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 Theres my side too...

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PostSubject: Theres my side too...   Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:44 pm

Chey's beginning.

She tried to recall when it first happened, when had she first seen him as more than just her Deathmaster and started to be drawn towards him.
"Hmmm I don't really know..." she mused aloud.
She knew that she hadn't tried to beguile him into parting with his gold when they first met...that had been a first.
But no that wasn't it. And after she'd joined the ranks of the Thorns, thrust head first into the unaccustomed discipline, meeting the "Mistress" and being chilled to the core by her, she'd seen him as her superior, her Deathmaster to obey without question.
"Ravenholdt" she nodded to herself "I think it started there..." she recalled going to her first Thorn meeting, kneeling before the Mistress and saying her oath, donning the colours of the Thorns, then trying to walk back to a seat without her knees giving way and betraying her fear. He'd looked across at her and winked, telling her in his way it was ok and she'd done fine.
She remembered how he'd argued with the Mistress about something she'd been pretty much thinking, then how he'd looked after her as they hunted afterwards. She smiled to herself.
Then Stranglethorn, her first journey there, the newest and unseasoned thorn sent to hunt with with the higher ranks, she laughed with wry amusement at the memory.
He'd taken her from the zeppelin to Booty Bay on his bike, that had been amazing...they'd chatted on the way, about nothing and everything, quite often saying the same things or finishing each others sentences.
Then how after the hunt he'd started the bike again, she'd asked him "Am I with you?" He'd eyed her up and down and said quietly "I wish"

She liked the way he greeted her on comms "Hey Chey..." not the usual formal "Hail Sister..."
Yes she decided, it had been around that time when she realised she liked Arli a lot more than she should.
She knew he had a girlfriend or wife of long standing, none other than the Mistress's daughter so she'd put her feelings to the back of her mind and continued as normal.
She thought little about it to be honest, it hadn't bothered her until one day he and her had been alone on comms, somehow their conversation turned to relationships and he'd asked who the man in her life was.

"There isn't one" she'd said
"Woman then?" and they'd laughed together.
"Never even been kissed Deathmaster"
a silence.
"I find that harder to believe than you liking women"
"Well believe it cos its true"
And it had continued from there, light flirtatious comments all in jest.She'd asked about his wife.
"We're not married"
"but youre spoken for"
He'd laughed and said he was.
She couldnt recall all their talk only that it had ended by her saying
"I'll say this now and only once then never mention it again, but I wish you weren't..."
"Believe me when I say Chey, if it weren't for Antel..well things would have been different between us"
The subject closed.
(( theres pages of this so just popped a little on so I dont bore you))
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Theres my side too...
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