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 A Thorn and a Rose.

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PostSubject: A Thorn and a Rose.    Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:15 pm

((This is Shay's version of the Thorn Captive thread.))


Darkness...How long had he wandered through this half-life? Time had long since stopped having meaning, it could have been days, weeks or years it didn't matter, it wasn't important. All that counted was the search for Iskaroth, he could feel it was almost at an end, sense the essence of his goal ever closer. Steeling himself he battled onwards through the invasive blackness of death.

Then from somewhere out of the abyssal darkness, or was it in his head?
"Shay..." a faint plaintive voice "Shay"

He stopped and listened unsure of what he'd heard if in fact he'd heard it at all. But no, there it was again, "Shay...Shay....where are you?"
"Robi" he allowed himself to think of the woman he'd left behind, the woman he'd banished from his mind in order to complete this task. Why now would he hear her voice in the dark?
"Shay...Shay...." her voice sounded desperate, he looked around and saw nothing. His mind was playing tricks..but no, his mind was sharp and clear, another honed weapon, he was not given to fanciful thoughts, he had trained his mind as ruthlessly as his body and skills.
"Shay...." her voice faded into a soft whisper, he could hear her tears as the voice sadly echoed into silence.

He continued forward, Robis cry haunting him, the memory of it invading his cause.
He shook his head and pushed her to the back of his mind..or tried.
She would not be banished, he knew with instinct that it was a cry from her heart to his, she was in trouble, she needed him.. He had never felt so damned helpless, beneath his hood he gritted his teeth.

He closed his eyes trying to exorcise her once more, the vision of her filled his mind, she was silently mouthing his name, she held out her hands to him and clenched in her fist he saw a rose and a bloodied thorn.
He snapped his eyes open, his hand reached to a pouch at his waist, his decision made he took the soulstone.
Iskaroth his mentor, he who he had sworn to serve? or Robi, the woman he had sworn to love and protect? He knew there was no choice.
"Robi" he willed her name "Hold on...." he crushed the soulstone in his fist, he fell to his knees then forward onto his face, his eyes closed his mind emptied.

"Nnng.." he say bolt upright shivering, his eyes shot open. "Robi..."
Within seconds he was on his feet, he staggered slightly as his lifeforce seeped back into his body.
Then he ran, urged on by the vision of the Rose and the Thorn, he prayed to fel he was wrong what it foretold.

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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:59 pm

(( It's great Shay, look forward to more Smile ))
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Robi Kaezlan.

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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:49 pm

With Ivery and Helf guarding Arli, she curled up by the fire and slept.

She seemed to be sinking into a thick grey swirling mist, her vision becoming blurred, her hearing dulled as it snaked around her, coldly caressing her.

All around her dense grey, a strange eerie calm descended over her. She closed her eyes, if in fact they had ever been open...a strange surreal feeling filled her.

She thought she heard Arli laugh somewhere and she looked around, nothing, then low, laughing mocking Thalassian voices. She screamed as she thought she felt someone or something touch her, her scream nothing more than a muffled whisper in the insidious grey.

Then Arli stood before her smirking he handed her a bag, as she reached to take it he upended dropping the contents at her feet, another scream as Shays head stared up at her.

"Shay..." her voice sounded plaintive in her head "Shay...."

"Every Rose has it's thorn" laughed Arli "It seems I was his...." He pushed a wilting black rose and a sharp thorn into her hand.

His laugh echoed around her head.

"Shay...Shay....where are you?"

"Robi" she heard Shays voice. She held out her hands towards the sound.

"Robi...Robi...." Ivery shook her gently awake, she looked at him then looked around.
They were in the camp in Elwynn, the fire was low and Helf and Ivery both looked at her with concern.

"You were shouting in your sleep....bad dream I guess"

Slowly her sense of reality returned and she smiled at the two men sheepishly.

"Guess so..."

The memory of her dream faded even as she spoke.
"Look at you," smiled Ivery "All that thrashing around youve cut yourself"

Gently taking her hand in his he pulled a sharp thorn from the heel of her hand.

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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:59 pm

Goldshire was the obvious first choice, Robi was known there, many people should be able to tell him where she was and if she was in trouble.

A hush fell across the village as he walked down its wide dusty path towards the inn. He could feel peoples eyes follow his progress. He ignored it, dismissed the low whispers of "Rose" "Cultist" and "Shayanan...". These peoples opinions or thoughts were unimportant to him. He cared little for their like or dislike of him.

"If youre looking for the little lady Shay..." someone goaded him mockingly "She ran off with a Knight and a bloodelf I hear..."

Shay turned his hooded face towards the speaker who immediately paled and silenced.

"Speak.." Shay said simply, his tone even and neutral but with an edge to it which defied defiance.

The speaker gesticulated lamely and shrugged forcing a laugh.

"Ha ha...Shayanan..Shay...good to see you.." his voice shaking slightly, his eyes transfixed on Shays daggers "Gerrond will know, best ask him...he's spent a lot of time with her lately..."

Shay nodded but his gut knotted at the thought of not knowing why Gerrond had spent time with her.

He had found Gerrond and the two men talked, away from the village.

Gerrond had been reluctant to talk at first, unsure how much to say, but eventually told Shay he had spent time with Robi to watch out for her.

Shay nodded.
He was glad of his hood to hide his reaction as Gerrond related the little he knew about the kidnap of Arli.
This was potentially more serious than he thought. He had speculated that perhaps Robi had been taken by The Vile Thorn, but the other way round? if Anethrax knew, then every Vile Thorn would be looking and Robi would be killed on sight.

Weakness...How long had he been away from his body? He looked at his surroundings and judged by the trees and grass he had been away almost half a year. In that time his body left behind had been without sustenance the muscle was wasting, his energy low and his reactions too slow for effectiveness.
He must train, he was no good to Robi like this. No good to himself.
So once again clearing all from his mind he focussed on the task in hand and pushed his body to the limits of endurance, toning the wasted tissue, re-oiling his blade skills back to their swift deadly precision and re-schooling his thought process, ordering his mind to the task in hand. He could afford no distractions he banished emotion and put his feelings for Robi out of his mind. Until this was settled he could not afford to love her.

He was ready.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:03 pm

Great story Shay
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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:51 am

At the top of the hill he stood, a good vantage point although he didn't know what he was looking for.

The range of small hills that divided Northshire from Elwynn Forest seemed somehow apt to prepare for his search for Arli, Robi and this Ivery.

He checked his thoughts of Ivery, again it could wait until this was over.

He scanned the horizon in all directions looking beyond the scenery trying to focus on Robi hoping to attune to her and give him something on which to start his search.
Any thought she may be dead never entered the equation, she lived and she was close, he felt it gut deep.

He closed his eyes and let her fill his mind utilising the darker recesses of his mind to try to scry her whereabouts.

He heard a soft gasp behind him, he turned quickly on his heel his hand already drawing a blade.
He felt the bloodrush through his veins, could hear it pounding in his head and hissing in his ears, his heart beat like a hammer against his chest, as his hooded eyes fell on the form of Robi standing pale and dumbstruck before him.

"Sh..Sh..Shay..? she stammered.

He composed himself, told himself this wasn't the time and simply nodded.

She stood in front of him, her eyes searching him, he could feel her willing him to remove his hood. He stood unmoving finally managing to say calmly. "Yes its me"
He knew he was probably hurting her, this isn't what she would have imagined their first meeting to be like, but needs must, he had to stay focussed, emotion now would make him weak, his love would make him weak..she would make him weak. Behind his hood he closed his eyes blocking out her pain, he gritted his teeth he would stay strong.
Her voice broke his concentration.

"Am I still your wife...? she asked.

Again he closed his eyes unable to look at her face, her all too expressive eyes filled with hurt and sorrow. He girded himself,braced himself for her tears and as casually as he could replied.

"If you want to be..."

He looked away, he couldn't hold her eyes.
"If I want to be....?" her voice was bewildered and hurt as he nodded again.

She lowered her head, he knew she was hiding tears, he ached to hold her. He would explain it later when this was over, when he had sorted this situation out. He hoped it wouldn't take too long, once they knew he wasn't a thorn captive, Arli could be freed, he would escort him safely back to Silvermoon and bargain Robi's safety with the Vile Thorn.

This Ivery he thought could fend for himself.

"Where is he?" he asked
"Safe" she replied

"Do you remember where we first declared our love?" she asked him smiling slightly
He nodded. How could he forget? He smiled thinking about it. How they'd made love by the camp-fire and she'd asked him "Will you still be around tomorrow then?"

He took off his hood and stepped towards her, she looked up as he smiled.
Wrapping his arms around her he kissed her deeply, he felt her tense then fold into his embrace.
They stood together for a moment before he released her and put his hood back on.
Why had he done that? He cursed himself for his weakness but couldn't feel regret.

"Go" he said "I'll prepare and find you"
He avoided looking at her as she nodded.

He pointedly stood with his back to her as she started to walk down the hillside, when he turned around she had gone.

Focus....must keep the objective in focus, no distractions no diversion, no more lapses into weakness.
His mind now working to form a plan of action for brokering Robi's safety and getting Arli home, he swiftly mounted his bear and rode for The Burning Steppes.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:22 pm

He scaled down the rockface with the agility of a cat, vaulting the last few metres to land almost silently in the soft springy grass of The Northshire Valley. He crouched and surveyed the landscape, across the small pool he saw them, Ivery and Robi sitting close beside a small campfire, the light from the fire reflected off the canvas of a tent casting a silhouette of someone inside the tent, this he presumed was Arli.

Sticking to the shadows he silently stalked to the camp, he stood unseen within earshot and listened for a while, then hearing nothing of any note he walked calmly from the shadows and into the camp.

Ivery and Robi didn't appear to see him as they sat close together quietly talking. He felt slightly irritated at their lax guard and idly thought about cutting Iverys throat to highlight their complacency. They only looked up and around when Arli's voice broke the silence.

"Shay brother...." and held out his bound wrists.

Shay bent to cut the bonds around Arlis wrists.
"Shay no..." Robi caught his hand and briefly explained why Arli was bound.
"Aye" Ivery interjected "leave the little bugger bound he's been nothing but a pain in the arse"

Shay eyed Ivery coldly and shrugging Robis hand from his, quickly sliced the ropes around Arli's wrists. He ignored Robis protests and threw Arli a small knife so he could cut his own legs bonds. Giving Arli a knife was calculated to show trust and brotherhood, he and Arli had a lot of history not all good, but throughout they had a tenuous trust of each other and a grudging respect, he would not have it destroyed by these two.

"But Shay...he'll escape.." Robi protested.

Shay turned his hooded face to her.

"Thorns do not have me, they never have had me, I am here, its what you wanted, you have no need to keep Arli your prisoner." he answered

"They'll kill me and Ivery on sight Shay...we need him to bargain with" Robi tried to protest, he held up a hand to silence her.
"I will see no harm comes to you" he replied
"And Ivery?" she asked, he noticed she hadn't moved far from Iverys side or he from hers.
He remained silent.

He watched her as she walked to the waters edge, did she think so little of him that she thought he would let her die at the hands of the Thorns?
Arli walked towards him still twirling the dagger and grinning towards Ivery, let him enjoy the moment, the bruises on his face and his stance showed he had taken some punishment from his captors.
He wouldn't let Arli kill Ivery, but may find his reflexes a little slower should Arli decide to throw a punch on Iverys jaw.

Shay turned away not wanting to see Ivery and Robi together, their body language spoke volumes and he did not want to think of it now. It could wait.
He spun quickly back around as he heard Arli shout and Robi cry out, he saw a flash of a dagger then Arli dive into the water.
There was nowhere for Arli to go and Shay didnt bother following. A cursory look at Robi saw she was unharmed and he strode the the waters edge to help Ivery haul Arli from the lake.

Shay shook his head at Arli and did not interfere when Ivery hit him.

As Arli shivered by the fire Shay squatted beside him.

"That was foolish, Arli." Shay stated and Arli nodded
"You have to help me Shay..." Arli was almost pleading
Shay nodded.
"I will brother, but you will have to trust me"
Arli nodded again, his features contorted with pain.
"Stop that oaf beating me..." Arli coughed and spat blood.
Shay turned his face towards Ivery, his eyes cold behind the hood as he regarded him tending to Robi.
"I will.."
Arli nodded and offered his hand to Shay and the two clasped arms.
"Trust.." said Shay
"Trust brother.." replied Arli.

Acting on information Ivery left to investigate this mage who had supposedly started this whole escapade off, it was with mixed feelings Shay watched him leave. He had watched as Ivery and Robi stood close by the fire, Shays hand went to the hilt of his dagger as he saw Ivery lift Robis chin with a his finger and look into her eyes. Shay knew if Ivery kissed her he would kill him where he stood. He looked away, he didnt want to see, didnt want to know, killing Ivery now would be of no use to them, not yet.

Shay gestured with a curt nod for Arli to get in the tent, then with his heart beating fast went across to where Robi stood.
She looked up and smiled slightly, she looked tired he thought and again resisted the urge to pull her to him. This time it was pride that stopped him, he had seen her with Ivery, felt their closeness, he was not about to bare his soul to have her crush it with her rejection.
He pushed it out of his immediate thought, it was now imperative Arli be returned to Horde lands and the deals brokered. He wanted a swift end to this, then and only then could he attend to the pressing matter of Robi.

On Iverys return, Shay announced that they would take Arli to Ravenholdt, it was neutral and close to Tirisfal, a word with the guards would ensure Arli was detained until Shay could tell Anethrax where he was being held, he would bargain Robi's safety and the Thorns could take Arli home.

A quick simple resolution.

He told Arli the plan and the elf nodded grinning. Shay and Arli talked long into the night, Arli telling Shay all that had happened, promising he would try to intercede for Robi, but couldnt guarantee Anethrax would agree.

"Then I'll kill her" Shay stated
"I'd have to help her brother, I am a Thorn first"
Shay nodded
"If the Mistress says Robi is to die, then I cannot disobey"
Shay again nodded.
"I doubt she will let her live..." Arli said
Shay sighed.
"Thats it then" replied Shay."You to Ravenholdt and I to kill Anethrax, Robi will-not- be harmed.
Arli could only nod.

Robi protested when Shay told her and Ivery scowled, voicing his uncertainty but grudgingly agreed under Shays arguement that he knew Thorns and as this had been done in his name, it was down to him to sort the mess caused.
He insisted that Robi go to Goldshire and get some real sleep in the inn, she was exhausted and confused, no good to them in that state, all would need their wits about them if this was to come off.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:52 pm

Ok, I'm being a little pedantic here, but Arli would never nod when someone says they are to kill the Thorn Mistress. He would more likely say that he would protect the Mistress with his life and if Shay killed her, spend his days hunting him. Nice interpretation of what happened otherwise Wink
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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:10 pm

"She's gone where?" Shay tried not to sound irritated but felt as if he was failing. "You let her go alone?"

Ivery looked up from the mound of papers he was poring over.
"She's gone to Hillsbrad, something about meeting this mage, look Shay.. she can take care of herself..." Ivery replied as he filed the papers away and strapped on his daggers. "Im meeting her in Ravenholdt later"

Shay didnt condescend to reply he turned and walked out mentally noting another reason to kill Ivery, if anymore were needed.

Robi telling Fahrad that Arli worked for the syndicate had not helped matters, he was struggling now to even find Anethrax let alone negotiate, and this latest setback meant that every Thorn was out scouring for Arli or Robi, whichever they found first he guessed. He had been so close...

He needed to get to Southshore, find her, see if he could talk some sense into that stubborn head of hers.He frowned under his hood, he hoped he could resolve this before it escalated out of his control. As it stood only with Arlis safe release could there be a reasonable resolution, if not then Arli's death.

He arrived in Southshore at the same time as the gryphon carrying Robi, he sat mounted on his bear and waited silently as she walked towards him, her face questioning his presence.

"wh..?" she started
"You told Fahrad?" he replied
She shook her head "not yet, I have to see this mage, he said on the main road..."
Shay nodded curtly.
He looked at her and saw the uncertainty in her face, he knew she was scared, in over her head. She looked to him for reassurance.
"We'll meet this mage then Ravenholdt" he said calmly.
She nodded and smiled up at him as she swung into the saddle, he noted she looked relieved.

A brief talk with the mage, he'd stayed stealthed in shadow listening. As the mage declared Thorns had stopped looking for Arli and suggested Robi kill him, Shays senses became alert. He knew Thorns, they were for each other before all else, they would not forsake Arli.
With a final warning that Robi go to Arli now, the mage left.

Shay scanned his surroundings, something didn't feel right. A movement from the corner of his eye, he turned, a startled rabbit, no more. He frowned, what had startled it?
He heard Robi urge Indy on then heard her gasp, looking up he saw her slip from the horses back.

"Orthos..." he hissed through gritted teeth as he saw the Thorn haul Robi to her feet.
Daggers already drawn and dripping poison, he leapt silently from the shadows towards Orthos and Robi. Then he was fighting for his life as three forsaken lunged from the shadows.

In grim silence, broken only by the clasing of steel, he fought his assailants, hard pushed to assault, he brandished and swung his daggers with lightning reflex deflecting the raining thrusts and melee of his opponants. A sharp stabbing pain in his side as a dagger pierced his armour, he staggered slightly but continued to parry and dodge, another to the arm, then from behind a numbing blow, he fell forward, throwing a knife as he landed.
He heard her yell his name, then Orthos's voice barking commands in orcish. The forsaken melted into the shadows.
"Shayanan..." a forsaken voice hissed behind him as a blade sunk between his shoulder blades.A rasping laugh then silence.

Failure.... Shay gritted his teeth and cursed his inability to save her. The one time she had needed him..he had failed her.
He rose, he ran, clutching his side he ignored the pain and the blood, he ran. Arli, pushing his way past the guards he brooked no arguement, he would not be stopped,

"Where...?" Shay demanded of Arli. The elf looked confused,
Shay explained shortly what had happened and demanded Arli give him locations of where she may be taken.

"If its Orthos there is little hope..." Arli replied. "Let me go and I will see what I can do"
Shay ignored it and placed a hand on his dagger.
Arli gave him three possible locations, all of which he was dubious about but at this stage could not afford to dismiss any lead no matter how tenuous.

Shay nodded.

"Brother..they will kill her, let it be, let me go and save yourself. Leave her and Ivery to their fate."
Arli reasoned.

Shay shook his head once.

"They kill her, I kill Anethrax" he stated.
"Then we will no longer be brothers Shay, my life is sworn to the Thorns, if you kill The Mistress, I will spend the rest of time hunting you down and I will kill you.."

Shay nodded his understanding, he had expected no other.
"Then I see no reason to spare you further" and in one movement drew his dagger and rammed it home between Arlis ribs.

Confusion.... Arli yelled, the guards came, Fahrad shouted and Shay melted into shadows.

Stormwind...SI:7, no place for pride or personal feelings, he needed help if he were to save Robi, Ivery was his best hope.

He was fairly sure now that Robi had been taken to Brill, Thorn headquarters, he couldn't hope to breach it alone, he needed distraction.

Ivery was in conversation with Hollye, commander of the Knights of Lordaeron. He ignored her presence and explained quickly what had happened and that they needed to leave.
Ivery agreed, Hollye did not and argued against rash action forbidding Ivery to act alone, Shay shrugged, he would muster allies from the Dead Rose.
Hollye bargained for some time to think stating cooly that impulsive action without thought would kill Robi before the Thorns.

In his mind Shay was forced to agree but said nothing, merely inclined his head.

Patience...the knights gathered and discussed their tactics, what tactics did they need? They ride they fight they distract and he would get Robi, killing Anethrax would be a bonus but not his objective unless Robi was already dead.

Finally it seemed they were prepared, and the force left for The Plaguelands.
As soon as they landed he slipped into shadow and headed towards the town of Brill, Ivery followed and between them silently scouted the town. They saw her, alive, Shay took a sharp but silent intake of breath and spat "bastards..." as he saw the bloodied mess of her face.
Ivery nodded and gestured they return to the base and report. Shay reluctantly agreed, there were more than he had expected, not all Thorns, an attempt to rescue now would be suicide for him and murder for Robi, but it pained him to turn his back and leave her in their hands.

He stood silently as Ivery reported back and listened impassively as battle orders were given. He cared not for their tactics, they were merely his diversion. Their mission was not his, once Robi was free they could do what they liked. He noticed Arli in the thong. So Ravenholdt have saved him, he hoped they werent going to attempt exchange, Thorns would take Arli and hand them Robi back in pieces.

The battle itself was quick but bloody, a co-ordinated attack took the horde forces almost unaware, he sprinted in shadow to where Robi was last held.
"Shayanan..." a voice rasped laughing.
He spun, Squadron, forsaken Thorn, argueably their best, swift and deadly and not usually given to warn his opponant of his approach.

Damn him, not now. he spared a glance to where he had last seen Robi, just in time to see her leap onto a horse behind Ivery. A twist in his gut but there was no time to dwell on it as he found himself one on one fighting for his life.

As they fought he heard both sides call a retreat to regroup. They paused and grinned coldly at each other, an order from The Mistress was disobeyed on pain of death, this fight was unfinished business and they both knew it.They'd meet again soon enough, only next time, only one of them would walk away.

By the time he arrived at the rendevous Robi had gone, he felt a cold anger as he looked at Ivery, when this was over he would address it, take this man apart for taking advantage of his wife.

Helplessness....he watched from behind his hood as Robi gave her debriefing to the assembly in SI:7. Her eyes never left him as she spoke, explaining what she'd done and why.Her face was anxious and her eyes almost pleading him to say something.
Goddam it, why couldn't he say what was in his mind? Why couldn't he speak out, tell her he was proud of her, that he was humbled by her devotion...?
Her face, her voice..all begging him silently to tell her she hadn't done this in vain. He knew his face would tell her all she needed to know, dammit..why didn't he just tell her? Take off his hood and show her?

"She went through a lot to get you back..." Hollye's voice cut into his thoughts, again he felt Robis eyes on him, waiting for him to reply.
"I know" he heard himself reply.

He saw Robi drop her gaze from him and look at the floor, yet still he stood, he cursed himself for his indecision as Iverys arm slipped around her and he guided her out.

Had it been for nothing? thats the question she'd wanted an answer to, but as he watched her walk away from him leaning against Ivery, he couldn't help but think that only she could answer it.
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PostSubject: Re: A Thorn and a Rose.    

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A Thorn and a Rose.
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