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 Thorn Captive

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PostSubject: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:20 am

(( This was all in game stuff last night and I can't remember the details and may have missed stuff out...and may have a applied a little artistic license - hopefully Robi will post her side and I can amend mine where wrong?! ))

It had been quiet on comms and when I suggested earlier in the evening that we go have some laughs, Chey and Darious quickly agreed. However, they didn't seem to think that hunting Alliance was fun and after Darious left comms, I dropped the subject. As much as I would love to spend time with Chey, just the two of us, I know it would be very foolish indeed - not only if the Mistress found out but because I know that it's too soon for us to be alone together...I'd end up saying something, she would respond and..well...we would be back where we were. Yes, a clean break is best, really...for the best...I sigh.

So, I headed to Duskwood and I had switched off comms to avoid hearing Chey asking where we were to meet up. I absorbed myself in tracking and attacking a few Alliance, make sure they don't get to complete their training. Now I sit at the tomb to fallen Thorns, as often I do when I visit Duskwood, time to reflect on lost brothers. I hear a movement along the path and turn quickly, daggers drawn. Alliance, female, I step back to slip to the shadows but pause, it looks like ....Robinas! I walk forward along the path and sheath my daggers, she is Shayanne's girlfriend and no danger to me.

"Hey, Robi!",I speak Thalassian as I recall she understands it a little. "The note you sent me, I wanted to talk to you about it", I smile as she walks towards me a few steps. I had received a note earlier in the week from Robi, she seems to think the Thorns have Shay, he has been missing a while so I guess she is willing to follow any lead not matter how tenuous. She smiles at me; I hear a faint sound behind me and turn to see a male human behind me, daggers drawn, who I recognise as the one with Robi at a party in Darnassus last night; I turn back slowly so that I can see them both.

"Where is he, Arli, I know the Thorns have him", there is a cold edge to Robi's voice.

"Shay? We don't have Shay, what makes you think that?", I smile, keeping my voice even as I step back, keeping them both in sight; she doesn't sound stable.

"I know you have him, where is he", replies Robi as they both step forward; I back away further, finding myself with my back to the high earth bank as they step closer.

"Robi..I've no idea where you got your information from but it's wrong".

"Don't lie to me!", Robi sounds desperate and I'm taken by surprise as the male rogue lunges forward and punches me in the stomach, as I gasp and fold forward, he follows through with his knee to my face and I fall to the floor.

"Tell the lady what she needs to know, Thorn" spits the male rogue.

I lie on the floor for a few seconds, dazed, then the male grabs me and hauls me up, "get up Thorn".

I stand, trying to breath again and look at Robi. "Keep......your pet on..on... a leash, we don't have him" I gasp . With the back of my hand, I wipe the blood from my face and stare at the male rogue.

Robi turns to him "Ivery, he lies, we move him some place so we can question him". She looks back at me and her eyes turn to the comms in my ear.

"What's this?" She reaches for the comms unit and I knock her hand away, "it's my's on", I lie, "..and Thorns will be here shortly". My hands drop to my daggers, I'm getting out of here...

I react a second too late as Ivery snaps a kick to my groin and I cry out in pain as fall to the floor and curl up.

"Naughty naughty" laughs Robi

I put my arms over my head as protecton for the kicking I expect to follow. Ivery grins at me as he reaches and takes my daggers, throwing my comms to Robi he pulls my hands behind my back and binds them at the wrists. I watch with dismay as my best daggers are thrown into the dank pond and then he hauls me to my feet; I'm dragged onto his mount and we head off towards Deadwind Pass.

We shortly arrive at a camp and Ivery drags me off the mount and pushes me towards the campfire.

"You try your way first Robi", I watch as he crouches by the fire and places his dagger into the flames. He looks up at me and grins. Robi punches my shoulder so I turn to face her.

"Arli...we can do this the easy way or..", she glances at Ivery, "the hard way". She looks at me and smiles, "now just tell me, where is Shay?"

I again deny knowing where he is, she again asks. I try and sound sincere, use what charm I can to try and dull her hatred for me right now. Ivery holds up the red hot blade and offers to start cutting off pieces of me, a finger, maybe even a hand, the heat from the blade will cauterise the wound and reduce the bleeding. Again I deny knowing anything, I try to remain calm but my eyes keep flitting to the now smoking dagger and Ivery's grin.

"ok..ok...we have him", I speak quickly, "Untie me, give me my comms and I'll find his location."

Robi just looks at me, "Do I look like I was born yesterday?"

Ivery walks over, with the smoking dagger "Your way isn't working Robi, now let me try".

"R..Robi..", I look at her pleadingly; with a fleeting look of concern she steps forward between me and Ivery "No, Ivery, we move him someplace safe for the night and question him in the morning". She turns and looks at me with concern, "He's hurt, watch him a moment".

Ivery steps closer as Robi takes a bandana and soaks it in some water close to the fire, She returns and pulls down my blood-soaked mask and gently wipes the blood from my face as Ivery stares at me. I feel a glimmer of hope that I might get out of this alive if I play to Robi, so I thank her, wincing in pain as I smile.

"We move him to Westfalls, I know an island there that has a hut we can lock him in. If he escapes well, he'll be unarmed and on Alliance territory with a Thorn tabard", Ivery grins and nods. She returns to rinse the bandana in the water as Ivery steps forward and punches me in the face. I stagger back, falling over and feel the warm blood trickle from my lip.

"Ivery!", exclaims Robi.

"We move him, I'll knock him out to shut him up", Ivery stands over me staring coldly at me.

"No, it's fine, he'll be quiet".

I nod slightly, Robi kneels and again cleans the blood from my face, holding the wet bandana to my lip to stem the blood.

"Come on, move it Thorn", Ivery hauls me up again and onto his mount and we head out of Deadwind at speed, towards Westfall.


As I am dragged onto the shore of the island, cold and wet, I realise it is the island that Chey took me to see a few weeks ago. I smile slightly, I had promised we would return and spend some time here; the moon reflects off the sea and I think again of Chey. Ivery brings me back to reality as he roughly pushes me towards the small hut in the centre of the small island. I am interrogated again although now Robi is stopping Ivery's brutality and they get no further.

Ivery throws me into the hut and the last I see is Robi's face lit by the moonlight as the door closes and I am left in darkness. I struggle with my wrists still bound behind me, and sit up to lean against the wall; shivering in cold, damp, leathers and aching from the the beatings from Ivery. I hear them talk outside, and the anger in Ivery's voice as Robi tells him just who I am and my rank in the Thorns. It sounds like it is all she can do to stop him setting fire to the hut with me locked inside. Eventually it goes quiet, I know at least one will be staying to guard me but I've no idea who sits outside and have no desire to rile Ivery when Robi isn't around to intervene. I close my eyes and I shiver again, but I don't think sleep will come to me tonight.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:28 am

((Be glad my Death Knight wasn't there. Be very glad.))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:37 am

(( Well there should be some ongoing pvp-orientated rp going on from this, contact Robinas alliance side if you want to be part of it ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:18 pm

((darn why wasn't my paladin there! ^^ Nice one Arli!))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:38 pm

(( was late last night, I was tired but heres a version, like Arli I can always amend it later if need be))

Robi was distracted, her mind wandered as she mulled over the information she'd been given.

"Shay...alive...Thorns..." she thought abstractly trying to make sense of it all. She shook her head frowning.

It had been months now since Shayanan had died, given himself in some Dead Rose plot to bring Iskaroth back from...."from wherever dead undead things go...." she laughed bitterly. Or so she'd been led to believe, which brought her back to her present thought...."Shay...alive...Thorns..."
Shay, her husband of all of ten minutes...a quick exchange of rings and a promise that if possible...he would come back for her.

It didn't make any sense at all, but the Sunfury human mage selling the information a few days ago had been positive of his facts.
Shay was with Vile Thorn and Arli had hurt Shay....almost word for word.

She wandered around Dalaran wondering where to get the help she'd need. From the corner of her eye she spotted the Vile Thorn tabard on a young Sin'Dorei girl, eyes flasing fire she sprinted the distance between them.
"Oi Belf....!" Robi called as she reached her and grabbed her Tabard.
Hastily scribbling on a piece of crumpled parchment, she thrust it at the startled elf.
" Give that to Sunblade....make sure he gets it..." Robi said in Thalassian before slipping into the shadows.
"Just for effect...." she laughed to herself.

The week she'd given him had passed and no news back, she'd have to do something....
Back in Elwynn she paced the floor, her mind working furiously.
She decided to head to Deadwind Pass, to the old Dead Rose headquarters and see if there was any information still there..any clue...anything.
As she mounted, Ivery rode into the village.
They exchanged greetings and an intimate smile.

He raised an eyebrow as he eyed her.
"Dressed for a fight?" he asked
She quickly explained where she was headed..and why.
"Want some company on the way?" he asked
Robi smiled happily and nodded as she pulled on her hood.

Explaining on the way they rode easily to Duskwood, through Darkshire and up towards the pass.They slowed to a walk as they approached Beggars Haunt wary for any forsaken that may be lurking in the shadows.
"Lets go check it out?" suggested Ivery with a dirty grin
Robi returned the grin and nodded as they dismounted and walked towards the old graveyard.

Ivery dropped to a crouch, pulling her with him and nodded ahead.

"Horde..Belf..." he hissed. A long pause, then he turned to look at her,she was taken aback by the vehemence in his eyes as he spat "Thorn."

Robi looked ahead and sure enough, a Sin'Dorei male, wearing the colours of The Vile Thorn, she rose with a smile and stepped forward as she recognised Arli.
She was dimly aware of Ivery slipping into the shadows and following her.

"Hey, Robi!",Arli greeted her in Thalassian. "The note you sent me, I wanted to talk to you about it",he smiled as she advanced towards him.

"Where is he, Arli, I know the Thorns have him" she said coldly
"Shay? We don't have Shay, what makes you think that?",he replied evenly, she got the feeling he was humouring her.

"Don't lie..."

Robi tried not to look suprised as Ivery lunged forward and struck a short sharp punch to Arlis stomach, she winced silently as he toppled forward breathless and Iverys knee impacted with his face as he fell.
Ivery hauled Arli to his feet.

"Tell the lady what she needs to know, Thorn" he spat

"Call your pet of Robi..." Arli said wiping the blood from his face."We don't have him"
"Liar..." Robi retorted "We need to move him so I can question him more"

Ivery grinned coldly.

Her eyes roved Arlis face, looking for telltale signs of truth or lie and saw none. He was giving nothing away.
"Whats that?" she pointed at a small device in Arlis ear.
She reached to take it and he knocked her hand away, Iverys reaction was a swift savage snap kick to Arlis groin,.as he fell Ivery snatched the device from Arlis ear and threw it across to her.

"Naughty naughty...." tried to laugh but wasn't sure who she was adressing the comment to.
She was utterly shocked and unprepared for tha savagery of Ivery's assault on Arli, but stood her ground, knowing any sign of weakness from her would lose credibility in Arli's eyes.
"lets get him to camp" she said shortly examing the device that Arli had called "comms"

With Arli bound and dragged up onto Ivery's horse they cantered quickly to the small camp in Deadwond Pass. Small and secluded away from passing eyes.
Ivery dropped Arli from the horse then went to sit by the fire, idly it seemed, holding his dagger in the flames, she noticed his eyes never left Arli for a second.

Arli...we can do this the easy way or..", she glanced at Ivery, "the hard way" She smiled up at Arli " just tell me, where is Shay?"

Arli again denied all knowledge of Shays whereabouts, she was getting impatient and it showed in her eyes.

"Ok Ok.." Arli said "We have him, give me my comms and I'll get his exact location"
Robi raised a sceptical eyebrow.."Do I look as if I was born yesterday"

Ivery seemed to take this an an invitation and strode from the fire.

"Your way isn't working lass lets try mine" he raised the smoking dagger. "We dont have to kill him, we just don't have to send -all- of him back, do we knife ears?
Ivery sent a callous grin in Arli's direction.

Arli looked at her and she saw a slight fear in his eyes.She felt a slight twinge of pity for him, wondering if this was how Shay felt in their hands...
"No Ivery...we'll move him tonight and I'll start again in the morning" she said "Watch him a moment, he's hurt"
She bathed Arlis face gently and gave him a brief smile, somehow wanting to say that this wasn't personal and if the situations were reversed he'd do the same.

"Island in Westfall..." she said to Ivery who nodded in return and clenched his fist raising it to strike.
"Knock the little bugger out, keep him quiet while we move him.."he said
"No..he'll behave, hes alone, unarmed and in alliance territory..and.." Robi allowed herself a grin "he's in Thorn colours, see how far that gets him, they don't exactly win the sympathy votes out here.."
Ivery grinnned and as Robi turned to rinse the bandana she bathed Arli's face with, she heard the impact of fist against bone.

"they won't find him here, I doubt he knows where he is, let alone the rest of his gang.." she said looking around before picking the lock on the hut.

Ivery threw Arli into the hut and secured it, adding a small "touch of my own" he'd said with a grin.

"You can't leave me in this tip...." came Arli voice.
Robi sighed
"Its not a tip..its a nice island...." she laughed
"Come and spend the night in here with me and say that" Arli retorted
"In your dreams Sunblade..."

They both laughed despite the scenario.

Arli quietened, Ivery slept and Robi sat around the small fire lost in thought.

What had she done she mused, "only gone an kidnapped yourself a Vile Thorn..."she laughed wryly inside.
Again acted on impulse...acted before the brain engaged as usual.

What the fel was she going to do with him? She looked at Ivery sleeping lightly and made a note to ask him about the brutality, she'd never seen him so cold and savage and it seemed to be motivated by the fact Arli was "a thorn".

She was tired, she'd have to try and sort this mess tomorrow with a clear head, keep him moving..somehow get a message to the Thorns...she'd get Shay back..
Her eyes strayed to Ivery...

She stared at the dancing flames, her mind wandering from Arli, to Shay, Shay to Ivery....Ivery to Arli...Ivery to Shay..Shay..Shay...
Ivery..Shay...Ivery Shay....
The thoughts and names swum in her head, the sounds blurring into one indistinct cacophony of confusion as she fitfully dozed.
"Tomorrow..I'll think about it tommorrow...."

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:20 pm

((I leave you alone for 5 minutes... Lovely story :-) ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:38 pm

( Well a lot happened last night. It's a bit rambling but I hope fairly accurate, again a little artistic license! ))

When I awake the hut is still in semi-darkness, a thin line of bright sunshine at the bottom of the door being the only light allowed to creep into this impromptu cell of mine. I spend some time scouring the floor for anything I could use to cut the bindings on my wrists, I find nothing and hearing no movement outside, I risk a kick to the heavy door; it barely moves, I try a few more kicks to the lock but conscious that too much noise may attract the attention of any alliance on the shores, I give up and sit back down in the corner. I wonder if the Thorns even know I'm missing yet. Maybe Antel will have asked the Mistress of my whereabouts since I didn't return last night, or maybe Orthos will enquire where his Thorn brother is. Chey will think I am ignoring her deliberately, she may visit the island perhaps - although I know Orthos pushes her to keep on with her training. I know I'm kidding myself; it isn't unknown for me to disappear for a few days on a contract or even to be off comms for extended periods through the excesses of drink and my other addictions. I get as comfortable as I can now the pain from the beatings has subsided and I close my eyes, best I rest while I can.

It is late afternoon before I again hear Robi's voice outside, "Arli, it's Robi, I've brought you some food".

"Robi, let me out eh? My hands are bound, I aint going no place and it would be good to see the sun before darkness falls again".

I hear the familiar click of a lock being picked and squint at the brightness as I walk out into the late afternoon sunshine. Robi makes a small fire and tells me to sit. I smile and thank her as she cuts the bindings on my wrists to allow me to eat and drink. I am careful to do nothing that could be seen as threatening or be anything other than obedient to her commands. I know I can win her around and get her to drop her defences sufficiently for me to immobilise her, take her daggers and make my escape. We make small talk and walk to the back of the island. I smile at her and say how I'd love to see the moon rise over the sea from the vantage point we have here. The moonlight, a good time to get closer to her, a smile, slip my arm around her slender waist and.... take her dagger.

My plans are brutally shattered when Gerrond arrives, to 'look out' for Robi I am told. He disapproves that I am allowed to walk around the island freely, but I reassure him that should I escape, I would be on alliance territory and unarmed, I doubt I would get far. Gerrond watches me and shadows my every move. I eventually persuade them to let me go sit in the shade of the hut while they discuss their plans to move me on. They turn and glance at me, I sit quietly and as they become more involved in their conversation. I take the chance and sprint to the edge of the island; taking a deep breath I dive into the sea, swimming down to the seabed and slip to the shadows as best I can in the clear waters as I hear the shouts above me. I head along the seabed parallel to the coastline, only when I feel the dizziness from lack of air do I surface and make for the shore quickly. I decide to head to Duskwood, in the hope that I will find my Thorn brothers there this evening, where I can arm myself and then head with them to the horde base in Stranglethorn. I slip from the shadows and sprint across Westfall, I want to put distance between myself and Gerrond and Robi as fast as I can. I am almost at the border when too late, I see Gerrond on his mount behind me. He swings the back of his axe at me, I dive to avoid it, rolling and springing to my feet, grabbing a handful of Westfall soil as I do so, and flinging it into Gerronds face. This grants me a few vital seconds to run; I attempt to slip to the shadows but he manages to stun me and too soon Gerrond is binding my hands behind my back as I lie dazed on the ground, and Robi stands over me looking disappointed and berating my attempt at escape. All I can think of is the words the Mistress drums into us "shadows protect"; I curse myself for disregarding this as I ran across the alliance lands

I am hauled onto Gerrond's mount and we ride off fast into the Westfall foothills, finally arriving at a small abandoned cottage. I am taken inside and thrown to sit along the back wall where I can be seen from the doorway. Gerrond is sent to Goldshire to arrange the guards to accompany on the next move of location; it seems I will be taken on a longer journey although they don't discuss the destination.

Robi is angry at me for betraying her trust and any hopes I have of being untied are quickly dashed. My heart sinks as I see Ivery arrive as Robi goes to warmly greet him. He looks at me and grins before turning his attention to Robi; they talk a while outside and I hope his stay will be brief.

I look up as Robi enters the cottage, Ivery leans on the doorframe and grins at me.

"He tried to escape" says Robi as she looks at me, "I need to head to Goldshire to find the mage that gave me the information on Shay. He may be able to get a message to Anethrax for me, I want Shay back in exchange for him", she nods towards me.

"Wait...", I look at Robi, "Don’t leave me with Ivery, send him to fetch the mage".

"He doesn't know him, I need to do this, I'm sure Ivery won't break anything as long as you behave", she turns and smiles at Ivery who looks at me with a grin. "You can beat him about if you want, just try not to break much".

"Robi...", I try to delay her leaving as long as I can, "The mage, what's his name? Send Ivery to ask for him?"

Robi looks at me, "It's Draziw, and no, I need to do this", she smiles at Ivery as she turns and walks out. I make a mental note of the name.

I look across to Ivery as he starts to tell me how if a bone is broken in the leg, it will heal eventually. However, break a kneecap and the person is crippled for life. I know he doesn't understand thalassian and although I can speak a little of their common language, I know he hates my voice so I stay quiet, instead I just look at him and shake my head. He tells me how a friend told him this, but he's not doctor and Ivery would like to find out for himself if it is true. He grins at me as I again shake my head and glance to the doorway, willing Robi to appear.

" 'No', you don't believe me or 'no' please don't break my kneecap?" Ivery continues. "Ah wait, don't reply, I won't understand you anyway and really I don't care what your answer is. But don't worry too much, elf, I don’t have a hammer with me right now anyway." He grins at me as I again glance to the doorway, hoping Robi will appear before he decides to find out the truth in smashing a kneecap. He talks more and all the while I stay silent and hope for Robi's speedy return; I'm sure that she won't allow me to come to any more harm.

Finally Robi returns. The mage needs to take proof that they have me. Ivery suggests they cut off my thumb and send it back but thankfully Robi suggests my tabard. I am told to stand up and Ivery draws his dagger and cuts it off me, holding the cold blade flat against my face, he suggests that they send an eye too. Robi folds the tabard and tells him no and he grins and slips the dagger back into it's sheath.

"If we don't get what we want from the Thorns then this Thorn Deathmaster will make a fine prize for the Guard", states Ivery, "maybe they will throw him into the Stockades and let the Defias deal with him".

"You would hand me to the guard?" I ask with some surprise.

"We are subject to Stormwind law, Arli", replies Robi, "and you were caught on our territory after all".

"You hand me to the Guard and you sign my death warrant", I reply angrily, "I'm a Thorn, they will see me hang from the gates. The Thorns will avenge my death tenfold, your family..friends...all will die if you do this".

Ivery steps forward and punches me in the stomach, I gasp and lean against the wall.

Robi looks at Ivery, "I've not seen you like this before, Ivery, do you hate him because he is Thorn or perhaps because he is sin'dorei?"

Ivery looks at me coldly, "He is Thorn; they kill and murder alliance of all ages and abilities, they don't fight with honour and they show no mercy. They are filth and one less Thorn is one less honourless killer on the loose".

"Better Thorn than human scum", I reply angrily and spit at Ivery.

"You don't spit at us", replies Robi as she walks forward, Ivery looks angrily at me. "Now I'll ask again, where is Shay.."

I hesitate. They ask and ask me this, and each time I tell them I don't have Shay.

"ok..ok...", I reply, "Thorns have him. We move him around like you move me. He will have been moved on by now, I don't know where he will be."

"Where was he last?" asks Robi

"Plaguelands", I reply with false confidence, "Caer Darrow, an old Thorn base". They exchanges glances then look at me again. I keep talking, maybe this will work. "Let me go and...and I risk my own life but I'll find him, set him free, just for you Robi." I look at Robi and smile.

She frowns and looks at Ivery "He lies...I'm going to brand him".

"No!" I shout, "It's the truth!".

"Ivery, shut him up", states Robi angrily.

Ivery steps forward, his face still full of anger at me spitting at him, and punches me in the stomach with all his force. I feel a sharp pain and fold, falling to the floor gasping painfully for breath.

"Ivery!" exclaims Robi

"You said to shut him up" shrugs Ivery, looking down at me.

"'ve broken my ribs", I gasp trying to breath again. Robi kneels and gently presses my ribs, I yell in pain and Ivery laughs.

", no wait, two broken, Ivery", replies Robi.

"Just two? I'm losing my touch then" he replies, grinning.

I struggle and sit up, leaning against the wall. Each breath brings me pain, "Robi, I need healing...drugs...c'mon I wouldn't treat Shay like this".

"He does look ill...", Robi looks at me with concern and reaches for her bag. " potion...Bloodthidtle"

"...'thistle?" I ask, maybe a little too eagerly.

"I do believe we have an addict..", replies Robi as she holds up a small pouch of Bloodthistle in front of me.

"A blood elf with an addiction, what a surpise" replies Ivery coldly.

Robi looks at me and I think I see a hint of compassion in her eyes. She throws the pouch towards me and turns to Ivery, "Leave him alone to think what he's going to do now", Ivery nods and they go outside.

I look at the pouch. I really need to smoke some 'thistle right now. It will dull the pain and help me think clearly again. hands are bound behind me and I can't smoke like this. I look at the table by the door; I think I saw an old knife on it as I came in, I could cut my bindings and roll a smoke. I glance to the doorway, their voices are faint so they must be some distance from the house. I stand up painfully and using the wall for support I make my way around the edge of the room. Reaching the doorway I risk a glance outside; as hoped they are close to each other and too involved in what they talk of. As quick as I can I cross the open doorway and move out of their view. I look at the table with dismay; all I see are a few old bones, nothing sharp enough to cut the rope on my wrists. I lean against the wall and slowly sit down, the pain in my ribs making movement hard.

"There he is, damn him I thought I saw movement", exclaims Robi and she and Ivery come back into the cottage.

I look up at them as Robi picks up the Bloodthistle pouch and starts to roll a smoke. "You want this then or not?" asks Robi as she looks at me.

"Please..I..I need it", I reply shakily, "Untie me, let me smoke, I swear I'll be no trouble".

Robi just looks at me, "I'm fed up being nice, deal with him your way, Ivery".

I look to Ivery and the last I remember is his boot hitting my face and my head cracking against the wall behind me.

I regain consciousness slowly and open my eyes painfully; I'm off the cold floor and on the tattered rug near the fire. My vision is blurred but I can make out the shape of someone sitting in the doorway, moonlight casting their shadow across the stone floor. The taste of blood is in my mouth and as I try to move, I find my feet are bound as still are my wrists behind my back. I close my eyes again and feel the blackness fill my mind once more.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:08 pm

((Lovely... Well, at least now there's a reason for the Thorns to target us. You know, other than usual ones...

This plots sounds great, keep it up!))

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:16 pm

Meanwhile outside Shattarat City a private meeting between two associates fo Sunfury Society takes place doing their best to avoid unwanted eye.

"You Fool" the dry skined warlock roared a the human mage in thallasian.
The mage looks down, scared and annoyed
"We lost the caravan, our buyers have canceled the contract and you did not even manage to set up a branch in Stormwind?". The warlock moves left and right with his hands behind his back.

"But..." the mage tries to reply in his defense.

"No, no my dear associate, there is no room for mistakes here" the warlock stops and eyes the mage coldly "The Sunfury has no room for weak links. We invested so much in you, money , training, we set you up with contacts within the Alliance territory so that -you- could help us expand. But noo, you are an idiot!!! .

The mage's heart start to beat low. His blood pressure going down as he feels he's gonna faint.
"I have some information that might make up for the loss" the mage reply almost in a whisper.
The warlock looks up at him

"I was info..." the mage tries to speak
"We... the warlock interrupts"
"-We- were informed that the Knights Of Loreardon have Arli Sunblade, and we're asked to delivery this information to the Vile Thorns, they want an exchange of prisoners. And in return, one named Robinas, owes us a favour".
"What do you mean , they want an exchange of prisoners?" the warlock questioned the mage
"Well, i told them that the Vile Thorns hold Chey captive"
The warlock frowns he takes out a small dark book.
"Chey, chey, chey ..." the warlock mumbles as he skips through the pages of the book
Ah here it is ... born in outlands, rebel type, has a affair with Arli Sunblade" the warlock reads to himself before he turns and looks up at the mage again

"I am missing something here. Chey IS a member of the Vile Thorns..."
The mage frowns looking very nervous "but... the girl from Knights Of Loreardon said Chey is her husband "

The warlock curses as he looks through his book again to the page where he held information about Knights Of Loreardon

"Ahh, Shay, rogue kal'dorei, presumably dead..." the warlock reads before his eye open so wide giving the mage the impression they're gonna pop out of his head.

"No , no , no, no" the warlock mutters "they're different people, you stupid maggot"
The warlock raises his hand as shadow magic grips the mage's throat and start boiling his blood making him choke in agony.
"Stupid , stupid, stupid' the warlock groans insane as the mage squirms and struggles for air, begging to be able to cast out a spell to stop this.
Moments pass, the mage's life draining away from his body before the warlock releases him

"You are lucky we still need you, but after this is over, i hope you'll do the honorable thing and kill yourself" the warlock told the mage on a calm voice.
The mage rubs his neck, gasping for air. "Yes, yes, of course" he mumbled with a heavy pain in his chest, either from the shadow magic or from the fact that his days are numbered.

The warlock summons his horse and turns to the mage who's lying on the ground "I will speak with the Vile Thorns and will contact you soon. Maybe i will be able to turn your mistakes in our favor"
The mage looks up at the warlock and nods still shaking from every inch of his body
"And i hope you did not tell them your name ?" the warlock pauses before riding off
" not, that would be foolish of me " the mage lied.

- The Sunfury Society-
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:15 pm

(( Anyone is welcome to post on this story – directly involved, partly involved or not involved at all but maybe overheard something at the Inn and want to post your views on it. It’s been great getting other perspectives on what’s going on with this in-game story. This is all free-form rp, we have no plans for what will happen in the end and very little is discussed ooc regarding the direction it will take, and for me, it’s great to be a part of it. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:30 pm

(( Dammit, I'm missing a good chance to bruise Thorns... Don't have a whole lot of extra time to spend hanging about online the next couple of days so Robi, you should have my MSN still, so feel free to poke me if you need some proper bruising or general fighting done. Tiar's about ready to vent some anger into something and a Thorn's never a bad target for that. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:13 pm

(( Last nights 'punch the elf' session Wink ))

The sun is shining brightly when I next awaken and I appear to be alone. I struggle to a sitting position, my ribs hurt like hell and my face feels sore and bruised. The bindings around my ankles are tight and with no other option, I sit and wait, wishing I could get outside. What seems like hours later, I hear the sound of someone arriving and with some trepidation I look to the doorway. Gerrond dismounts and enters the cottage and looks at me. "Come to give me a beating too?" I ask. "No, I don't do torture, I came to see if you were still here, still alive", he replies as his eyes sweep the room. "Then untie me, help me, before they return", I ask hopefully. Gerrond looks at me and shakes his head, "no, this conversation ends here", and he turns and leaves.

A short time later Robi walks in and smiles at me, "I brought you some food and drink, and some Bloodthistle". I look away, "I'm not hungry", I reply. "Oh don't sulk, Arli", smiles Robi as she places the food and drink in front of me, "eat, you've a long journey ahead". I look at Robi, "Then untie me". She hesitates then cuts the bindings on my wrist, "And the ones on my legs", I continue but she shakes her head. I reach for a drink, and then take the offered 'thistle smoke. I look at Robi as I smoke and decide to try a different approach with her since the charm seems to be failing. “So what do you plan to do with me?” I ask Robi. “Exchange you for Shay of course”, she replies. “So tell me, what will you do if they don’t have Shay?” I ask, taking a final drag on the smoke and flicking the stub into the fireplace, “Kill me?” She hesitates a moment then replies “What are you worth to the Thorns?” I shrug lightly “I don’t know my worth to the Thorns. But my family, I’m worth a lot of gold to them…I know you won’t…can’t….kill me Robi.” She smiles coldly, “I can kill you if I need to”. I laugh lightly and ask for my feet to be untied and to be allowed outside, goading her that she can't even cope with controlling an injured rogue alone, how she has to rely on her 'boys'; she could never kill me she would have to get them to do it. I keep pushing her verbally as I pick at the knot on the bindings on my ankles. I want her to get angry enough to make the wrong decision, hoping I can get untied and once outside, slip to the shadows and make my escape. She grabs my arms and despite my struggling, ties them once again behind my back. "Scared", I sneer, "you have to rely on others to...." I stop as Ivery walks into the cottage, he exchanges a smile with Robi then leans against the fireplace, grinning at me. I stay quiet as Robi tells him of our conversation, I look up as Ivery moves forward and yell in pain as he kicks me in the face and I fall back, dazed and feeling the warm trickle of blood on my face again. "Don't mess with me Arli" states Robi, coolly. Their conversation turns to moving me on to another location, someplace remote in Araithi. As soon as I am able to, I struggle and sit up again - I'm a Thorn, I won't be kept down.

The ride to Araithi is fast and we keep off roads as much as possible. The jolting of the horse aggravates my broken ribs and I'm glad when we finally reach our destination, not just for the ride to be over but because of where the have taken me. It's a place I am very familiar with, and my Thorn brothers have been here with me also. Robi pushes me ahead, down some steps and into the small room “Make yourself at home Arli, we move on tomorrow” she adds. The dwarf in the room nods at the two humans and then pauses to look at me, he glances at Robi and then leaves. Robi looks at me thoughtfully “Have you been here before Arli?” I shake my head, “no”. “I want the truth Arli, have you been here before?” asks Robi again. I look straight at Robi and reply again, “no”. “Ivery”, she says, tilting her head slightly and remaining looking at me, “what do you think”. “So far”, replies Ivery, “every word from his lips has been a lie, I don’t see this being any different. Perhaps I can help him remember?”. Robi nods slightly “Do it”. Ivery strides across and grabbing me by the hair forces my face to the fire, my bruised face burns from the heat as he pushes me ever closer to the flames. “Stop!” I yell “Ok..ok…I’ve been here before”. “Let him go”, says Robi as Ivery pulls me back from the flames and pushes me away, my back to the wall. “I..I found it by accident once, when fishing” I reply quickly. “Did you bring your brothers here?” asks Robi. “No..No just me, just the once, I swear.” I try and sound sincere. Robi turns to Ivery “I need to speak with someone” and as she goes up the stairs she calls back “…and tie him up”. I look at Ivery’s grinning face as he walks across the room. I manage to turn slightly as he viciously brings his elbow up to my face, deflecting the blow a little as I turn to the wall. He kicks my legs away and I fall heavily. He crouches down and binds my ankles tightly; I can see he stares at me so I look down, avoiding any eye contact that might give the impression that I challenge him in any way. Finished, he strolls back and leans on the doorframe and I risk a look around the room for anything that I may be able to use to get out of this hell.

I hear heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and look up to see Robi with another human, a paladin by the looks of him. The paladin greets Ivery and then looks at me “You never said it was Arli of the Vile Thorn”. My eyes flick to him straight away, “Who is he, Robi?” Robi looks angrily at me “Robi, meet Helf. Helf, meet that lying bastard of Belf, Arli”. Ivery steps forward as Robi continues “He lied, he’s been here before many times, and with his Thorn brothers. I spoke with the dwarf, he’s seen him here before”. I remain silent, not sure of what I can say to defend myself. “Helf…” asks Ivery coldly, “can you heal?” Helf nods slightly “Although I have not followed the path of a healer, aye, I can do some healing”. “Good, we don’t want him dead yet”, replies Ivery as he draws his dagger, “think you can heal a shank to his side?”. Helf just nods slightly and looks at Robi who adds “Do it Ivery, he needs to learn”, I watch as Robi turns away. Ivery crouches beside me and stabs the dagger through my armour and between my ribs, I gasp in pain and shock, unable to breath. He stares me in the face as he twists the dagger and pulls it out and I gasp again in pain. I’m vaguely aware of him walking back to the other two, and wiping the blood off his dagger with his cloak. I watch as the blood seeps from the wound in my side, dripping to the floor as the three just stand and watch. So is this how it will end for me? “Heal him” commands Robi. I look up at Helf as he places his hand over the wound and calls on the light, sealing the open wound. “Lie to us again”, states Ivery, “and I will remove what little of your manhood you have. Understand me elf? Any lie, no matter how small”. I look at Ivery and nod slightly. “We move him tonight, I know of a place quiet and remote"adds Robi, "I need to meet the mage at Thandol, get him ready to travel and meet me there”. Ivery strides across to me, I know what’s going to happen and I try and turn away but his boot connects with my face and as my head hits the wall behind me I black out.

My face is on cold plate and as I struggle to open my eyes I realise I am across the back of a warhorse. I hear the voice of Robi and another male, human, one I haven’t heard before…I hear him mention Thorns and Chey and….the pain intensifies as I try and move and I again black out.

I open my eyes slowly and wait for my vision to clear. I seem to be lying in a tent; I see three figures outside around a campfire and beyond them a lake reflects the moonlight. I have no idea at all on where I may be. I lay still, in pain and feeling weak, I am unwilling to move in case they see me and start on me again. I close my eyes and try and go through the options I have available to me. If I say that the Thorns don’t have Shay, then what happens? Do they try and profit in someway by asking a ransom or do they just kill me? What if they hand me to Stormwind or to some other alliance group that want Thorn information? And what if I lie and say that Thorns do have Shay? I rely on the Mistress agreeing to a hostage exchange but if she turns and says they don’t have him…then Ivery will know I’ve lied and every threat made against me has been followed through so far. I don’t know what to do and I have the very real fear that I won’t get out of this alive.

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PostSubject: an island   Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:14 pm

Chey slipped silently from the sea and onto the islands rocky shore. She loved it here, a small island in Westfall she came here a lot just to watch the moonrise.

As she looked to the horizon the moon bagan its slow majestic ascent casting a silver glow across the grey sea. She gasped silently in awe at its beauty then sighed sadly and wistfully, she shouldnt be here alone...

She heard voices, human voices and slipped into the shadows and crept stealthily back to the shoreline.

Two humans she noted a male and a female sitting close together around a fire and talking in low hushed voices. Silently sighing again, this time in envy, probably two lovers wanting to see the moonlight...

She fancied she heard a slight noise from the hut but couldn't be certain and gave it no more thought as she took one last look at the moon and wished Arli was near.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:53 pm

- The horde side Sunfury -

Back in Silvermoon the dry skinned warlock walks slowly accompanied by his imp servant thinking of numbers and business when he spots a sin'dorei male and a a forsaken female wearing the colors of the Vile Thorn.
He orders his imp on higher ground by the fountain as he is quite aware of the fact that the Vile Thorns will not think twice before harming anyone and approaches them carefuly.


The two thorns turn to face him and measure him threateningly.
"Yes?" the female forsaken reply
The warlock takes a deep breath and looks at his imp once again, making sure it is ready.
"We are looking for the one named Mistress Anethrax..."
"And you are...?" the female forsaken inquires
"We are the Sunfury Society"
The warlock nods with a serious look on his face and continues
"We need someone to guide us through Wetlands" the warlock states his demands before even considering to offer something in exchange.
The female forsaken eyes the warlock with mistrust in her dark eyes as the sin'dorei thorn seems to just wait for a sign to end the life of the warlock.
With an irritated voice the thorn pushes forward the conversation "And you need Mistress Anethrax for this, why would we help you ?"
Oh this is going to be fun the warlock thinks to himself as he smiles "the one named Sunblade, has gone missing isn't he"?
The thorns need to hear no more and do what was expected to do: place the conversation on a more favorable ground for them.
"Walk with us, Sunfury" the female instructs just as another forsaken thorn slips out of the shadows.
Outside the gates of Silvemroon, the warlock walked accompanied by the three thorns. "Accompanied" is a nice way of putting it, while he was actually escorted. Two walked in front of him and one behind him.
The warlock magically instructs his imp to move from corner to corner and stay out of sight, placing him again on high ground from where he could cast a fireball spell onto the female forsaken. It is his only hope of getting out of there alive since the guards are not close enough to react in time if he was to be killed.
"Sit down" the female forsaken instructed.
The warlock sits, the thorns surround him and fortunately their arrogance might just work in his favor this time.
"How do you know Arli has gone missing?"
"Are you Mistress Anethrax?" the warlock questioned
"I am" she reply feeling very secure
"We were informed that he's being held hostage by the alliance" the warlock pauses "and they demand an exchange of prisoners if you want him back"
Unexpectedly Anethrax keeps her calm, the warlock would have thought they would jump on him by now, but apparently the conversation continues on a friendly tone. The warlock does not like this, he does not like people he can't read. He will have to be very careful.
"Who keeps him hostage?"
"Knights of Loreardon, Robinas more exactly"
A glimpse of anger follows
"Take this message to your friends..." The two thorns move in closer as the warlock checks on his imp again "we have no hostage and we will burn down every village and kill every alliance soul until we find Arli"
Anethrax reaches out for her dagger keeping her eyes on the warlock
"I would no recommend that, Mistress Anethrax. If you harm me my imp will kill you immediately" the warlock smiles trying to mask his nervousness.
No more was said and Squadron steps into the shadow right behind the imp.
The warlock calls his imp by his side, trying to talk his way out of this
"Besides, killing me will surely result in Sunblade's death" the warlock looks up from his imp to Anethrax
"We have many contacts and many spies, Sunfury, we will delivery this message one way or another" Anethrax threatens further
The warlock realizes it would be a good moment to go, if not run away and he stands up keeping his calm.
"Then you don't need me. My associates will let Sunblade die".
One look from Anethrax to Darious and his foot shadows the imp ready to stomp it.
"Deliver the message, Sunfury, and you will live another day".
The warlock eyes Darious's wicked grin and then looks at the imp.
"Get a thorn ready to walk me through Wetlands tomorrow" the warlock tries his luck and hurries to walk away before more harm would be done.

A servant runs out of the gates of Silvermoon caring a letter that is to be delivered to the alliance human mage of the Sunfury.

- The Alliance Side Sunfury -

Thandol Span the human mage laughs to himself probably compensates for something... little dwarves, big constructions. He bursts into laughter all alone on the bridge looking more stupid than ever.
He places a portal behind a bridge pillar and moves back and forth, his eyes wandering the landscape
"Any news?" a female voice speaks from behind him
"Ah, err, yes..." the mage tries to gather his thoughts, scared by the sudden apparition of Robinas
"The Thorns need proof to know you are indeed holding Sunblade hostage". The mage lied...the thorns need no proof. They kill first and ask questions later, yet it would be in Sunfury's interest to find out of Arli's whereabouts.
Robinas takes out a piece of Arli's tabard
"Take this to them" she instructs the mage
"It is not enough, i need to see him with my own eyes, where is he ?"
Robinas sights and waves her hand as if she signaled someone. Unfortunately for the mage, a small escort of two accompanies a beaten up and unconscious blood elf thrown over the back of a horse. The mage greets the ones named Helf and Ivery and moves to inspects the blood elf better.
"Is he alive?" the mage asks quite surprised at the state of Arli.
"For now yes"

I should not tell them that the Thorns don't have Shay the sunfury human tells to himself
"They will not be willing to exchange prisoners " the mage continues as he moves away from Arli's body.
He watches as Robinas's face turns red with anger "but, we might know where he is".
"Where, where, speak mage?"
"I need to ask you the favor you owe me" the mage smiles
A long shot for a single person surrounded by three fighters but it is worth to try.
"What do you want? Robinas asks irritated and anxious
"There is one thorn, named Darious....cut off his right leg".
"What, i am no butcher, i kill people not amputate their legs" Robinas exclaims

A dark laughter comes from Helf
"I will do it, but why you need this done?" he asks seemingly very happy with the task.
"It is of no importance, just don't kill him"the mage reply.
Both the mage and Robinas look at Helf and smile.
"Where is Shay?" Robias pushes further as she turns to face the mage.
"I heard he is being held in Deathholme, but i need to confirm this first"
"Confirm us where Shay is and we'll take care of Darious"
The mage nods and mounts up his horse
"Im heading to Wetlands, are you heading that way ? I could use some company" the mage smiles friendly having one last attempt to find out where they're going
"No, we're going the other way".

- The Sunfury Society -

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:52 am

(( Last night was really confusing so I've written this as best I can, understand that Arli is confused and in pain and might have not quite got the retelling straight Wink ))

Daylight comes and I am dragged outside, next to the campfire. Robi helps me sit up and gives me a drink of water as she tells me her and Helf are off to sort a few things out and she will be back later with provisions. I glance at Ivery and resolve to spend the day in silence. I look around my location, it's still unfamiliar to me but would be a great place to spend a weekend fishing, in other circumstances.

I spend the day going over in my head how I ended up like this, what I could have done differently and my anger at once again putting false trust in a human. It's early evening when Robi finally returns, she greets me with a smile as I glance up but I just look back at the fire. I feel tired, confused, in pain and above all, angry, and I find it hard to think of anything clearly. I refuse the food I'm offered and Robi just strugs and turns her attention to Ivery and they talk for a while as they stand by the river.

"So here you are", a cool male human voice speaks as he steps from the shadows.

"Shay?....Shay!" I exclaim as Robi turns and gasps in surprise.

I can't believe my eyes, Shay is here and at last my hellish few days are over. Robi explains why his horde friend is sitting beaten and bound by the fire and despite protests from Shay, my hands are untied and he gives me a dagger so that I can cut loose the bindings on my legs. I stand up, a little giddily and steady myself, grinning at Ivery as I twirl the dagger in my hand. Robi looks shocked and walks back to the river as Ivery angrily explains why I should not be released - the Thorns will be right after him and Robinas. I slip past them both and over to Robi, I feel groggy and unable to think straight. I grab her shoulder and spin her round "Bitch" I spit as I slap her face, "You got me into this". She gasps and as I hear the surprise from Shay behind me I lunge at Robi with the dagger and then dive into the water and swim in what I hope will be a direction that will lead me to safety. I gasp at the shock of the cold water and with sudden realisation of the futlity of what I am trying to do. The two powerful rogues quickly overcome my defence and I'm dragged to the shore and Ivery kicks me as Shay kicks the dagger away.

As I once again gasp for air, through a pain-filled haze I hear Ivery say he is going to see if this mess can be sorted out. Shay tells me to calm down and relax a while, I'll be free soon and that I am to trust him, but must noy betray that trust. I nod slightly and stumble over to dry by the fire. I glance back at the two as they talk closely and as I stare into the fire, I decide whether I trust a human again or whether I take my chances with the two preoccupied with each other, and run.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:16 pm

Midday in Silvermoon as Orthos walks the streets thinking of where Arli is and cursing every alliance that were involved in this when he spots Lady Fireleaf
He moves in closer and bows graciously and greets her on a calm yet worried voice
"Everything alright, Orthos?" Lady Fireleaf asks noticing that something troubles him
"Yes, everything is fine" he tries to hide his feelings
"Good, have you talked to Arli lately?"
Orthos's eyes try to avoid
"No, he's err.. he's on a mission since last week " he reply
"Strange, i talked to him a couple of days ago, Orthos is everything alright?"
Orthos sighs, wanting to talk to someone about this. His brothers and sisters are out burning down alliance villages and interrogating prisoners, or scouting through Westfall and Duskwood looking for clues of where Arli might be
Orthos led in Ilsinea through everything that happened while she listened surprised by the recent events that occurred.

"Maybe the Sanguine Assembly could help you" Illsinea asks "favor for a favor, and besides Arli has often provided useful"
Orthos does not feel comfortable owing her a favor and even more he knew that Mistress Anethrax will not allow this, but he needs all the help he could get. His brothers are pretty much going blind through this from his point of view.
"Very well, what do you have in mind?" Orthos asks, knowing in his heart he's probably doing the right thing.
"It's along shot but we could use Scrying to get Arli's location".
"Scrying, what is that?" Orthos asks surprised
"It's a magical ability that allows me do determine the area where he's being held"
Orthos takes a deep breath not understanding this magic too much
"Very well, what do i have to do?"
"Get me a personal item of him".

The next day Orthos checks the progress of Arli's search mission .
"Found anything yet?" Orthos asks over the comms
"No not yet, and we could use some more help in this search. Where are you now Orthos ?" his brothers questioned him quite annoyed about him not attending with the search.
"I need to gather more information on Arli's whereabouts, you said you have his daggers?" Orthos asks
"Well yeah, Deadex have them" Squadron reply
"Good, where can i find him?"
"Try Silvermoon City Inn" comes the answer from the comms and Orthos runs in there immediately.

As Orthos walks in the inn, he can't help but notice two bloodknights and Deadex and Flesh sitting at a table. The increasing presence of Bloodknighs in Silvermoon is getting really annoying and even more he wondered why his brother Flesh was not out looking for Arli, and insteand relaxing in an inn and drinking with Deadex.
This will be discussed another time he tells himself as he moves in to talk to Deadex
"Deadex, i need Arli's daggers" Orthos demands
Deadex and Flesh looks up at Orthos.
"Why do you need them?" Deadex asks
"I can use them to track down Arli" Orthos goes to explain
"How can you track down Arli using his daggers?"
The two bloodknights seem to pay attention to the increasing tension that raises between the two and fortunately Darious appears there as well but remains silent.
"Tell us what you use them for, and we'll give them to you" Flesh backs up Deadex as they move one next to another, both facing Orthos and confronting his demands.
Orthos does not want to speak his plans inside the inn, and even more he does not think he must explain himself during these times where everything must be done quickly. He would have explained them all eventually but now it was not the time for story telling.

"The daggers now, i don't have time to explain..." Orthos demands further
The conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a Sorrow Guard Deathknight named Alusair who was sent by Antel to assist this search.
"What news on Arli" Alusair asks the group of thorns around the table
"None yet im afraid" Orthos replys
"Antel sent me to aid you in this search party" she continued and Orthos looked back at Deadex very irritated by the current situation.

"We will give you the daggers if you tell us what you need them for " Flesh sets up the condition to his Deathmaster
Orthos tried to remind Flesh that he is his Deathmaster and persuade Deadex to hand over the dagger but to no end. The two forsaken were determined not to give Orthos what he wanted unless they know what he plans.

So little faith show the Thorns in me. Why can't they just trust my judgment and work with me. Every second we loose arguing or explaining myself might cost Arli's life, if it's not too late already he thinks.

Orthos asks the three thorns and the sorrow guard to follow him outside, determined to give Deadex a hard time but just as they turn to one another, those bloodknights pop up like brides at a wedding.
"Any problems here" one of the bloodknight questions Orthos

Orthos looks at the two bloodknights as his blood pressure goes high up and he already starts to think his next move to kill the two bloodknights and Deadex along. The entire murder row scenery seem to spin in Orthos's head as the verbal confrontation with the bloodknights grows to the point where they threaten him with imprisonment for life. The growing number of silvemroon guards that suddenly station themselves in close proximity makes Orthos think twice and decides to move on
"Get out of my sight!" Orthos groans at the two bloodknights as he asks the Thorns and the Sorrow Guard to follow him into the Bazaar.

We all move there, except for Deadex who dissapears .

"How dare you set up conditions on my orders" Orthos questions Flesh
"I wasn't seting up conditions i was just asking" Flesh replys to Orthos irritated
Orthos decides to tell the three what he needs the daggers for, yet the fact that a Thorn questioned his action was not to let go
"Teaming up with Deadex against me..." Orthos pauses and give Flesh an angry look
Flesh responds with the same look before questioning Orhtos "and what have you done so far in aiding Arli's search, nothing ..."
Orthos thinks this over, Darious and Alusair waiting for an answer aswell with Flesh.
"In one hour, hopefully i'll find Arli" Orthos tells Flesh very confident. "Alusair, find Antel i need a piece of item that belong to Arli, something of personal nature".

Alusair dissapears and soon returns with a ring.
"Here, this is what Antel gave me" she hands out the ring.
"Darious find Ilisara" Orthos asks his brother who mounts up and rides away.

While waiting Orthos receives a letter from Deadex "if you want the daggers, meet me at the rogue trainer in Murder Row"
No time for that now he tells himself and move out to meet with Darious and Ilisara
Orthos bows before her
"Lady Filrealf, i have this ring of Arli"
"You sure this belongs to him?" Ilisara asks
"I got it from Antel herself" Alusair confirms that the ring is true and the party proceeds to Fireleaf's office.

They all gather around her as she holds out a map of Azeroth and the ring chained to a gold string. She chants and focuses her arcane magic binding her power into the attempt to point out Arli's whereabouts.
"Deathholme" she sais surprised
"Deathholme?" Orthos asks looking surprised
"This is wrong, why would Arli be held in a place full of bloodknights?" Alusair comments
"Maybe because we'd never check in there....Lady Fireleaf, what are the chances that a bloodknight is behind this?"
Ilsinea thinks for moment
"Not likely but let's get there and checks the palce"

The party rides towards Deathholme and as they move close to the palce, they spot a human rogue wondering around out of stealth. Orthos and Alusair draw their blades while Ilsinea casts her defensive shields and summons her elemental, ready to face whatever dangers might lurk there.

Orthos refuses to believe that the human rogue's presence is just a coincidence and with Lady Fireleaf leading the search, the party turns every stone hoping to find Arli or at least anything that might give us some clues.
After several hours they find absolutely nothing and disjointedness they return to Silvemoon to plan their next step.
No thorn is around as Orthos walks into the inn.

Maybe the ring didn't belong to Arli, maybe Ilsinea was wrong... maybe Arli was indeed in Deathholme but moved just before they arrived.
A lot of questions wonder through Orhtos's head as he lays down.
"Damn you Deadex, your arrogance might have cost Arli's life. The daggers would have surely represent the best items for scrying" Orthos tells himself cursing in thallasian wondering if some of his forsaken brothers are actually taking advantage of Arli's disappearance and don't intend to find him.
He shakes his head realizing that since we found out of Arli's dissapearance, Squadron has been looking for him without stop, being constantly present in Alliance territory.
Orthos slips into a new day... hopefully a better day.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: that feckin elf...   Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:31 pm

(( my version is a little late Im afraid just RL (yes I do have one believe it or not) caught up with me, theres a couple more to come yet))

Robi couldn't sleep, tired as she was sleep just wouldn't come.
Her mind too active, too busy searching for rhyme and reason of the previous couple of days.

The morning after the night before...she thought back to waking from a fitful doze on the island in Westfall, Ivery had left for his assignment with SI 7 and she was alone, well except for Arli locked in the hut.

"You stay guard Ivery..I need to go to the city" she said to fresh air, just in case Arli was awake and thought it wise to try escaping.

She had gone to Stormwind and picked up some provisions, bread water and a Stormwind fried breakfast to go from the inn.
Oh and poison....she added as an after thought.
Back on the island Arli was awake and even through the thick door she could hear him bemoaning his misfortune.
Almost against her better judgement she opened the door and let him out, poking and rebuilding the campfire she told him to sit and she gave him the food, untying his hands so he could eat.

"Not bad" he'd said "for human food"

She'd smiled and quipped
"Anything has to be better than the nuts and berries you tree lovers live on"
Arli laughed and agreed.

He smiled warmly at her and walked around the island, stretching his legs, standing at the edge he'd watched the horizon talking about the moonrise. A small pang of guilt then alarm bells, she looked at him, summing him up.

Two sides of the same coin she'd thought about Arli and her, she knew he was a player, would probably try to charm his way around her, sieze his moment and run.
But oh he was good..she'd thought, more than once she felt nearly charmed by his warm boyish smile.
"but you can't kid a kidder Arli " she'd thought
Gerrond stopped by to check she'd been ok, the huge warrior shadowing Arli's every step. More than once she'd seen Arli flinch at a sudden movement from Gerrond, who was quick to reassure Arli he wouldnt harm him for harms sake.

Gerrond leaned in close to Robi asking about moving their captive, as they'd talked too late she'd caught a glimpse of Arli diving into the sea, slipping into shadows as he did.

"Drat that bloody elf..." she'd spat " get after him...." but Gerrond was already on Arlis heels.

Knowing he'd head for horde territory the pair spread out and launched towards Duskwood, catch him before he hit Stranglethorn.
He hadn't got that far, seeing and hearing a commotion by the borders of Duskwwod and Westfall she'd sprinted over to see Gerrond hauling Arli onto his saber.
She'd taken him to the old Stillwell cottage in Westfall, again he'd complained about it, too human....She'd rolled her eyes and told him to shut it, what did he expect? Silvermoon Bordello?

Gerrond had left and she'd berated Arli for running off, she paced anxiously, she wanted to get to Goldshire, find this mage and get a message to Thorns, the sooner she was rid of this whining Belf and had Shay back the better.
She didnt dare leave him alone so it was with some relief she saw Ivery dismount and walk towards the cottage. She noted the look of fear in Arli's eyes as Ivery leaned against the doorframe.

She brought Ivery up to speed with the situation, Arli's attempted escape and her need to get to Goldshire. Ivery grinned coldly at Arli and cracked his knuckles.

"Don't Robi...please don't leave me with him..send him.." Arli pleaded with her, she felt a pang of sympathy for him.
She'd explained she had to go Ivery would have to stay guard.

"Rough him a little if he starts..but Ivery, try not to break anything" she smiled up at Ivery and resisted the temptation to rub her cheek against his stubbled face.

She'd ridden to Goldshire, found the mage who told her he'd need proof of Arli's capture and that he would endeavour to pass her message along, he'd whined about losing his caravan and Robi promised him she owed him a favour. "Yeah right..." she thought.
As she mounted to leave, a movement caught her eye and the faint stench of forsaken assaulted her nostrils.

"Thorns" she spat to herself, she couldn't be certain it was but she was wary and as a precaution rode speedily back to the cottage by a circuitous route.

Arli looked relieved when she returned, she glanced at him and offered a smile.
"They want proof we've got him"
"A thumb will do nicely" said Ivery grinning humouressly and drawing his dagger.
"No, his tabard will do"

Ivery cut the tabard off and menacingly suggested an eye. She'd merely just shook her head.

Ivery suggested handing him over to Stormwind, she'd known this wasn't a real suggestion he was just instilling a bit of fear into Arli for the hell of it. She raised an eyebrow and looked at Ivery.

"Why do you have all this hate for him?" she asked
His eyes fixed on Arli he replied

"He's a Thorn, they use innocents..civilians to train their assassins, all ages...all races, they are nothing but honourless murderers, and one less will be no loss"

Arli seemed to find fire inside at this and spat at Ivery calling him human scum. Robi didn't attempt at intervention as Ivery aimed a hard sharp blow at Arli.
"I'll ask again...where is he?" she'd sighed impatiently.

She was suprised as Arli told her Shay was in Caer Darrow, she glanced at Ivery who raised an eyebrow cynically.
Arli kept talking then offered to risk his life for her to free Shay...and she knew he was lying.
"No its true"

Robi felt like crying at that point, finally a location...only to find it was just another lie.
"Shut him up Ivery, he's pissing me off..."
She felt slightly guilty as she knew how Ivery would "shut him up" and Arli had already taken a lot of beatings, but this situation was fast becoming too big for her she needed resolution and soon.

She heard the dull heavy impact of Iverys fist and a low gasping groan from Arli.
Light that sounded bad, she spun around to see Arli curled in a ball, his face ashen as he struggled to breathe.

"You said shut him up" Ivery shrugged casually.

"Bastard.." Arli managed to spit before breaking off to painfully draw breath.
Hiding her concern she knelt beside Arli and gently felt his torso, " ribs broken.." she sighed inside slightly horrified at Iverys savagery.
He'd have to be treated, something for the pain, a thought struck her and she rummaged in a pack. Yes she still had it, a small pouch of bloodthistle she'd taken from a belf and kept as a contingency. Never knew when she may have to bargain her safe passage in hostile country.
She saw Arli's eyes dart to the pouch as he recognised it for what it was. She threw it to him.
Nodding to Ivery towards the door she left Arli to think.

Outside the cottage Robi took a deep breath of the salty air and relaxed her shoulders as Ivery hands rested on them. she turned to face him and smiled up before resting her head lightly on his shoulder.
They'd exchanged a few laughing flirtatious comments and his arm snaked out to grab her, laughing lightly she play dodged out of his way, he lunged playfully at her.
"That feckin elf..." Ivery cursed as a movement and noise inside the cottage disturbed them.
Arli had managed to get up and was standing by the small window as they entered.

"I wanted the thistle...." he started "I needed...I was looking for a knife..."

Robi rolled a joint of 'thistle and offered to Arli,
"You want it? and she threw it to him. He looked at her almost disdainfully and gestured to his tied hands. "Untie me"

Whether it was the tension of the last few days or maybe she was just too tired and her head ached that she took Arlis attitude as a challenge, something inside her snapped.

"Im sick of with him Ivery..."
She saw the resignation in Arlis face and he stopped trying to explain. She felt another pang of guilt and nearly very nearly cried for Ivery not to hit him. But that she kew would be seen as weakness in Thorn eyes, so instead she steeled herself and tried to block the sound of Ivery's "handiwork"

She'd had Ivery drag the now unconcious Arli onto the rug by the fire and lightly covered him with the other half.

As Ivery settled to sleep for a few hours, she sat in the doorway watching, scanning the grasslands and coast, it wouldnt be long...they'd be closing in, tomorrow as soon as it was light she'd move him again.

For a brief moment she felt like crying but shrugged the feeling away.

They had to have Shay...Arli had said..The mage had said....Vicco had said that Shay wasn't dead...the odds were in the favour of Shay being alive and soon they would have him back...

She glanced at Ivery asleep and gave a soft sigh and a small smile. "And then what...? she mused.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:40 pm

(( Just an FYI Orthos. Ilsinea and Illisara is 2 completely different characters. Can be a bit confussing when you mix them together Razz Good story anyway Smile ))
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((oh gawd did i mixed up the names again. So sorry. I tend to write illisara instead of ilsinea quite often, this is the reason i keep on spelling Illisara with 2 'L', cause i just backspace and rewrite geek Sorry.... )) Smile
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Ivery lent back against the chair, his eyes closed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. The last week had been trying, even for him. First Alfos had been murdered, and now he was caught up in something that he was sure would lead to....well most likely his death. He chuckled and opened his eyes, looking into the crackling fire that kept the cold out of the Lions Pride Inn.

I should have told her...

He had the feeling he was in way over his head here. Kidnapping the second of the Thorns was never something he would have thought he could pull off and yet here he was. Arli was still up at their hiding place, admittedly unbound and free to run at any moment, but he was still there, One hell of a prize. Soon after the two of them had captured the Elf, he had decided to go to SI:7 and read up on the band of assassins, lists of crimes and various personality reports on the key members that the SI agents had collected over the years. None of it was good news. A kill count bordering on genocide, each Thorn seemed to be a one man army. And now they were all probably gunning for him and Robi.

I should have told her...

Shay as well presented a problem, Dead Rose always did. After he had found out who he was and who he had worked for, Ivery again took another trip up to SI:7, this time to check the file on the Rose. What he had found in it was even more troubling than that on the Thorns. Cultists, killers and thugs to a man. They had a long and bloody history, even having dealings with the Herald of the Legion, the same creature that had killed Alfos. Their work with her had lead to the death of a high ranking Priestess of Elune and the loss of a powerful artifact from the temple, and here he was working to help one. He shook his head and chuckled again. And then there was Robi....

I should have told her...

His mind flicked back to that moment, the two of them standing by the fire by the small camp they had appropriated for keeping Arli “safe”. He looked into her eyes, about to say something he had never said before, but he couldn’t manage it. Instead he had left, flying up to the Ghostlands to see if he could get to the bottom of what had happened. Thankfully not a wasted trip, He had spotted a group of elves and another thorn descending into one of the crypts of the scourge stronghold, no doubt plotting something. He had gotten away, barley, and had snuck back to camp. That was all hours ago. The three of them, himself Robi and Shay had returned to Goldshire, thankful for a warm bed and a hot meal at last. Ivery had felt something nagging away at the back of his mind, a feeling like something very bad was going to happen very soon. There were too many factors to consider, too many forces acting against him, it felt like the world was trying to pull him apart, the constant earthquakes not helping matters.

I should have told her...

Ivery downed his drink, standing and stalking outside. He saddled his horse and kicked its flanks, riding hard towards Stormwind. Whatever was going to happen, he would be ready for it, and he sure as fel wouldn't go down without a fight. The pounding of his mounts hooves matched the pounding in his head as his mind worked, yet always one thought returned to the fore of his mind.

I should have told her...
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I sit and stare into the fire, glad of the warmth, my leathers still feel damp and unusually I feel the chill of the night. I look up as Shay walks over, Robi doesn't move and looks away from me. "Arli, me and Robi are heading to the Inn for the night; you are to stay here tonight and in the morning we will sort this out". I nod slightly. "I'm trusting you to do this", Shay continues, "else I will find you and you will regret it". I nod slightly again and look back at the flames. He pauses a moment then turns and walks back to Robi; I don't look up as they leave.

I stare into the dancing flames and try and concentrate on what I should do, but my body aches and my thoughts feel hazy and unfocussed. Firstly, I've no idea when, or if, Ivery will return tonight. Secondly, if I stay here, I've no idea what tomorrow will bring, more beatings from Ivery, or even the decision to hand me to the Stormwind Guard...after all I am of little use to Robi now. I stand up unsteadily and look up and down the river, hazarding a guess at direction, I dive in and start to swim.

Some time later I wearily pull myself up onto the river bank and lie still, catching my breath. I swam the wrong way and met the dead-end of a high cliff in front of me. I had to double back past the camp again, thankfully Ivery had not returned as of yet. I slowly stand up and walk to the edge of the high waterfall that the river now ends at. I peer over the edge; the clouds obscure the moon and I can't see how high up I am and in my current state it would be foolish to even try and scramble down the side of the waterfall in the darkness. Turning away from the river I skirt along the edge of the high hills, an abandoned camp is nearby but if they come looking for me, I would be too easy to find. Finally I find a small hollow on a lower hill and lie down, too cold and exhausted to search for anywhere safer. I curl up and shiver, I just need to sleep, to rest a few hours. My thoughts turn to tomorrow, I'll find a way down the waterfall and then back to Silvermoon, back to Antel.
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Naimen galloped towards Dawnrunner Spires, digging in her heels to urge her warhorse to make haste. Luthian, her second in command, had given her the note marked "Urgent - Personal" from the out of breath messenger; she briefly looked at the wax seal with the family crest before hurriedly opening it.

"Naimen, there is an urgent family matter that requires your assistance, please return home immediately, Grandfather".

Giving the briefest of instructions to Luthian, she mounted up and sped away, thankful that she was at a strategy meeting in Ghostlands rather than out on the battlefields.

Naimen dismounts and rushes into the house, pulling off her helm as she runs down the hallway to her Grandfathers study. Knocking on the door and with the briefest of pauses, pushes it open and hurries in, coming to an abrupt halt at seeing Lord Sunwing alongside her Father and Grandfather; all three with serious faces. Pushing the loose wisps of hair back behind her ears she curtsies to Lord Sunwing and turns to her Grandfather.

"I got here as fast as I could, Grandfather, what is wrong?"

Grandfather looks to Lord Sunwing who returns the glance with a small nod, "It's Arlithion. Lord Sunwing has had word that he has been missing for a few days now, and evidence points to him having been captured by the Alliance."

Naimen gasps, her hand covers her mouth and her eyes widen with fear, "Do we know he still lives?".

Lord Sunwing looks at Naimen, his voice softens at seeing her distress "The Vile Thorn have received information to indicate that he is being held and Ilsinea has scryed to determine his whereabouts, unfortunately with limited success at present." He pauses then continues, looking at the two men he smiles slightly, "The Sanguine Assembly have, of course, pledged to aid in the safe return of a son of the Sin'dorei".

Grandfather looks at Naimen, "My dear, I need you to aid the Sanguine in any way possible. Arlithion is young and foolish but he is family and needs our help, he is all I have left now to remind me of dear Candress. Your Father talked to you a few days ago about you joining them as a representative of the Dawnrunner house," he pauses and Naimen nods slightly, seemingly fighting back tears, "Now would be a very good time to take that step".

"Yes, oh yes of course, Grandfather, Luthian is perfectly capable of running things in my absence", replies Naimen, struggling to keep herself composed. "Poor Arlithion, I swear I will find and bring every one of them to justice!". Her Father steps close to Naimen and puts a comforting arm around her shoulder, "Let us just get him to safety", he adds, "then we can seek justice for this crime against our family".

Naimen angrily wipes the tears from her face and looks at Lord Sunwing, "I would be honoured to be a part of the Sanguine Assembly my Lord". Lord Sunwing nods and smiles lightly, "And we would be delighted to have you with us, Naimen. Now, anyone for tea?".
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We all love Naimen!
right ?
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I sit staring silently into the campfire as the three rogues discuss what to do with me now. My freedom was short lived and although Shay allows me to remain untied, I may as well be bound to Ivery as he is never far from me and watches my every move.

I stand up and walk over to the river's edge. I stare at the river and look downstream to the waterfall and try and assess my chances of surviving the fall sufficiently to be able to get back to horde territory. I jump slightly as there is a tap on my shoulder; I look around and Ivery looks me in the eye and shakes his head then nods back towards the camp. I nod slightly and turn and walk back to sit by the campfire in silence again.

Darkness falls and finally the decision is made to move out. "Tie him up", says Robi as we stand and the mounts are loaded with provisions. "No ties", I step back from Ivery as he steps forwards "I'll get him ready to travel" he says grimly. "We can trust him, leave him untied" replies Shay coolly. Ivery looks at me, "He's ran before Shay, first chance he gets he will be off again, we tie him". Shay shakes his head, "there is no need he won't cause trouble". I see Ivery looking at me coldy, I've seen that look far too often the past few days. Resigned to the inevitable, I hold out my wrists; the end result will be the same but this way I don't get more bruises. Ivery steps forward quickly and punches me in the stomach and a boot to the face again as I fold. As I lay gasping for air he binds my wrists and then my ankles tightly as Shay berates him. "Too much talking, if you had let me deal with this we could be on our way" replies Ivery through gritted teeth, pulling the ropes tight and dragging my by my bound wrists to his mount, "Lets get moving".

We ride into the night for many hours, following the roads since the darkness of the night makes leaving them unsafe. We meet very few travellers on our way, certainly none brave enough to question why three humans ride with a bound sin'dorei. We arrive at Thoradin's wall as the first light tints the sky and we make camp up on the wall under the arches and out of sight and rest for a few hours.

The day passes slowly, Shay and Robi leave and I'm left with Ivery for company most of the day. I keep quiet and get through the day without any further beatings from him, even Robi seems surprised when she returns in the early evening. I sense a tension between the two and as Ivery walks away I talk to Robi, trying to befriend her and provide some sympathy to her problems. She goes and talks to Ivery for a while, and when they return they exchange smiles. I see this as good for me, if he is happy he is less likely to vent his anger on me; if she is happy she might be more easily made sympathetic to my pleas for freedom.

It is late evening before Robi announces that we are moving out, and I am to be taken and left with the occupants of Ravenholdt for a few days as she has some bartering to do. I laugh, I'm a rogue, I even trained with them for a while, with a bit of luck they will let me go as soon as Robi and Ivery leave and I'll be spending this night back in Antels bed.

"Fahred is looking forward to meeting you Arli", Robi smiles at me. "Yeah?", I return the smile. "Definately, "she adds, "he said he was really interested in your links with the Syndicate". My smile fades "What?", I look at Robi and can see Ivery grinning next to her. "Oh yes, I told them you are a Syndicate man, been working with them a while now, I imagine he'll have a few questions for you". I swear angrily at Robi in Thalassian. "Now now, Arli,"adds Ivery with a wicked grin, "want me to come back tomorrow to Fahred with some 'real evidence' from SI:7?". I glare at him angrily. "A deal, we can make a deal", I add quickly, "there must be something you want, anything...", I look at Ivery and then Robi. "Nothing" they both reply, "You think what I've done has been rough", adds Ivery, "it's nothing compared to what Ravenholdt will do to you if they believe you are Syndicate. Robi has been very convincing, Fahred really wants to meet you". I swear again as Ivery laughs, cutting the rope on my legs and pulling me up, pushing me towards the ramp back down to the ground. "Information, gold, you name it", I add as he pushes me forward. I just get laughs in return and again I am dragged onto his mount and we head towards the Alterac Hills.
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And still sleep hadn't come, another night spent watching the horizon, willing the moon to set and the sun to rise so that again she could have the comfort of warmth and human companionship.

Just before dawn Ivery had risen, walked across to her and after exchanging a smile, he kissed her lightly and left for the city, to SI7 in an attempt to gain more information into the whereabouts of Shay.
She smiled softly to herself as he left and watched until his figure disappearred into the distance.
Why was he doing this she wondered, true they were both too far in to just walk away from it but not once had he questioned her motives, never had he even given the hint he wouldnt be back, he'd stood by her, protected her....
She sighed and pushed the looming thoughts of Ivery and Shay to the back of her mind, this wasn't the time, it wasn't the place.

Arli was still unconcious in the cottage, a cursory glance at him to check his breathing and she slipped away, just down the hillside to see what supplies she could acquisition from the defias camp.

Awake on her return she saw relief on his face as he saw her and not Ivery, she'd offered him food which he refused she'd rolled her eyes and accused him of sulking. Then she'd rolled him some thistle and untied his hands to smoke it. Its heady aroma filling the cottage.
He'd goaded her and tried to make her angry, hoping she assumed she'd forget herself and he'd take the chance to run. Once again she found herself falling into his snares, no denying she thought...he's good.
Common sense dictated and she rebound his hands, granted not as tight as Ivery's bonds had been.

Ivery arrived and they moved out on up into Arathi, navigating the coastline until they arrived at a dwarven homestead, secluded and virtually unknown, she was suprised that even Ivery hadn't known of its existence.
"We should be safe here..." she thought. As the thought even formed in her head she noticed Arli hide a smirk, but the relief in his eyes he couldnt hide.
Alarm bells again...he knew where he was..did the Thorns?

You questioned him about it, he denied it, said he knew the place because he'd fished there but as far as he knew Thorns didnt know of it.
She nodded satisfied, after all thats how she had discovered its whereabouts.
Then a dwarf signalled her outside, she'd gone and was informed that Arli and his "brothers" had frequented the place and was she here to save them?

She'd given some bland reassurances and was saved from further promises by the arrival of Helfdane.
She'd welcomed his presence, the strong calming aura he carried seemed to lighten her spirit as she walked back into the house.
Banging Arlis head off the wall she extracted the nearest she was going to get to the truth from him. Thorns had been there once maybe twice.
She didnt quite believe him and when Ivery smacked him about a bit she didnt object.
Then Ivery drew a dagger, asked Helfdane if he could heal and advanced to Arli threatening to "shank his side"

Robi smirked as Helf said he could heal a little...

She didnt really believe the pair were serious, just instilling a little more fear into Arli. It was only when Ivery dropped to a kneel beside Arli, his hand curled around the hilt firmly that she realised they were serious.

Oh no she thought, weakness or not she wasnt allowing this....
She opened her mouth to demand they stop, yes yes she knew Helf was a good healer, hadn't he been the one who brought her back from the brink of death when she had been attacked, badly beaten and left for dead in Duskwood? That day she had been ambushed Sunblade and his bunch of assassins.

She closed her mouth and turned her back, closing her eyes as Arli gave a strangled yelp as Iverys dagger found its target.
"Heal him Helf" she'd said.

Shortly afterwards they'd left the farm, she had a mage to meet and no longer felt this place was safe.
She'd met the mage on Thandol Span and he'd demanded she fulfil her promise and get her some Thorns right leg. Darious..she's need more than that to go on, hardly likely to go running around Silvermoon with a saw looking was she?

She dismissed it and led the party through Searing Gorge, the Mountain then after a gruelling climb dropped down into Elwynn. She knew they'd be safe, only one way in and another out. Even if they were spotted from the air any thorn would be hard pushed to find the entrance.

A few days here and they could rest up and have a discussion on their next move, wait for a response from Thorns as to whether they wanted Arli dead alive or ar all.

Pushing Arli inside the tent out of sight, she allowed herself a sigh of relief.

With Ivery and Helf guarding Arli, she curled up by the fire and slept.
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Thorn Captive
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