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 A song of Glory

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Helfdane Einhart
Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: A song of Glory   Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:05 pm

((Alright this text is entirely fictional its not based around something really.. and is more poem like than trying to tell a full story.. i worked on it for a while tough until i decided to make it public IC))

The tale of the Seven knights of the Holy Sanctum..

Seven Knights choosen for Valor..
Seven Knights choosen for Honour
Seven Knights choosen for Their Might against the Scourge.

Oh thy holy Greatness of the Empire.. The Knights where a Glorious sight.

Helmets forged of the Whitest Steel
Armour Forged of the Greatest Blacksmith the Empire had ever known..
The Visirs catching the rays of the sun..
The golden marks of the Holy Order providing both Protection and Valor.

Oh Hail the Seven Knights .. Everyone with white wings of flight.. The White Phoenixes they called them.

Cloaks draped over their shoulders Broad..
Given by the people by hope.

7 lances.. 7 swords their Holy sight baptised in the Sunwell itself.

Oh Hail the glorius one for their likes is not likely to be seen again.

Grasp their Valor and rejoice..

For seven days and seven nights they fought an infinite battle..

Skulls where broken.. Arms and torsos cleaved apart.. Hundreds and hundreds of undeads where slain by the hands of the Holy Avengers..

Oh Holy knights of the Sanctum i pledge my honour to you..

Shattered, battered and covered with wounds they stood.. When the lord of dawn Arrived..

Hands made of Hellish steel.. Weapon and armour forged out of the cold sun.. Where light never walks..

The knights eyes scorched the Sky itself with their Holy fury
Oh Holy knights.. I pledge my power. for our Victory..

For 3 days the battle was fought.. The clash of steel and metall going on in a endless Onslaught 2 of the Knights fell for the Abominations blade.. 4 more was wounded..
1 more was rended helpless and plaid.. For forgivness and the help of Betrayal

Oh the heart of unfaithful men..The Treason greater than someone could pretend
When he turned the blade against his brothers.

The leader of the 7 Knight spoke but once before his troath was slit by his blade

I curse you.. you inglorius one for this treason against your brothers..
I regret the glorius days when i picked you in front of the others.
Your life is forfeit you will forever hear.
And from now you will always fear the wrath of your slain Brothers..
To death at dawn.. to the rise of the sun.. We will hunt you..

Oh curse the Inglorius one.. the Betrayer and son of Darkness..

2 more fell for the Betrayers blade.

Until one of the last two knights trough a choice he made.. To unleash all his holy fury..
Fire raged trough the sky.. The man himself flayed alive, layer by layer by his own holy flames.. Still able to move.. Still able to prove that the light prevails against the darkness..

His sword driven by his faith.. His Last attack guided defying death itself as he shattered the betrayers guard..
ripping trough his unholy wards.. Before finally bury itself in the abdomen of the former Brother..

The man bursted out in flames.. His former holy armour disappeared as he shattered into dust..
The Holy knight himself turned against his brother and said with his last dying words.

Do not fear death my friend. Cause there is still powers you can't pretend even in your wildest imagination.. I will walk the path of glory, i will walk the path of death.. Still with my back and head straight as a man that made a difference..

By those words his body shattered.. his body blowing away by wind to somewhere i dont know..

Oh hail glorius light..
Guide me..

Mark my words.. Mark my death.. Cause with this i will Either die or conquer..
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PostSubject: Re: A song of Glory   Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:37 pm

Nicely done! \m/ >.< \m/
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A song of Glory
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