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 The Battle for Hillsbrad

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PostSubject: The Battle for Hillsbrad   Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:35 pm

** Deleted - Character no longer on TVC **

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PostSubject: Re: The Battle for Hillsbrad   Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:49 pm

Tiaraszh took a final whiff of his cigarette and stumped it against his shoulderpad. He knocked the butt into a spinning fall, watching it dash through the air before vanishing out of sight. He leaned against the stone fortifications of the Southshore watchtower and gazed across the fields and the forests opening up ahead. During the last months, he had learnt to regard this place as closest thing to a home he had had in a long time. Again. For a brief moment he felt the urge to go out and try find the place where a house had once stood. A small wooden house. A small wooden cage as he had regarded it back in the days. The place of his birth that he had quickly abandoned to pursue life of higher excitement. He shrugged. The house had been gone since the Second War and there had been nothing left for him there back then and surely even less now.

It was not faint memories of the stern commanding voice of his father, nor the high-pitched squealing voice of his mother that he was fighting for. It was not the ever-present smell of cow-dung nor the calluses on his hands after a hard day of work that drove him forward. It was not even the panicked determination of the locals nor the frightful gazes of the children wondering what had everyone so upset. No, he felt barely anything when watching at them, his eyes met with glares of suspicion and fear of what he was. He felt no pity, no sympathy, not even desire to protect. He could feign it all. He could try remembering how he had felt when met with such a sight before his death. But he was tired of feigning.

No, he'd fight for the same reason as always. The same reason he had been fighting for his entire life. Because it was the only damn thing he was good for.
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle for Hillsbrad   Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:18 pm

The shadowy girl sat on the edge of the tower, her feet dangling off the edge as she watched the city square bustle below.

An hour ago she had everything. She had friends, a purpose, a reason to carry on.

An hour ago she was a Thorn.

An hour ago she was a Dark Ranger.

Now, she was nothing.

A tear, transparant and glowing ran down her ethreal cheek, her lower jaw trembling from the cold and fear. She had been given a choise. She tried to choose both.
She got neither. Resigned from the Dark Rangers, booted out the Thorns. Placing a hand to her chest, she still felt the knife going in, twisting... the fear, the grief..

Arli didn't say anything. She was sure he would... She had saved his life, all that time ago in Blackrock. He had followed her to outland, where she had prevented its destruction in an Insurance scam. But then it started to go wrong.

Arli was caught in a scandal, named unworthy to mentor Thorns, and she had been moved to Orthos. Cruel, uncaring. She had been tossed aside for The mistress' daughter of all people...

And then when she refused to leave her Lady's side she was cast out. unable to bear it she had Asked Her Lady personally if she could take a leave of Absence.

The Small, transparant girl sniffed, her eyes full of tears, unable to hold it all together. Hilled by someone she'd entrusted her life to. Betrayed. Murdered. And then he stole the one thing that ment most to her in the world, the spyglass. Placing her head in her arms, she burst into full out tears, her breathing irregular and painfull. She couldn't even return to the body, not untill the Fatal wound had been closed.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

The Girl nodded quietly, as the Second banshee sat down on the ledge next to her, placing her arm around her and hugging her Tight.

"Don't worry Lem. Cleas here."
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle for Hillsbrad   Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:15 am

“Have y-you seen any yet?” Roéd whispered into his ear. The imp shrugged and shook his head. The elf had been so close that the imps ear bumped against his cheek.
“Nope.. Not sure how to tell a paladin from any other human girl though.” The imp replied.
“They are very pretty a-and ride mighty steeds and carry fierce blades. Al-also they are very awe-inspiring.” The elf whispered and Dag could hear the awe in his voice.
“Riiiight… Well I’m not inspired nor awed. All your friends are just standing about in these bloody bushes. I hate nature, boss. You know I hate nature.”
“There’s Dronog!” The elf breathed.
The large orc had already run away from the redheaded elf twice since he had arrived at Hillsbrad.
Roéd thought that since they were a team in the arena they should fight together here too. Like a team. Dronog did not seem to agree. Roéd did not seem to notice.
The elf pulled his horse’s reins and she took them to the orc.
“Hi.” Roéd greeted the orc silently while climbing down from his horse, Dag hopped down after him. The orc didn’t reply. Suddenly there was a lot of yelling and the orc leaped forward, Roéd following at his heels. The town they were attacking was the same they had attacked a few weeks earlier, but there were more people here now.
A dwarf came running towards them, this was too much of a distraction for Roéd to ignore and so Dronog managed to slip away again.
Before the battle had started, it was over and Roéd was called away to stand in some other bushes. Daggup could see he was anxious to get back to the battle so he could see paladins but he stayed and listened. When they had all mounted up again and started to ride, the elf lagged behind and discretely broke from the group.
“I want to l-look for paladins.” The elf informed Dag.
“Won’t you get in trouble?”
“I d-don’t know.”
“Well, you’re the boss.” For a time they rode around but they spotted no pretty paladin girls so Roéd steered them back to where the Marauders had gone.
The warband made their way through Arathi Highlands and halted at the bridge. Dag peered about. He liked this spot.
“Aaaah!” Roéd waved his arms frantically then griped his reins. “Beeee!” He bellowed and kicked his horse into a gallop. They fled.
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle for Hillsbrad   

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The Battle for Hillsbrad
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