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 A Sunwing Shattering

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PostSubject: A Sunwing Shattering   Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:50 am

“Sylvanas, just listen!” Magyk hurried after the frayed and torn cloak of the Banshee Queen as she tore along the curved corridor away from the Royal Quarter and into the Apothecarium. Several royal dreadguards grinned sadistically, praying for Magyk to stop Sylvanas by grasping her shoulder, when they could attack freely.
“I have no time for listening, Magyk, I have to prepare for the backlash from the fool Wrynn for taking Southshore.”
“But that's the point, you cannot hope to defend Hillsbrad as well as drive the final Scourge from Andorhal!And reinforcing our position in Silverpine as well?! It's madness, Sylvanas, you must realise this! You're stretching yourself too thin. Not to mention leaving Tirisfal's northern shore open to attack from Valgarde. They will have a direct line to you here.”
“But I will not be here Magyk, I will be perfectly safe on the front lines, where I should be...” Magyk detected a note of longing in the Dark Lady's voice as the duo began to ascend the stairs up into the dank sewer system that ran above the catacombs.
“The front lines? This isn't just mad, it's stupid, you''re not the same person any more, Sylvanas...You're not the Ranger-General...”
“And I shall miss playing the role, but my skills currently lie in my bow, not in my words. That is your great arena.”
Sylvanas kept walking, striding through a puddle of stagnant water without incident in watertight leather boots. Magyk, following closely, was not so fortunate, having chosen to wear scarlet silken slippers. Cursing quietly, and stopping quickly to dry the expensive shoe with a wave of intense heat, he had to run to catch up with his friend.
“You're trying to outdo think the Horde's seat of power is still in dispute...and if you can prove yourself a better leader than Hellscream, you will have free reign again, without these brutish Kor'kron...”
“Perhaps...The Lich King is dead. My people have their revenge. What more can we do, now that our purpose has been served...”
“You can-” Both Magyk and Sylvanas, caught off guard by their argument, were hurled violently into the sewer walls, Sylvanas, being far more agile, kept her footing, just. As torrents of dust and years of damp moss fell from the ceiling of the tunnel, Magyk stood and looked fearfully at the Banshee Queen, who was already running for the large mouth of the tunnel in the distance, weaving between the heavy rocks already falling from the roof. Magyk closed his eyes and, with difficultly, vanished.
Landing heavily in the dust that covered the floor of Orgrimmar, once again Magyk stood and surveyed his surroundings, quickly striking at the nearest burning elemental, binding it in place and denying it of it's victim, who now, Magyk saw, was none other than Ilsinea Fireleaf. He allowed himself to smile.
"I thought you might need some help.”

Linking up to Ilsinea's thread:
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PostSubject: Re: A Sunwing Shattering   Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:04 am

(( Very nice, Magyk ))
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A Sunwing Shattering
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