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 A Frostwolf Winters' Veil

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PostSubject: A Frostwolf Winters' Veil   Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:08 pm

Part One
9 Years ago...

Titania smiled, as the door was opened to her knocking, and her father stood there, open arms, eyes glistening.
"Good to have you back for dinner, Tite!"
"Good to be here, father." She smiled as she stepped into the warm hut, and let her father shut the door, the barrier between them and the bitter cold that Titania was not yet used to.
Of course, her father, being a Coldtooth Mine Surveyor was now used to the cold, but Titania, newly a Frostwolf Tower Defender, was not yet adapted to the bitterness- she had been a true Frostwolf for just 2 weeks, after training for 2 years.
Titania had red-purple hair, and was born just 16 years ago.
Her father had long grey hair, and blunt teeth, blunted and battered from old age. She could see the chicken been roast over the campfire in the middle of the room, and a few vegetables also cooking.
Drash'Lok Winterfang offered Titania a seat, and she thanked him as she sat, wooden plates waiting in front of her, waiting to be accompanied by the food.
This had been the first time Titania had met her father since she had been confirmed into the ranks of the Frostwolf, three weeks ago, (but she started formally two weeks ago,) and he was clearly excited to have her back for Winters' Veil Dinner.
"So, Tite! How are you finding the ranks of the Frostwolf? Tell me, is it exciting? Got any cuts, or stories to tell?"
"Calm down father! I shall tell you all, when we sit for dinner." She smiled at the eager man, as he nodded his head, and saw to the meal.
"It is good to see you again, father." Drash'Lok didn't reply, he kept his face hidden from her. "Father? Are you... ok?" He nodded, still hiding his face.
He served the dinner, and they ate half of it in silence until Titania spoke: "Father, tell me, what is wrong?"
"You! You're just like... like your mother." Titania nodded her understandment.
Titania had been informed when she was just 6 years old, the age she first held her first sword, that her mother had died of a disease. She had been left with her mothers' weapon, Frostbite, a bright blue axe that all Stormpikes feared. Titania's mother, Segra Winterfang, had been a well known Frostwolf Warrior, and fought for Drek'Thar on many occasions.
"Father, I know it might seem a weird question, but... What disease did she die of? I thought priests could heal diseases?
I thought-"
"Shut up!" Drash'Lok burst into tears, covering his face with his big green hands, knocking the remainder of his food onto the floor by some accident.
Titania was shocked. He never shouted, he had never been that sort of person. She stood up. "What?"
"She didn't die of a disease... She..."
"She what? SHE WHAT?!" Titania was like her father, she was calm, nervous, and never shouted, but suddenly she was grasped by this inner rage.
"I wanted to tell you, I just... She was k...killed by a S...Stormpike Assassin, I didn't want you to know... you were j...just t...too young."
Titania was speechless. 10 minutes after, she came out with: "Was I too young when I complete my first quest for Drek'Thar, when I was 10 years old? Was I too young when I stuck my first throwing knife into a targets' head?"
Drash'Lok shook his head. "I'm sor-"
"SHUT UP!" She screamed, kicking the table over. "All my life I could have been tracking down this assassin! He could be dead now, I would have known how my mother had really died! All my life... lied to..." She stormed out, leaving her father with a big mess of chicken on the floor, a broken table, and a tear-stained face.
From this day, her anger had grown, her rage had made her stronger, and dangerous.
Drek'Thar found out what had happened at the Winterfang Hut, and kept a close eye on Titania. A great weapon against the Stormpikes? Or a danger to the Horde...?
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PostSubject: Re: A Frostwolf Winters' Veil   Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:02 am

Part 2 (of 3 I think)

"Drek'Thar wishes to speak to you, Winterfang."
Titania nodded at the Frostwolf Advisor, as she grabbed her helm, and put it on. She grabbed Frostbite, the Winterfang Axe, and climbed onto her brown wolf. She had not yet been rewarded with a Frostwolf, she had only served for 5 months as a Frostwolf Tower Defender.
Then she set off through the snow.
10 minutes later, she arrived at the Frostwolf Keep, and smiled as she walked into it. Only the best Frostwolves came here.
Drek'Thar looked up. "Ah Titania, I knew you'd come," and Titania smiled at how amazing his sensing skills were.
The blindfolded leader offered her a drink, brought to them by a young orcish girl, who bowed before she left, Drek'Thar thanking her.
"Now, I trust you know why I have brought you here, Daughter of Winterfang."
"Erm, no, I do not, my leadership."
"Oh?" Drek'thar began, before taking a sip of his drink. "Then I have some explaining to do.
It has been 5 months. Just 5 months, since you joined formally into the Frostwolf Clan, and already you have done brilliant things. The incident at Tower Point, for example-" Titania smiled, so she did get recognised! -"if it hadn't have been for you, we would've lost our strongest tower! Taking on four Stormpikes in one, brilliant." He finished his drink, and smiled. "Now, I don't need to tell you of all your heroics of course, you lived them. Therefore, I would like to offer you a place, by my side."
"What? be, to be your right hand defender? That...would be an honour sir!"
"And, of course, you no longer need your old wolf! I would like to present to you Varnak! He has fought by my side countless time, and I can trust him with my life, as I'm sure you can with yours."
"Thankyou! It is an honour!" Titania laughed, as she petted Varnak, soon to be her trusted wolf mount.
Drek'Thar smiled, and then the face dropped suddenly. "There is of course, something else I must speak to you about. Your fathers' house was destroyed, the other day. We don't know exactly what happened, but we know of course, it was the Stormpikes. He is still alive, in our hospitality. But he is homeless."
"He is a liar! He stopped me from been able to avenge my mother! That is a crime!" She grunted. Thankyou, Drek'Thar. I shall speak tomorrow, I must rest."
He sighed, and sat back down.
He could tell why she was angry, but... Maybe she was been too harsh...
"I wish to speak to Mr Winterfang, please"
"Right away, sir." The orc rushed off, and Drek'Thar, tired, fell asleep.

((The ideas of these stories, are to introduce Titania's Frostwolf past, and her mother and father who she never mentions. It might interest some of you to see the detail behind her past, it may bore some of you. I just need to let it all out Smile The final part is the next one, and that will be in present day.))
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PostSubject: Re: A Frostwolf Winters' Veil   Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:41 pm

Modern Day
Part 3 of 3.
A Frostwolf Winter Veil...

Titania had had a good life.
Fighting by Drek'Thar's side for years can't be bad... until his unfortunate incident.
Drek'Thar was recently disabled, and now sat in a wheelchair.
Titania felt really bad, he was born blind, now this?
Captain Galvengar was given a new job as the wheelchair pusher, and rarely got chance to be the captain of Alterac Valley, instead Titania often took his place in the barracks in the battles.
But them times would soon end, and Titania would probably be guarding the new General instead... if she was not elected General herself.
Twas the night before Winter Veil, and Titania tucked herself into her bed, inviting Segoth around wasn't a bad idea afterall, as the clumsy orc climbed in next to her. The stone bed wasn't comfortable, but it toughened them.

She woke up, feeling a bit weird. Segoth still fast asleep, she pulled on her armour. It was Winter Veil! Orgrimmar should be full tonight, she thought, still feeling odd.
For some reason, her father kept coming into her mind.
He was homeless. It wasn't fair. It was time she did something for him, and forgive him.
It was Winter Veil afterall.
She mounted her wolf, which seemed faster for some reason, the trees blurry.
Then she arrived in the place the Frostwolf Clan kept her father, small, lifeless, but inhabitable.
It looked deserted.
She looked around, and there was Drek'Thar. How odd? She thought, as she stumbled up to the disabled General.
"What brings you here, General?"
"I have grave news, Titania. It is your father. He was killed... You might say he lost the will to live... no proper home, not enough food. He left a note."
Titania, nearly tearful, took the letter from Drek'Thar's grasp, and read:

Dear my only Daughter, Titania.
I just need to say that I love you, no matter if you rejected your old father.
I'm sure you won't even care when you read this.
I'm sure you may just laugh and throw this into the fire as you celebrate.
But I need to clear this.
Goodbye Titania.

Titania looked up, crying.
Then suddenly, Drek'Thar stood up out of his wheelchair, red in the eyes, cackling and cast a lightning bolt down on Titania.

She woke up. Segoth was shaking her.
"Tita! Tita! It's Cold Vayel!" He must've meant Winter Veil. But Titania was feeling pale. She was feeling dizzy.
She needed to see her father.

Titania rode with Segoth, and arrived in the cold camps of Alterac Valley, where her father stayed. She turned her head expecting to see Drek'Thar, but instead saw an old, grey haired orc stumbling out of his hut, clearly injured.
"F...father?" Titania ran up to the old man, and helped him into the hut.
"T...T...Titania?" The orc smiled, and brushed the hair back from her cold face.
"Father, you must come to my home, it is warmer there, and I must feed you!"
"I think I am d...dying Titania... you may have been too late for th...that... I appreciate the th...thought however..." He smiled again, and his eyes shut.
He still had a pulse.
She forced the unconscious man onto her wolf, and they rode as fast as possible, through the cold, snowy forest, until they reached the home of Winterfang... where years back, she had kicked her father from.
They- Segoth and Titania- (Segoth was entirely clueless to the situation but could tell by the ill of Titania's face that this was serious,) helped her father onto the carpet made of Alterac Ram Hide, and fetched some heated water and meat.
", eat this father! It is good food!" She was clearly panicking. If he died, not only would it be her fault, she would be an orphan.
The old man chewed on the meat, still half conscious, and finally sat up.
Segoth tended to his wounds, and tried cheering him up. He finally realised it was Titania's father.
Eventually, Drash'Lok spoke.
"So why did you come back Titania?" He sipped his heated water, clearly grateful for the warmth he had not had in years.
"I... I realised what a fool I had been. I was unfair, and cruel. I-"
Her father silenced her, and leant over and hugged her.
"You are so much like your mother, Titania. You are a true Winterfang."
Titania smiled, when Segoth suddenly smashed his bottle of water.
Titania and Drask'Lok both laughed, and later that day, they sat together, in the Frostwolf Hall, eating a Winter Veil feast, Drek'Thar there too.
"Happy Winter Veil, father."
"Happy Winter Veil, Titania."
And they all lived happily ever af- "WHAT 'BOUT ME TITA?"
"Happy Winter Veil, Segoth," they both said.
And they all lived together as a family, celebrating the things they love.

--The End--
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PostSubject: Re: A Frostwolf Winters' Veil   

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A Frostwolf Winters' Veil
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