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 Guarding Aconitus

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PostSubject: Guarding Aconitus   Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:14 pm

(( Forgot to add, this is all stuff that is going on in-game ))

The Mistress’ voice speaks unexpectedly over the comms and instructs me to come to the Sepulcher where she is resting after discharging herself from the care of the Undercity. She hasn’t been on comms a great deal the past few days, but I am guessing she listens-in even if she is unwilling to speak at the moment.

“Yes ma’am” I reply immediately and head back down the zeppelin tower; I have a meeting set in Westfall in an hour or so and planned to get there early and scout the area to check for any unwelcome visitors my contact may have brought with her. I mount up and push my steed forward and on through Silverpine as fast as it will go.

When I arrive at the Sepulcher the Mistress is speaking with Deadex, I salute and then walk down through the graveyard and wait for them to finish. The meeting must have went well as shortly after I hear Deadex’s voice over the comms, he has rejoined the Thorns although I feel uneasy that I now out-rank my former Master. I walk back over quickly, keen to get the meeting over so that I can head to Westfall.

“You wished to see me ma’am?”

“I have a task for you Deathmaster”, replies the Thorn Mistress, coughing as she finishes. “I need you to find Aconitus and escort him to a safe place, it is thought he may head to Brill”.

“Now ma’am?”

“Yes Deathmaster, now”.

“I can assign a Thorn to this, no problem”, I reply and go to salute.

“No, you are to deal with this personally”

“ had plans for this evening”

The Mistress just looks at me.

“But”, I continue quickly, “I am sure they can wait”.

“Yes they can”, she replies evenly, “Take him to Ashenvale, and take Deadex to accompany you on the journey”.

I nod and salute and gesture for Deadex to come with me.

“We ride to Brill and see if we can find him”, I say to Deadex as we mount up. “He isn’t to be harmed and is to be shown the respect that a former Thorn Master deserves”.

“Yes siiirr”, replies Deadex.

“Deadex….call me Arli, not sir”.

“Yes siirrr, Arli siiir”, replies Deadex, looking straight ahead.

I sigh and kicking my heels into my steed we head out of the Sepulcher at speed and on towards Brill. I just hope that my contact waits for me and keeps the deal of coming alone; because it looks very likely I’m going to be late let alone have time to scout the area first.

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PostSubject: Re: Guarding Aconitus   Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:21 pm

The night breeze swept in across the lake and brought with it the distant sounds of war, a sound that this world had become to accustom too over the years, Yet Aconitus didn’t mind the burden of war at all, as his whole life and unlife had been built up around it.

“When...are you going to...draw that...blade of yours” Aconitus muttered as he knelt by the lake washing his face.

“You have..been...teasing the handle for the last five minutes.....Aneth” Aconitus stood up and turned to face Anethrax

“Sharp as always I see Aconitus” Anethrax stepped closer to Aconitus with her hands just over the tips of the handles
“But im not here to end your life dear Aconitus” Anethrax said as she started to circle Aconitus “Although with you killing those Orcs, It will only be a matter of time before they send someone looking for you”

A dark smile crossed Aconitus’s face which was closely followed by a slight laugh

“Then can I help you?”

“You will get yourself captured by one of my Thorns and then over the next few weeks you are to train him” Anethrax’s words tempted Aconitus, her eyes staring into Aconitus

“ interesting, May I ask who... and...why?” Aconitus stared back at Anethrax, his hands searching for something behind his back

“Because he has something that most don’t see hidden within him” Anethrax said as she kept eye contact with Aconitus “Plus there isn’t many of us left who were trained by you, I’m sure any training from myself will only ofcourse be second rate to yours” a slight smile broke Anethrax’s stare

It took a moment for Aconitus to think about this offer, a chance to redeem himself with the Thorns was at hand and a chance to carry on his legacy
“So...who is this...person I am to train” Aconitus looked into Anethrax’s eyes as he pulled a small blade from a hidden location on his back “Oh...him” he sighed “I never did see what you saw in....him, He is just a waste and......bone” Aconitus lifted the dagger up and looked back at Anethrax as she examined him, seemingly trying to analyze his next move with the blade, Aconitus’s next move with the blade was to his teeth as he started to pick at them with what seemed like a slight smile on his face as he did so

“You don’t have to understand me Aconitus you are just to trust me with this, Trust me like you did on that day” Anethrax said in a hushed tone as she looked at Aconitus, a moment passed between the two forsaken figures on the muddy lake side

“I...will ofcourse train...him my dear Aneth, but in return I will be left peace after” a sense of duty filled his voice as he looked at Anethrax, hoping that his true and final mission would not be revealed to her

“Very well Aconitus, This will be the last thing I ask of you” She wanted to say so much more to Aconitus on a more personal level but the moment didn’t feel right and she started to walk back up the hill towards the Sepulcher “Aconitus make sure he finds you outside of Brill tonight”

He was left alone by the lake and as he started to walk towards the town of Brill he took a moment to think about his final mission and how it would affect everything
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PostSubject: Re: Guarding Aconitus   Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:11 pm

We slow as we reach Tirisfal and on my word, Deadex and I slip to the shadows. Thankfully, it doesn't take us long to find Aconitus and with Deadex remaining in the shadows in case Aconitus causes us trouble, I slip from the shadows and call him.

"Aconitus, sir"

He turns and looks at me, "Yes?".

"You remember me sir?", I smile warmly as he looks at me, his face expressionless.

"Yes, I do" he finally replies.

"Good to see you again sir", I smile again, a little unsure that my attempt at friendliness may actually be making him annoyed rather than at ease. "I need you to come with me, sir, to some place safe".

"Why...should I?" he replies

"Its for your own safety sir." There is a long pause and I feel that I'm losing this and as I am conscious of time passing and my need to get to Westfall, I signal to Deadex to step from the shadows. "You remember Deadex don't you sir? Surely you trust him?", I smile again, a little less convincingly.

Deadex steps forward and salutes Acontus.

"Yes...I remember you...Deadex", he replies then looks back at me, "and why would I trust two Thorns?"

"You are a former Thorn Master, sir, you know the oath still forbids us to cause you harm", except in self-defense I think to myself. "We just want to take you to a place of safety for a while".

Thankfully with little more discussion he agrees and we walk towards the Zeppelin tower and on to Durotar. I am relieved I didn't have to resort to force, Ive heard many tales of him and of his fighting prowness and even with the two of us I doubt it would have been an easy task to overwhelm him. We reach Durotar and mount up, heading across country towards the Barrens and Ashenvale.

"We are being followed, siirr", speaks Deadex in a low voice to me.

"Lose them, brother", I reply as Deadex slips to the shadows and falls behind.

Aconitus and I walk in silence for a short while before he starts to question me of who I work for.

"I work for the Mistress, sir, and the Dark Lady, more so than the horde itself, sir".

He keeps walking and looking straight ahead, "What was......your oath Deathmaster".

"I pledged my blades to the Thorns and the Mistress", I reply confidently.

"To....the Thorns...remember that above..all..else", he replies, glancing at me to gauge my reaction.

I nod slighty, a little confused at his reply as I have always seen my loyalty as being to the Mistress above all others. We walk in silence again and I glance around to see if Deadex is following us but see nothing. As we reach the border of Ashenvale he starts to question me of my time before I joined the Thorns.

"I was in a gang, sir"

"And....what does the Thorns...give you that they did not", he asks

I hesitate before replying, "Discipline and control, sir, although I know that unfortnuately I need to improve in both areas."

He sharply interrupts me, "Don't say....sorry or I'll punch you... in the face, only children say....sorry, a man never....apologises."

I almost reply 'sorry sir' but decide it wise not to test his sense of humour,

"Yes sir, I'll bear that in mind". I make a mental note to use 'sorry' less, despite it being my standard approach to getting out of trouble.

“I’ve never....liked you, Arli”, speaks Aconitus without looking at me, “the Thorns is no place for a self-absorbed elf””

I’d always thought he disliked me, well, many Thorns do, particularly the forsaken who think me too arrogant and lacking in the obedience required to be a Thorn. I don’t care whether they like me or not, but I do demand that the Thorns below me show the respect granted to me by my rank. However Aconitus was the original Thorn Master and right now, so it is I who has to show the respect.

“It may seem that way, sir, but every action I take is for the Thorns…er…although sometimes the actions may seem misguided.”

“…will you change….that?” he replies

I laugh lightly, “I know all of the theory sir, putting it into practice is another matter”.

He stops and turns to look at me, the expression on his face making it all too clear that this is not a laughing matter. I straighten up and try to look serious.

“…I need to allow myself time to think of the consequences of an action before I act.”

Aconitus hesistates then nods slightly, “Good."

We walk again in silence. Deadex returns having delayed the one followingus and we soon reach the Splintertree Outpost, where Aconitus is to be left, at the back of the cave system. As I leave he requests that I return the following day and although a little puzzled at this, I am too eager to get to my meeting in Westfall so I agree then salute and leave. I thank Deadex for his aid and dismiss him from duty as I head to the Gryphon Master and on to Westfall.
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PostSubject: Re: Guarding Aconitus   Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:20 pm

“Please say this is a false cover” Arli said with a slightly mocking tone in his voice as he handed the old tattered book to Aconitus

“ is” taking the book from Arli’s grip, Aconitus starts to quickly flick through its pages

Arli carries on speaking for awhile at Aconitus as he starts to decode the book which was once his journal. Then a sudden chill fills the air of the cave, a chill that the forsaken know more than most, Aconitus looks up to see a Deathknight standing in the entrance of the cave.
The Deathknight wore the tabard of the Sorrow guard a group of fanatics who follow Antels orders, Antel who in the past tried to Kill Aconitus and seems to be quite committed to trying again.

“Antel...” Aconitus whispered to himself as Arli moved between Aconitus and the Deathknight.

The Deathknights name was Alusair she told Arli that he was needed in Silvermoon city and that he should leave right away to, she smiled and spoke well of Aconitus yet her eyes spoke of something else, of duty and of suffering. Aconitus hoped that Arli would pick up on the lies she spoke or perhaps Arli and Antel were in on it together?
Aconitus had seen the Deathknights type of armour before and knew where to strike and how hard, But then Arli surprised Aconitus by calling the Deathknights bluff and asking the Deathknight to leave.
Perhaps Arli was as dedicated to the Thorns as he had made out the previous few days, The Deathknight left the cave and Arli turned to Aconitus with a slightly confused look on his face

“Sir, I suggest we move you somewhere else” It became clear that Arli was also fully aware of his lover’s plans to remove Acontius from this world.
The pair travelled discreetly to Tirisfal glades where they were met by Deadex and Tenkler, Tenkler was a young Sin’dorei who joined the group in their mission to escort Aconitus to the new location to the east.

Once they got to their final location Aconitus had time to send Arli on his next mission, hopefully this time they wouldn’t be disturbed.
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PostSubject: Re: Guarding Aconitus   Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:51 pm

I wait impatiently at the docks in Ratchett for the boat to Booty Bay. I'm going to be late meeting Fugi and I've an important task for her that I need sorting straight away; Aconitus has tasked me with retieving some documents and I am keen to show my resourcefulness in this task. I awoke this morning in Booty Bay, Antel and I stayed the night there after her finding me in Westfall with an Alliance contact. I can only guess she was searching Westfall thinking I was there with Chey since I had been gone most of the day and was off comms. Of course this wasn't spoken aloud but I could see no other reason for her to be 'passing by' that remote cottage. Antel seemed to accept my reasons for being with an Alliance but I decided that a night in Booty Bay might distract her from asking why my Alliance contacts are always female. This morning, Antel decided she wanted to spend some time in the area studying so I was volunteered to go feed that bloody cat back at home before I reported in to the Mistress in Silverpine. Now after dealing with my tasks from the Mistress, here I am, late.

I finally make it to the Inn and I am relieved to see that Fugi is still waiting for me at her usual table that over-looks the bar. I pull down my mask and smile as I greet her with a hug; I like to show her that she is more important to me than someone who just works for me. I pay her a regular sum of gold each month as well as gold for each job she does for me; she is a reliable Alliance contact and I trust her, so it is gold well spent. We sit at the table in the almost empty Inn.

"More letters to deliver, Serrar?" she asks in her soft voice with just a hint of a smile on her face.

"Yeah just the one, for the Human girl again but I don't need you to wait for her reply", I smile as I push the letter across the table along with a small pouch of gold.

Fugi picks up the letter and her payment, "Very well Serrar, I will deliver this straight away", she replies as she stands.

"Wait, there is something else I need doing", I smile as she sits back down. "I need something from Ironforge, the library. I've been asked to acquire the records they have of missing books. Can you go and get them for me?"

Fugi pauses before she replies, "I am but a messenger, Serrar, I am not a thief".

I smile and reach across the table, taking both of her hands in mine and looking into her eyes, sure that this show of intimacy will easily sway her. "I really need them, Fugi, it's really important that I don't fail in the eyes of the one that wants them. I'll pay you twice, no three times, the usual amount. Please Fugi?"

I feel her go to draw her hands away and her face momentarily hardens but then she relaxes and smiles slightly.

"Serrar, what you ask of me is a dangerous task. I won't blend in easily in Ironforge amongst the dwarves."

" about I pay five times the usual amount and you get them by the morning? I am sure a girl of your skills can break in overnight and retrieve them?", I wink and smile warmly.

"As you wish, Serrar", Fugi pulls her hands from mine and nods slightly.

"You're the best Fugi", I smile and lean back in my chair.

"Of course, Serrar", she smiles slightly as she stands and bows to me before slipping from the Inn.

I signal the bartender to bring me a bourbon, time for a quick drink before I head back to Silverpine and report on the Thorns to the Mistress, and then home to Silvermoon.
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PostSubject: Re: Guarding Aconitus   Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:15 pm

((nice writer Arli. Good storyline and especially liked the Thorn Captive series ))
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PostSubject: Re: Guarding Aconitus   Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:27 pm

Is sit at the Murder Row Inn and start my third bourbon, the blackness of my mood evidently showing as most avoid meeting my eye. I'd met with Maximus earlier that evening and we discussed a contract he wanted me to take on, a deal was negotiated and the terms agreed. However, it was what else he told me at the meeting that angered me, the Mistress had signed an alliance with the Marauders and I was angry...damn it I was angry. I heard this from a Marauder before the Mistress thought fit to tell of her most trusted. To sign an alliance with the warband that tried to destroy us, banned us from visiting their base and whose members generally did what they could to cause trouble for Thorns in Silvermoon. I swear loudly and throw the bottle at the wall.

"You..Sunblade...out", shouts Vinemaster Suntouched. I glare at him angrily. "Out, or it's a ban", he states matter-of-factly as he turns back to the now nervous-looking customer.

I stand up and storm out of the Inn and up Murder Row, thoughts of slitting that bastard Suntouched's throat if he dares raise his voice to me again. I find a quiet corner in which to sit in the Court of the Sun and slip to the shadows, my anger subsiding as I recall the words of Aconitus regarding thinking of consequences before I act. Do I really want a lifetime ban from the Inn and most likely half the Blood Knights after me when I visit Silvermoon? My thoughts turn to the conversation I had over comms with the Mistress after meeting Max; how I questioned her decision regarding the Marauders and had got close to calling her insane and unfit to lead us. Thankfully I didn't actually say those words over the comms, I know them to be untrue but I was just so angry at being told of this new alliance by an outsider and angry at the alliance itself; no way will I work alongside them. However, the red-haze of anger has cleared and a feeling of unease settles in to replace it; I really should not speak to the Mistress in such a manner.

"Ma'am, is there anything I should be doing?" I ask politely over comms, keen to redeem myself.

"How is Aconitus, Deathmaster?" comes the reply from the Mistress.

"I am just on my way to visit him now", I lie, "any message I need to pass on?"

"Send him my regards" is the only reply I get as I stand and sprint up the ramp and on to the Undercity flight master.


Aconitus is outside when I arrive and watches me as I walk across to him.

"Good evening sir", I salute, "I've acquired those records you asked for from Ironforge".

"Arli", he nods in return and takes the papers from me and immediately starts to look through them. "Any problems here sir?", he shakes his head and keeps reading. "Good...good....need me to bring anything? Oh and the Mistress sends her regards". He nods again, not looking up from the report. "Oh and I took your advice, I got the SI:7 Thorn Report and amended it, my contact returned it afterwards."

Aconitus stops reading and looks at me. "Do, Arli?"

"Yes sir", I grin and look to the waters-edge. A bit of night-time fishing while he reads those papers would be great.

"Good....follow me".

We walk to the water's edge and Aconitus points to a small pool of fish a short distance from the shoreline.

"Wade into....the water with your.....bare hands".

I hesitate for a moment and then resign myself to following his orders as I wade into the cold still waters until they lap around my chest.

"Stay very...still...and quiet" he glances up from the papers as he speaks.

"y..yes sir", I shiver in the cold waters alone, not a fish to be seen.

It seems like hours pass as I concentrate on controlling my breathing, not shivering and above all, staying quiet. I fail on the first few attempts at catching the fish, I move to early and the fish dart away. Eventually I manage to catch one and hold it up in the air triumphantly. I throw the fish back as I am allowed to leave the water and we head indoors to the fire for me to dry off a little.

"What did you...learn...this night?" Aconitus asks me as I stand close to the fire and start to warm up a little.

"Not to visit you on cold, dark nights sir.....and to be patient", I reply.


I pause as I consider what else I learned. "Sometimes sir, I need to stay quiet and be patient....bide my time and strike when the time is right".

"Good", he nods

"I wasn't patient this evening", I confess, "I questioned the Mistress' decisions without waiting to hear why they were made".

His reply is fast and his voice sharp "Do not..ever..question the decisions or orders ...of the Mistress... do.. you... understand!"

"Yes..yes sir, I understand".

"You had...better" he replies, "Now I have another...task..for you. A man Scholomance I need...."The Final Shadow". You it....for me".

"Yes sir, as you command", I reply, "If there is nothing else then I will get back to other Thorn business and report back to the Mistress".

"Nothing..else...shadows protect"

"Shadows protect, sir", and with that I salute and leave, back to Undercity to report to the Mistress on the welfare of our guest.
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PostSubject: Re: Guarding Aconitus   Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:08 pm

“Arli, can’t you sleep?” ask Antel sleepily.

I turn over, again, and face her. “Sorry… I woke you huh?”. She nods and smiles at me. “One of those nights”, I reply, returning her smile. “I’ll get up for a while, get a drink and some night air”, I lean across and kiss her gently on her cheek as I sit up and get out of bed.

Pulling on a shirt, and wary of where the cat and ghoul might be, I grab a bottle of bourbon and slip through the curtains and out onto the balcony. Flipping open the bourbon I take a swig and then sit on the floor, leaning against the railing and look up across Murder Row. Silvermoon is quiet and still, I look up into the starry sky and shiver slightly in the cool night air.

Earlier this night I went to check on Aconitus, and take the book that I’d ‘retrieved’ from Gandling in Scholomance. I smile to myself at the way Squadron and I worked together to make our way to where Gandling could be found; I’m pleased Squad is now a Deathmaster and we talked a while on how he was settling in to his new role. I’m pleased of another close brother that I can trust completely.

Then the visit, alone, to Aconitus, he seemed satisfied I got him the book, no ‘thanks’ of course, he gave me an order and I completed it; job done. But we did talk a while and it was the subject of the conversation that leaves me unable to sleep.

I’ve had links to the Alliance for a long time, Fugi is my main contact but there have been others like Shay and Blayne and those I’ve got more ‘personally’ involved with like Isabelle and now it seems….Robi. Aconitus says I should never trust Alliance, he pointed out how far did I really think that they would go to betray their own people? He said I need to find horde contacts that I trust and use them to deal with my Alliance contacts; I must distance myself as a Thorn from the Alliance. I don’t want to. I really don’t want to do this…I don’t want to not be able to meet and laugh with Robi again, not now it seems that she might like me as I like her.

Again we talked of me questioning the orders of the Mistress and he finally got me to admit to him that I question some of her orders because..well…I think I know better than she does. He reminds me, again, that the Mistress will always do what is best for the Thorns. He asked me how she was and went back to her being returned to us at the Day of the Dead last year. He asked how that happened and I explained about how the Mistress used one of her horde contacts; I noticed Aconitus referred to the contact as ‘she’ although I didn’t mention that it was a female sin’dorei that tricked the paladin into resurrecting the Mistress. Aconitus spoke of the Mistress and how she became what she is today. He says that the Mistress was once like me, from a gang and lacking discipline, and I laugh. He looks at me coldly and I quickly stop. Her training was harsh, much worse than anything I experienced as a Thorn; the scourge shows no compassion for those that make mistakes. I know Aconitus trained her personally and made her what she is now, so I value the advice he gives me and feel honoured that he thinks enough of me to advise me on what I need to do, what I need to become.

Robi….what do I do about Robi…

He used the Mistress’ resurrection as an example of how I must be prepared for the worst and how it was important to have horde contacts that I trust. I take another swig of bourbon, there are few outside of the Thorns that I trust. There are a few I keep in touch with from my days in the gang “Blades” and of those, Cearah is the one I would trust most….apart from asking her to put runes on my arm, I laugh lightly and rub my now clear forearm. I’ll talk to Cearah to take over my meetings with Fugi; I know she remains freelance with allegiances to no particular warband and I trust her most of all my non-Thorn contacts. I know Fugi will be upset at not meeting with me but…Aconitus is right, it’s wrong for a Thorn to be seen with an Alliance unless he has a blade at their throat.

Robi….what do I do about Robi…

I tell Aconitus of how Robi got me the Thorn report and how I can trust her. I tell him of how I amended it, a bit of misinformation added here and there, a few names changed. He nods as I speak and asks to see the report, to assess my work. I agree quickly, I’m keen to impress him and show him my worth to the Thorns. I assure him that I will bring it when I next visit although I will need to return it the same night.

Finally he gives me my orders for what he needs me to acquire for when I next return to him. I am to obtain a vial of blood from Nadox, a nerubian of some status in Ahn’kahet, Old Kingdom. I assure him it will be no problem and hope that Squad or his brothers will aid me.

I look across Murder Row again and take another swig of bourbon.

Robi…what do I do about Ro-

My thoughts are broken as Antel appears, wrapped in her robe, and sits next to me and looks at me with concern on her face.

“You’ve been out here a while, is everything alright?”

I put my arm around her and she leans her head on my shoulder. “I met with Aconitus, he gave me a few things to think about, that’s all”. I turn and kiss the top of her head.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No…it’s just Thorn stuff, nothing to worry about”, I smile slightly. “I think I know what I need to do…it will be fine. C’mon, let’s get some sleep, I’ve to head to Northrend tomorrow and will need my wits about me”. We stand up and I take her hands. “Don’t worry, I’m learning”. She smiles at me looking slightly puzzled then shakes her head slightly and we head back to bed…..damn that bloody cat is curled up on my pillow again….
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Guarding Aconitus
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