watch, wings flying out his back as he took flight, wings flapping in slow motion. The Watch arced in mid air, as Cain turned and ran towards the edge of the Platform.
Cain Jumped. Phantaz Grabbed. And Asol swooped in and grabbed the watch as his spirit died, his talons twisting the knob on the top ever so slightly, winging the spring and letting the second tick on.
And again, as the bird reapeared and grabbed the watch again, Phantaz grabbing again, the spring winding again.
And again.
And again.
Landing painfully on the cool grass of the Isle of Quel’dalas, Cain looked up at the sky, which was completely void of Dragons. Getting to his feet, he approached the wall, but the air shimmered, knocking him back. Looking at the invisible wall Cain looked up and, out of the corner of his eye, he saw in the Walkways a flash of two dark creatures fighting before they vanished. The Sunwell, Phantaz and everything with it was trapped, a second behind reality, and he couldn’t enter, the rules of time preventing a Paradox of his enterance. Temporarily satisfied, Cain let the darkness take him as he collapced, the world darkening.


OOC: I have just ordered a new computor. I will be back in a week or two.

The way is shut,
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Time looped
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