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 Daggers and Poison

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PostSubject: Daggers and Poison   Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:37 pm

Hi, Ive been thinking about trying to write a longer story than I normaly do for awhile now but typical me I cant not post it after a day, So Im going to post abit at a time and let you all "enjoy" the bits ive done.
Some of these events are based on events which have happend in game others are just some bits which have been floating around in my head for awhile untill now.
Feel free to comment or ask me any questions.

Chapter 1 –An Ambush

A spider dropped down from the tree above and crawled across her shoulder armour and dropped again down to the ground, her eyes flicked between the spider and her target, it was always a good sign when the local wildlife accepted you and you become one with their environment
A hushed voice came across the comms and whispered into her ear piece “Mistress we are in position, Have multiple Alliance targets approaching” a smile crossed her face under her mask and she reached for a small throwing star.
“Mistress der be two wagon’ full of dem” Talriks voice followed the first voice over the comms.

“Thorns on my mark we move, understood?” She spoke calmly over the communications channel, a sudden rush of confirms followed.

“Shadows protect” Anethrax whispered to herself as she watched the approaching wagons getting closer, She counted at least twenty alliance troops, some of which were wearing the Theramore colours.

As the wagon moved under the tree branch that she was perched on, she spoke into the comms one last time that day “Mercy is for the weak”.

She dropped from the tree onto the front of the first wagon throwing the small throwing star into the guards neck who was controlling the wagon, these were well trained alliance guards and it only took a brief moment for them to react to the thorns attack, but the moment came too late as the other three Thorns appeared from the shadows striking down four of the guards leaving them on the ground dead or injured.
A guard walking by the side of the wagon swung his sword up at Anethrax, She managed to dodge the first swing and drop from the wagon alongside her attacker.

“Bitch!!” the guard screamed out as his right arm was nailed to the wagon by one of Anethrax’s blades, Another guard out the fight for now she thought to herself as she moved along side the wagon to meet the other guards

Talrik screamed into the face of one of the guards as he plunged his daggers into his neck, Talrik had always been a loyal Thorn since the first few days the Thorns had started to accept other races into their ranks.
A slight smile appeared on his face as the guard fell to the ground and he turned to face another attacker.

“Ya mon, dis be da gud shit!” he shouted as he lunged himself at the guard.

“Stand still you tusked freak” one of the alliance marksmen muttered to himself as he took aim down the sights of his rifle at the troll rogue attacking and dispatching his friends, just as he was about to squeeze the trigger and end the life of one of the attackers a bright flash of light filled his eyes followed by a stabbing pain in his back, he dropped the rifle and looked down to see his white tabard slowly turn crimson, falling to his knees he turned his head to see his attacker, the attacker was a Sin’doeri male with long white hair and a red mask across his face who seemed to be looking around the area for his next target.
Orthos had dispatched the marksmen with his usual good timing and after waiting for just the right moment to appear the Deathmaster was now in the fight and more than willing to add more kills to his tally.

The fight continued for only a few more moments until all but three of the alliance soldiers lay dead across the marsh
“In the name of the Alliance I demand you halt!” one of the three survivors managed to spit out as the trio stepped back further and further back against the remaining wagon, his words were met by the wolfish like grins from Talrik and Squadron.

Squadron was one of the Forsaken Deathmasters of the Thorns although he had only been with the Thorns a short while he had carved out a reputation as a relentless killer.
“This is where it all goes black, and you realise there is no god” Squadron stared at the defiant survivor who dared to demand that he and his brothers stopped their slaughter, It took a moment for the survivors to translate Squadrons statement and by that time two of them were hacked apart by Squadrons furious blows.
“Please...don’t!” the sole survivor cried out, a stain quickly spread across his trousers as he dropped to his knees.

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise!” snot and tears rolled down his face as he looked from one thorn to another
Anethrax and the other Thorns looked at him with contempt, how dare this one beg for mercy when he has watched his comrades and brothers die, what made him so much better than them, why did he deserve to live?

“End his life” Anethrax muttered to the surrounding thorns, her words were met with brief nods then closely followed by the sound of the remaining human’s life draining away via their blades.

The skirmish was over and bodies lay around and over the road, one of the wagons now without anyone controlling it still trundled down the road towards its original destination
“Talrik” Orthos looked over at Talrik then glanced at the wagon

“Aye, Mon” Talrik sighed and ran slowly after the uncontrolled wagon.

“Deathmaster Orthos” Anethrax called out to Orthos as she looked back down the road to where the convoy came from
“Ma’am?” Orthos turned to face the Thorn Mistress

“Make sure we have picked them clean and are back in the shadows in five minutes” the words came quickly from Anethrax’s lips as she kept her eyes locked on the road

“Yes Ma’am!” Orthos nodded and went to carry out his orders.

As ordered the site was stripped clean of anything of use and the Thorns vanished back into the shadows that they emerged from.
The Thorn party headed north across the mountains into the barrens, they avoided the horde settlements on a mission as much as they would alliance outposts, Best to hide their tracks from the horde and alliance so they couldn’t be linked to any of their targets.
The group travelled through the night until they ended up waiting on top of one of the zeppelin towers for the next ship back across the ocean to Tirisfal glades, they stood in the morning light with their faces covered. Orthos glanced over at Squadron as he noticed Squadron taking something from his bag and quickly place it in his mouth

“Brother should I ask why you’re not sharing with the rest of us?” Orthos said with a hidden smile

“Well feel free to help yourself Deathmaster” Squadron smiled and handed Orthos something

“Lovely as always Squadron, But I think I will pass” Orthos chuckled as he opened his hand to see a collection of small gnome fingers
“Well don’t say I didn’t offer” a small half eaten finger stuck out from between Squadrons teeth
The moment between the pair was ruined my Talriks howling laughter, Squadron and Orthos both turned to Talrik then just over his shoulder they saw the Zeppelin heading towards the tower.

“Not a moment too soon” Anethrax stepped from the shadows where she had been watching the show and picked up a bag which seemed full of scrolls and books the Thorns had looted from the convoy.

The Zeppelin arrived late in Tirisfal glades a few moments later than normal, meaning Anethrax and her entourage had to rush through the ruins of the once mighty city of Lordaeron and into the warm underbelly of the city which the Forsaken had claimed as their own and made it the capitol city of their people. The undercity seemed alot more busy than normal with troops and logistic personnel rushing around the city, it took Anethrax only moments to find her way through the crowds and reach the royal quarter.

“Anethrax how nice to see you here” a soft voice spoke from behind Anethrax
She turned in the direction of the voice and saw a shadowy figure step from one of the enclaves
“Aleric it’s always nice to have you at my back” she smiled then gestured up towards the Banshee Queen and the crowd of Forsaken generals and advices

“We have much to talk about Anethrax and the Dark lady asked me to speak with you alone about where she is going to send you next” Aleric turned and walked away from the quarter and back into the city, Anethrax took one last look up at the Banshee queen and for a moment she thought the Dark lady glanced over at her, Anethrax looked twice in disbelief “It must of been a trick of the light” Anethrax thought to herself as she left the chamber and followed after Aleric

Chapter 2 – Acceptable losses

She sat alone in Brills Inn for awhile nursing a drink she had ordered a good hour ago, deep in thought at the orders she had been given, The Thorns were to do their part in the Forsakens offensive against Gilneas, This was to be the Forsakens largest operation since its founding and for the Thorns to be given such an important role was an honour indeed.
It had been months since the Thorns were stationed back in Brill, for their successes in Northrend they had been rewarded with a break from combat, If only people understood that the Thorns would rather be fighting in battle than training miles away from any combat zones.

Some of the Thorns were talking across the room to one another, clearly they had just returned from training missions and were exchanging stories over a drink.
“Mistress it’s good to see you” Anethrax looked up at the young Sin’dorei Thorn called Cheyenne, Anethrax looked straight into Cheyenne’s eyes as the young elf wasn’t sure to smile or not at the Mistress

“As it is you Chey, How have you been?” Anethrax forced a slight smile at Cheyenne from under her black mask

“Yes I’m very well Mistress, I’m getting closer to completing my training each day” Cheyenne smiled and carried on telling Anethrax of her training and how happy her Deathmaster was with her progress in training, yet Anethraxs mind was back in the tunnels of the Undercity with Aleric and their convosation

“Anethrax the Invasion will prove our and the Dark lady to the rest of the horde once more” Aleric starred at Anethrax, Aleric was rumoured to be the head of the Deathstalkers but ofcourse no one would confirm this, The Deathstalkers were the elite assassins of the forsaken and the Thorns would often be given contracts by them as an extension from the Dark lady herself
“I understand that Aleric, The Thorns are ready and willing to go back on the front line and prove ourselves” Anethrax said clearly so not to be misheard by him and have the Thorns stuck in Brill for another six months
“Frontline Anethrax?” Aleric smiled “You’re not strength has never been in the frontline in a toe to toe fight “Anethrax waited with bated breath “We are invading Gilneas before the end of this year, The Dark lady has asked that your Thorns are tasked with working behind the enemy lines there and doing what you do best” Anethrax nodded slightly
“Of course I shall not question our Queens orders and will carry out our mission to the best of our ability” Anethrax paused “Gilneas though, Are we fighting just the humans behind the wall or are the rumours true?”
Aleric snorted “Seems word travels fast, Yes the rumours are true” there was a brief silence as an Orc sentry walked by “They are like those cursed in Silverpine and twice as cunning, This will be a true challenge for your Thorns”
Anethrax had seen firsthand what the Worgen were able to do to their enemy and had been in several fights with them, she looked away for a moment then returned her gaze on Aleric “What level of resistance are we expecting?”
“From the scouts we were able to send across the border we have only had four return” Alerics glowing yellow eyes looked into Anethraxs “We estimate you will lose around twenty percent of your current number in this offensive” he paused “Acceptable for what we have to gain from controlling the area”

“Acceptable indeed...” she muttered under her breath
“Thank you Mistress, I do all I can for the Thorns” Cheyenne nodded, there was a call for Cheyenne to join Deathmaster Squadron in the Undercity for training, No words were needed and they both saluted one another and Cheyenne went off to carry on with her training.

The communication traffic was high tonight over the Thorns goblin made communications devices, with the normal banter between the Thorns taking up most of the channel, Perhaps Anethrax reminded her Thorns she was still listening
“Then the third Dranei, who was the size of a kodo, came running at me and I was like...” Soulak was explaining to the Thorns about a fight he had gotten himself into in Shattrah city which seem to end with him being banned from the worlds end tavern and the end of death of several Dranei refuges
The channel filled with laughter and some remarks about the size of these supposed Dranei from the other Thorns

“Let me guess Soulak, your arms were tied behind your back during this fight?” Arli laughed over the channel at his own witty remark

“Thorns how lovely it is to hear you all having such a good time, but perhaps your time would be better placed training” Anethrax interrupted another spurt of laughter and joking

“Err yes of course Ma’am” Arli seemed to splutter as he was caught off guard his voice was also followed by several over thorns quickly apologising and going quite

“Good, I’d like to see the Deathmasters in Brill right away” She spoke softly over the communications channel now as it all seemed to be under control once again

“Right away Mistress” Arli replied followed by Terashen, Orthos and finally Squadron.

It took the Deathmasters about two hours to make their way to Brill from several different locations, the first to arrive was Terashen one of Anethraxs oldest friends and one of the few remaining Scourge Thorns.

“Greetings Ane” Terashen said smiling as he slid from the shadows, the two forsaken had known each other too long and been through more than most to be stuck up with the formalities others would.

“Tera, always good to see your still with us” The two embraced one another “Where has the hunt taken you of late?” Ane stepped back to look over Terashen’s armour and weapons “Clearly the horde have seen fit to reward whatever you have been up too”
Just as Terashen was about to answer Orthos appeared next to them

“Mistress” Orthos saluted and nodded to Terashen, Orthos had always been a fine example to the other Thorns and his relationship with Deathmaster Orthos had shown that he had totally embraced the Thorn way of life. Anethrax had often pictured Orthos to be some sort of military officer with his strict attitude towards those below him.

“Deathmaster” Anethrax nodded in response to Orthos “Good to see you Brother, seems we are just waiting for Squad and Arli”

It was only afew more moments until Arli and Squadron appeared and joined the other Deathmasters and the Thorn Mistress, There Anethrax explained what their role was to be in the upcoming invasion of Gilneas, They had all had encounters with the Worgen of Silverpine in the past but to fight a organised and significantly larger force of these brutal creatures was a more daunting thought.
“Any questions brothers?” Anethrax looked around at her most trusted brothers’ faces to see nothing but determination and the professional attitude that she would expect from them

“So when we win this war for the Forsaken, will we have to put up with statues of Arli all across the eastern kingdoms?” Terashens remark was followed by smiles from his fellow Deathmasters

“Better than your ugly face Tera” Arli quickly responded which got slightly more laughter

“On a more serious note Brothers we need to get all Thorns ready for the invasion, double our training missions and practice” Anethrax spoke with a calm soft voice “I don’t want anyone to go into Gilneas without being ready” They all knew the Worgen were amazing trackers and able to sniff out a rogue like no one else.

“Ofcourse Mistress” The Deathmasters could detect the serious tone in Anethraxs voice and one at a time slowly crept back off into the shadows to carry out the tasks that were needed for the invasion, Only one remained

“Mistress” his voice was slightly more confident than normal, Anethrax turned to face Arli

“Deathmaster, how can I help you ?” Her eyes looked into his green Sin’dorei eyes, his eyes seemed to share his confidence that was heard in his voice

“Mistress, Aconitus wants to see you”

“I see, He is still in the same location ?” Arli nodded to Anethrax in response

“Good, I will head there tomorrow and see him” She looked over Arli “He seems to have made a strong impression on you Arli, Antel said you have been busy reading some book that Aconitus has given you” Arli looked away in slight surprise that Antel had mentioned the book to Anethrax

“Yes Ma’am, He has taught me a lot of what it means to be a true thorn” Arli started “As for the book it’s just something Aconitus lent me to read” he let out a slight cough
“Mistress I should be going now, I have a lot to prepare for the Invasion” Arli cleared his throat and nodded

“Indeed you should Deathmaster, Heard anything from Deadex and his group ?” Her eyes watched another zeppelin arrive at Tirisfal glades
“No Ma’am, I haven’t” Arli responded “Is there anything else?”

“No Arli, Shadows protect” she turned once more to Arli once she realised the Zeppelin only carried more troops returning for Northrend

“Shadows protect Ma’am” Arli then vanished into the night, Leaving Anethrax alone in Brill.

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PostSubject: Re: Daggers and Poison   Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:41 am

Great read Ane, even better finished Smile
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Chapter 3 - Invasion

It had been two weeks since Anethrax and her Deathmasters had met in Brill and now the time had come for the invasion of Gilneas
“Mistress we have established a forward position already, we are awaiting further orders” Deadex’s voice was as clear as always over the comms channel.
Anethrax looked across the dark bay at a member of the goblin crew
“Time until we are in position?” she called out over the dim of machinery to the goblin
“Huh?” The goblin looked up at Anethrax, who then repeated herself again “Ahh about ten minutes miss”
Speaking back into the comms to Deadex “Hold your position brother, we are ten minutes away”
“As you command” Deadex replied.

Anethrax looked across the cargo bay at her Thorns who were preparing themselves and checking one another’s armour
“Helders your looking good there brother” Soulak said with a moment of laughter in his voice as his eyes seemed looked on the large collection of blades and other weapons strapped across Helders armour
“You can never be too prepared I find” Helders said as he looked over Soulak and Taror and their load outs for the upcoming mission “Well when you two need a new blade when some worgen has run off with yours, don’t come asking me for another” Helders replied as he tapped one of his weapons mounted on his chest.
The three Thorns burst into laughter and went back to preparing themselves.
Kerrin sat away from the others and slowly sharpened her blades as she peered out the porthole into the dark nights sky at the slight shape of another goblin air ship
“Think Squadron and his lot are ready?” Kerrin asked Anethrax indirectly as she kept her eyes locked on the air ship
“Kerrin” Anethrax looked out of the porthole “They are either or sitting around drunk and eating gnome parts or they are more ready than we are”
Kerrin turned away from the porthole and looked across the group of thorns with a slight smile on her face
“Makes you proud doesn’t it mistress” Kerrin said in a low hushed voice
Anethrax turned to see the group of twelve thorns she had with her , all now prepared and sparing with one another in the cramped space of the
“Indeed it does sister”.

“Five minutes, Get ready brothers” Deadex said over the comms to the other vile thorns that were on sentry duty around their camp
“Five minutes left of being in this stinking worgen infested hell hole” Ryushoken muttered to himself as he sat watching over the bridge between Keel harbour and the headlands to the north.
“What you muttering about over her Ryu” came a voice from the shadows
Ryushoken turned with his hand pressed against his dagger
“Relax brother, it’s me” Midwinter stepped from the shadows with his hands raised slightly and a grin across his face
Ryushoken relaxed and let out a slight sigh “The sooner this invasion gets underway, the sooner we can do what we do best and kill some of these flea bags” Ryushoken looked over to the stone bridge that spanned the river “So are the explosives in place and ready to go?” Midwinter turned to Ryushoken with a broad grin and nodded “Ready to blow”.

“Thorns get ready” Anethrax’s voice was clear over the comms channel and the background voices soon filtered away “We jump in two minutes, get yourself ready and in place”
As the Thorns clambered up to their abseil ropes attached to the side of the Goblins airship, Anethrax continued speaking to those who would listen on her airship and on the other just metres away with the other half of the Thorn invasion group on
“We have all been training for months for this day, I don’t want of you to forget what it means to be a Thorn down there, We are the things the alliance dread” afew cheers came from those thorns who were already attached to their lines
“Thorns remember mercy is for the weak, so show none and expect none” Anethrax took a moment and looked around the airship to make sure all with her were attached and ready
“Squadron, report” she spoke into her comms unit
“Ready and waiting” came a reply from the other airship.
The lights in the hold turned off and left the thorns standing in the darkness of night with only the moon light shining in through the open hatches, where the thorns created a silhouette. a Goblin crew member came running down and gave the Thorns the signal that they were in place and that they could commence their decent .
“Mercy is for the weak” Anethrax said as she looked down into the darkness below their air ship, knowing full well they could be dropping straight down into the heart of a worgen pack.
Most of the thorns repeated Anethrax’s words before sliding down their lines into the darkness, others just slid down the lines straight away.

“Deathmaster Squadron reporting in” Squadron tried to speak into his broken comms unit that dangled from his neck as it buzzed and made strange noises which could only be described as murloc rubbish, it sparked slightly sending a shock into Squadron neck
“Gah!” he cried and pulled the communications unit off and threw it to the ground “Arli you able to get hold of the other groups?”
Arli was busy untangling himself from his rope, he then turned to face Squadron and nodded
“Deathmaster Arli, reporting in” Arli kept eye contact with Squadron as he spoke into the comms unit and awaited a reply
“Deathmaster, High assassin Deadex here” a brief look of surprise appeared over Arlis face
“Deadex, our group have landed just east of your position, Could you let the mistress know we are...” Arli stopped and crouched down as did the Battle brothers around him, their hands went for their bows and weapons, a sound had drawn their attention towards the near tree line
Deadex voice buzzed into Arli’s ear, asking what was going on then repeating himself.
Arli looked to his right and nodded to the young Sin’dorei female known as Bucca, She stepped alittle closer to the tree line, that’s the moment when the night started to get interesting.
A hail of gunfire irrupted from the tree line towards the Thorns, taking two thorns down in the initial outburst of battle.
The thorns found the nearest bits of cover, which seem to be mostly trees and some of the larger rocks around the area
“Fuck!” cried Tenkler as he pulled himself behind a tree and then noticing that a bullet had ripped though his arm “The shits!” Tenkler turned and launched a throwing axe back into the tree line.

Other Thorns had started to return arrows and other throwing weapons back towards the enemy position, still without seeing any of them clearly but returning fire to where the muzzle flashes from the enemy’s muskets and rifles had fired from. A few groans and cries of panic erupted from the tree line, a brief silence followed and the Thorns had looked at one another.
Bucca one of the newest Thorns to join the brotherhood was clearly out to prove herself as she was already back on her feet and creeping towards to the location where the enemy were hidden.

A group of worgen beasts charged out of the trees just as Bucca had reached their hidden location, Bucca fell to the ground with her blade raised as the feral creatures jumped over her and towards her battle brothers.
“Bring it, you smelly shit” Squadron hissed through his toothy grin, with his hands wrapped around his blades.
One of the Worgens landed just infront of Squadron, and then let out an enormous ferocious roar in his direct, Squadron heard the roar but felt no fear, only smelling the stink of the frenzied beast’s breath.
The Worgen swiped a blade in Squadrons direction which he was able to block with the blade he held in his right hand, the Deathmaster than span around his blocking arm and thrust a dagger into the side of the Worgen beast who then stumbled back slightly and then seem to check its wound and roar once more in Squadrons direction.
“Atleast I get to play with you alittle more” Squadron said as he slid into the shadows
The beast sniffed the air and peered around its self, he could smell nothing more than the other members of his group attacking the invading horde troops. His ear twitched as he picked up a slight noise and in response swept his claw into the direction of the sound and across the path of the hidden rogue.
“Shit” Squadron spat as he was knocked from the shadows and a further four feet away from his prey, the beast roared once more, perhaps this time in victory or to mock the rogue who thought he may be able to sneak past a Worgen of Gilneas.
The Worgen leapt into the air and down upon Squadron, the beast kept eye contact the whole time with the forsaken rogue, even when the rogue’s blades imbedded themselves into his chests.
“Puppy wants a kiss?” Squadron cackled and he pulled his blades from the beast and thrust them into the beast’s heart.

Around Squadron and his private duel the battle was now in full swing as the Worgen were battling the Thorns, in most cases it looked like the Thorns were on the winning side, except for afew cases where Thorn assassins had succumbed to their wounds inflicted by their attacks and fallen into bloody piles

Bucca had regained her footing and had joined Tenkler trying to fight off one of the Worgen beasts that showed great interest in removing Tenklers head with his mace.
“Fucking die wont you!” Tenkler thrust his dagger into the Worgens side once more, his attack was met with almost no reaction from the Worgen, except the beast roared again and a distinct glare of anger coming from its eyes
Bucca saw that Tenkler was slowly being drawn into a ditch by the beast and leapt onto its back, plunging her daggers on both shoulders of the Worgens back and holding on for dear life.
At Buccas attack the beast reared up and let out an enormous feral roar, Tenkler took the chance that Bucca had created and sliced his blade across the beasts belly, then following up by placing another slice across its throat. The worgen fell to the ground into a pool of its own blood, Bucca pulled her blades free from the beasts’ shoulders, as she looked up at Tenkler she was met by a distinct nod from a emotionless Tenkler
“You’re welcome” she muttered as Tenkler moved off to engage one of the last beasts.
The battle was coming to an end and the Thorns were finishing off the fallen Worgens with a swift stab to the head with their blades. Arli looked around the area at the dozen or so dead Worgen bodies and the sad sight of five dead Thorns
“Thorns report in” he spoke quietly over his comms channel
“Bucca reporting in”
“Tenkler reporting”
“Talrik mon”
“Markri reporting”
Arli looked round to see Squadron cutting up one of the Worgen bodies. Five dead Thorns in their first skirmish, clearly this wasn’t going to be as easy as he had hoped.
“Deathmaster we are about a mile east of your location, at the Emberstone mine” The Mistresses voice spoke clearly over the comms channel into his ear
“We shall be there soon Mistress, although we have engaged the enemy and taken casualties” Arli paused as he end his sentence and prayed that she wouldn’t blame him personaly for the loses
A moment later she replied “Understood Deathmaster, Make your way here as soon as you can, make sure your not followed”
Arli confirmed his orders and was going to make sure he didn’t let her down again
“Tenkler make sure your wound is covered, Talrik take point and Markri hang back and make sure we aren’t followed” he barked the orders out quickly and assertively .

“Mistress we have been given our orders by the Undercity” Deadex said, standing between Anethrax and a group of prisoners. The prisoners had been taken when Anethraxs group of thorns and Deadex with his forward party had met and launched a strike against the village of Emberstone and the group of militia that guarded the village, the group of prisoners sat in the middle of the village, they were surrounded by a group of Thorns.
“The royal Apothecary Society are sending a group here for the prisoners” Deadex said as he looked into Anethraxs eyes then looked round at the group of prisoners, They were only able to take the old and the young as the militia force had fought to the end.
Anethrax looked at the prisoners, they stunk of fear and weakness, yet she also knew why the Apothecary Society would want the prisoners and knew full well what lengths their perversion would extend too.
“We take no prisoners Deadex, you know that” Anethrax said as she looked upon the Gilnean prisoners
“Ma’am we serve the Darklady and the Apothercarys represent her will” Deadex tried to capture Anethraxs gaze
Anethrax looked to Deadex
“Deadex are you a Deathstalker or a Thorn ?”
“A Thorn Mistress” the High assassins words were filled with pride, he then turned and nodded to the Thorns surrounding the prisoners
The Thorns made quick work of their captives and within seconds the group lay dead in the centre of a village they had once called home. Anethrax looked upon the dead, knowing full well that they wouldn’t ever understand that the Thorns had saved them from a long drawn out deaths at the hands of the Society.
“Thorns take the bodies down the mines and make sure we have a secure perimeter “ As Anethrax finished her words she heard the sound of slow clapping, turning she spotted Cain a forsaken member of the Apothecary Society with a group of troops from the Undercity
“How lovely to see you in your natural environment Anethrax” Cain grinned at Anethrax as the troops spread out around the village
“Shouldn’t you be off somewhere, plotting?”Anethrax disliked the Society since they had tried to plant spies within the Thorn ranks.
“Why do hostile?” His eyes connected with hers “We are on the same side after all” his grin broke “Aren’t we “
“What seems to have happened to my prisoners I asked for?” he stepped closer to the bodies, examining them one by one “I hope you won’t fail us anymore in this campaign” his head turned back to Anethrax “The Dark lady and I wouldn’t be best pleased” .
“I serve the Dark lady Cain, not your own personal agenda” Anethrax turned and walked towards Terashen who was aiding Squadron with a new communications device, as she did the cold laughter of Cain filled the dead village.
“Worm” she muttered to herself , picturing Cain’s face.

“There you’re ready to piss us all off again Squad” Terashen said as he fitted the new communications device to Sqaudron
“I do it to make you happy Tera” Squadron grinned then turned to salute the Mistress
“Mistress” Terashen followed suit
“Deathmasters we will settle and regroup here tonight, make sure we are ready to move out in three hours” Anethrax said in a low voice to avoid their new guests from overhearing any of their plans
“As you wish Mistress, we will be ready to move out in three hours” repeated Terashen, the two Deathmasters saluted once more and went out to go about their orders.

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(( Really enjoying this story Ane' and you capture the personalities of the different Thorns perfectly ))
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((Wonderfull read, and I must commend you for capturing Cains personality perfectly. Keep it up))

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Daggers and Poison
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