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 The Creature of Stormwind Cathederal

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PostSubject: The Creature of Stormwind Cathederal   Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:19 pm

The figure staggered down the last few steps, missing the last, his feet slipping out from under him as he fell forward, grabbing dazed at the wall but smashing down straight on his face, his cloak billowing behind him. The Man already in the cold, dim room saw him fall and a look of concern flashed across his face, but the image turned to fear as the figure rolled over, his blonde loose hair flopping over his forehead over to the other side, a headband, damp with sweat, trying to hold back the flowing mop, his face in obvious pain. His hand gripped his chest, but lines of glowing green blood covered his torso, his shirt torn and soaked in green blood. And his skin, torn and pale, was rippling as some force coursed through his body, a curse taking effect. The Figure, whose eyes had been clamped shut, tore them open, green light spilling out, and His Pupils black holes surrounded by a green sea, light rays bursting out from his clenched teeth, a look of extreme concentration on his face as he fought whatever was taking hold. A flash of recognition hit the horrified man across the room, whom had previously stood gawping at him, as he suddenly sprinted over to the collapsed figure, grabbing him around the neck and supporting him as the figure gasped for breath. With the man’s help, he managed to get to his feet, his free hand swinging around in an attempt to grab support as the man began escorting him to the stairs that opened into the Catacombs below.

“Sythbo – what’s going…”

The Man stammered the words out, concern and confusion wrinkling his aged face as he helped the figure across the room, who was limping as his skin rippled, finding the task obviously difficult. His teeth gritted, he replied, looking up at the Man, his eyes projecting their green taint across his face, the dim glow bathing the Man’s features in light.

“I don’t… Brother it’s the Poison… I can’t fight the taint any more. It’s… it’s too strong.”

“My Son, I don’t…”

“Put me in the maiden.”

“But My Son, that would…”

“The light will heal me once the Poison wears off. I must –Argh- I must be contained!”

Silently, The Man nodded as he helped Sythbo across the room, the Casket lying open against the opposite wall. As they drew close the figure pushed the Man away, staggering without assistance, undoing the Broach that held his cloak on. His legs apart, knees bent to support his weight, he stood, looking at the prison before him, his cloak billowing as it fell to the floor behind him. Carefully, the step calculated, he swung his leg forwards, followed by his other, inching towards the cage. Drawing himself up, he placed a hand on the cold iron rim, letting his Balance go as he swung around, falling into the moulded coffin, letting his arms fall by his side as he stood, looking at the man, who glanced from figure to Spiked door, back to the figure.

“Surely there’s some other way…”

“Do it.”

Sighing, and biting his lip, the Man walked solemnly to the door, placing a hand upon it, eyeing the long spikes that covered the metal panel.
“Light protect you My Son.” The Priest said in prayer, swinging the Door shut with all his might, A yell breaking out of the Iron Coffin, the construction shaking as the priest buckled the Door shut, pushing hard on it as he felt bangs coming from within. Taking a step back he looked at the Iron Maiden, the casket shaking as the man inside fought, green light spilling out of every gap, the casket leaning up as it shook.


The Deafening yell erupted from the casket, deep and angry, the sides beginning to buckle against the internal strain, The Brother taking a step back in disbelief. Gathering himself up he turned to walk towards the Door opening into the spiral staircase, turning to glance one More Time at the iron maiden.

“Let me out!”

The Voice far deeper than Sythbo’s, the roar knocked the brother back as it struck him, the Great clock beginning to chime midnight above them. Turning, the Brother stepped out of the room, closing and locking the heavy door as he left.

The way is shut,
It was made by those who are dead
And the dead keep it.

Skeleton in the closet.
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PostSubject: Re: The Creature of Stormwind Cathederal   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:50 am

(( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Sythbo, hes gonna be ok right? and after all the girls said they'd kiss him given the choice of the KoL men Sad, Evil apothecarians, ( i think it was them). *crosses her fingers Sythbo will be ok* Great write up by the way Smile ))
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The Creature of Stormwind Cathederal
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