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 Sunwing's Journal, an excerpt

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PostSubject: Sunwing's Journal, an excerpt   Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:51 am

An excerpt from the journal of Magyk Sunwing:

I sit writing this deep below the sunlit streets I so often wander in peace. But down here, for the first time in my long life, I feel nervous, and afraid. Suspended above me, eyes closed, the Lady Ilsinea Fireleaf floats, suspended by my own magic, so that at least her body may relax itself. In the week since I found her, buried beneath the rubble of Orgrimmar, she has not stirred, and I fear that it is only a matter of time before she slips away from us entirely. But I cannot lose faith, not now.

From what I can deduce, she is in a deep coma, partly of her own making. Whilst physically in full health, her mental state has been damaged beyond our Magister's skills. I fear that her mind could not comprehend the world being torn asunder, so closely following the Lich King's defeat. Nor could any of us, for that matter. But most were not there to witness the destruction the great black wyrm wrought upon the Horde's capital, and I fear this can only have damaged her brilliant mind a great deal.

I have poured thousands of gold into her care, my vault haemorrhaging money to find a way to fix her. None have succeeded. Even now, the most experienced of us cannot break the mental barriers she still has placed around her memories and thoughts. Several are still recovering, and the one inexperienced lad who tried, well, his family was compensated. But I am forced to draw the conclusion that we cannot penetrate her mind, even to help her. She too damn good, blast her.

Perhaps, then, our methods are ill-advised. Indeed, several of our veterans have already called for her to be left alone, allowing her mind to slowly 'reboot'. I have agreed to restrict access to Fireleaf for the time being. But I will not give up on her.

The Reliquary may be of some use to me. Locating and research ancient and powerful artifacts are their speciality, and they set off on an expedition to once again try and locate the mythical land of Uldum. I will be eager to see what they uncover. The Explorer's League, I cannot deny, are efficient, but my kin have something far more powerful at their disposal than mere pickaxes and their geology, they have magic, and all the supremacy it needs to unlock the Titanic secrets I feel are just beyond the horizon. And if they are successful, I fully intend to travel once more, like I had before the coming of the Scourge, and my binding to the politics of Silvermoon...
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Sunwing's Journal, an excerpt
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