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Welcome, Horde and Alliance alike, to the Venture Co. Forums! Please please please invite all of your guild mates and any other RPer's you find, even new blood that have just joined WoW.

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 Attention all Alliance players/guilds!

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PostSubject: Attention all Alliance players/guilds!   Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:44 am

Hello there Smile

If you're in an alliance RP guild please let everyone in your guild know about this site, and ask them to join this forum.

I very much want to get in contact with all the different alliance RP guild-leaders for several reasons. I want to get better
insight in our RP-population, and get to know your guilds better so that we can work together with the more practical
things that is needed to awaken the RP fun on the alliance side.

So everyone, (even if it's just a guild you know about and you're not a member) please list the RP guilds you know about,
and if you also happen to know their leaders name it would be great.
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Attention all Alliance players/guilds!
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