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 Falling Leaves

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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Falling Leaves   Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:27 pm

Helfdane sat down on a stone in the middle of nowhere carefully eyeing the surroundings trough the thin holes in his helmet. He let out a heavy sigh resting his sword against his hip. Damn messenger.. She should have arrived at Silvermoon hours ago.. but still he hadn't heard anything from her.

He removes his right gauntlet and runs his fingers trough the dry earth.. letting it slowly crumble and fall trough his fingers back into the ground. It was a long time ago since he felt like this.. But something had to be done.. And he didnt know of anyone else that could do it. He let the time pass thinking about other matters that went trough his mind.

Damn... I have to seek redemption for this later.. but now it's not the time.. It's the time to act before everything goes out of hand.. He tought.

I just have to wait a little longer.

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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:46 pm

Ithilida looked at the gates of the Silvermoon city before going inside. She walked trough the streets keeping the folded letter close to her heart.
This was a important task afterall.. She needed to get an hold on Arli but she didn't know where to look first.. She had only heard rumours about the Vile Thorns.. and their ruthlessness.. She shuddered as she felt a cold chill going trough her spine.

She ventured back and forth trough the city searching for clues but didnt find anything about his whereabouts. And at the end she was anxious about what she would say to the person that sent her if she didnt find her

She sighed deeply before sitting down in a corner in a nearby inn to rest. As a person in dark clothing appears
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:14 pm

It had been a good evening thus far. Having been hunting, alone, in Stranglethorn and Duskwood I feel that my work is done and a well deserved drink and maybe some socialising is in order. Murder Row Inn is empty so I decide to head to the Wayfarers Rest since it was pretty busy last night and looked like it had finally been restocked. However as I walk into the silent Inn I am dismayed to find that even the bar-keeper isn’t around, the only occupant of the Inn being a young female sitting in the corner.

“Hey..” I smile, “seen the bar keep around?”

She just shakes her head in return, “No, I’ve only just got here myself”.

“Shame”, I grin at the girl, “I’d have brought you a drink had the bar been open”. I turn and greet Ilsinea as she walks into the Inn.

The girl stands and shakes her head again, “No, I’m here to find someone, do you know Arli?”

I keep my smile steady as I reply “I know of him, why?” hoping that Ilsinea won’t tell her who I am. I am always wary when those I don’t know ask for me by name. I’ve many who are out to drive a dagger in me, and a fair few who are after me to repay debts, and of course always the concern of angry husbands trying to track me down.

“I’ve a message, well a note for him” the girl replies as she takes a sealed envelope from her tunic.

“Well, let me have it and I’ll make sure he gets it”, I smile warmly at the girl. “You can trust me”, I turn to Ilsinea, “Can’t she Lady Fireleaf?” I know I push my luck.

Ilsinea pauses for a moment then nods slightly, “Yes, and you can trust me I’m a councillor”.

“See!”, I beam at the girl, “I’ll make sure he gets it, don’t worry”.

The girl hesitantly gives me the envelope. “See you around…your name?” I ask her as I turn the envelope over, not recognising the handwriting.

She smiles at me, “Ithilida”.

“Well, see you around Ithilida and maybe a drink next time eh?”, She nods slightly and I watch her as she leaves the Inn.

“Arli, I need to give you warning”, speaks Ilsinea sounding concerned.

I nod “uhuh”, distracted as I open the envelope and take out the note.

“There has been a build up of magical energy, you need to be prepared, warn everyone you can”

“Hmm? Yeah sure”, I open the note and start to read.

“Arli, it’s important”, states Ilsinea.

I look up and smile, “I know, I’ll tell the Mistress ok?”

“Tell everyone, understood?”.

“Sure, sure”, I nod as I re-read the letter again, glancing up at Ilsinea as sighs as she walks from the Inn.

The note tells me that there is a contract I may be interested in and a contact to meet in Hillsbrad later that night. I am to meet the girl in the Court of the Sun if I wish to find out more. I fold the letter and quickly leave the Inn, heading for the Court. Ithilida is waiting for me and after assurances that I am interested in the contract, she instructs me to meet the contact in Durnholme within the hour. We part and I head towards Undercity’s flight master, applying fresh poisons on the way. This may be a trap, so I will be prepared and scout the area first. I consider whether to take my Thorn brothers as backup, and then decide that if it is indeed a trap, I don’t want to risk having to get them away safely. I can work faster alone.

I approach Durnholme from the back and slipping to the shadows I climb through a gap in the damaged walls. I keep to the shadows and move silently to a vantage point where I can see the entrance to the Keep. It isn’t long before a lone human appears and stands inside the gate, looking around. I wait a while and seeing no others, make my way silently across to him. I stay in the shadows, watching his back before I speak, in common,

“You…weapons down if you know what’s good for you” I speak, just loud enough for him to hear.

He nods without turning and places his large sword on the ground, stepping away.

“Good….you here to meet me, Arli?”

He nods again, “Show yourself”.

I hesitate, if this is indeed a trap then now is when it will be sprung. I unsheath my blades and stand relaxed as I step from the shadows.

“Behind you, human”.

He turns slowly and removes his helm. I recognise him to be Helfdane, one of the ones that guarded me during my captivity. Of all the alliance I encountered that week, he was the only one to show me respect and I even recall, although the memory is fuzzy as I was semi-conscious, that he healed me during a particularly vicious beating from Ivery.

I sheath my blades, “What do you want?”

“I need some dealt with” he replies calmly.

I watch him, impressed with his ease bearing in mind it is well known that for each Thorn you see, there are usually many of his brothers around that you don’t see.

“Horde or Alliance?” I reply.


I smile, “well that makes it a little easier”. I relax a little and we discuss the targets and payment. We negotiate a sum of gold to be paid to the Thorns, although I am more interested in the contacts he says he can get me. I noticed the respect shown to him by both Robinas and Ivery so I take him to be someone of importance and the contacts will be good. Finally a deal is agreed and we shake hands, I tell him that I will have my messenger provide him with regular reports. We part and I head to Hillsbrad Fields, needing to check the place remains deserted after the battles of the previous night.


“Good evening Thorns”, speaks the Mistress as she comes onto Comms. “Anything to report?”.

We all greet her respectfully and report in. When it is my turn I inform her that I have acquired a contract for the Thorns, the name of the alliance to be removed and the sum of gold to be paid. I don’t mention the promised contacts, that is a personal part of the deal I decide.

“Who is this for, Arli?” comes the reply.

I hesitate and try and steer her from the question, “This will be good training for the Thorns ma’am, and the gold will be deposited into the Thorn account of course”.

“Who is it for”.

I curse under my breath, “For an Alliance contact…a man of importance, Helfdane”.

There is a long silence over comms.

“Why did you not just kill the human and take the gold?” She asks coldly.

“…I thought we are being paid to kill his kin, I would be killing Alliance anyway so why not profit from it?”, I reply hesitantly.

“We do not work for the Alliance, is that understood, Deathmaster?”. I note all the other Thorns remain quiet, either from fear of being associated with me in this or simply enjoying the show. “Deathmaster, I said is that understood?”

“yes..yes ma’am”. I reply, “…but it will take me a few days to contact him, I need to get a contact to my’am”.

I get no reply and the Mistress moves on to other matters as Deadex requests to meet her. I curse to myself, damn it, I should have kept this quiet and just used Thorns to kill the targets without mention of any deal. I’ve a few days grace in which to fulfil the contract and hope that the Mistress will forget this incident enough for me to continue until the targets are removed.
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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:04 pm

I picked up my sword and strapped it once again on my back before taking my leave.. Looking over my shoulder as Arli disappeared from sight.. Alright it seems everything is set at the moment. Altough this is a dangerous game im playing..

Now the only thing that remained is to whatever Arli carried out his contract or not..

I had my doubts but man to man.. He knew that Arli where someone to stay true to his word.. For all other things that might interrupt I didnt care about. There where always other ways to finish what i had started.

I returned to Southshore before carefully taking off my breastplate carefully removing the extra layers of plate and thick leather for more moveability. Heh.. He didn't attack me afterall altough he had the chance i tought.

A man needs to be prepared for everything.. Even Assassination attempts from people he tried to make a contract with

I just remembered.. When he said "Behind you human" And i think i never been so close lashing out with holy magic against him altough i knew what he had came for.

Damn nerves.. Damn Assassins. Altough holding a deep respect for Arli i couldn't take any chances.

I went back to the Flightmaster and took a Gryphon back to Stormwind where i headed off to Goldshire.

What concerned me the most at that moment was that certain people i know where getting more involved than this than i could imagine.. I have to sort this out.

To make the thing worse.. he had lied a little aswell.. That made everything more dangerous if they found out.

Promising about contacts where always risky.. But supplying with false information could be even worse.

This was a game

And a game always had consequences if not turning out right.

Damnit.. I need to get a hold on Hollye

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:40 pm

((Everyone should learn to read Norwegian! It would be alot more easy. Anyway, hope I didn't get
it too wrong Wink ))

Iselinn lay in her bed under her covers. She shivered. She felt cold even though her skin was hot.
She looked pale, sick – a few bruises here and there. She peered angrily at the smirking night elf
in the opposite side of the room. Helfdane stood with his back to her infront of her bed in full armor
with his weapon held high. His eyes followed the elf as he finally left the small house in Ironforge.
Iselinn sighed out in relief and glanced worriedly at the injured man lying unconscious by her side
before looking back at Helfdane as he sheeted his weapon.
“He’s hurt, Helfdane… He’s resting here. He didn’t return from the battle until now, right before you
and the elf came.” Helfdane removed his helmet and grinned at her. Iselinn blushed and quickly
changed the topic. “How are you?” Helfdane’s grin faded quickly, he sighed and smiled faintly.
“Oh I’m quite well… Except from the fact that I might be in deep trouble at the moment…” Iselinn
looked at Helfdane for a moment before answering.
“In trouble…? With who?”
“Last Leaf…” Helfdane answered and hesitated before he added; “…and Thorns…”
“Last Leaf… I’ve heard that name before…” Iselinn answered before her jaw dropped. “Wait… What?
Thorns?” Iselinn looked frightened. “Why?”
“Well…” Helfdane hesitated again. “I had to get rid of the Last Leaf, Ise... So…” Iselinn interrupted
“Remind me who they are.” Iselinn peered at him while sitting back to the bed. She wiped her
forehead with her sleeve.
“It’s a mercenary guild causing trouble…” Helfdane answered. “I’m trying to hire Thorns to take them
out…” Iselinn gasped, she peered at him with wide eyes.
“I know, I know...” Helfdane quickly said “It’s gambling.”
“What in the world are you doing negotiating with the Thorns!? That’s not gambling, Helfdane. That’s
pure idiocy!”
“I ‘m doing it to protect people, Iselinn.” Helfdane looked straight into her eyes.
“You don’t hire Thorns for protection! Are you mad?” Iselinn looked furious. “Are you aware of the
situation you might have gotten yourself intoo?”
“Yes. I am quite aware.” Helfdane answered shortly.
“You are hiring a wanted horde organization, sworn enemies not only to the Knights to take out this
Last Leaf... They are of The Alliance, right?”
“Oh light, Helf!” Iselinn peered at him with big eyes, holding a hand over her widely parted lips.
Helfdane cleared his throat and peered to the floor “Sadine is involved… So is Shayanan…”
“What!?” Iselinn nearly shouted out. “No! Not Sadine!” Iselinn shook her head worriedly. “You two are
dealing with both Thorns and Roses?”
Helfdane shook his head. “She’s not involved directly, but she has received threats from these Last
Leaves. I’m the one dealing with the Thorns. Not her. ” Helfdane looked back at her.
“Sadine can ask her own for help, Helfdane. The Knights. Not the enemy.” Iselinn sighed and peered to
the side, thinking for a moment before turning her eyes back at Helfdane. She looked tired but stern
“Please, Helf. Pull out of it... You can’t trust them.”
“Iselinn, I didn’t contact the whole lot of them if that’s what you think.” He peered into her eyes again.
“You can’t order the assassination of your own people from a bunch of hordes! You could be charged with
treason, Helfdane!”
“So…?” Helfdane shrugged abit. “What if this mercenary group killed Sadine?”
“The Knights will protect her” Iselinn glared at Helfdane. “I don’t think you fully realize what you’ve done.
Do you?”
“Relax Iselinn, will you? I can call it off whenever I want to.”
“Don’t be that naive... How deep in are you? And how many have you told about this?” Iselinn dried her
forehead with her sleeve again while waiting for his answer. The tension was clearly not good for her
current condition.
“Not many. And as I said; I can call it off whenever I want to.”
“Helfdane… you have to. If you go through with this there is no telling what will happen… This doesn’t only
concern you if you get Sadine involved… And then it will suddenly also concern the Knights. You know I
have to tell Holly about this, right?” Helfdane sighed heavily and walked over to the wall beside Iselinn’s
bed. He dropped down on the floor and leant back.
“Don’t tell her, Ise. Sadine is only involved with spying on those Leaf people. Nothing else, all right?”
“Helfdane… She is my Commander.” Iselinn peered at him, she was tired and worried. “We are friends, but
when it comes to things like these, I am first and foremost a Knight…” Helfdane didn’t answer, and he didn’t
look at her. “You can’t put yourself in debt with the Thorns!” When he still didn’t answer she bit her lip and
looked away. She almost whispered; “Helfdane… I can’t have anything to do with someone who orders
killings from the Thorns…”
Iselinn was startled when Helfdane suddenly spoke again, his voice firm. “I’m calling it off, all right?” He
looked at her, locking her gaze into his. Iselinn swallowed and tore her eyes away his from his stare.
“I know you meant well, Helfdane…” She said carefully. “I… I just hope it’s not too late…”
“It’s not.” Helfdane stated firmly. Iselinn smiled weakly at Helfdane, she didn’t look too convinced. “I’ll speak
with them tonight.”
“Be careful…” Iselinn sent him a worried look. “I’ll worry sick about you…” Helfdane looked at her for a
moment. He was thinking about something.
“There is… something I maybe should have mentioned in the beginning...” Helfdane’s words were suddenly
interrupted by the movement from the injured man waking up beside Iselinn. He glanced at him before looking
back at Iselinn. “I’ll find Holly and inform her. I’ll ask her to come see you after”. Helfdane got his large body
to his feet, and grabbed his helmet in his hands before he opened the big stone door and left.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:50 am

My Thorn brother Orthos and I watch the busy Goldshire street, looking for our target. We risk a run into the Inn and almost get caught, having to use all our skills to scout the Inn and meet back outside. The target isn't found. We head to Stormwind and again scout areas where the target is known to have been. Again, the target isn't found.

We return to Goldshire and wait....I point out a member of the Last Leaf to my Thorn brother but he doesn't allow me to attack, the target is our priority he tells me. Once we deal with that, he says he will aid me on my contract, it will be good to fulfil it quickly so that I can get the deal with Helfdane completed. I want that gold and I want those contacts.

So we watch and we wait.....
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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:37 am

Alright.. this was getting more serious than i could imagine. I knew my plan had quite a few flaws in it.. Taking contact with the sworn arch enemies of the Knights 2 days after loosing their headquarters might look a bit suspicious but it had to be done.

For now i needed to lay low until Hollye send me a message about the meeting.
But that could be risky aswell if someone where spying..

By the Light of all that is sacred.. What have i put myself into?

To turn the hordes attention away from Hillsbrad would be quite difficult.. I knew that but i had to make a try.. The Last Leaf where only a pawn in the progress to set Arli's mind of my true intentions..

If the Knights accepted my plan.. and got the kings support we might even be able to retake the headquarters..

For a brief moment Ise entered my mind.. She was worried about me and she sure had a reason to aswell.. If something went wrong.. i would end up dead..

talking with Hollye put some weight of my shoulders even tough she clearly demanded to know everything about the operation.. I had no plans to reveal what i was doing to just yet that was the major problem.. But the situation required it.. I needed their support. Since it was their headquarters afterall.

For those contacts.. i had to arrange something.. Something just to make the forged information Arli could request of them as true as possible.

Also.. I had other things to attend to.. Erethorn felt to weak so i have to look over his training..

I need to get a hold in Ise to tell her more about the situation aswell..

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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:17 am

Light.. It had started again.. Just to wake up every single night covered in sweat.. didnt make it better.. Light..

The vision grew clearer by the day.. Dark fangs reaching out towards me.. feasting... yes.. feasting on my mind.. my soul.. The endless infinite dark grabbing me.. pulling me into the Darkness..

I dont remember anymore why i sent the Thorns on the others.. I dont remember what cause i had.. I dont know anymore if it was made of my own will..

All i know was that by every day i fell more and more into the abyss..

I have seen the twisting nether... and it's dark stairs.. leading deep down into infinity..
I have seen an endless amount of slaves crying out in vain as they are being tortured..
I have seen myself giving up my last breath on an Altar as the cultist slowly carved into my chest.. before finally ripping out my still beating heart...

Am i still sane? How long have this been going on? How long have i lingered at the edge of a knife not knowing when i was going to fall over?.

I see.. its not that simple anymore.. Nothing is.. Nothing ever where..
Terrifying words.. yes.. all terrifying..

Light.. i dont know if i can trust myself anymore..
Just the stress alone was enough.. having to handle two dark organisation at once..
could be more than anyone could imagine..

Or was it the stress? Maybe it was something else..


It's so dark in here..

Yes.. Dark.. almost like the dungeons.. A mans face came clear into my mind.. yes i remember him.. he was the familys old doctor.. he got flayed alive.. the skin ripped off the bones until only a bloody rag remained.. dropping down on the floor..

Or did he ever die?..

I questioning myself before stating.. i dont know..
Its probably the best i never find out..

I hear something.. whispering in my mind..

Yes... Blood.. Anguish.. Torment.. do you remember boy?..
Do you remember what happened to your old family?..

My hands starts to shake violently..

Shut up.. I dont want to hear anymore..

You killed them all.. didnt you?

SHUT UP! i screamed..

ooh.. poor little champion of the Alliance.. was that to much for you? Truth hurts.. doesnt it?

I fell down on the floor.. letting out screams in agony.. all in vain..

no no.. the dark vision of a finger waving warily in front of my eyes..
It wont end.. it wont stop.. until i get what i want..

Stop.. playing mindtricks with me! i yelled..

Me?.. i wasnt the one playing tricks.. the Shadowpriest earlier did.. not me..

didnt he?.. the voice said before laughing..

I flinch completely before opening my eyes.. now noticing that im still in my bed..

Dont tell me that was just a dream?..

I burried my face in the pillow and sobbed.. I just didnt know what was real anymore..

All i knew was that the visions would return.. And once again sending me into the dark abyss.

((it contains some drama yes Razz im quite aware of that.. but its kinda built on the whole story.. affecting him more than he wants to.. i try and explain later maybe))

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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:54 pm

I took another sip from the flask of Whiskey i just bought.. Looking over the Goldshire inn. The last vision just before Deathwing appeared was the worst i ever had experienced..
Its just something i dont even want to think about.. Altough.. the interesting thing was that
the visions had disappeared as soon as Deathwing appeared.. Reforging the whole world to his liking..

I questioned tough what some of them meant.. Was this my future? It cant be.. Altough it must have had some kind of meaning to it..
I let out a deep breath emptying the bottle in one go.. Whiskey seemed to calm my nerves.. and that's exactly what i needed.. after a few nights of those endless bloody nightmares..

Coming to awareness made me realise what mistakes i had done..
And the whole world being in peril made me rethink my options.. This was way to dangerous now then it should have been.. I need to call this off.. not only for my sake.. but for everyones sake..

Iselinn came up in my mind once more.. heh.. I fucked up really badly there aswell..

But after this was done everything could if possible go back to normal.. once again.. or almost normal

Damn.. I really need to get a hold on Arli's messenger.. Before everything was ruined.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:30 pm

I once again scout Durnholme keep, looking for Helfdane as he should have got the message this morning. I'm patrolling Hillsbrad for the day so it's not too suspicious to Thorns for me to be in the area and it's a good opportunity to update Helf on the contract. I grin as I see him dismount in the gateway and then move and stand to the side, looking around.

I keep to the shadows of the wall and make my way towards him. "Weapons down, Helf", I speak when I am within range of him. He sighs audibly and places his large sword on the ground, again stepping away. He looks tense and as I get closer I sense an aura around him. I've some latent ability to sense magic, but I am untrained and its only enough for me to know that he seems to radiate it more than someone at ease.

I step from the shadows and greet him, getting quickly to the point of our meeting. He may be alone but there has been a lot of Alliance activity of late and I don't want any stumbling upon us, or indeed my Thorn brothers passing by and questioning why I stand speaking in Common to one of the Alliance.

"I need to know where to find the Last Leaf, where they meet and any patrols they may make".

"I can't tell you that, and besides, circumstances have changed", he replies, looking sternly at me.

"'ve been found out?", I ask

"No...not quite but I have my reasons. The contract closes and I will pay you half"

I grin, now this could get interesting. "No, I want full payment and the list of contacts".

"Or else?" he asks

"Then a few key people in Stormwind get to hear of your plans", I reply smugly.

"The knights?", he chuckles and then continues "There are those high up in the Knights who already know of this".

"Interesting..", I reply cooly, "how treachery reaches far into the Knights. However, I am sure the more would be interested in your treason, I'm sure SI:7 and the Stormwind Guard would like to know how you contracted a Thorn to kill your own people".

I grin as an idea occurs to me, "But my silence can be brought easily. In fact, I don't want gold or your contacts, I just want one thing".

"Spit it out", he replies seemingly through gritted teeth.

"I want Robinas dead".

I watch as he seems to relax slightly and smiles, "As you wish".

I hesitate, wait, this was too eas-...with a sudden burst of holy energy I am hit and thrown back, landing on my back, momentarily winded and dazed. I turn as he strides over and reaches for my weapons and I strike him with my forearm, swearing at the pain as I strike his plate chestguard but its enough to momentarily unbalance him and for me to scramble away.

"Mistake..." I glare at him as I stand.

"Don't you underestimate me, lad" he answers back angrily.

I sense the holy energy he is radiating and spit at him and slip to the shadows, quickly putting some distance between me and him as I glance back and see him calling on the powers of the light.

"Now you both die" I yell, angry at being caught off guard.

"Come out you coward and fight me like a man" he yells back.

I laugh and yell back "No, I will leave Stormwind to deal with its traitor and while it does that, I shall watch Robi die a slow and painful death".

Full of anger, I quickly make my way to the back of Durholme Keep and forgetting my patrol, head to Silvermoon in search of Cearah. How best am I to inform Stormwind of Helfs actions and how soon can my brother Orthos join me in the hunt for Robinas.....
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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:53 pm

This was quickly turning into a hellhole.. I felt something being different tough than usual.. Especially after requesting the operation to be called off.. It was all getting to dangerous..

I didnt count in Deathwings arrival.. to be fair i knew no one did.. So i simply asked the man to call it off.. Before it would turn into something i didnt want..

But the man simply said no.. and said he wanted the contacts.. and the gold.. Altough he changed his mind at some point.. That was the thing that made me completely flinch..

Arli asked me to kill Robinas.. Cursed Elf.. I just couldnt allow that to happen.. I lashed out at him and knocked him down.. then i moved over trying to disarm him but he got away..

cunning little rat..

It gave me some important information tough.. Arli wanted Robi dead.. no matter the cause.. And he might aswell target high ranked knights..

I really need to get back and tell everyone about it.. I jumped on my charger before riding as fast as possible towards the nearest flightpath.. I hope i make it in time.. Light

Let me make it in time
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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:31 pm

I guess this was the end of all this.. The Knights had forgiven me for what i have done
Im deeply gratefull for that.. I really screwed everything up.. And this is something i will never do again..

I sighed before litting a cigarette.. Inhaling deeply.
To act on my own behalf was foolish.. i realise that by now.. And i just knew for me this thing was over..

I will be hunted by the Thorns more than ever.. Theres no way to escape that..
Theres no way to escape the fact that the Knights lost some trust to me after this event..

Oh well.. Wounds will heal.. I saved quite a few of their members.. Among those Ise.
And by time.. it will all go back to normal.. Or almost normal at least.

For now i had to concentrate on other things.. among those Ere's training.

May Honour be my blade.. And Courage be my armour..

This have finally reached its end.

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PostSubject: Re: Falling Leaves   Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:43 pm

((ok, tried to sum of some of last night events. I hope I've understood it right Smile ))

Iselinn walked through the stone door of her home in Ironforge with Helfdane in her heels. He looked rather furious. Iselinn looked rather furious, and rather drunk.
“You’re a fool to have left your bed in your state, Iselinn…” Helfdane slammed the door behind them and sighed as Iselinn staggered herself to one of her bottle-filled shelves.
“And you’re an idiot thinking you have any shay in what I do!” She grabbed a bottle of whiskey and opened it swiftly while stumbling towards a chair. She sat down heavily, and put the bottle to her lips and started swallowing down big sips. Helfdane rushed over to her and tore the bottle out of her hands.
“That’s enough!” he yelled. He had been pissed off for quite some while now. “You’re sick, Ise! And you’re acting like a child!” Iselinn let out a hiccup as she gave him a drunken glare, her eyes soon went to the bottle again. She wanted it so badly. She put up a rather silly smile, something meant to be charming.
“But I have not had a drink in sho long, Helf... It’s only going to be for tonight.”
“It will only prolong your illness, Iselinn… You said yourself the Knights needs you now. Was that not the reason you left your bed? And instead you start drinking?”

Helfdane suddenly turned to look over his shoulder. Someone knocked on the door. He peered at it suspiciously.
“Does anyone know that we’re here?” Iselinn rolled her eyes and let out another hiccup.
“Hellooo… I live here!” She pushed herself up from the chair and went towards the door.
“DON’T OPE…” Before Helfdane could finish his words, Iselinn had opened the door while looking back at him.
“Don’t be silly…hic!”
Helfdane quickly drew his sword and pushed Iselinn away from the door to face the armored man on the other side. The man wore a sword and shield and he slashed forward, an attack Helfdane quite easily managed to block with his own sword while he placed a heavy kick to the man’s chest, throwing him on his back. Another man slipped out of the shadows right behind Helfdane. He quickly dug a claw-like fistweapon into Helfdane’s back, and from the expression on Helfdane’s face it seemed to have managed to pierce through his plate.
“You!” Iselinn said and peered at him while casting a spell, rather unsteady on her feet. Soon the rogue was turned into a sheep and was walking disorientedly around on her floor. At the same moment she saw a dagger flying into her house from the outside, it dug itself deep into a wooden shelf. Their first attacker got back to his feet and tried to push Helfdane back. Iselinn’s polymorph broke, and the angry rogue sprinted towards her and lashed out with his sharp, bladed fist. The claw-like weapon cut over her stomach and left her with a matching set of slashes. She screamed and fell down, holding her hands tight to her bleeding belly. Meanwhile Helfdane dodged another dangerous blow and followed it up by pushing his own sword towards the heavily armored man, and then he sent a hammering blow towards his helmet. The man was sent straight into the wall and he sunk down to the ground again. Iselinn grit her teeth and watched the scene at her door as the rogue bent down and whispered in her ear
“Please just stay down.” He swiftly ran back towards Helfdane and his friend. A weak Iselinn managed to summon a fireball to throw against the rogues back before forcing herself back on her feet. The man let out a deep grunt before disappearing into the shadows. Iselinn slowly walked closer to the other fighting couple, holding her arm tight to her stomach. Helfdane was gritting his teeth while swinging his large blade towards the man on the ground, but now a second rogue, probably the owner of the flying dagger, sprinted to help his friend. He ran at Helfdane with a dripping dagger in his hand and managed to stab it partially through a weak spot of his plate wear. The rogue was roughly hit back by Helfdane’s sword hilt and by this he luckily dodged a firebolt Iselinn had managed to send his way. Suddenly the first rogue reappeared behind her again and fast as lightning he put a metal string around her neck and pulled her close to him. Iselinn squealed at first and then desperately tried to pull the string away with her hands, her feet wriggling underneath. The rogues whispered in her ear again
“I told you to stay down!” He roughly pulled the string back once more then let her go, certain that she would stay incapacitated for a while. Iselinn grabbed around her neck, coughed violently and sunk to her knees.
“You bastards!” Helfdane yelled furiously while fighting, giving Iselinn just a bit of extra strength. She summoned her images which sent of a large number of fireballs at the different enemies before she lost her consciousness. The heavily armored man deflected the magic with his shield while one of the rogues dove behind the wall completely. The rogue with the metal string was not so lucky and was hit by several fireballs, again he vanished. The fight lasted on for a while until the three attackers finally managed to overpower the furious paladin. Helfdane grunted and fell to one knee, yelling from the top of his lounges
“May the light take you all! Assassins!” Iselinn blinked her eyes as she woke, she pressed her hands tightly to her bleeding stomach and she panted of pain. She saw Helfdane on his knees, facing his attackers with an angry look on his face, not flinching once before the plate-wearing attacker put his knee in his face. Helfdane let out a moan and landed heavily on the ground. Iselinn looked at their attackers. One of them, the rogue who attacked her, she recognized as Duskshade. A rather unpleasant man who had threatened her in the past. The more heavily armored man stood ready, clearly awaiting orders. The other rogue she didn’t recognize, but how could she. He was covered in one of these shady outfits. He was peering down at Helfdane and calmly ordered;
“Finish this.”
“No…” Iselinn coughed, her throat hurt like hell, and it was hard to speak. “I’ll do anything!” Iselinn said, desperate to buy some time. The darkly dressed man turned to her only slightly.
“Shut up” was the few words he dignified her. “Get him out of here, Surge” he ordered the man beside him.
Duskshade smirked and started talking; “This man ordered assassins to kill us. Our profession does not matter… We are innocent. Cause and effect.” The rogue smiled and the man called Surge peered angrily down at Helfdane.
“You should have thought things over before sending killers after us” he snarled.
Iselinn pressed her hands against her stomach. Her voice was hoarse and quiet. “You innocent..? Don’t you dare try to justify yourselves…” Iselinn glared.
Duskshade simply answered; “What goes around comes around, mage.”
“If that was true, then all of you should be dead” Helfdane said and tried to move. “This was all a set up, fools. Arli Sunblade arranged it.” Helfdane coughed violently.
“Shut it or I’ll stab your crotch” Duskshade threatened him. Suddenly the other rogue turned towards the door. Someone else was there, she turned to look and Greagor, a Knight she had met on a few occations stood in the doorway.
“Get help!” she yelled as loud she managed with the injury to her throat. Helfdane tried to get to his feet again. “GET HELP” She repeated “GET HELP NOW!”
“Shut her up!” Someone yelled. And by then the dark rogue had already reached over to Greagor and knocked him out with the hilts of his daggers. Suddenly Surge stood over her. She gasped up at him as he kicked her hard in her stomach. The pain was so excessive that will alone must have kept her conscious. She saw Helfdane struggling with Duskshade. He slashed at him with his bladed fistweapon, just as Surge managed to get back to them and threw his shield against Helfdane, throwing him out of reach of Duskshade’s claw. Helfdane tried to object, to swing his weapon, but he was quite weakened from all the damage he’d taken. Poison probably making it worse. Soon Surge managed to disarm him and Helfdane lay back, he panted and peered at them bravely.
“Please die.” He uttered with a grin on his face.
“Please shut up” was the answer the dark rogue gave as he walked back to the others. Iselinn caught a glimpse of movement in the corner of her eye. Greagor gave her a quick wink. He had pretended to be knocked out, and as soon as the attackers’ attention was focused back on Helfdane, Greagor snuck away quietly. Helfdane let out a roar as he released a final attack, sending holy bolts at the men before he passed out. Surge was instantly thrown to the ground, but Duskshade was quick enough to cloak himself in shadows, only taking a minor hit from the spell. The dark rogue was lucky enough to be standing behind him and didn’t get hit at all.
“Surge, you wanted gold?” The dark rogue said. “Let’s see how much the Knight’s really value their beloved …. Goldenboy” he chuckled sarcastically. “Let’s get him out of here”. Surge started dragging the heavy paladin out of the house by his feet.
“Don’t you dare… “Iselinn said while the dark rogue knelt in front of her tilting his head mockingly. Iselinn spat at him. The rogue simply ignored it.
“Hun, tell your leader you’ll have your boytoy back if she pays us 500 gold.” Iselinn glared at him and sent a fireblast at him. He managed to cover his face with his arm, but his arm took the blow instead and was now burning furiously. The rogue pulled back and quickly put the fire out, but not fast enough to keep the room from smelling of burnt flesh. “Make that a thousand” he snarled at her and went out of the house to help Surge get the heavy paladin up on his horse.
Duskshade quietly said “I’ll send help.” Before rushing out as well.
“Fuck you!” Iselinn replied as he closed the door.
“Knock her out, for nethers sake” Surge told Duskshade.
“I’d rather leave her to her agony” Duskshade answered shortly.
“Barricade her door” the dark rogue ordered as he strapped Helfdane’s body firmly to the horse.
“I’ll mess with the locks” Duskshade replied and pulled up his thieves tools and got to work.
“Duskshade.” The dark rogue peered at his rogue coleeg as he fiddled with the lock. “We’ll go ahead. Westfall. You know where.”
And that was the last thing Iselinn heard before she lost her consciousness again.

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(( what chaos a small note can start, I'm proud ))
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(( Well written, Iselinn, really got the events of the night pinned down. Hopefully someone will write what happened when they took him away. ))
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((*smashes Arli to a pulp*.. You little!!))
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(( Hey wait! That didn't happen in game!'s a prediction huh? ))
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Falling Leaves
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