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 A new day dawns, and the sun rises once more.

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PostSubject: A new day dawns, and the sun rises once more.   Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:01 pm

Several dozen elves had congregated in the Court of the Sun, mostly in alarm, however a few were milling around to see what was happening. Inside Sunfury Spire, a hurried discussion was taking place, and before long Lor'themar Theron, flanked by Halduron Brightwing, Grand Magister Rommath and Lord Magyk Sunwing, stepped out onto a high balcony. Immediately, cries were issued asking if the rumours that had been sweeping the streets of the great city were true, that Deathwing had returned. Brightwing shifted nervously from foot to foot, keen to be protecting Eversong where he was most comfortable. Rommath was paler than usual, and even more rare, had allowed the others to discuss things relatively easy by not opening his mouth. His eyes, however, were compensating for his useless tongue, darting back and forth, up and down. The Regent Lord of Quel'thalas stepped forward.
“Now, everybody, please, remain calm. I'm sure most of the rumours are nonsense. But...I feel that it my regret to inform you all, that one, at least is true. Deathwing has indeed, raised his head once more.”
Several cries of terror ensued, as a minority of the crowd began to flee the Court, no doubt to grab whatever they could and leave the city. The news that Orgrimmar had been reduced to rubble and ash had spread like wildfire through the Horde. Seeing the panicked look on the Regent's face, Magyk quietly tugged at the back of Theron's cloak, in order for him to step back. Magyk stepped forward and spoke calmly and slowly above the noise.
“These are dark times there is no denying. Our world has, perhaps, faced no greater threat than it does today. But I say this to our citizenry. We, ever your servants, will continue to defend your liberty and repel the forces that seek to take it from you. Your government, remains, strong.”
Eyebrows raised, a few elves began to clap, and before long the entire audience was applauding. Magyk smiled and bowed to the rabble.
“But, we cannot triumph alone. We require you to aid us in our fight by going about your normal business as quietly and efficiently as possible. Each of you is a critical element in the smooth running of this city. Each of you helps the heart of Silvermoon beat, and with your support, we will with terrible vengeance strike down this Obsidian Scourge and regain our glory! For Quel'thalas!”
The crowd shouted it support and Magyk stepped back, turned, and gestured for Theron to lead the way back into the dim recesses of the palace. The Ranger General of Silvermoon strode beside Magyk.
“Obsidian Scourge? Bit theatrical, wasn't it?” Halduron smirked despite the seriousness of the situation.
“I merely felt that if the public were reminded of the impossible odds we faced, here, in Quel'thalas, and in Northrend, and the victories we still managed to calm despite those odds, that the public would be a little more hopeful in the current, similarly impossible situation we find ourselves in.”
“And it was masterfully done, Sunwing, I thank you for your intervention. I suppose you had similar motives in not mentioning Lady Fireleaf's condition?”
“Thank you, my Lord, and yes. The news that cities can be felled in hours and one of our most able Magistrix's can be put out of action by a rogue column would only induce mindless panic. As it is, now, they are assured that their superiors are thoroughly on top of the situation.” Magyk tried to smile at Theron, but only succeeded in looking like he had bad toothache.
“But we are not on top of the situation, Sunwing.”
“I know...”
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PostSubject: Re: A new day dawns, and the sun rises once more.   Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:19 pm

'The clever bastard!' I snort into my mug, before raising my head to grin wearily at the ash-smudged urchin who now, being a greedy little sod, has a gold coin clenched in his bony fist in exchange for some overhead details of the dress wearers' comforting and, no bloody doubt, inspiring speech. Gods. Sheep. 'Obsidian Scourge, you say?' The grimy little beast nods, the gold coin glistening among the muck that... inhabits his palm. I sigh and look up at the cracked plaster of the ceiling. 'They'll have just loved that. Half of them are still making up war stories and dressing up in bandages.'

Wish I'd never come back, actually. This is one of the few places on Azeroth where sarcasm can be seen as a capital offence and I have to live in a smelly, leaking two floor building housing over twenty people instead of the smelly, leaking two floor Marauders barracks housing... over... never mind. Easily swayed Elves. Yes, that was what I was ranting about. One reassuring sentence from an elf in a fancy robe and they're all happy and cheering, according to my scruffy little friend. It was the same with the 'normal Scourge'. Everything's fine, return to your homes and grin like baboons until the monsters 'we have under control' are sitting on your face digging through your organs.

Bloody hell. Imagine that bloody great dragon sitting on your face.
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A new day dawns, and the sun rises once more.
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