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 The Hillsbrad Battle- Titania's Story...

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PostSubject: The Hillsbrad Battle- Titania's Story...   Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:33 pm

Titania dismounted her Frostwolf, as she arrived at Fray Island- who's inhabitants greatly disliked her. A meeting had been called, and she had to turn up- a Marauder or not, she must know the latest news. Her white hair fell over her eyes- though it was once red, it grew white like her mothers did, just before the age of 25, before slew by Stormpike Soldiers.
Titania stepped into the building, and took her seat- everyone was staring at her. Most didn't recognise her with her new hair, but others muttered offensive words, "arrogant," "filthy," "Pathetic..." But Titania just smiled. With her training, she was sure they would be no match to her, compared to the Stormpikes.
Maximus took to the front, yelling for silence. Titania cringed at his voice, awful, old-sounding. She hated the old bull, she preferred Kharn as spokesperson.
"I call you here, marauders, " he said, ignoring the fact the Head Guard of Sen'Jin Guard was there. "to tell you about the battle of Hillsbrad." Titania sighed: "We already know..." she thought.
"The new army that was been formed by the Alliance is already ready. We must strike them down, tomorrow night." There were cheers, especially from Titania, who had missed fighting. Though she had just turned Shaman- forcing her spirit and bloodlust to calm, her bloodlust had returned- Alterac Valley fighting had been halted due to the cataclysm, and she had missed fighting. She was still a Shaman Warrior, but elements were too hard to control at the moment, they were being akward.
3 hours later, after nearly being kicked out by Maximus, (she would've, if she didn't stubbornly stay sat and smile at the puny attempts to remove her,) she returned to Sen'Jin Village, and as expected, she saw most of her Guard staring at her.
"Lok'Tar, everybody. I come with news of the battle of Hillsbrad. It is tomorrow, their army is ready!" Everyone cheered. Thorjin, Mordak, Ghorzach, Segoth (her mate), and Mjoll. "Tomorrow, we will rest. Tonight we will train. Tarren Mill at 8:00! Don't be late..." She grinned, as everybody laughed, and began duelling.
Titania stood with her Guard in Tarren Mill, watching Anethrax instruct her Thorns, Kharn his, and other leaders of other guilds. She was fascinated to finally fight beside her friends... and enemies. Some friendly fire tonight, she suspected... She instructed her Guard what to do. Southshore would be their target, as they mounted. She nodded at Anethrax as she passed, and headed to the puny Alliance Village. It was time. War horns were sounded, as everybody headed to the middle fields, between the two villages. Titania and the Guard ran into Southshore from the side, as did the Thorns, she saw, and the village was purged. Not many civilians stayed for the fight, but the guards did. They all perished- Titania smiled... Too easy- way too easy.
Then it happened.
The Tarren Mill horn sounded. The Alliance had the same idea, and came from behind Tarren Mill.
"Fall back! FOR THE HORDE!" Titania yelled, as her guard mounted their black wolves, her on her Frostwolf.
They arrived, but it appeared that most of the Marauders, and some others had dealt with them. Titania aimed her sword at a Dwarf- her most hated race- and it landed in his neck, as he collapsed, she picked it back up. The "army" had already been defeated, in minutes. This shows the Horde are the most poweful, she thought. "For the Horde, and Frostwolves!"
The dead lay all over Tarren Mill, Alliance and Horde, as she helped clean some of it up. "We shall drink well tonight!" Titania thought. Tomorrow she would help to try and finish off the building of Echo Isles, but otherwise, she had nothing coming up. Drinking and training- perfect. She gathered her Guard- thankfully none of them dead- and they thanked Anethrax and Kharn, before heading back to Sen'Jin Village. Unfortunately for her, she saw Maximus talking- not lying on the floor, but nevermind, she thought- she would see the day one day. She smiled, and woke up the next day with a headache.

((A good night, shame there was so much lag, didn't actually fight any alliance in Hillsbrad, but there you go. It's a bit rushed, Slash was on the radio with an interview Smile ))
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The Hillsbrad Battle- Titania's Story...
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