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 A friends cry for help.. A mans toughts

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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: A friends cry for help.. A mans toughts   Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:27 pm

Helfdane let the last hammerblow hit the bloodred armour piece with great force, sending red hot pieces of the battered metall flying everywhere. He let out a curse as one of them landed on his massive shoulder before flicking it away almost automatic before it would burn itself all the way down to the bone. He took a piece of cloth and carefully wiped off all the sweat covering his forehead before taking out a nipper carefully watching the bloodred colour of the armour to determine the temperature before he carefully sinks it down in a barrel of water letting it sink as hot steam fills the air for a few seconds.

Silly girl.. he tought, he knew Robi were up to something but he couldn't figure what. Her obsession about Shay becoming a problem for herself.. Altough he could understand her. It didn't get better that day in Goldshire when she heard that suspicious looking mage talking about him. The question is.. should i help or not? For him there was only one answer.. Always help a friend in peril.. But still it was something fishy about the whole situation he tought.

Light.. i really need to stop thinking about this... He peered at the armour in the barrel of water and realised that it had been in there for to long. He cursed as he picked up the now the way to fragile piece of metall ripping it in two pieces and threw them into a corner of the Blacksmith.

He went out in the sunlight before taking a giant sword from a rack starting to swing it relentlessly practicing the way of the sword.. The blade had somewhat a weight of around 5 normal swords but he liked it that way.. It werent something he used in any battle but the sheer weight of it made it possible to swing his normal sword quicker than most people could imagine. He sighed deeply dropping the sword on the ground with a loud thud. What's this? Am i so weak that i can't even train normally without thinking about what might happen to Robi? he tought. He shook his head in disbelief altough he knew it was right that he was worrying about her.. They had been friends for a long time.. And he had a interesting relationship to her mother before that.. Not cause it ended up in anything he tought. Damn that man that strangled her he tought.

Alright i just can't let it go on like this anymore.. He went into another room and started to put on his judgement armour a relic he had deserved for great deeds in his younger days. He finished the last bindings on his armour and picked up the helmet carefully looking at before putting it on his head.

Later on..

When he went into the house the first thing he saw was Ivery and Robi standing in front of an shadow.. He didn't recognise. He went closer before realising who it was. Arli.. By the light what have she done now? He tought. He knew that Robi was desperate in finding Shay.. But kidnapping one of the bloody Thorns Deathmasters? That's just insanity.. Alright i guess i have to play according to her little plan then.. Altough im really worried..

For the task aswell involved he actually had to heal Arli while Ivery pummeled him.. Heh this is just getting to much to handle.. I gave up that path a long time ago.. He tought. Getting information out of a man could be quite easy if you did the right things.. Of course he knew that.. But even this was making him sick and made him think of his past and dark dungeons. Light..

He meet that mage once again a little later.. When carrying unconcious Arli on his Charger.. He didn't like the mage at all not cause of the tasks the man gave Robi.. It was just something in his mind.. that made him feel really uncomfortable.. Something that weren't right at all. Something that still lingered under the surface of every happening until now.. I better play along.. It's probably the best for me and Robi.. He made sure that Arli was put in a secret place together with Robi and Ivery guarding him for some time before returning home.. Collapsing on the bed thinking about what could happen if something went wrong before he fell asleep exhausted.

Later on he found out that Robi was kidnapped..

Light stupid girl.. He knew that something was up.. That something would happen to one of them.. Ivery was safe enough.. and he knew himself that he where not an easy target.. But Robi being as close to the Thorns as she where.. that only meant trouble from the start. Why didn't i act sooner?.. why? He let out a roar cursing his own inability to take care of his friends before smashing a 4 inch table apart with one blow of his fist.. Damn.. He looked at his fist picking small pieces of wood from his knuckles before deciding to join the Knights in their search for her... Not stopping.. Not eating. Not rest until she was back home safe again. Cause that is what friends do right? He tought..

Days passed until he heard of the meeting at Brill.. And the incoming Alliance assault.. So this is it then?.. Finally... he almost laughed before stopping with a weird look at his face.. Why am i laughing for? This is dead serious afterall.. One of his friends life where on the edge and he had to make sure she would get home safe with the others.

He laughed again picking up his sword and opened the door walking out.. This was a great day after all.. His blood where almost boiling under his skin and the adrenalin made his vision clearer..

Time to pick up a friend.

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A friends cry for help.. A mans toughts
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