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 An Ancient Guardian The change in the flow of Light..

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Helfdane Einhart

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PostSubject: An Ancient Guardian The change in the flow of Light..   Sat Dec 04, 2010 10:00 pm

It was dark.. so dark. And all i could see was the road ahead of me.. As i walked towards the temple with the others. Travel light.. Take only the necessary they said. I took a look at the others.. All walking together with the same Grey cloaks draped over their shoulders, 20.. 20 men against whatever lingered among the shadows in the once proud halls of the old Temple..
I looked up.. The moon hiding behind the black clouds the only thing you could hear and feel was the rain.. pouring down hitting bare skin and the dusty ground quickly turning it to mud as we slowly passed..

Ilath one of the scouts showed up.. smoking on a cigarette that he protected from the rain with his black hood.. The only thing you could see was the glowing eyes as the moon appeared for a brief second and the ashes from the cigarette glowing as he inhaled deeply.

Any news Ilath? I asked.. Nothing at all sir he answered.. And i just had to let out a curse..
We had walked on this damn road for almost 2 hours and not a sign of the 5 other men we sent out earlier.. They had just all vanished without a trace.. Without a sound, just if the earth had opened itself devouring their bodies..
Loosing men before even arriving could be devestating for the morale.. Even tough most of the men here knew what we where here for..

Shh.. I hear something.. I slowly unsheated the Claymore i was carrying and walked as silent as it was possible towards the source of the sound.. Before a man in a dark hood suddenly bursted out from the bushes... His eyes trembling with something that looked like fear.. Or that is what i tought it was as the claymore struck the man right in the chest.. ripping trough flesh and armour with equal ease.. Another man appeared and i aimed another blow this time to cut him in half.. The man lifted his sword trying to guard himself but it was already to late.. The Claymore easily broke the mans sword in half before slamming down just between the neck and shoulder.. ripping trough his ribcage all the way down to his waist.. The dark blood flowing out making the hilt sticky and slippery..

Forward!! I yelled.. the other men drawing their swords meeting the coming onslaught as more of the dark hooded men appeared charging down the hills.. They where at least 30..
Guard the flanks!! The men responded quickly.. And i just had to smile for a brief moment.. Always handy to have veterans under your command.. Just as i turned towards the enemy i heard a sound and suddenly one of the men grasped for breath as a arrowshaft had burried itself deep in his troath.. Archers!! Watch your backs!! Most of the men in the last line responded immideatly.. Taking cover but 2 of them where slower.. As they tried to run away another arrowshaft hit one of them in the back making him fall over.. Before rising slowly. The armoured had saved him.. I tought.. I just had the time to throw a quick glance at the other running man before i saw something on the hill.. Light!!.. Ballista!! I yelled as a arrow as thick as my forearm slammed into him.. Ripping trough his abdomen spilling his guts on the muddy ground.. Defensive position! Take that Ballista down!

The scouts reacted now.. Rushing towards the ballista before nailing the crew handling it with arrows and gunshots.. Keeping them pinned. Keep shooting! I rushed forward towards the ballista as i felt something slamming into my right shoulderpad ripping a piece of it off.. No time i tought.. I rushed upwards and jumped down among the crew members.. Before cutting them down with great sweeps with the Claymore.. Heh.. This was much more simple than earlier.. Having completely open ground without tight spaces did wonders.. I let my sword spin around with great force cleaving trough 2 men like they where hit by cannon fire.. Before turning my attention towards the rest.. Apperently it seemed like all the opponents where dead. All Clear!! I walked down towards the others breathing deeply.. The battle had been short but intense.. 3 men had lost their lives to arrows.. 4 more had fallen from the enemies blades.. Light.. If it continued like this we would all be dead by morning.. Or even more frightening before we could finish the task.

13.. 13 men to finish this with.. I pray that we dont loose anyone else. We are moving!! Leave the dead! We need to get to the Temple!.. The orders made something snap inside.. Normally you never leave a fallen comrade behind.. But these.. They where mercenaries and orders where orders.. Move quickly.. Don’t allow anything to delay you..

I see the Temple!! I heard someone yell and i just had to let out a sigh of relief..
Ilath!! I yelled and the scout appeared again grinning at me.. Scout the area ahead!
Yes sir.. He said and disappeared with a grim look in his face.

As we entered the temple i could immideatly sense that something was wrong.. terrible wrong.. Take Cover! I yelled as several frostbolts was launched taking 3 of the men down and another one getting completely entombed in ice.. Lich!! I yelled as the dark figure of it appeared. More dark figures spilled out from the ruined temple halls.. taking battle with the soldiers.. I ran towards another pillar cutting down one quite surprised man as he was parrying attacks from one of my men.. And took down 3 more their blood staining my cloak.. Everyone was battling.. And i realised that my men would seen be overwhelmed..

I took my mantle letting it drop on the ground so it wouldnt hinder my movement revealing the ancient Judgement armour that glowed intensily in the dark halls with holy energy.. Drawing most enemies attention. Their rush at me just hastened their doom.. I infused the sword with holy energy before spinning around unleashing it in a whirling storm.. Sending crackling shocks of light all around me as it bite home.. Ripping trough their flesh with equal ease.. Making them all drop down on the floor..

Letting out a warcry directly after it drawed the Lich attention to me.. As he launched a frostbolt towards my torso more quicker than i could imagine.. I unleashed more energy creating a magic aura around me and the frostbolt almost disappeared before biting home.. only doing minor damage to the plate.. As i snuck behind a pillar. Light i have to concentrate.. I mumbled a prayer before rushing out again this time rolling under a frostbolt before continuing forward.. Before spinning around on the spot aiming a blow towards the Lich Head before realising i made a mistake.. The floor where completely covered in ice.. making me slip falling down.. And all went black for a few seconds.. As i opened my eyes the Lich stood over me launching a Frostbolt towards me.. and i knew it would be my doom.. As a voice whispered inside my head.. ”Do not falter.. The light is with you.. As long as you believe in it” Before i let out a roar.. The Holy shrine inside the temple shining brightly as i released a burst of energy shattering the Frostbolt.. I got up to my feets as something slowly formed around me.. The holy energy inside the temple taking form.. What’s this? I tought.. looking at my hands as they where engulfed with holy energy.. Forming my own hands.. with holy energy.. Like a secondary armour.. ”This is what i give to you knight of the light” The voice told me.. What are you i asked?.. ”Just a Guardian” The voice said before disappearing.

I raised my blade.. that was now surrounded by a intense holy aura that i had never felt before.. Before striking down at the Lich and i could hear it scream in agony as it slowly turned into ashes in front of my eyes.. What is this power? The energy disappeared as the rest of the enemies where finished off by the men..
I retrieved the object before walking out.. The men looking at me with deep respect seeing what i had done.. Still it wasn’t my power that brought us victory.. It was something else.. granting me it’s power.. and hopefully it will once again.. I tought as i finished the task.. Finally walking home.
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An Ancient Guardian The change in the flow of Light..
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