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 The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]   Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:18 am

(( finally finished this as I wanted it, I had hurriedly just jotted down the gist before I forgot it all, so here we are a slightly edited version))

Robi stirred drowsily and for a moment wondered where she was. Through half open eyes she saw the glowing red embers of a dying fire and recognised the the old Stillwell cottage in Westfall.
"Arli!" she thought and her eyes shot open.
A warm feeling of relief washed through her as she realised it was over, she wasn't here guarding Arli, it was over, she was safe. Had it only been two days ago? The events of the last week already seemed to be fading into memory. The impulsive capture of a Vile Thorn to barter for Shayanan's release. Shayanan..her husband, the man she'd almost caused a war to free...

She rolled onto her side and laid her arm across the man sleeping next to her on the rug and nestled into his side, inhaling their mingled scents she closed her eyes. He stirred, his arm tightened around her and he leaned to kiss her forehead.
His green eyes met hers and they exchanged a warm intimate smile.
"Sleep well?" Ivery said softly
She nodded still smiling. " I did..."
Their lips met, his arms tightened around her and she pulled him to her...

Back in Stormwind later that day, Ivery had gone back to SI:7 to finalise the reports while she ran some long overdue errands.

" Are you Robinas?" a female voice said
She turned to see a Kal'Dorei standing looking at her searchingly.
"Who wants to know?" she replied
The elf shrugged non-committally
"I'm the messenger..I have a letter for Robinas"
Robi gestured with her hand impatiently
"Gimme it then"
The elf handed her a carefully folded note which she took, she looked at it curiously.
"Who sent it..." she looked up but the elf had gone.

Finding a secluded corner she leant against the wall and unfolded the note.


You have caused me trouble in the Thorns and I seek recompense, I won't harm you physically but I will cause you pain. I will have something taken from you and the pain of their loss you'll have forever.

I want compensation Robi. Think on how you can repay me.

I'll be in touch.

Arli Sunblade.

"Shit..." she cursed under her breath.

Ivery grinned when she showed him the note. "You'd think the little bugger would know when to give up"
"It's not funny Ivery, he means you..."
"Aye lass I know"
Ivery nodded and winked at her.
"I can take care of myself don't worry" he replied. "Might be useful to find out what he's after though, can you get a message to him?"
Robi nodded "I think so"

However before she had the chance another message arrived, delivered by the same Nightelf.

How are you?

I hope you slept well,
Have you thought yet on what you can offer me, the stakes have risen, I have more than just the Mistress to impress now.

We meet, the island off Westfall, I will be alone and you had better be too, you are safe enough after all its not you I'm after.

I will be in touch with a time and date when ready

Arli Sunblade.

She'd found the young Sin'Dorei girl again in Dalaran and passed a note for Arli to her. Robi laughed not unkindly at the young elf's trepidation as Robi grabbed her tabard from the shadows.

"Give that to Sunblade." The girl looked at her curiously and opened her mouth to speak, "NOW! go on Belf..scram..."

She'd asked in her note, what he wanted and did he think her totally stupid to trust him to be alone, he was a thorn, they hunted in packs...she said that she would come alone with assurances from him and added that shouldnt they just be thankful they both got out alive and call it quits.

She'd laughed as she wrote that she knew Arli wouldn't go for it.

"You're not going alone" said Ivery as she told him the content of Arli's note. She opened her mouth to speak. "Not an option Robi" he held his palm to her cheek and looked at her and although he was smiling she could see in his eyes he wouldn't be swayed.
She smiled back and nodded.

She heard nothing for a few days and began to hope that Arli's messages had just been a fit of pique on his part and that he'd thought better of seeking revenge.
She saw the nightelf walk towards her and she sighed.


You disappoint me, do you not think I have contacts in Stormwind.
Ivery will be hiding in the shadows.
Perhaps I should forget about deals and just send my Thorns after him, don't worry I'll make sure you get him back, well the parts they don't eat that is.

Let me know your decision, will it be alone or do I just set a day for my Thorns?

Arli Sunblade.

She bit her lip as she read the note, she was sure Arli was set on this course of action and wasn't going to forget.
She went to Dalaran and again found the young Sin'Dorei.

"Oi you..." she snapped angrily grabbing the girl by the hair and hauling her into the sewers.
The girl struggled and lashed out but Robi twisted her hair tightly and dragged her head down.
"Give this to Sunblade...tell him if he goes back on this he'll be go..."
Robi in her stressful anger shoved the girl harshly making her cannon off the wall.

Her note had said simply

"I'll be alone"


p.s I have only one word to say if you break this agreement.

She didnt wait long for a response, almost before she was back in the city the nightelf was waiting.

"I take it youre not one of the humans he's sleeping with, he seemed angry" she said
Robi raised an eyebrow.
"In his dreams"
She took the note.


Seems the stakes just got higher,
Westfall Island tonight at 20:00

As agreed alone.

Arli Sunblade.

Ivery was still away on some reccie mission for SI:7. She hastily wrote a note and left it in the safe house.


Gone to meet Arli in Westfall, dont be angry but I said I would be alone and I will be
Don't worry.


She was sure that her heart could be heard in the silence of the island as she sat in the shadows on the smaller bare island.
She scanned the horizon all around watching for Arli or any signs of Vile Thorn, she saw none.

She crept around the main island still no sign, she dropped the shadows and looked around sighing.
She heard a laugh from somewhere to her right and she spun round to see Arli emerging from the shadows.

"You're alone?" he said,
She nodded
"What do you want from me?" she asked shortly "You've plenty of money I imagine"

He laughed coldly
"Money....? you underestimate me Robi, theres more at stake than money, you have made me look weak I have to redeem myself in Thorn eyes, and you Robi will help me"
"What can I do?" she looked genuinely suprised.
"Information..." he stated simply "A small price don't you think? I'll make sure Ivery isnt killed in return"
" Ivery....?" she tried to laugh "Im Shays wife.."
Arli raised an eyebrow and smiled knowingly
"Robi..even I could see it, the way he looked at you and you at'll do what it takes to save him"
In response Robi merely nodded

Yes she thought eyeing Arli whatever it takes.
She smiled at him and flicked a loose strand of hair from her face.
"What sort of information?" she asked knowing she could probably fill him with some sort of rubbish, he'd probably only want whereabouts of a few orders.
She struggled to remain impassive as he said
"I want the SI:7 file on The Vile Thorn"

"I can't get you I dont know where it is...and two even if I did I'd never get to it."
"Maybe so..but the boyfriend can...." was his smug reply.
"I can't..really Arli I can't" she tried to laugh lightly and wished she hadn't insisted on coming alone she sure could use Iverys boot in Arlis smug face.
"You'll find a way" he smirked.

She sighed inwardly and nodded. "I'll try..."
Arli smiled.

Another earthquake shook the island as she thought about what to do and she was catapulted forward. Arli with lightening reflexes lunged forward and caught her instinctively. She clung to him lightly until the tremor passed. An awkward moment passed as they stood in each others arms.
She slipped from his arms and noticed with some satisfaction he'd blushed a little.
She smiled and thanked him warmly and made some idle small talk about the earthquakes and asked how he was.
He answered and smiled back, she felt his hostility fade a little.
"I'll go I'll see what I can do...I'll be in touch" she said, her hand touched his arm.

He nodded,
"this will be payback in full" he said " no more after this I'll see Ivery is left alone"
"Stay safe Arli" she said, surprisingly she found she meant it.
"Shadows protect Robi" he replied before they both slipped into shadow.

"Gullible..." she thought as she rode back. "A sucker for female charms..."
She smiled to herself, it had been a long long time since she done any "Valentine" operations but perhaps just perhaps there was another way to satisfy Arli.
She laughed and spurred her horse towards home.

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PostSubject: Re: The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]   Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:53 pm

Nice. Check your inbox please.
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:09 am

"He wants what?" laughed Ivery when she told him Arli's demand. "Well he can't have it, simple as that"
"But..but...I said I'd try" she replied
"And you have love and I said no" he replied winking at her.
Robi couldn't help but smile, light, how she loved that wink of his. She knew it was probably a trait of his and she wasn't the only one to have been on the receiving end, but gods, it made her stomach butterfly and made her feel it was just for her.

"Is there nothing else he wants? Ivery looked thoughtful. "Can't see what he wants it for, if its accurate then he should know it all already"
"Suppose so..." Robi replied. She went on to describe the meeting with Arli and her opinion on how she thought he could be possibly charmed over.
"Seduced you mean?" laughed Ivery, she nodded.
"Aye...aye..." said Ivery thoughtfully. "Could work, belfs are stuffed so full of ego, they couldn't imagine anyone -not- wanting them, you could be on to something, I say you go for it."
Robi looked up at him a touch startled and surprised.
"You'd be ok with that then?" she asked
He looked at her and she tried to read his face but it remained emotionally impassive.
"Yes lass, do what you have to do"
She nodded slowly, unsure what to think of Ivery's opinion.

"Arli's a player too though, there's a chance he's thinking the same, charm me, seduce me into being a source of SI:7 information...." she added.
"Aye it's a possibility, but you're wise enough to see it"
Robi sighed softly to herself and chewed her lip, she knew this was her idea but somehow she hadn't been prepared for Ivery's willingness to let her go.

"I still need something to give him though, an excuse to meet him and work the charm..." she said almost petulantly. "Isn't there some report with old information or..or...."
Ivery looked at her "Or..?" he raised an eyebrow

"Couldn't you make a know what's in the real know what SI:7 reports look like. Can't you make one? something to buy us a little time and appeasement, and with any luck he may never be any the wiser..."

"Its a long shot Robi, if he did recognise it for what it was...." Ivery replied. He looked thoughtful then laughed "But yes...could be worth a try, leave it to me I'll get you a report"
Ivery chuckled to himself, Robi couldn't help but think he was almost enjoying it all.

The nightelf found her the following day.

"Have you two kissed and made up then?" she smirked "He was in a good mood, gave me extra gold too."
Robi didn't deign to answer. She took the note.


How are you? I was thinking, I will need the report and somewhere quiet with you for a few hours, I'll make some changes and you can put it back before they know it's gone.

Let me know of any suitable place and time once you have the report. And hey..go easy on the Sin'Dorei girl huh?

Same stipulations.


She folded the note and smiled, certainly a lot more pleasant than his usual tone.

She ambled into Dalaran, window shopping as she went. idly looking for the young Sin'Dorei to pass her message on.

Ah there she was...
"Oi..." she called, she saw the girls back stiffen as she wheeled around. "Yeah you...Belf, come here..if you don't mind"
Robi smiled at the girl, more in amusement at her shock at the token pleastries than any thought of not filling her with fear.
"Give that to Arli" she said pushing a neat note into her hand. "Please"
The Sin'Dorei nodded curtly, half returned Robis smile and left, opening the note and reading at she went.


Hi Im fine thanks, you?

I don't know how you feel about this, but what about the old Stillwell Cottage in Westfall? Or is it still a bit raw to return?
I suggest it because its quiet and out of the way, few alliance even know its there.

I still need a little more time though, its not as easy as it seems.

Let me know.


Cheyenne frowned, refolded the note and went to find Arli.

Ivery came to her a few days later and prented her with an official looking document, a brown file stamped and sealed by SI:7

"One report on the Vile Thorn, courtesy of the SI:7 DoUCBS" he laughed as he handed it to her.
She raised an eyebrow questioningly

"Department of Utter Crap and Bullshit...." he answered her unspoken question.

She laughed as she took it and after hugging him tight tucked it in the front of her tunic.

"Thank you Ivery" she said warmly and held him to her.Again she marvelled at his unwavering support and knew she wouldnt have got this far without it, without him. She smiled softly to herself.

"Aye, well we've come this far,may as well see it through..." he replied winking at her.

A quick note to Arli was sent.


I have it


The nightelf found her.

"How does she do that...?" Robi wondered.

"I have a message and I am to wait for a reply" she said.
Robi nodded and the elf handed over a note.

The cottage is fine, how soon can you meet me and can you stay while I make the changes?
Give the elf your answer I can be there now.


Robi looked at the elf and thought quickly.

"Tell him half an hour and I'll be there"
The elf nodded and left.

She ran to find Ivery and told him the update.
"I'm leaving now, well soon" she said "a change of clothes, look my best and all that.." she tried to laugh.
"Yes well, do what you have to, if you have to sleep with him..." he started. "..I hope it doesn't come to that but yes..your call"
She nodded and looked down, she obviously didn't mean that much to him in the cold light of day if he could send her off with his blessing to sleep with a Bloodelf..and a Vile Thorn at that.
Any way..not the time not the place, she focussed on the task ahead.

She met Arli in the cottage, she knew he was alone, she actually did trust him suprisingly.Their meeting was relaxed and they exchanged warm if stilted greetings.
Arli looked around the cottage and she saw his eyes cloud slightly as he obviously remembered.

"I'm sorry about it all Arli..." she started " but a desperate woman uses desperate measures, and I never intended the violence"
Arli looked at her
"Why did you allow it to happen?" he asked
She explained her reasons and logic about appearring weak, he nodded and smiled then laughed lightly.
"Youre right, I would have used it to advantage"
They exchanged what seemed to be a genuinely warm smile.
They sat and she handed the document to him. While he scanned it she offered him a flask of bourbon which he took.
In a companiable silence they sat and drank and smoked bloodthistle while Arli read.

He nodded seemingly satisfied.
"I'll make a few changes then you can put it back" he raised his head and smiled "Then we're even, we can go our seperate ways"
She nodded and returned the smile.
"So..all this for Shay...and you walk off with Ivery.." he said wryly as he reworked the report. "Ironic really"
She nodded and looked at him, studying his face and eyes for any signs he was trying to beguile her, she found none.
"You saw how Shay was when he returned..." she started, her eyes starting to well up.She blinked any tears away.
Arli nodded and held her eyes "I noticed..."
Robi nodded and turned away
"Its alright Robi, you can tell me it all..sometimes it helps you know to talk it out to a stranger"

If he was playing to her he was playing well she thought, she found herself actually quite liking the young elf, he'd always seemed brash and rebellious but she seemed to think a lot of it was show and he was really quite sensitive underneath.

"Either that or a very skilled manipulator..." she thought to herself.

"Thanks for going easy on Chey last time" he smiled
"Chey the young Sin'dorei you used to send me notes"
"Ah" Robi smiled at him " Girlfriend of yours?"
He shook his head and laughed lightly "Lets just say its complicated"

Robi nodded and added "but you'd like her to"

He laughed again but didnt answer. She fancied he looked slightly wistful for a moment, or maybe not, perhaps he'd hurt her....
"Light..." Robi said thinking aloud. Arli looked up quizzically "Chey....Arli hurt Chey....that goddam idiot of a mage..."

The whole thing was almost laughable.
"Finished" he said a while later and closing the file handed it back to her.
They relaxed a while by the fire as they finished their drinks, chatting idly and naturally together, she moved a little closer to him and smiled softly.
He returned the smile and leaned towards her slightly.

A noise from the door and they both looked up, in the doorway was a Deathknight, female and Sin'Dorei.
Robi flashed a look at Arli, eyes venomous for a second.
"Stupid woman" she thought.."he's sold you out...." she tucked the report into her tunic and rose to her feet, hand on the hilt of her dagger.

"Antel" Arli said.

Robi sighed silently with relief and bit back a laugh.Arli's jealous girlfriend?

She shot Arli a look and a slight smile before slipping in the shadows and leaving the couple to argue.

Outside she mounted and rode for home, meeting Ivery she handed the report back.

"We'll keep it locked away in case he asks for it again" Ivery said "Job well done lass"
She smiled and nodded finally relaxing.
Ivery looked at her his eyes searching her face, questions in his eyes unasked.
She hoped she knew what he was looking for.

"I didn't" she stated simply.
His face broke out into a broad grin
"I wasn't going to ask you, I don't think I'd have wanted to know butI'm glad Robi..."
She hugged him and smiled happily to herself.

Finally she felt she could fully relax, perhaps now it was all behind them and they could forget about The Vile Thorn.

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PostSubject: Re: The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:17 am

(( Ha! Nice twist! He's gonna go postal if he ever finds out! Smile ))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:43 am

(( oh there's potentially another twist,but as other events are taking over perhaps we'll never know))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]   Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:56 pm

"He want's the report again..." sighed Robi "To show to someone..."
"Good job I kept it then innit?" replied Ivery "I'll get it for you later"
"But what if this person -knows-..." she almost cried
Ivery looked at her panic stricken face and smiled, he leaned over stroked her cheek and kissed her forehead.
"Don't worry Robi, they can't know" he said soothingly
"But..they might" she sighed.
"Robi, listen" he said firmly "It's a real report, written by a real SI:7 Agent, on real SI:7 parchment, real file, real seal. The information in it is real"

Robi looked up at him puzzled "It is?"
He nodded grinning.

"Can't feed 'em utter bullshit, they know most of it anyway, wouldnt be any use to us if they didnt know what they were doing" he explained "Its not whats in there, its what not in there, and they don't know what information we havent got on them now do they?"
Robi laughed slightly as she got the gist of what he was explaining.

The report contained real information but misguided them about who they thought the real threats were and understated the importance of key members. It omitted the names and locations of informants and subtly suggested a few names they wanted eradicated as possible informants. Key intelligence of late was omitted completely with a hint of misdirection as to where SI:7 were prioritising operations.

Ivery was right, they couldn't know it wasn't the real one.

She smiled up at him reassured.

She'd met Arli while Ivery went to get the report and told him she needed a bit more time and that she'd be in touch.
She found she quite enjoyed Arli's company, felt at ease in his presence despite their opposing factions and inbred hatred. She liked his laugh and was fascinated by the deep green of his eyes.
Thinking about it she felt they actually had quite a bit in common and was curious about what made the young elf tick.

Back at the house later Ivery brandished the report and presented it to her.
"There you go M'dear" he said grinning presenting it to her.
Taking the report she hugged him tight and placed a soft sweet kiss on his lips.
He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

"I'd still better keep him sweet though" she said and Ivery agreed.
"Aye probably best"
"Suppose Id best get a message to him then" she said extracting herself reluctantly from his arms.
He nodded as he released her.
"I'll arrange a meeting..." she said "Do I sleep with him?" she laughed
She had no intention of doing so and she scolded herself inside for saying it, she knew she was just looking for Iverys reaction.
"Don't if you can avoid it, " he replied "It would feel kinda weird"
She searched his face, looked into his eyes searching.
"Weird..." she almost huffed.
"Well wrong..I'd dont want you to..." he started
"You do care..." she smiled
"Of course I care idiot..more than you'll know and in every way I could possibly care for a person" he said winking at her.
She laughed happily
"Now go on get your message to Arli" he sighed.

She passed her message via that poor Sin'Dorei, found her in Borean Tundra gazing at the moon with some rather tasty Bloodelf paladin.

Returning home late that night she found a note pinned to the door with a throwing star. She'd laughed as she read it, visions of Arli dashingly fighting his way through guards to dramatically throw the note to her door.

Slipping silently into bed beside Ivery she slid the note under her pillow.

The following day she left for Westfall and the cottage. Smiling wryly as she thought it was almost a trysting place now.
He slipped from the shadows as she arrived.

"Sorry Im late" she smiled
He smiled a greeting back and gestured they go inside.

They sat on the rug by the fire, she broke out the bourbon, he rolled the Bloodthistle and they sat relaxing for a few moments.

They exchanged small talk the subject drifting towards their respective lives as they flirted harmlessly.
"Youre faithful then?" she said a touch sarcastically
He shook his head and laughed
"Hardly ever..."
She'd asked about Chey, Antel and his human wife, all of which he answered quite candidly.
She studied him as he spoke and checked herself as she found herself being drawn towards him.
"Careful girl" she warned herself "He's just like you..."
Their bloodthistle and bourbon finished he made to go, she gave him the report which he tucked inside his tunic.
"I'll get it back to you soon, I'll leave it in the house if your not in..." he said
"I hope I am, it will be nice to see you"
"Well if I miss you I'll come tomorrow with Bloodthistle" he grinned
"That would be nice" she smiled back up at him.
They stood facing each other in what seemed like another long awkward moment.
He stepped closer and hugged, she hugged him back and smiled.
"Stay safe Arli"
"Shows protect Robi"
They released each other and he turned to leave.
He mounted his horse as she leaned against the door frame.
they looked at each other for a moment then each blew the other a kiss, she laughed at the coincidental timing.

He wheeled his horse around and cantered easily from the valley.
She waved as he disappeared.

Mounting Indy she started for home, to wait, to count the minutes until he returned the report and to wonder until then whether they were discovered.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]   Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:30 pm

Robi unpinned the note from the door, read it, reread it then frowned.
It wasn't in Arli's usual flowing handwriting, it was scrawled untidily almost angrily she thought.
The sentences were short and terse, nothing like his notes of late.
It hadn't asked if she could meet him, it told her where and when to be there.
For a fleeting moment she doubted whether Arli had written it.

They knew...that had to be it. She would need to be on her guard, she'd tell Ivery maybe he would come with her and hide in the shadows and warn her. She wanted that report back.
Yes thats what she'd do.

Where was Ivery? she paced the floor anxiously each minute seeming to last hours.
She couldnt wait any longer, she scrawled a note to Ivery


I think they know about the report, Im going to the island off Westfall to meet Arli, get there as soon as you can please....

love you


She pulled on her black leather padded armour, sharpened and poisoned her blades and left, riding swiftly to Westfall, unusually for her, her heart was racing and a nervous knot formed in her stomach.

Arriving at the island she was met by Arli, he smiled, she studied his face as she returned it somewhat warily.

"I brought us some food, can you stay a while?" he asked "I thought we could eat and spend sometime together..."
She nodded as he passed a bag to her.

The food looked good and smelled better but her senses screamed mistrust. She took a small piece of meat and ate it slowly.

They chatted a while, he thanked her for the report, said how it had helped him greatly and he would be grateful to her for it.

"We made a deal..its honoured, we should try to just forget..." she said wanting to get the subject away from the report.

"mmmm this is good...." she said as she ate a small piece of Worg Tartare. She'd noticed Arli had finished the steak.

He smiled his acknowledgement.

"Fish is all yours though" he said "Love fishing hate the taste..."
He laughed lightly.

Alarm bells rang. was she just being over cautious? She took a small piece of the fish and ate it slowly.

They talked some more, but she couldnt hear it all, his words were becoming distant and she felt as if she was looking at him from down the wrong end of a telescope.
What was he saying?

"Im sorry..." he said
"What for...we both just did what we had to do" she replied slurring slightly
"for betrayal..." he said
She rose to her feet

"Arli...what have you done...?" she knew she was in trouble.

He smiled or at least she thought he did, her eyes were blurred and she swayed unsteadily.
His arms slipped around her and he held her close, she felt his lips on her for head.

"You should never trust a thorn Robi...." he said.

Then a dull pain in her stomach, she looked down it seemed to happen in slow motion, her eyes widened as she saw the dark pool of blood start to spread across her tunic. She looked back up at him

"well...played...Arli..." she managed to say with a small smile.

He spoke some more but his words were now just a distant muffled noise in her head, she heard the odd coherent word, obeying orders...Ivery obeyed yours....
She nodded acknowledging his victory as he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the water.
The water was almost soothing as it lapped around her, her eyes were all but closed now..she felt Arlis lips brush hers softly before the water engulfed her and blackness descended.

"Robi.." Iverys voice cut through the gloom "Are you alright?"
She flickered open her eyes to see Ivery kneeling in front of her, his face etched with concern.
He bandaged her wound, which had thankfully been cleansed and stemmed by the astringent salt water.
"You got my note then..." she said weakly and tried to smile
"Aye..I did, just nearly a bit late..."
"It was Arli..."
Iverys face clouded.

"Right little bastard is a dead elf..." he spat. "No more Robi, no more letting him go or trusting him, next time I see him Ima killing him" and you...are not to meet him alone again, is that clear?"
She nodded up at Ivery and nestled into his arms as he carried her up to the hut.

"I can't keep dashing in to save you in the nick of time..." he grinned and kissed her forehead. "I mean it Robi, he's way he's getting away with this"

She had to agree, not for any personal vengeance for stabbing her, their peoples were at war effectively but for fooling her into dropping her guard.Making her look and feel foolish.

Shame she couldnt think of anything to do to him to make him lose face with his precious Thorns. Revenge tasted better cold, but she knew Ivery wouldnt go for it. Arli had played his last card as far as Ivery was concerned.

Ivery kicked the door open and laid her down inside, covered her with a bedroll then settled beside her.
"Get some rest love,"
She nodded and smiled as she closed her eyes, safe and secure in the sanctuary of Iverys embrace.

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Robi Kaezlan.

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Robi pulled herself into a sitting position in bed and took a sip of the steaming coffee. She looked down and briefly examined the healing stab wound in her stomach, wincing slightly as she prodded it.

She still found it hard to believe Arli had coldly stabbed her, she had genuinely believed they were becoming the nearest thing to friends they could be in their circumstances.
A brief frown and look of hurt shadowed her face before she looked up and eyed Ivery who was standing barechested at the mirror scraping a dagger across his cheek trimming his black beard close to his face.
Light he was hot....
He caught her eye in the mirror and winked.
"copper for 'em" he said
Robi shook her head and smiled at his reflection. "Just the usual...."

After Ivery had left she turned to her thoughts of Arli.

He'd effectively betrayed her, lured her into thinking she was safe.....her face clouded with anger.

She knew in order to lay her ghosts to rest she would need to avenge Arlis act. But how she thought...It would be too easy to go crying to Shay and show him the scar, he would kill Arli before Arli knew he was there, and that wasn't what she wanted. Oh No she didnt want that at all.

Ivery had said he would kill Arli, again she thought it was too easy, Arli had wounded her deeper than just the scar on her stomach...he'd hurt her pride, her dignity...her feelings.

Die he would yes...but when he'd suffered.

But how to kill him? Shay? Ivery?

She shook her head and smiled to herself as a small idea started to form. Why risk Ivery or Shay or indeed herself when with a little planning and conniving.....The Thorns could do it for her.

She laughed and slipped out of bed, dressing quickly she slipped from the house to start putting her plan into action....
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((ooh, nice twist, can't wait for it Smile And Arli! So un-gentlemenlike! I was hoping they'd get together, just because it would be odd, but then you stabbed her? Typical Thorn Razz ))
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"Arli, come to Brill now", the Mistress' voice over comms jolts me and brings me back from my thought on how to fulfil Helfdane's contract.

"Right away, ma'am" I reply as I head towards the Tarren Mill flight point. Deadex I know is already there and Orthos was called there not long ago, I was a little concerned that I too had not been called over so I'm pleased to be joining them.

As I arrive in Brill, the Mistress and Deadex are waiting outside the Inn. I feel a little unnerved as Deadex stares at me but walk past him and follow the Mistress as she instructs us all to walk with her. When we stop, the Mistress turns and faces me, I note with some unease that Orthos and Deadex stand behind her and not to my side.

"Do you have something to tell me, Arli?" asks the Mistress.

"I told you of the contract with the Human ma'am, I've given you my report".

"Anything else?", she asks calmly, "Perhaps about the last mission I gave you?".


"er..what mission was that ma'am?", I try and buy myself some thinking time. Is there anything about the mission that I declined to tell her that she may since have found out?

"The mission to dispose of Robinas, Arli", she replies, "Are you sure you killed her?". I glance at Deadex, who is still silently staring at me.

"I poisoned her, stabbed her and left her to drown, paralysed, in the sea ma'am, as I told you" I reply as evenly as I can.

The Mistress takes a folded note from her pocket and holds it out, "Then perhaps you would care to explain this, Deathmaster"

I take the note and open it and I feel my stomach knot as I recognise the handwriting. I can see Orthos looking at curiously as I refold the note and hand it back to the Mistress, who immediately passes it to him.

"'s a fake, ma'am", I reply trying to sound confident but aware that I sound anything but this.

"Her death was the fake, was it not, Arli?" she coldly replies. I gasp slightly as Deadex unsheathes his blades and stares at me.

"'am, I...I followed orders, I killed her. The letter, it's fake...she..she always wrote to me in Thalassian, not orcish", I look back at the Mistress, aware that Deadex does not attack me purely out of respect for the Mistress, and not for me.

"You work for the alliance, Arli" she coldly states, her eyes locking on mine.

"No, ma'am!"

"The contract you made this night, was that not working for them?", she continues frostily, "And the human felt safe enough to meet you alone, do they trust you that much?"

I break eye contact and bow my head, there is no answer I can think of that will redeem my actions so I remain silent.

"I wrote that letter", Orthos' voice breaks the silence and I look up at him quickly. "I did it in case Arli failed to kill her, so that I could do it in his place".

The Mistress turns and looks at him, "Deadex gave me the note, Orthos"

"So tell me Orthos, how did I get that note?", states Deadex, blades still drawn.

"Perhaps you are the one that works with the Alliance, Deadex?", replies Orthos coolly. My respect for my brother rises again after our fight the previous night. He does something I dare not do, he stands up to Deadex.

Deadex glares at him as the Mistress turns back to me.

"So who do you trust in the Alliance, Arli".

"Just one ma'am, she has worked for me a long time", I reply quickly.

"Her race and her name"

"Ma'am, I trust her, she just delivers messages for me and sometimes gathers information when instructed, nothing else, I assure you"

"Her race and her name, Arli".

"Ma'am..please don't do this", I look pleadingly at the Mistress, "You will me to kill her. She is no threat, she has worked for me for many years". Fugi is the one alliance I truly trust, and has done nothing to deserve death at my blades.

"Her race and her name".

I glance again at Deadex as he turns to face me then I look back at the Mistress and shake my head slightly.


I gasp and step back, "e..elf, night elf, female, name of Fugi, ma'am".

The Mistress remains staring at me as she speaks "It was a female night elf that gave Deadex the note. Orthos, you and Deadex are to find this night elf and extract information on where the note came from and why she gave it to Deadex....and do this slowly".

I break eye contact and bow my head.

"Arli, go to Silvermoon, I will call for you tomorrow", speaks the Mistress, her voice still cold.

I look up at her, "Ma'am, the note, it's fake", my voice is edged with desperation.

"Go now, Arli", the Mistress replies.

I salute and leave and as I walk across the graveyard I hear Deadex proclaiming how I should be killed for my traitorous actions. With a heavy heart I walk to Silvermoon. I did as the Mistress instructed, I thought I did the right thing getting the contract from Helfdane, but still the Mistress listens to the voice of a High Assassin above that of her Deathmaster. I feel my days at this rank are numbered and that soon it is I that will be reporting to Deadex and Orthos, if indeed I get to remain a Thorn.
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The Thorn Report [updated 6th Nov]
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