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 How to prepare for cataclysm raiding

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PostSubject: How to prepare for cataclysm raiding   Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:30 pm

How to prepare for Cataclysm raiding!

You have just dinged level 85 and oh my what do I do now?! Now if you did not shout at your screen RUN HEROICS YOU DIM FORSAKEN, then you definitely need to read this little guide.

For heroics you need an average gear level of 329, if you have not yet achieved this run normals until you do. A nifty little addon to see which heroic drops your gear is Atlasloot, get it if you don’t want to be surprised or if you hate alt tabbing to your browser. Another way to get some nice gear is through the new Cataclysm factions, more about this under the Reputation section of this guide. Last and probably the least fun way to gear up is through buying some on the Auction House, some are drops from Heroics/normals others from crafters. All in all maximize your gear before you dive into 10/25 man raiding.

Really? Yes really. you don't have to max them out but you should have the usual profession perks unlocked. For example an enchanter like myself can enchant +40 of some stat on both rings, I unlocked this at 475 enchanting. Look at your own profession and see what lovely perks yours brings. Also ask a friend crafter for help, if you can’t afford the high ah prices ask a guildy or other friendly rper for a discount or trade enchants for gems etc.

Just like in Wrath of the Lich king we once again are dealing with factions who give head and shoulder enchants. Now might be your question; how do I get my reputation up? The first answer is through running Heroics with a tabard from the faction you need. You will however need to be at least friendly with said faction before you can buy one. If you are not yet friendly you can do daily quests and normal quests for reputation. Now I will make it even simpler for you and tell which factions give the enchants you'll want. You can pick up your tabard and the enchants at the factions quartermaster.

For your shoulder enchants, if you don;t want to grind to exalted you can also get the honoured enchant.
Zone: Deepholm
Quartermaster: D’lom the Collector
+50 intellect + 25 Haste (exalted)
+ 50 strenght + 25 crit (exalted)
+50 agility + 25 mastery (exalted)
+75 Stamina + 25 dodge(exalted)

Guardians of Hyjal
Casters head enchant (bind on account)
Zone: Hyjal
Quatermaster: Provisioner Whitecloud
Enchant: +60 intellect + 35 crit. (revered)

head enchant for agility users. (bind on account)
Zone: Uldum
Quartermaster: Blacksmith Abasi
Enchant: +60 agility +35 haste (revered)

Dragonmaw Clan
head enchant for strength users. (bind on account)
Zone: Twilight Highlands
Quartermaster: Grot Deathblow
Enchant: +60 strenght +35 mastery (revered)

Earthen Ring
Head enchants for tanks (bind on account)
Zone: Vashj'ir
Quartermaster: Provisioner Arok
Enchant: +90 stamina + 35 dodge (revered)

As I mentioned before you can also buy some nice gear from these Quartermasters, so if that one item still didn’t drop then take a look at some of the buyables from these fellas.

I can not say this enough; prepare for raids; this includes; class specialization (glyphs, talents, rotation, class addons)Tactics and consumables . But also know beforehand what drops and what you need/want. Raidleader do not want to be waiting for five minutes while you compare stats! Make a little list for yourself and figure out if you’re better off with something from Valor/justice points or a raidboss drop.

I hope this guide helped some rpers with an interest in end game raid content, if anyone has anything to add please do not hesitate, I would love some more input.

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PostSubject: Re: How to prepare for cataclysm raiding   Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:06 am

Very helpful and short guide. Cheers Nainiri Smile
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How to prepare for cataclysm raiding
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