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 The reunion

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PostSubject: The reunion   Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:41 pm

The reunion

Ilsinea was filling in the report for today. "There had been a several elemental attacks again today, we managed to fight them all off with minor casualties and very little damage this time. Although I wonder how much more we can take. Wave after wave is bearing down on the city, tiring everyone who is inside it. The Sanguine Assembly have been doing their work very well, fighting off elementals with our magic and closing down the portals quickly. But we don't have the numbers to hold an attack fast enough to avoid casualties and damage. Each wave will damage something or kill someone. At some point we don't have the manpower to hold the attacks. We need to find a way to end the invasion, quickly. We've discovered that elemental lieutenants are behind this but they're elusive and hard to take out. We hope by killing them that the invasion stops and we're save again. Hopefully this will stop the earthquakes also, I wouldn't be surprised if the roof would collapse me on someday.". She folded the letter, putted it in an envelope and put the seal of Silvermoon on it. She heard some footsteps behind her and turned around.

"It's been a while Ilsinea." a familliar voice said.

She looked at the elf. He had long red hair, a red bandit mask along with red coloured leather. She wondered why a stranger would call her by her first name, especially one she doesn't know. And apparent he knows her but she couldn't lay the finger on where he could have might known her. Also his voice sound very familiar, a voice she hasn't heard in a long time.

"Greetings stranger. What is your business here?" she replied.

The stranger removed his mask, revealing his face. He smiled at her. Ilsinea's heart stopped for a moment when she saw his face
"I-is that you? Is that really you Sertian?"

"Yes it's me Ilsinea." he replied and his smile becoming even wider. Ilsinea doubted no moment and ran for him, hugging her brother.

"You're alive! I feared the worse after all these many long years. It been over a hundred years since we last saw each other. Where have you been?" while releasing herself from the hug. He had some similar traits as Ilsinea but only a few could lay the link between brother and sister.

"In and around the world, moving on from employee to employee making my earn."

"You were always a free spirit Sertian."

"Civilization is to closed for me, I need open space... I've been in Silvermoon for a while now. I heard you made it to Silvermoon Countess. And you're made noble. I guess our family finally made a name in Quel'thalas."

She smiled at him. "Yes I did, I never asked for it but my achievements in Silvermoon did not go unnoticed and I was asked to join the council as representative of the magisters. I could not refuse such an offer to serve my people like this. It was such an honour." she said. "But you've been a while in Silvermoon, why did you not visit me before? What is the reason?"

"The elemental invasion is sister. I feared something might happen to you and I would never see you again. When I returned to Silvermoon I did not knew you were alive. Shortly after my stay there I heard of a Councillor Fireleaf. I went to check out and it turned to be you. But I... was scared for your reaction. It's been so long and I've left you, mom and dad behind just like that. I assumed after the scourge invasion that I was the only Fireleaf left. And by the way, how are mom and dad? Are they still around.?"

"They went to a better place, few months ago I got confirmation when our family ring returned to him. A tradesman had it with him hopefully returning it to the rightful owner. He was very well befriended with our parents."

Sertian's smile faded when he heard about this parents, but he had figured out they weren't around anymore. This is just a confirmation he thought.

The two walked through Orgrimmar. Ilsinea had to drop off her report and they could continue their conversation on the way. After the letter being dropped off they continued the talk. Sertian seemed to have a very interesting life by going around the world and working for a lot of people. Ilsinea was amazed of his language skills. She hadn't seen anyone before who could speak so many languages.

After a long night of reunion she two split after a long goodbye hoping to see each other soon. Ilsinea made her way to the headquarters of the Sanguine Assembly in Orgrimmar. Sertian moved back to Silvermoon and putted his Vile Thorn tabard on. Thoughts roamed his mind afterwards... "It's best for her not to know I'm working for the Vile Thorn and it's best that the Vile Thorn doesn't know she is my sister. They surely would ask me to do things I would not like. Her position of power is wanted by the Vile Thorn, or her services and they would try to achieve it through me. I hope no one saw me today."
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The reunion
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