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 Thorn Captive

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:01 pm

This was fast becoming a farce she thought as they sat in a makeshift camp on top of Thoradins wall.
She was confused her head struggling to make sense of the last couple of days.
It had been almost sorted, Arli was hidden safe in Elwynn and at last you could see a possible end to this situation.

Then Shay..Shayanan, the reason for all this..had strolled into their camp, still dressed inblack still hooded but unmistakably Shay.
Told them he'd never been captured by Thorns...he'd untied Arli and between them started making plans. No hug, no Hello Robi...
Dazed and confused she couldn't take in what was happening, only that Ivery was to fly to ghostlands to track this mage who had given them this wrong information.

They'd stood beside the fire, Ivery looked at her, his eyes searching her face. "Robi I..." he's started then laughed lightly with a shrug "no matter..." and left.

By the time he'd returned it had been decided that Arli be taken to Ravenholdt.
Too near Horde territory she'd thought, Ravenholdt? Arli would be known there, liked even, well, don't push it...respected perhaps.
They'd let him go...they couldn't, she needed time, time to work out how to barter him to her best advantage as Shay was not their captive..Thorns would kill them for revenge if Arli simply strolled to freedom.

So here they were Thoradins wall, preparing for the last leg of their journey.

Ivery was strangely silent wouldnt meet her eyes, she knew why..their conversation of yesterday..too much left unsaid, too much unresolved. No matter, she sighed they'd best get on.
He nodded towards a small fire some distance from Arli. She walked over with him out of earshot of the Sin'Dorei.

"You know we probably won't live long after this?" he said looking at her
She nodded slowly.
"but we'll give em hell on the way huh?" she tried to smile
"I love you Robi, " he said suddenly. he held a finger to her lips as she tried to speak. "I don't want to die without having said that to you"

He winked at her and walked back to Arli.

"I won't be long..." she rushed down the wall onto Indy and galloped hell for leather.
Ivery and Arli exchanged a slightly confused look.

She returned an hour later. "Move out.." she said.
She smiled at Arli
"Fahrads waiting to meet you" she said
"Yeah...?" said Arli, not even trying to hide his smirk.
She knew what he was thinking.

Robi tried not to look triumphant as she spoke.

"Ive told Fahrad youre working for the syndicate"

She enjoyed watching Arli's grin fade, relished seeing the panic in his eyes as he swore in Thalassian.

Oh she knew Fahrad wasn't a fool, Arli wouldnt be found to be syndicate she was sure, but it would buy them what they wanted, what they desperately needed...time.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:47 pm

Fahrad pulled on his gloves and mask and gestured to two of his assassins to follow him.

"We have a guest in basement two..." he exchanged a cold grin with his men.

He stalked down the stairs flanked by his guard and opened the door.

"Right Sonny..." he said looking over to where Arli sat chained where Ivery had left him. "You and me are going to have a little chat..."

Fahrad untied Arli and hauled him to his feet. "Know why youre here?....good" it hadn't been a real question.

Arli smiled somewhat nervously and spoke in Thalassian, " Is a mistake know me..."
Fahrad shook his head menacingly
"No Belf talk boy..."
Arli repeated himself in common.

Fahrad raised an eyebrow, and although Arli couldnt see his face he knew Fahrad was grinning humourlessly.

"Common huh? Syndicate teach ya that did they?"

Arli shook his head.
"Talk then Sonny..we can do this the hard way...or the harder way..the choice is yours"

Arli looked at Fahrad as he advanced.

Fahrad wasn't altogether convinced that Arli was syndicate, yet Robi had never steered him wrong before, and this guy was a Vile Thorn, quite high up too, he wouldnt be too suprised if they at least had dealings with The Syndicate.

Bright blinding lights flicked on and Arli was pushed into a chair.
Start him with sleep deprivation, get him exhausted and thirsty keep him low, light the bloodthistle.

Keeping Arli in the glare of the lights Fahrad questioned him relentlessly.
As Arlis eyes drooped Fahrad aimed a kick at his legs or a hard open handed slap to his face.

"Names..locations...plans" -a slap-
"Names..location...plans" -a kick-
Relentlessy on and on, even toned
"Names..locations...plans" -a slap-
"Names..location...plans" -a kick-

Fahrad took a long drink of water, Arli could only look at the frosted glass. He grinned at Arlis discomfort.
Fahrad studied Arli and took a pouch of bloodthistle, waving it in front of the weary elf.
" Yours sonny jim....just tell me...

and so it began again,
The heady aroma of smouldering bloodthistle filling the enclosed windowless room just out of reach.

The questioning went on all night, Fahrad leaving now and again, commanding his gurads to ensure Arli didnt sleep.

Both guards seemed to think Arli was in constant need of rousing and placed the occasional numbing blow about his body.

"Right" said Fahrad " enough for tonight, we'll start properly tomorrow, and you won't like it one bit Sunblade.

Fahrad strode from the room frowning slightly.

"watch him closely, he doesnt eat, drink or sleep..and someone...get me Zaoldyeck..."

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:59 pm

The questioning starts not long after Robi and Ivery leave, and continues for what seems like many hours. Locked in "Basement two" I've no idea of whether it is day or night, or of how long I've been held here. The violence is never above a slap or a punch, just enough to keep me awake, keep me focussed, but when they finally leave, Fahrad informs me that they will start properly tomorrow and that I won't like it one little bit. I glance across at the guards, they watch me closely, any indication I give that I am going to try to sleep results in a swift kick to awaken me.

I look up as the door opens and in walks Shay. He nods to the two guards to leave and giving me a final glance, they leave us alone. "Arli" says Shay as he walks over, "I need to ask you something," he pauses, "it's about Robi and Ivery, is there anything going on between Ivery and my wife?".

I half smile as I reply, "What's in it for me?"

Shay steps closer, "I will make sure that you get out of here alive".

I glance to the door and nod slightly. "ok, Ivery wants Robi, and Robi told me she loves Ivery". There is a long pause and it occurs to me that being bound and unarmed is a bad place to be if he takes this really badly.

"They told you this?" he finally replies, I nod. "Very well, I will return later, I won't be far, I'll make sure you get from this alive". He leaves and the two guards re-enter, they watch me with a look of suspicion as I grin to myself; I don't want to be Ivery when Shay catches up with him.

A short while later the door opens again and I tense at the thought of the questioning starting again. However, Robi and Ivery walk in and on instruction from Ivery, once again the guards leave.

"How are you Arli?" asks Robi.

"How the hell do you think I am", I reply sarcastically,"left amongst a band of Assassins who think I work for the opposition?". I look at Ivery, he seems in one piece so I can only assume his and Shay's paths have not yet crossed.

"I've put you up for sale Arli, to an old elf gentleman", Robi smiles at me.

I just look at her coldly. "You contacted my family? Good, then I'll be out of here soon, they will pay whatever gold you've asked".

Robi shakes her head, "No, not". I'm puzzled, how can a sin'dorei family protect a human? "I want them to agree not to come after me, Shay and Ivery", she continues, "and to stop the Vile Thorn from doing the same".

I laugh at her and she frowns in return "Are you truly crazy? My grandfather has no authority over the Thorns".

"Well", she replies coolly, "he had better find some".

I laugh again, enjoying how annoyed it makes her "This deal won't take place, Thorns are gonna find you three and kill you no matter what he says. You took a Thorn captive, made us look weak, the Mistress will want that put right".

Robi looks at me for a moment then turns to Ivery, "Did you get those 'reports' from SI:7?".

Ivery grins and replies "Yes, I've had enough of this elf, we take them up to Fahrad now". He glances at me briefly and then turn towards to the door.

"NO! Wait!" I cry out.

"Too late now, Arli, you are probably right, no deal can be made for your return" replies Robi without turning.

"Wait!", I cry out again, "A deal, I can make you a deal, I can tell Shay I lied". They both stop dead and as one turn to face me, Robi looks ashen, "Oh, Arli...what have you said...". I grin at Ivery as he glares at me angrily, "I told Shay about you two, we make a deal, I tell Shay I lied and those fake reports don't make their way to Fahrad".

"That's it", replies Ivery angrily, "I've had enough of him, he has brought nothing but trouble to us since we captured him. Let him say what he wants, these reports go to Fahred". As Ivery reaches for the door, it opens slightly and Shay joins us.

There is a long silence as Ivery and Shay look at each other before Shay speaks "Arli told me something". I make my decision, better I face losing Shay as a rogue brother than those fake reports reaching the hands of Fahred. "Shay...I..I lied, I'm sorry, I just wanted to get back at Ivery for the beatings I took from him".

Shay turns quickly to look at me, "Arli, don't worry, he won't lay another finger on you, tell me the truth".

Robi interrupts, "He told you that Shay? Oh yeah me and Ivery were rutting in front of him at the campfire all the time".

I look back at Shay "I told you Shay, it was a lie...sorry".

They argue briefly, Robi denies it all of course and although Shay is suspicious of them both, deep down he truly wants to believe that Robi belongs to him and no one else. Ivery storms off angrily, still threatening to hand in the reports and Robi follows him, I hope to stop him, to keep their side of the deal.

I look up at Shay "You know I can't stop the Thorns? Even if I tell them not to find and kill Robi, they will if the Mistress commands it".

"Then", replies Shay, "The Thorn Mistress will indeed have to die, I won't have Robi killed".

I sigh, "You don't understand do you? She will give the command and we will follow it, Robi may even die at my blades, we follow her command".

Shay replies and I notice there is an edge to his voice, "Then the Thorn Mistress dies, I will protect Robi".

I don't like where this is going but I can't stop myself "And we Thorns protect the Mistress, you do this and we are no longer brothers, Shay, we are enemies. Thorns, and I will hunt you, Robi and threaten the Mistress."

There is a pause before he replies, his voice is cold "Then there is no point me sparing you any longer", time seems to slow as he unsheaths his blades, I cry out for help but his attack is swift. As my eyes close and I slip into darkness, I see the blood starting to pool in front of me and hazily see the guards burst into the room as Shay slips to the shadows.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Caught between a Rose and a Thorn.   Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:53 am

Landing in Southshore, Robi slipped off the griffon and stopped in her tracks as she saw Shay mounted on his bear lightly holding Indy's reins.
"I thought we'd visit Arli" he said passing her her mount.
She nodded and swung easily into the saddle.

"I have to meet this mage, he sent a message..." she started. Shay nodded
she shrugged lightly
"he said road to Southshore"
Shay nodded and wheeled his bear around and headed to the road.

They'd patrolled the road for sometime with no sight of the mage.
"Lets try Hillsbrad fields?" Robi suggested
Shay nodded.
The tension between them as they rode was almost tactile, she wanted to say something to him but words wouldnt come and besides here and now wasn't really the place. Living on your wits, evading a notorious band of assassins having captured one of their officers didnt exactly constitute the ideal time to discuss a failing marriage.
Then again she thought, if they were killed..then the problems would never discussed. Did she want to die with so much unsaid between them?
"I don't know what to say to you..." she gave a small laugh
"same" he replied
"I can't believe you brought up that Cal thing again..."she had to say it, it had festered at her since he'd thrown the accusation back at her. "I had my fling with Cal before I knew you and you know about it"
Shay nodded but said nothing.
"This isnt how I imagined our reunion to be..." she started
"No me neither"
Robi sighed, he hadn't even removed his hood...
"We should talk about it later..."she sighed
Shay nodded.
"If the opportunity arises" he replied "Youre always with Ivery"
Their conversation continued awkwardly for a few moments getting nowhere. She knew Shay, he was focussed on the task in hand, anything else would have to wait until this was sorted. He wasn't going to remove his mask and hold her, wasn't going to bare his soul and tell her what he wanted or that he'd missed her....
"Best find this mage..." she said finally
He nodded curtly and as she mounted he slipped into the shadows.

She saw the mage just off the road she rode over hailing him.
" You sold me wrong information"
"A genuine error my lady"
"any deals are off"
The mage nodded.
"Thorns have called off the search for Arli" he advised
She raised an eyebrow
"They wouldn't..I understand they look out for each other come what may"
"Nevertheless..they are no longer looking for him, your best bet is to kill him"
Robi was confused and stared after the mage as he walked away.
She needed to speak to Arli and turned her mount towards Ravenholdt.

Although it was important she didnt rush, the Hillsbrad ambience almost seducing her into into taking a slow leisurely pace. She laughed to herself "No hurry..Arli isn't going anywhere."

A sharp pain in her head stopped her dead, she couldnt move and she slid slowly off Indy's back. It passed and she rose to her feet, shaking her head.
"Argh..." another pain, she couldnt move. then another...she became vaguely aware of people around her, flashing blades, muffled grunts of combat. As her senses gathered she was aware of three forsaken and a Bloodelf all fighting Shay. She drew her daggers..too late..she saw Shay fall to his knees bleeding, he slumped forward, the fighting ceased.
"Shay" she shouted.
The elf grabbed her roughly and tied a red mask across her mouth silencing her.She struggled and a forsaken punched her silent. She noticed with sinking heart they all wore the colours of The Vile Thorn.
Her hands bound she was hoisted onto the bloodelfs mount. They rode for a long time, she was dimly aware of Hillsbrad then Arathi..wetlands then Loch nearly home she thought.
They'd stopped briefly to fight a few dwarves who tried to stop them, she thought about running but as if reading her mind the bloodelf clenched his fist and punched her hard sending her reeling to the ground. Her daggers and hearthstone were taken and he hauled her back onto his mount.
Into Searing Gorge and into that place....the huge earthworks, where years ago she'd got lost and had been helped by a young Sin'Dorei...Indyheart she recalled it well. She'd never been back.

The bloodelf pushed her towards the slave restraining shackles and had the forsaken tie her in it.
"Where is Arli?" the questions started immediately, a refusal or delay in answering was met with a punch or kick from one of the forsaken.
"I don't know..."
a punch
The elf looked at her from over his mask."Where?"
She stayed silent, the forsaken nearest to her drew what looked to be a fishing knife and at a word from the elf cut her face. She winced but didnt cry out.
Then a shallow incision cut from her ear to the corner of her mouth, Light it was stinging, then poison applied to it, her eyes started to close her thought becoming abstract.
On ond on it went
"don't know.."
more poison, another cut, a blow to her face.
She slowly described the valley in Elwynn where they'd kept Arli.
The bloodelf knelt in front of her and said softly
"Robi...this had better be true"
With the last vestiges of her will she turned her eyes to him, large and brown and filled them with fear as she nodded.
He nodded, his hand gently caressed her face..he smiled into her eyes.

Robi remembered feeling a surge of hope before his other hand slammed into the side of her head and she knew no more.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:24 am

The guards turn and look at each other as they hear a yell in thalassian from behind the door of Basement Two. With daggers drawn they burst into the room to see their 'guest' slumped on the floor, a pool of crimson blood slowly creeping across the stone slabs and his visitor nowhere to be seen. One of the guards hurries over to the striken elf and kneels, applying pressure to the open wound to slow the loss of blood, as the other turns and sprints from the room.

Fahrad strides into the basement and stands and looks at the elf. So, an attempt on his life had been made, well no surprise really, the Vile Thorn have enough enemies in the Horde let alone the Alliance, but is this one worth saving, Fahrad asks himself. The interrogation of the elf had barely started but he is a Thorn and the chances of them having links to the Syndicate are fairly likely. The elf could speak common also, another indication that Robi's information held good.

"Send a messenger to Southshore and get Doctor Wilson here immediately. I want this elf patched up and ready for questioning tomorrow. If he is to die it will be at our hands." The guard nods and sprints again from the room. Fahrad looks at the guard kneeling by the elf, "I want someone in the room at all times, this one lives until I say otherwise".


The guards watch impassively as over the coming hours the elf is healed, wounds are stitched and he slowly regains consciousness. The guards are asked to hold the elf still as a few potions are forced down the elf's throat; the resistance is minimal from the weakened elf. Finally he is allowed some water, at the insistance of his healer, and a final potion to send him into a deep sleep, the healer insisting that this will be the quickest way to get him recovered enough for questioning to continue later the next day.

The elf finally awakens late the next day and remains quiet, sitting leaning against the wall and staring at the ground a few feet ahead of him. A paladin and a warlock arrive, human and gnome, and talk to the elf for a while. They ask if the Thorns have seen Robi, his replies are short and to the point, he's been captive for a week it seems and no contact with his 'brothers'. The warlock seems eager to 'encourage' is to speak but the Paladin stays calm and doesn't allow the elf to be harmed. It seems they will leave when another bursts into the room, a hooded human, rogue by the looks of him, and it seems he has been in a fight very recently. He informs the others that Robi has been taken by the Thorns and all three turn to the elf. The guards keep watch as the elf is questioned and threatened, locations, where would she be taken. The elf finally supplies three locations and they leave to go and search them, the elf looks shaken and pale and sits against the wall, his head in his hands.

It isn't long before they return and the questioning rapidly turns into an interrogation. A guard slips away and informs Fahrad, he instructs the guard that he has been briefed and to allow it to continue but the elf must live. More arrive and the elf is threatened with some inventive torture, impressing the guards who hope for there to be quite a show for them this evening. The elf takes a beating both physically and from magical means before finally giving information that they are satisfied with; a meeting, the next day, a chance to rescue Robi. The elf is left in the hands of the warlocks who sadistically test his pain threshold, taking him to the brink of consciousness before laughing and stopping their chanted curses.

Fahrad storms into the room, ordering the visitors to leave, which they do, with a little encouragement from the guards. Fahrad kneels down and lifts the elf by the scruff of his leathers and speaks in a low meanacing tone. A short time later there is the dull thud as the elf is dropped back to the floor and Fahrad strides from Basement Two, directing the guards back inside to keep watch over his charge as he leaves.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:34 am

(( Went bit off-topiccey with this one, but haven't had the time to hang around online enough to get involved with anything, but I *will* be there tonight. (hopefully) ))

He stood inside the headquarters of the Knights of Lordaeron for the first time since the... well... since the Event. The night that had set it all in motion for him. The downward slope. Yet another victim, yet another failure. He seemed to gather a lot of those lately. He took a whiff of his cigarette. If he had still been alive and good twenty years younger, this would have been the place where he'd have sought redemption at the bottom of the bottle. Been there, done that. He didn't even know whether it would still even work, whether this unholy aberration that he called his body would have the common decency to get inebriated when he wanted it to. For one short moment, barely a blink of an eye, he felt the urge to find it out. He scoffed and shook his head. He had been dry for decades now, no point in ruining a good streak. Another whiff of his cigarette.

The locals quietly moved around him, shirking away from any contact. Perhaps they sensed the anxiety, the violent impulse boiling underneath, like a drawn bowstring ready to launch death to its target. He had killed many creatures during the last ... how many days had it been? A week? A month? He did not know. He had stripped the lives of orcs, dwarves and the undead. He had slain humans, ogres and even dragonkin. But all the mayhem did little to quench the hunger. Not a hundred nor thousand faceless lives could satiate the longing for one specific life: that of the demon wench. He gritted his teeth.

He took a final breath through his cigarette and dropped the stub on the floor. He snorted. Sure as the tide and the sunrise, he would always return to civilization no matter how far he strode. Not because he missed it, nor because he needed it, but because only then he could replenish his stash of tobacco. That, and he could rest. Rest. Nethers, he hadn't rested since the Event. He pinched the bridge of his nose and rubbed his eyes. A useless gesture of no meaning, left over from the days he had been alive. It was not his body that needed rest. No, the body could carry on for as long as there was left in it whatever the unholy energy was that kept it going. But his mind still yearned rest and being denied that made him even more anxious than usual.

But by the looks of it, his mind would have to manage just a while longer. As he had entered the headquarters one of the clerks had sheepishly stepped onwards and with trembling voice pointed him towards the message board. He read the note pinned to it once more: "Fellow knights, The Vile Thorns have struck us at our core. After stalking us relentlessly, killing our friends and allies, they have taken one of our number. Robinas has been captured, taken to Brill as their prisoner."

He sighed and shook his head. "Zaoldyeck, Zaoldyeck," he mumbled to himself. He did not know what had taken place, but for some reason, he was not surprised. While he had been chasing shadows, at first hunting and then simply running away, Robinas had gotten herself mixed up in something which sounded like it could end bloody. Could he have stopped her? Could he have helped her? Maybe. If so, it was just another failure to add to the pile. For now, all he could do is hope they had not yet killed her and prepare for war. For this time he would not let himself sit in the sidelines and watch another comrade fall. Looks like it's no rest for the wicked, he thought to himself, repeating the clichéd saying he had repeated all too often as of late. But maybe he'd get the next best thing: Violence with extreme prejudice.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:17 am

((Wow, catching up on this took me ages, but boy was it entertaining. Fun to see what lies behind the event that took place today (sunday), wich I want to thank everyone for, it was alot of fun Smile It will be very exciting to see what this leads to between the Knights and the Thorns. Mmmmm action! And Arli - you should be writing books Wink ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:35 am

(( Um...I do go on a bit don't I? Smile Lots happened though! I want to thank all involved on both sides; Thorns did me proud with their rescue as did those assisting - and a special thanks to my Thorn bro Orthos who put loads of effort in to get the rp to flow right. The Alliance side were a lovely bunch and not a one ganked me before the event, must have been so tempting to get back at a Thorn! I'll post the final bit later, when I've thought what to put. But thanks again to all involved ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:00 am

((Oh, I did not mean it like that, I ment that I adore your writing, hence you should be writing books ^^))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:11 am

((yes Ise, he's good isn't he? Will have my final part on later, but think its gonna take a lot to get right))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:59 am

(( Its been awesome reading this, I will be posting my own part aswell later today as I get it down correctly! ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:04 am

Naimen sits with the “Sanguine Assembly” contingency and listens to the proceedings of the “Altera Works” meeting, not really taking in a great deal of what is said, her mind preoccupied with family matters. When Lord Sunwing finally says “And is there anything else?” she quickly raises her hand and awaits his permission to speak.

“Lady Dawnrunner, please do go ahead”, Lord Sunwing says as he gestures to Naimen to stand.

Naimen stands up, straightening her tabard as she does so; “It’s about Arlithion” starts Naimen as she looks around with a worried face at the assembled guilds. A murmur goes across the hall, “Arlithion?” as Lady Ilsinea Fireleaf leans close to Naimen and whispers “Perhaps best to use his shortened name.” Naimen looks a little flustered as she looks around again “Oh..oh yes, I mean Arli…Arli Sunblade”. Again a murmur goes across the hall, a few low voices of “now what has he done” intermingled with a few grunts of disdain. “There hasn’t been any contact from him for a week now, I was hoping to hear if anyone had seen him since my family are very concerned”, she pauses and looks around again, “Evidence suggests that he has been taken by th-“.

“If I may interrupt”, speaks Anethrax clearly from the back of the hall. Naimen turns to see Anethrax and the contingency of Thorns, all forsaken, silently staring at her. “Arli is away on a mission for me,” continues Anethrax, “away in Arathi, he isn’t missing.”

“Oh..”, replies Naimen, taken aback by the response from the Thorn Mistress

“That boy has been lost for years”, adds Lord Sunwing with a slight smirk, “It will do him good to have a few days on his own”.

Naimen nods slightly and sits back down, looking saddened at the response to her plea.

“Now,” continues Lord Sunwing, “Is there any other business?”.

The meeting continues for a short while. Naimen re-reads the ransom note and with a determined look on her face makes her way over to Anethrax and the Thorns, again as one they silently stare at her. Passing the note to Anethrax she whispers “Please, read this and let me know if you can meet your side of the request, perhaps we talk after the meeting concludes”. Anethrax takes the note with the briefest of nods and Naimen returns to her place with the Sanguine.

As the meeting concludes, Naimen hurries over to Anethrax. “Walk with me”, says Anethrax as she stands and they walk across to a quiet part of the hall, the forsaken Thorns following a few steps behind Naimen. They stop under the canopy of the dais.

“Anethrax, as you can see from the note, Arlithion is indeed in Alliance hands”, states Naimen worriedly.

“We know”, replies Anethrax calmly.

“My family can pay the gold and can meet their request not to pursue them after Arlithion is returned; can the Thorns agree to not take this matter further if he is returned to us safely?”

“There is no need, Naimen.” Replies Anethrax evenly, “Arli will be back with us very soon”.

Naimen pauses and considers what she has heard. “Very well, but if he is not returned to us in two days then the family will take matters into their own hands” replies Naimen.

Anethrax nods slightly and hands the ransom note back to Naimen. “Pass on my regards to your Grandfather, Antel spoke well of him”.

“Thank you, I will, the family spoke well of her also. Please inform me of anything you hear on Arlithion?”

“I will, and likewise you, Naimen”.

Naimen nods briefly and turns and leaves. As she crosses the hall she is met by Lady Fireleaf, “Any news?” she asks with concern evident in her voice. Naimen sadly shakes her head in return. “I’m sure he will be fine” reassures Lady Fireleaf, “come, let’s return to Silvermoon”.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:44 am

(( Sorry for the wall of text, I had to write everything from the beginning since a lot has happened already! I hope its easy reading though, here's the story from Hollyes point of view until the evening before the dawn of Battle. The aftermath should be written down too if anyone is interested to know what happened after the Alliance returned to Stormwind. ))

The unwarming sunrays made the world turn in vivid play of colors for a moment as Hollye stepped outside the Cathedral of Stormwind that morning. She held a protective hand to shade her vision for a moment as the Cathedral Square accepted its normal colors of finely worked stone. The world seemed alien to her for a moment. It was this morning the acolyte had informed her gently that she'd best visit outside the great building sometimes to breath fresh air. She'd woken from a strange dream that morning where she’d dreamed that Alfos, had died and that she'd prayed for him to come back four days and nights. There were other dreams too, of fields rippling blue with lilies like the waves of the ocean.

She looked at her hands, once again clad in plate mail. The armor was matching set with a tabard of blue and silver. Her duty, her honor - The mask that would make her strong. It was time to be strong again, for no one with a duty could forever seek the sanctuary of dreams to hide into. Not even The Commander of the Knights of Lordaeron, even if the city itself sometimes felt more like a dream than reality anymore. Hollye collected her blond hair into a ball on top of her head as the wind tried hard to pull some tresses free, to dance around her face. However hard she tried, her thoughts wouldn't let go of the memory of Ishsah the demon at the steps of their Head Quarters. The blood stained dream of the night when everything seemed to stop. The Herald was still free. Free to kill someone else. Free to destroy more from her life.

"This Priest was looking for you"
She suddenly heard familiar voice. The speaker was one of the Knights, a dark haired rogue, Ivery. She looked around. How had she managed to arrive to the SI:7 of Stormwind? Through the training yard, trough half of the city. The paladin met the face of the spoken priest and smiled. Aminda White returned the smile with a greeting, dressed in formal white; she stepped forward and bowed curtly. Perhaps because of the days spent in the Cathedral, lost in a strange trance of prayer and dreams she only noticed Shayanan when the hooded man was only half a room away from her. How strange it would have seemed, the man was alive after so many months when Robinas reported him dead. Yet, somehow, it only made sense to Hollye. "The Dead Rose.. back so soon..." She thought, looking at the hooded man. Aminda continued her report but Hollye couldn’t take her eyes of Shayanan as the man mouthed words rapidly at Ivery.

"She has been taken..."

"The Vile Thorn..."

"They have her; I don't know where they took her. I hardly made my escape..."

"We have to get her back.."

"I have already informed..."

Hollye shook her head, concentrating finally to the two speaking. Shayanan was here. Robinas had been captured. Iverys features were strained with anger and fear. So this is where it all had come to. She'd had reports about The Vile thorn assaulting anyone carrying a Knights tabard lately, making bold attempts to take as many lives as possible. A twisted game of hatred. And now they had come across another plan it seemed. Not to simply kill but to take a hostage.

The Knight Commander frowned. How odd.. The little she knew about the enigmatic leader of the Thorns, this Dark lady Anethrax, she'd always remember the meeting they had before the Battle of Deadwind Pass. She had informed about their plans openly. Was this another game of cruelty? It was clear already that the dawn of yet another battle was but months, perhaps weeks.. perhaps days away between the two enemies. Perhaps this was a prelude to that.

She had to know more details than this, looking at the shadowy figure of the Dead Rose officer all the while. Old memories came in a wave, and how she had hoped that with the death of Alfos, her teacher and example in the ways of Light, perhaps a new leaf would turn. The old memories would fade into darkness, and new weaving of time would be set in place. She stepped close to the two men, clearing her voice.

"A report, Ivery" she demanded from the Knight. The rogue seemed to ignore her words, too buried in the news Shayanan had brought. Ivery loved Robinas, that much had been obvious in the past days, but Hollye needed to know how ever private the matter seemed to the man. She questioned him, getting half way answers. And then suddenly:

"We have him held in Ravenholdt."


There was a captive. A Vile Thorn officer that had been taken, a hostage from the enemy order and now Robinas had been taken to compensate for that. Hollye looked at Ivery with a blank expression, her mind turning in a storm of thoughts. The war, a stone bridge in Death Wind pass was looming in front of her again. The scream of horns and war banners snapping in the wind. A war would come out of this.

"Why.. was I not informed..? About ANY of this?" she demanded.

"Because this is a matter of SI:7" came the answer.

A gust of anger took a hold of her throat, twisting her insides. She looked at the blue and silver on the man’s tabard. He was carrying the crest of Knights - The oath to serve with Honor – and yet he seemed uncaring of the fact.
Shayanan talked, Ivery answered. He would ask the Knights to help, to help bring Robinas back. He wanted blood and revenge. To spill blood for something they had started themselves. An act that would, for sure, bring yet another war before the autumn rains were over.

"You have to change her for the captive you have, Ivery"

"They will kill me and Robi if we let Arli go"

"Attacking their base has no sense of strategy what so ever!"

“If you are not going to help I will find others” The man did not care and he made it clear to Hollye in well picked words.

"What lack of discipline! How dare you talk to your commander like that?" Aminda breathed out in disbelief.

"This is not our way, Ivery. This is not the way of the Knights!" She replied. There must be another way to solve this. As she turned to leave, Shayanan mouthed last words about gathering Dead Rose members to help as the two men strode away from the room. Hollye felt her armor press her whole chest down, as if the closing of the door would have taken some of the air out of her lungs.

"Lady Aminda White, I have a dire need of our intelligence officer Calahan Scully right now.."

The two women started outside in the search of the spoken Rogue. If someone would know how to help, it would be him. Hollye might not agree with some of his views but there were times when she'd trust no one but Calahan to know the answer. And right then, he was there. On horse and clad in his battle armor, Calahan Scully wore his basic boyish expression, a half-humored grin on his lips, this time accompanied with a hint of a surprise in his eyes seeing Hollye and Aminda emerge from the SI:7 building.

"Cal. I need to talk to you."

~ ~ ~

"I see.." Calahan answered in a less humored tone after Hollye finished the news. They had come to talk in the harbor, where the continuous sea breeze muffled all voices. They tried to brainstorm if such way would exist to steal the elf prisoner and deal with the matter without bloodshed, by changing hostages. But the chance to have an audience with Anethrax seemed near to impossible in the current state of things. The game had gone too far already.

It would be inevitable now. Robinas was one of the Knights and a friend; she had to be saved and she would not be left behind. Yet, what she had done together with Ivery, as it seemed now, was completely irrational. Surely Hollye knew Robinas would do anything to find Shayanan, the man she loved, but to risk so much? They had tortured their prisoner, from what could be made out of Iverys words and decided to hold him even after they learned the truth of things. They had left without reporting matters concerning the Knights main enemy. On the night when Alfos was murdered the both of them had been in the gathering yet either one had said nothing.

Such actions were not dismissed without consequences. Hollye might be a young leader, less seasoned than many, but she was not about to start giving up on principles that were held up by the leaders before her. “Discipline” she heard Vandyke’s rough voice in her mind. The mountain of a man who she had named Staff Sergeant had been very precise when they had talked about reports and missions. After a while Ivery arrived on horse, his mount sweaty and frothing from the running. He asked the Knights one more time to help.

"We will not march there without thinking twice, not like this!" she opposed, her tone agitated by Iverys uncontrolled behavior. Calahan and Aminda seemed to notice the same, mouthing their opinions.

"Well the Knights may sit idle and talk while Robinas is being tortured all the while, the good it will do to her!" Ivery spat out, wheeling his horse to leave.
She'd had enough. It was not easy to cross the limit with Hollye but that limit was about to be crossed just now. Her voice rose as the talked to him next.

"I'll be damned if I let any Knight die in a battle that was caused by such mindlessness! Control yourself Ivery or it will be you who will cause her death with such foolish acts!"
The dark haired man looked at her, his eyes haunted with worry. Surely she knew how it was to lose a loved one into the enemy hands. She knew well how it was to find that loved one bloody and near to lifeless.

"The Knights will be there, but this will not be the end of it Ivery. This matter will be settled thoroughly when the mission is completed.”
“Don’t worry lass, you’ll get a report.” he grinned.

The commander who had just mobilized the whole Knight order on a mission where many might never return, against an enemy that had already crushed them once, looked at the rogue.
“Do not call me lass.” she answered in a low voice.

Ivery nodded, still seemingly humored.
“Thank you. Tomorrow at SI:7 on the 7th hour.” he said as he ushered his horse to gallop.

(( had to fix some typos.. me no speak ennnnglish ))

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:58 am

(( Oh, lovely read Hollye. And yes, I for one would love to hear of the aftermath. I'll write up from Arli's viewpoint and include what happened after with him and hopefully post it tonight ))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:04 pm

((lovely stuff Hollye, enjoyed it a lot as I wasnt present for the actual RP, I intend to the aftermath from Robis point of view after I finish the final installment of the event which I think may be quite a wall as well))
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:11 pm

((That was lovely, Hollye! I love how Hollye is changing in light of the events around her, both recent and older. Lovely work...lass. Razz))
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PostSubject: Ivery, bring her home   Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:22 pm

She wandered into SI7, surely someone here could help her..Robinos her husband, long dead now had often worked for them, surely surely they could help her bring his daughter home.

A wall of babble and raised voices hit her as she entered and to her suprise they were discussing Robi, her daughter, she noticed with rising hope they all wore tabards showing the colours of The Knights of Lordaeron, Robi's order. Perhaps they knew, perhaps they would bring her daughter home.

She listened as a tall, darkhaired man addressed the assembly, giving plans of action and orders. Sashas heart surged with hope as she realised they -were- going for her daughter.

She stifled a gasp and clenched her fists in an effort to keep calm as from the corner of her eye she saw, standing silently and slightly apart, Shayanan...

This was his fault, she had never approved of his union with Robi, he was too much like Telrunya, and would, she felt ultimately be her daughters downfall. She scoffed wryly to herself..her fears it seemed were all too true.

She walked towards the dark haired commander as he finished speaking. She looked up into his eyes and behind his facade she saw deep worry and concern in his eyes and knew it was for Robi.

Smiling her sad soft smile, she placed a gentle hand on his arm
He looked down at her and nodded with a shadow of a smile
"Im Robi's mother..." their eyes met and she read them as he nodded "Bring her home for me..for us.."

He placed his hand reassuringly over hers and smiled
" I intend to..." he said

Walking over to Shayanan, she raised her hand and slapped his hooded face.

"This is all your fault....why didn't you stay dead?"
If he felt her slap or heard or voice he gave no indication of it and remained impassively standing stock still.

Sasha felt she hated him with a passion but looking at him she thought he was possibly her daughters greatest hope for rescue.

Looking around the assembled Knights she dared to hope that Robi would be returned.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:05 pm

I finally awake, or regain consciousness, I’m not sure of the difference anymore. I’m thankful to be untied and allowed to walk around the room, although I am watched constantly by the two silent guards standing inside the room at either side of the door. I’m allowed water, and a little food, but my request for some ‘thistle is denied and I don’t push my luck further. All the time I expect the door to open and Fahrad to walk in and the questioning about the Syndicate to start again. But when I do finally get a visitor, it’s Helfdane and he informs me that soon it will be time to move out, I’m to be exchanged for Robi at Brill that night. Again I ask to be set free, promising to get Robi freed, surely Helf can see that this is the only way to avoid the bloodshed of his people? He just shakes his head and tells me he doesn’t trust me one little bit. I return to silence, one thing I’ve learnt in the past week is that silence gets me the least new bruises.

Soon it is time to move out and Helf apologies that he is going to have to knock me out for the journey to Chillwind Camp. I reply wearily that there is no need, I won’t run, I’m in no fit state to go far even if I tried. He looks at me for a moment then nods but reminds me matter-of-factly that he will break my legs should I try. As we climb the stairs out of the basement area I decide that of all the Alliance I have ‘had the pleasure’ to meet this past week, he is seemingly the most stable and reasonable; I mentally cross him off the list I’ve compiled in my head during my conscious moments the past few days.

When we arrive at Chillwind I am taken aback by the sheer number of Alliance waiting there for us. Warzor is assigned to guard me along with Helf and we head out across the Plaguelands and towards Tirisfal. We assemble at the edge of Brightwater Lake and I notice that two of the rogues are sent towards Brill, I assume to scout out the Thorn numbers and I hope that my brothers are in the shadows. The signal is given that Robi has been located and we move on towards Brill, Helf reminds me that if I run my legs will be broken and Warzor will take my soul. I nod slightly, too preoccupied in looking ahead and trying to see the Thorns. The two sides meet head-on in the graveyard and on seeing my Thorn brothers fighting I instinctively step forward to aid them. I'm struck by a blinding pain and fall to my knees as Warzor casts a curse on me; Helf places his heavy plated hand on my shoulder and I am made to remain on my knees. The battle is fierce and I see that the Mistress has called in a few favours as the Thorns are assisted by others. Suddenly the cry goes up, they have Robi and we are to retreat to safety. "Bring him" commands Ivery as he passes us and I am hauled to my feet and dragged away with the retreating Alliance. I feel a sense of despair that I am still captive and my outlook now that they have Robi is very poor indeed.

We regroup at the coast of Tirisfal and plans are made to get away. I try and spot Robi in the crowd, I want to see if Thorns treated her as well as the Alliance treated me, but I'm pushed back towards the shoreline as the shout goes up that the horde are regrouping and attacking again. Helf charges forward to fight as Warzor pushes me back and back, away from the fight, away from my brothers. Suddenly there is a loud crack and Warzor falls, dazed. "Run Deathmastah!" calls the unmistakable voice of my Thorn brother, Tooths, and seeing my chance I sprint and slip to the shadows. I run as fast as I can, the adrenaline and fear of being caught overriding the pain as I push myself on towards Brill.

I laugh with relief as I slip from the shadows at Brill Inn and Tooths welcomes me back. I thank him and he tells me to rest-up at the Inn as he slips back to the shadows to aid his brothers. Bet, the forsaken barmaid, greets me with her toothless smile and takes a tabard and comms from under the bar "Yer boss said you'd be back tonight young man, she left these for yer". I smile and thank Bet and as I pull on the Thorn tabard I feel a sense of relief that I'm once again in Thorn colours, one of the brotherhood. I slip on my comms and thank my brothers. The Thorns welcome me briefly then the talk returns quickly to the battle and I take my usual seat at the Inn and listen in as orders are issued and targets allocated.

The call goes over comms that the Alliance have retreated and Thorns are to return to Brill for a well earned drink. I greet my brothers as they return, thanking those not of the brotherhood who saw fit to aid the Thorns. The Mistress is one of the last to arrive and I salute her as she welcomes me back.

"It is good to have you back with us brother"

"Thank you ma'am, it is very good to be back and I thank my brothers and those that aided us"

"As well you should. Rest for a while, Deathmaster".

I smile back, "Thank you ma'am".

"And I want a full report to me within two hours".

"Yes ma'am" I reply, although I doubt that I'll be writing any report this night.
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Her arms ached and her head hurt as she slowly opened her eyes. Groggily looking around through half opened eyes, her vision blurred with the ash laden air, the stench of sulphur tainting the air and assaulting her senses.
She appeared to be alone yet still securely bound to the device in the middle of this gods forsaken infested hell hole.
As her eyes focussed and became accustomed to the red tinged light she became aware of movements in the shadows and her predicament was sharply brought back to the fore of her mind.
Two Sin'Dorei emerged from the shadows, one male one female but both liveried in the Vile Thorn colours. They regarded her coolly and silently. Robi felt a slight flush of relief at the lack of forsaken and more so at the non-appearance of the Silver-haired Sin'Dorei who last night had "questioned" her about Arli.
"Coffee, black no sugar..." Robi said dryly " breakfast at nine and oh..put the do not disturb sign on the door..."
The female looked at her blankly and the male regarded her as if he'd just scraped her off his boot.
Robi tried a brief humourless smile but the poisoned cuts on her face made it too painful.

Untied from the post then rebound at the wrists she was taken out through endless passages and caverns until at last the entrance, she could taste daylight, couldn't wait to feel the sun on her face.
It was almost disappointing to find the sun was almost set and the moon just starting to show her arc along the distant horizon.
The forced onto one of the mounts they rode swiftly and silently, again the landmarks just racing by in a blur as their undying, untiring mounts galloped ever onwards.
Finally they came to a shuddering halt by an old tomb in Brill, she was dropped from the horse where a forsaken shoved her roughly against the old stone door. Slightly dazed and shaken she sat, back against the door scanning the scene.
She was aghast by the numbers, not all Vile Thorn liveried, why? what was going on?
A semi circle of horde faces gathered around all peering at her, the sea of faces parting silently to reveal a lone forsaken walking towards her, a cold lipless grin set like a grimace on her face, those baleful yellow eyes advancing steadily, unblinking.

Robi froze, unable to do anything but fearfully watch the Thorn Mistress advance, involuntarily Robi found herself pressing her back against the door, almost cowering from this abomination.
She'd heard untold horrors of her treatment of captives, she bit her lip hard in order to stop herself shaking.

The crowd was addressed in Orcish, she understood little of it, occasionally managing to translate the odd word, but not into any form of coherent sentence.

"kill" "death" "Alliance" was about the gist of it. then "Arli"
They had to be talking about a hostage exchange....didn't they?
"on your guard girl" she told herself, "they'll be going to kill you first..."

Then mayhem seemed to erupt, blades flashed and cries went up, she thought she heard human voices...there was fighting..she saw several thorns slip into shadows.

In the confusion she unsteadily rose to her feet and tried to slip into the shadows, damn it she cursed she was too weak, she steadied herself for a moment willing her inner strength to aid her now.

"ROBI!" she heard her name, she turned and there he was, Ivery, his hand outstretched to her from the back of his horse. "Get on..."
She reached out her still bound wrists and as Ivery pulled she leapt, fuelled with adrenalin swung her leg across the mounts back as Ivery spurred his mount out and away.
"WE HAVE HER..RETREAT, REGROUP AT CHILLWIND..." he yelled as he galloped across the grassland to safety.

Ivery dismounted and turned, caught her round the waist and lowered her gently to her feet, holding her lightly until certain she could stand. She looked up and smiled weakly.
His eyes searched her, gritting his teeth as he studied the wounds on her face.
"Bastards,,," he hissed under his breath.
"HEALER, HERE NOW" he yelled

Within a few minutes she was being tended, she looked around at the camp through tears of relief and gratitude.
"Look..." a voice spoke and a finger pointed,
The horde forces replenished had regrouped and led an assault against their camp.
They all knew for every one they could see there was probably another in the shadows.
Then she was struck, a stunning blow from behind to her back, and mayhem reigned again.

She was aware of Ivery's strong arm around her and guiding her away, pushing her towards the flight master. She tried to protest but he shook his head, gave her a fleeting smile and that half wink of his and all but threw her onto the griffon's back.
"See you in Stormwind" he said as the creature took flight.

They gathered at the flight point, in dribs and drabs they landed, Hollye looked from Robi to Ivery.
"SI:7 HQ, now.." she said softly but with such authority it defied disobedience. "De-brief..."

Robi and Ivery exchanged a look and a grin.

"Think we're in deeper shit then we been all week..." laughed Robi as Hollyes stiff back walked away towards Old Town

Ivery turned and grinned back

"Aye lass reckon you're right..."

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:47 pm

The Mistress insists I am escorted to Silvermoon and sends Soulak and my Deathmaster brother Terashen with me. Teras doesn't speak until we are at the ruins of Lordaeron. "I hope you can make your way to Silvermoon now without getting captured by Alliance?" I turn to reply but he has already slipped to the shadows. Soulak walks with me to the Transponder then salutes and leaves for Brill.

Once in Silvermoon I head straight to get some medical attention for my broken ribs and the stab wounds I received courtesy of Ivery and Shay. Naimen arrives while I am there and fusses over me as my wounds are tended, telling me how worried and upset the family were, "yeah...right.." I think to myself. I leave after the major wounds are tended, keen to get back to the flat, to see Antel. I manage to get them to give me a few potions to help with the pain and they advise me to rest a few days, give my body time to heal and replace the blood lost through the wounds. I smile politely and nod, and manage to con a few more pain killing potions out of them. Naimen walks back with me to the Murder Row and with a final hug heads off back to Dawnrunner Spires to inform the family that I am safe.

The flat is empty and quiet. I sit on the end of the bed, I'm so tired I just want to curl up and sleep but I'm determined to stay awake until Antel returns home. My eyes dart to the small drawer I keep my poison supplies in, and my stash of Bloodthistle tucked at the back away from Antel's view. I know she disapproves on me smoking 'thistle, and definately not in the flat, but I reckon this might be the one time I can get away with it and it isn't long before I am sitting smoking 'thistle by the balcony windows. As I put the almost empty pouch back in the drawer I catch my reflection in one of the many mirrors around the flat. I turn my face slowly to the side, it is very bruised and cut and my left eye is blackened. I need a Thorn mask, I can't be seen like this. I find my old set of daggers, they will do until I can see Orthos and get my best ones back from him. I slip a few vials of poison onto my belt and swig another pain killing potion, that should see me through the trip to Westfalls and back.

I speak into my comms "Ma'am, I need a new Thorn mask, ok if I head to Westfalls?"

"Of course. Terashen will you escort him please" comes the swift reply from the Mistress.

"I don't need an escort ma'am, I can do this alone" I reply quickly.

"Terashen, you are free?" adds the Mistress.

"Meet me in Grom'Gol" comes the terse reply from Terashen.

When I arrive at Grom'Gol Teras is already waiting. I greet him and get the response "Follow my lead" as he heads out of the gates and up towards the road. We ride in silence most of the way, and when he dispatches an alliance who tries to get the jump on us, all I get is "Alliance seem to like you, Arli". At Moonbrook we slip to the shadows and start to kill. I soon manage to get a mask that is suitable.

"Arli has his mask now Mistress, I'm done with babysitting" he speaks over comms whilst staring at me. As he turns his mount to leave he looks at me, "Try not to get yourself killed on the way home". I nod slightly, any answer I give is only likely to blacken his mood further. With Teras gone I decide to head to the cottage that I was held in earlier that week. I tell myself that I'm there to look for Alliance but I know that in my current state I'd be hard pushed to win any fights with even a half decent opponent. The cottage is empty and and I feel uneasy being there, a feeling of fear, which I know is irrational. I leave and head along the coastline towards 'Cheys' island, the place I was held prior to the cottage. The island is peaceful and I feel safe here. I sit and watch the moon reflect on the sea and my thoughts drift back to a better time here. The Mistress' voice on comms brings me suddenly back to reality;

"Arli, where are you?"

" am just returning from Westfall ma'am"

"Meet me in Silvermoon immedately, at the building at the end of Murder Row".

"Yes ma'am, I'm on my way".

I reluctantly stand up and with a last glance at the reflections on the sea, I turn and head for Silvermoon.

On arrival at Silvermoon I head straight to Murder Row and await the arrival of the Mistress with some trepidation.


I turn quickly and salute "You wished to see me ma'am".

She stands in front of me for a moment before speaking, "Tell me what happened".

" was caught by suprise ma'am", I start.

"Don't lie to me", she interrupts, her voice cold and sharp, "the truth Arli".

"I..I'm not lying. I was at the tomb in Duskwood, paying my respects when Robinas arrived. I thought her friendly..I mean..she is Shay's girl and knows me".

The Thorn Mistress stares at me silently.

"There was a..another rogue with her, in the shadows, I didn't know. She was angry with me, thought Thorns had Shay and I was taken by surprise when the rogue attacked me, ma'am". There is, what seems to me, a long silence. "I'm sorry ma'am" I add as an afterthought.

"YOU ARE SORRY?" she replies angrily.

I feel the blood drain from my face and a sickly feeling inside. I don't recall the last time I heard the Mistress raise her voice in anger. I flinch as she reaches and pulls at my mask and then punches the Thorn symbol on my tabard.

"THIS mask and THAT symbol show you are a Thorn, YOU have brought shame to your Thorn brothers", she glares at me angrily. "You are a Deathmaster, you are SUPPOSED to be the best and lead by example".

I pull my mask up again, "I..I'm sorry..I..I made an error of judgment, I thought Robinas a friend".

There is a long pause before she replies, her voice once again cold and controlled, "Who else have you told of this? Told that you counted this human, Robinas, as a friend?"

"No-one ma'am, I swear, no one." I reply quickly.

"Then make sure it stays that way, things could turn very badly for you Deathmaster should it be thought you have friends in the Alliance".

"Yes ma'am..I..I will say I was ambushed".

The mistress nods slightly and again pauses before continuing. "Deathmaster, if you are captured again, you are not a Thorn. You fight as a Thorn and die as a Thorn, do you understand?"

I nod, I understand very clearly. If I get captured again I am better dying trying to get get free because the Thorns will not be at my side should I fail.

"Now go, and report for duty first thing in the morning".

"Thank you ma'am", I salute and leave quickly, keen to put distance between myself and the Thorn Mistress right now.

I head to the flat and still finding it empty I decide to wait at the Inn, better than sitting dwelling on my meeting with the Mistress. The Inn is quiet and I close my eyes and lean back on the chair. I'm so tired, I could just fall asleep here.

"Arli...are you ok?"

My heart skips a beat, Chey is here. I open my eyes and smile at seeing the worry on her face.

"I'm fine, bit battered and bruised", I subconsciously pull my mask a little higher, "but I'll live".

"I know I shouldn't be here but I just wanted to see if you were ok".

I smile and nod towards the seat next to me, "Come sit with me a while, I could do with some friendly company".

Chey returns the smile and sits to face me. I look at her, it's so good to see her again, I realise that I've missed her more than I should.

I look up as Sertian walks in, "Good to see you Deathmaster"; he salutes me and joins us at the table. Carnak arrives and we make small talk. I struggle to keep up with the conversation, something about cultists and Deathwing but I feel so weary, and the chances of talking to Chey alone are dashed. I stand up and make my excuses to leave, I decide I'll go back to the flat and wait for Antel.

The flat is still empty. I pour myself a large bourbon and think on meeting Ivery again soon, when the odds are a little more in my favour. I finish the glass and reach for the bottle to refill it. I shake my head, my aching body needs sleep, not more alcohol. I take the glass to the kitchen and swig another potion to help with the pain and aid my sleep. I hear the flat door open...and there is Antel. She laughs with relief and caresses my face in her hands, then we put our arms around each other and I hold her close. I'm so glad to be home.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:46 pm

Ivery lent back in his chair and rubbed his forehead. He had no idea what time it was any more, he guessed late. The room was illuminated by a small candle, the small flame trying its best to fight back the almost overwhelming darkness. Ivery shuffled forward again, picking up the quill and returning to his work. He was trying to finish a report into the weeks events, something for his SI:7 bosses and for Hollye of the Knights. What he had writen so far just summed up the events that preceded the battle to rescue Robinas, and he was now on the main event. He lent forward and continued writing.

“Arrived at Chillwind at around 20:00 hours, with around 20 troops and our prisoner. Arriving at the Bulwark at 20:15 hours we proceeded to the lake outside of Brill, Myself and Shay scouting the town.”

Shay...There was something he would have to deal with soon as well. When Shay finaly found out what he felt about Robi, and what she felt about him, well the thorns wouldn't be the only one gunning for him. He chuckled and grinned, and continued writing.

“Captive was held outside the town in the Graveyard, near a large crypt. Thorns were there in force, along with several other allied forces. We returned to the main force, rode north and attacked. Fighting was brief and enemy forces were overwhelmed. Target was extracted and I ordered forces back to Chillwind camp. Unfortunately, in the confusion our hostage managed to slip away. Expected but unfortunate.

Enemy casualties estimated: Heavy

Our casualties: Light.

Overall mission was a success. Target was rescued with minimal loss on our front. Troops performed exceptionally well.”

Ivery lent back again, putting the quill down and rubbing his eyes. Robi was sleeping in the next room and he had offered to stay up and make sure she could get a good nights sleep after all she had been through. It was more for his own good than hers, he couldn’t leave her alone again after what she had been through at the hands of the Thorns. He should have gone with her to see this mage, At least if he had been there he could have done something. Instead he had been off in SI:7, trying to get more info on the mage. He cast a look at the door to Robis room and smiled.

She was back now and that was all that mattered.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:04 pm

I brush the thin layer of moss off the two small headstones and feel a twinge of guilt that I've not been here in a few months now. It's a quiet place I go to when I need to be alone, but I haven't felt the need to seek solitude in a while - things had been going so well.

Opening a bottle of bourbon, I sit down and look across the sea as the sun slowly slips into the horizon. The bourbon is soon gone, but dammit I feel no better. I need ' stronger, maybe I can get my hands on some fel shards, just a few, just to get me though the next few days. I throw the empty bottle into the sea and reach to my bag for another.

The warm greetings from my brothers thinly veil the contempt that most of them feel for my capture last week; I let them down. The oath made them put themselves at risk to save me and although the official line is that I was ambushed, there are whispers around just how this could have happened to a Deathmaster. The injuries I received are accepted as a just punishment by most, although my Deathmaster brother Terashen openly voiced that my actions were those of an apprentice, The Mistress was angry with me but no punishment was given, just a warning on the consequences of it happening again. Although this wouldn't be the first time that I thought my actions dealt with only for the Mistress to serve me the real punishment a few days later. I'm thankful...and a little retain my rank. I was on a final warning after the Illisara incident earlier in this year but things have gone relatively well since, so maybe that has been taken into account, and maybe Antel has swayed her judgement.

I heard that Silvermoon was attacked last night by two alliance, there was mention that they were rogues and it crosses my mind as to whether it is related to the recent events. I want to seek vengeance but whenever I raise the subject the Mistress ignores my requests or just says "In time, Deathmaster". So I just have to let it go...let them win, with no permission to settle the score. I glance at the small headstones, another reminder of my failure and of a score still not settled.

I drain the last of the bottle and throw it into the sea. Darkness is slowly descending on Eversong and I should get back to the contracts I have assigned to me. I turn and take another bottle from my bag and allow my thoughts to darken as the woods darken around me.
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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:04 am

Robi stood by Iverys side as he debriefed the forces. He'd thanked them and commended them all to a man.
"Our target was achieved, and I commend you all on a job well done"
He smiled, Robi looked up at him and noticed his face was tired and drawn,she squeezed his arm lightly and smiled her gratitude.
In an emotionally charged voice she had then thanked everyone and apologised that her actions had brought them to this.
She saw Hollye nod slightly as she finished speaking.
Exhausted both physically and mentally she leaned against Ivery who made to guide her from the room.

"Not so fast" said Hollye as she looked between the two. "I want a report, Robi, from the beginning please"
Hollyes tone and stance brooked no argument and Robi merely nodded.

Robi related the chain of events that had led to tonight's attack, while Hollye stood impassively and listened in silence, occasionally raising a hand to silence the mutterings and murmurings from the assembled Knights.
Robi had known that the mention of Shayanan would raise some concerns and she wasn't wrong.
"We risked our lives for a Rose..." "Damn him I thought, -hoped- he was dead..." were some of the fragmented comments she'd heard.
She scanned the room for sight of Shay and smiled with relief as she saw him standing silently and impassively slightly behind Hollye.

"Why was I not informed of any of this?" asked Hollye "It is your duty as a Knight to..."
Ivery interrupted as he noticed Robi floundering.
"With all respect Ma'am.." he interjected " It was none of the Knights damned business"
Anger flashed momentarily in Hollyes eyes.
"A Knight in danger most certainly is my damned business...and to find it was all brought on his by an impulsive action over Shayanan, a member of The Dead Rose...and who we believed dead."
"He's my husband..." Robi answered "What was I to do.?"
She looked to Shayanan who still stood unmoving and through his mask she couldn't tell what he was thinking.
Hollye sighed and nodded slightly.
"But Robi..." Hollyes done was softer "Have you forgotten that it was that husband of yours who cut your throat in the cathedral crypt?"
Robi looked up sharply, not this again she thought.
"No Ma'am I haven't" she replied slightly annoyed "and have you forgotten, that it was "that husband of mine" who risked his life and betrayed his order to save "that husband of yours"?"
Hollye met Robi's gaze and as their eyes met a look of understanding passed between them, for a moment not Commander and Knight, but two women who both knew what it was like to lose someone they loved and what they would do to bring them back.
Hollye nodded.
She turned to Ivery.
"And your interest in the matter?" she asked sharply of him
"She needed help.." and he wouldn't be drawn further.
He looked down at her and gave her that wink, she couldn't help but smile up at him.
Hollye sighed and nodded.
"If -anything- like this happens again, you will report it AT ONCE, do you understand?" Hollye was authorative it wasn't really a question.
The both nodded, Ivery grinned while Robi looked at the floor."
"Yes ma'am" she replied "I take full blame for all of this.."
The gruff voice of Tiar reached her
" Not about blame Zaoldyeck its about responsibility, maybe you'll learn the difference one day" he lit a cigarette and Robi coughed. "But glad you're back"
Hollye nodded and after berating Ivery a while longer about his duty while wearing the tabard of the knights and of upholding the oath he took when he joined them, turned to leave.
Hollye paused as she saw Shay. She looked at him coolly.
"She went through a lot to get you back" she told him as she walked out of the building.
Shay nodded and simply stated "I know" in an impassive tone.

Robi looked at Shay, he turned his head slightly and looked between her and Ivery but said nothing.
Robi's heart sank as she looked at Shay she willed him in her head, take off the hood...tell me...tell me I haven't done this for me...
But Shay did not move.

She sighed and left the building.

"Come on Robi.." said Ivery "lets get you some rest you look all in"

He walked her to an SI:7 safe house and showed her the bedroom. She turned to face him and smiled weakly.

"Thanks Ivery...for..for.." she broke off as tears flowed. She was exhausted, her head a mess of emotion.
"Hey Hey...none of that now" Ivery said and wrapped his arms around her "I'd do it all again in a heartbeat"
She looked up and he wiped her tears with a gloved hand.
Then she was in his arms, their lips meeting as he pulled her to him.
Still holding her he guided her into the room, withdrew from her and told her to sleep.
"I'll stay here let you rest..I have work to do" he said as he stepped back and closed the door softly behind him. "We'll talk later..."

She sank gratefully onto the bed, her thoughts still a jumble of confusion, Shay...Ivery...Arli...
Shay,her husband, where was he? what was he thinking in all this...
Arli...she hoped the elf had made it out and home...she knew she'd made an enemy.
Ivery....a small smiled formed and still tasting his kiss on her lips fell into what she hoped would be a dreamless sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:01 am

((Since my char wasn't really involved in the events, I won't be writing anything IC. I do, however, want to congratulate all people involved. Robi, Arli, Ish(Ivery), Shay, the Thorns and the Knights and everyone else that showed up for the battle. It was amazing to see such a story develop in a good-old fight between rivals!

And another thing. This story and event, and any other like it, is a testimony of the initiative's of this forum worth. It makes contact between Allies and Hordes so much easier and it gives all RPers a chance to get to meet their cross-faction counterparts.

So, cheers to everyone involved and cheers to the lads and lasses who made this forum and then decided to invite the Alliance as well

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PostSubject: Re: Thorn Captive   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:11 am

(( Thanks Alfos, Im sure I speak for all of us, Arli, Ivery (he'll never be Ish to me...))Shay when I say we really enjoyed doing the whole thread, none of it contrived its all as it happened in game. and the amazing attitude of both horde and alliance pre battle, no one ganked Arli as he sat unarmed and surrounded by allies, no horde ganked me in the same situation. Apart from Thorns flagging themselves for pvp by giving me a hit..which I thought was a really good touch.
Im sure we havent seen the last of Arli and Ivery.
Also unsung hero of the RP was Orthos, he worked tirelessly to bring it together for the battle.and what a wicked character..I loved him ))
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Thorn Captive
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