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 The End of an Era

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PostSubject: The End of an Era   Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:50 pm

Recommended during reading:

This is explaining Ilsinea's state for Ilsinea going inactive, a sad end for my favourite character created so far. But I'm happy I can continue her somewhere else. This is part one, others parts will be coming explaining the rest and laying a path open for my other chars on the realm. The Reunion was a small prologue of the future. Wink

This story is about Ilsinea and the Shattering, also the aftermath of it all.

End of an Era, part one

It was Wednesday and Ilsinea was minding her daily business, she just gotten on the headquarters in Orgrimmar ready to defend the city from yet another amount uncountable waves of attacks. The last week she felt different, something was going on. More than these cultists or elementals. It was like... the hands of faith had her. She just entered the headquarters and then the familiar cries were heard once again, meaning another attack. She quickly prepared herself for another day of battle. The Sanguine Assembly was already assembled outside the headquarters ready to defend the headquarters and defeat any elemental in Orgrimmar.

"Sanguines! The usual tactic!" she yelled.

The small army of the Sanguine Assembly marched forward over the streets, the platewearers in front wearing the colours of Silvermoon. Behind them the magisters and rangers. Their tactic is just like a dwarven steamtank, just roll through. The platewearers would keep the elementals away from the ranged so they can take them out in a short time. A few magisters channeled from afar to close the portals of the elementals.

Ilsinea ran for a fire elemental. The elemental already started to cast a fireball, when she got close he fired the fireball. Ilsinea herself blinked behind the elemental, her hands started to shine from magic itself and jumped on the elemental. Her elemental ward protecting her. She stuck her hands in the elemental and a few moments later she elemental evaporated and a wave of cold hit the surroundings.

Behind her she could hear the roaring of another elemental and just when the fire elemental decided to fire his fireball he suddenly got transparent. Magical bindings appeared around it. Magyk Sunwing appeared and clapped his hands causing the elemental to disappear into nothing.

"I thought you might needed some help." he said while grinning.

"That fireball would have been most unfortunate Magyk, I guess I owe you." she replied smiling.

While the two had their small reunion another roar was heard of another fire elemental ready to strike at the two. Yet his roar did not last a long time, behind the elemental was a figure. Suddenly a holy cone makes this way through the chest of the elemental causing it to die. Fragnas Bladewing appeared after the smoke vanished of the elemental.

"You two owe me now." he said laughing.

The three overlooked the battle, everything was going well. In the distant a figure appeared on his hawkstrider. Looking at this clothing it was a mage. He stood up while riding the hawkstrider and jumped off and immediately fireing a wave of arcane magic into the portal where the elementals came through. The portal became unstable and imploded, taking every elemental with it in the vicinity.

Seni'thas Dawnchaser walked up to the three all smiling. The Sanguine Assembly cheering for him.

"So, is the battle already over?" he laughed.

"Knowing the elementals, probably not." Ilsinea replied smiling.

The battle continued, when the elemental portal imploded... two took its place. The Sanguine Assembly got surrounded this time. They were forced to split the plate wearers to defend two fronts. The rangers laid waste to most elementals with their frozen arrows so the magisters had some freedom to channel. When the magisters managed to disable the first portal, other portal grew in size. The elementals stopped coming out of it for a minute. Quickly the Sanguine Assembly prepared for whatever was coming out. It didn't took long before a huge fire elemental came out and immediately crashed it's massive arm into the frontlines causing those crushing underneath to be incinerated. The people around got blasted away by the force of the impact.

"Quickly! Channel all your frost magic into it. It will be extinguished." Ilsinea yelled.

The Assembly quickly recovered from the impact and start to form a defensive line before the magisters. The elemental made a terrifying roar as inside of him turned blue. Moments later it exploded in a wave of frost freezing the surroundings.
Suddenly the elementals ran for their lives, they went back inside the portals like their lives depended on it. Everyone looked at each other wondering why they fled so fast. The defeat of a greater elemental shouldn't been that of a big defeat? But none the less they cheered and prepared to rest before the next wave came.

Ilsinea approached Magyk. "Could you take control for a moment, my wound got open again." "Of course mi'lady" he replied.
"I shouldn't have ran for the elemental." she thought while walking crippled to the headquarters.

Ilsinea went inside the headquarters, grabbed some bandages on the way and sat down on a crude chair. She started to take care of the wound and mumbled "damn gnomes." She thought back when it happened. During the Battle of Hillsbrad a gnome appeared behind her and cut her leg badly. She fell immediately to the ground writhing in pain. Just when the gnome tried to strike again she fired a fireblast in his face causing the gnome to fly a few meters away, dead.

"There, all good again." she softly said.

She had barely spoken her words and the ground started to shake again, very softly.

"Not again..." she thought. "I'm getting tired of these."

However the quake continued longer then normal and got heavier. Books, cubs and other things that were on her desk fell off. Torches that hung at the wall fell off. Even now the quake got heavier, objects started fly to the room. Ilsinea got thrown of her chair, her desk fell over just infront of her shattering the chair.

"This one is bad, I need to get out quickly."

She ran crippled towards the end of the room. While doing so cracks started to appear in the walls, dust came down and also woods supporting the structure. She started to ran towards the hallways.

"I need to get out before this entire building collapses on me!"

She started to panic, her wound hurting like hell crippling her speed. She changed her plans and started blinking through the hallways. It didn't took her long before she reached the exit hallway. She clamped herself at the wall and overlooked the Valley of Honour. She saw her officers clamping at anything still standing, half the army laid on the ground trying to get a grib. Magyk saw Ilsinea slowing appearing at the entrance of the building.

"Ilsinea! Quick, get out of there. Something bad is happening!"

She barely heard Magyk while moving towards the exist. Then suddenly there was a silence... no sound was heard. Few seconds afterwards that felt like minutes a massive explosion was heard. Afterwards followed by a massive earthquake. Ilsinea got thrown on the ground while the already badly damaged building could not hold any longer and collapsed instantly. Rock, wood and other debree which made the building fell down on her covering her under tons of rubble.

All... went... dark...

The Shattering had finally made its way to Azeroth....

The Shattering

Deathwing flew up from Deepholme causing the Shattering, natural but yet unnatural disasters happened around the world. In Ashvenvale forest a massive volcano erupted out of the ground spewing lava over great parts of the forest. Darkshore was totally destroyed by the Shattering during the Shattering. The Barrens got ripped apart in two creating a massive lava river between the two parts. Southern Kalimdor got hit by a massive tidal wave flooding the Thousand Needles. Gadgetzan was made into a port city because of the tidal wave, half Tanaris got flooded. The Eastern Kingdoms did not go unnoticed as well. Booty Bay also got hit by the tidal wave. The centre of the southern Eastern Kingdoms got even a worse treatment then the Barrens.

In these times the Alliance and the Horde even had time to go in a full out war. The tension between the two rivaling factions became to great. The Forsaken launched a massive active on Hillsbrad before the Shattering claimed Hillsbrad Foothills for themselves. They also assaulted the Western Plaguelands and claimed a part. During this time the Alliance landed their force on the shore of Kalimdor and advanced deep into horde territory. They claimed the Southern Barrens. They got halted at the Mulgore entrance. The village of Taurajo was destroyed in the process. In the north the Warsong Clan advanced through Ashenvale like nothing before. Seizing now big parts of the forest for their lumbercamps.

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Posts : 241
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PostSubject: Re: The End of an Era   Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:41 pm

Recommended to listen:

End of an Era, part 2a: Aftermath

Dust from sand and rocks still filled the city of Orgrimmar. A lot of the older buildings were damaged or destroyed, the newer, iron structures were more fortunate to survive. Almost no one had a clue what exactly happened. But they knew one thing, it was bad. In the Valley of Honour a group of elves were cleaning up a collapsed building. More importantly there were looking for survivors beneath the ruins of the former headquarters of the Sanguine Assembly in Orgrimmar. A blond haired Sin'dorei was shouting commands at the other Sin'dorei on where to look and what to do. His youthfull face was troubled, only his eyes gave him his true age... and his sorrow.

Hours ago the Shattering occurred and co-leader of the Sanguine Assembly got buried beneath the rubble, his collegue, his comrade in arms he even thought her of a sister in some ways. Sometimes he could just kill her with her idealistic visions. But in due time he realised she was required to bring Silvermoon to a brighter future. Moments later his thoughts got interrupted by a voice.

"Mi'lord, we found her." a Sin'dorei said to me while saluting.

"Where is she!?" he almost yelled pushing the elf away.

The captain quickly escorted Lord Sunwing to the location. Several elves and even other races where still searching throught he debree. Some other elves were lifting a body up gently and put het on a floating brancard. The body was covered in wounds and blood. It wasn't hard to guess the broken was broken on several places. Magyk's heart was pumping like crazy, each step he took he lost hope that she would still be alive.

"Is she... dead?" Magyk asked, barely daring.

"She's alive mi'lord, but mortally wounded. She needs to be taken care off immediately or else she'll die. It's even a miracle that she survived. I think she got lucky when a support column just missed her and holding off the debree. She's one lucky --"

"I'm not interested in the rest captain, now please shut the hell up before I demote you." Magyk snarled.

Ilsinea was transported back to Silvermoon within an hour, the best medics were set on her to heal her broken body. She got her care in Sunfury Spire.

"How is she responding to the treaty so far?" Magyk said while looking at the head clergy.

"Bad I'm afraid. Her body heals, but not on the way we would like it. She responds really slowly... It seems her mind got seperated from her body during the accident mi'lord"


"She's in coma, perhaps she might not awake from it. She might awaken within a few days, it's unknown."

Magyk looked at her for a moment before storming out of the room. He would have loved to say to his secretary that he isn't to be disturbed today but looking at what happened today, it would be impossible...

Part 2b: New chances
Days later Ilsinea got moved to her own house, hoping the familiar scent and surroundings would bring her back. On Magyk's orders she was escorted there. While being returned to her home a long red haired Sin'dorei watched from the shadows. When the escort left after an half hour he approached the house. He watched the house and seeing it's rather simple.

"She never changed over the years." he thought.

He watched as a patrol passed him while hiding behind a tree and made his move. He climbed his way up and fling himself next to the window. He pick locked the window lock and slides inside. He quickly made his way to the room and came into the small hallway, he checked room for room while watching there were no guards. When he passed through the hallway he approached a corner, he looked around the corner very slowly hoping there was no one there. He saw a guard standing beside the door. He moved his head back thinking of a plan to disable the guard for now. He looked at a vase near the window. He grabbed it and threw it on the ground attracting the attention of the guard. The guard approached the corner, when he looked around the corner he got greeted with a punch which caused him to crash against the wall, he fell down on the ground unconscious. He quickly moved around the body and stood before the door, he opened it and saw his sister lying in her bed. Heavily wounded and in a bad shape. He stood in the doorway a minute in awe. He approached her and crouched down next to her.

"What happened to you sis...?" he said to his sister hoping she would respond. No response came.

"Sis?" an elf said behind him.

Sertian quickly turned around and spotting a priest and an elf dressed for some business. He didn't knew what to say, but he got caught. He was already thinking off a way to escape, even by force.

"Show you're her brother then." the formally clothed elf said.

Sertian looked at him a bit suprised. A short moment later he reached for his pocket and grabbing a ring from it. He walked towards the two showing the ring. It was a golden ring, on top of the ring was a seal with a burning leaf inscribed into it.

"Very well then, you must be Sertian Fireleaf then?" he formal clothed elf said to Sertian.

Sertian was still confused at the entire situation, he got caught by breaking into an important noble's house. He should be arrested and thrown into jail. But somehow they knew he was her brother.

"I'm confused, what is this all about?" Sertian replied.

"It seems she has placed you in her will a few days ago."

Sertian looked at the elf with still a confused look. The elf grabbed a paper from his robe and started reading

"Sertian Fireleaf is to gain my properties, my belongings and status in Silvermoon if I become unable to act until I'm recovered or due my death. " he paused for a moment before continueing. "She explained your situation in her will, I guess congratulations with everything and my regrets for your sister. It's an awful accident."

The elf handed over Ilsinea's will to Sertian and left the room. The priest asked for Sertian to leave the room so the priest could do his daily check up.

He opened up the scroll again and looked at it again, it was true. He got turned into a noble just like that and owning the Fireleaf estate.

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The End of an Era
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