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 Sand and Stare

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PostSubject: Sand and Stare   Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:31 am

"Do you remember those times? We used to roam across the planes of the Barrens and Mulgore and except for the centaur, the world was our oyster! We'd hunt the wild kodo! Skin their hides and hang them about the cavarans and beat great drums! Oh those were the days before the orcs you even remember when those orcs came lad? The orcs arrive on the coast of the Barrens and sure, they defeat our enemies...but what else happens? They bring their wars to us! Enemies from across the seas...and now look at the world. One bloody upheaval, and now four weeks later, look where we are!"

Yorien, couldn't help but be quite aware of where he was. The Inn stank of blood and alchohol - and from the walls, it was clear the stench, was also staining. That was of course, what little he could see of the walls in the dark dim light of the Inn, which was dotted with small tables and the occasional big one. In Gadgetzan everything was built for goblins.

Until four weeks ago, he had never seen this part of world. He'd spent most of his life in Mulgore and Moonglade - Northern Kalimdor had been his home. That was of course until three months ago, when two mysterious strangers had arrived at his door offering him a chance for change. He'd seized the chance of course, there was nothing for him in Moonglade. No comfort of friends or family. Just training. Leaving with the mysterious Sin'dorei hadn't stopped that of course, but now he felt wanted. He'd had so many oppourtunities too. He'd spent several weeks in the Eversong Forest, resisting the urge to gag at the sickly sweet stench of the place, fouled by fel and by arcane, but for its rancid stenches, it had been beautiful. And when the upheaval, well, the Cataclysm had occured, he'd had his chance to see the world, and finally to put, what he felt were his talents, to use. While many had died in the fires and quakes, for Yorien Dreamwalker, its arrival had been a much needed life-line. And now, he was sitting in an Inn speaking to, what at least he believed to be, the drunkest tauren he had ever seen.

The elderly tauren sat opposite him, his sea blue eyes locking onto Yorien's own marble black ones. He eyed him warily, for a moment before a well timed hiccup, disrupted the awkward silence, which was promptly followed by a loud long belch. The tauren coughed, his beige fur, like the walls of the inn, stained with all manner of colours. Yorien struggled to keep his composure, as the tauren opposite continued his long ramble, his hand firmly grasped around his stein like some dodgy good luck charm.

"So do you remember?"
"Yes sir - vaguely. I was rather young at the time. I'm still young."
"Then you lad, do not know how much more expensive drinks are these 'ere days. Now these orcs and gobbos have arrived. C'mon lad...lend us a gold. I'll pay yah-"

The old tauren's response was a metallic thud which pierced the air, and before him, on the table, a glittering coin appeared.

"Take it. I'm leaving,"
replied Yorien. "If I stay here," He eyed the elderly tauren once more, up and down, as the tauren began to scramble for the coin. Yorien couldn't help but sigh. It looked like the start of a lively night. "I belive I may end up poorer for it. Good Night Sir"

Yorien didn't receive a reply as he made his way to the door. Pushing it aside, his gaze caught sight of view he'd never seen before. Above the walls before him, he could see the rolling dunes of sand which etched their way across the land up to the horizon beyond. But that was not all. Over the sand, hung the silver spectre of the moon, which cast its pale light over the tiny shards of sand, each of which glistened in its etheral light. It was beautiful - like the land before him had erupted into a sea of silver and gold. Yorien smiled to himself, and leaned against the arched doorway, staring out for a moment. It gave him time to think.

Yes - things had changed. Time had moved on. The Tauren no longer occupied Central Kalimdor to themselves, nor fought the centaur clans. Instead they now stood united in an organisation which rivalled the old Alliance itself. But even that was changing - new leaders. New ways of life. The balance of harmony, with Cairne's death, had been disrupted, but its disruption extended far back as the Wrathgate Incident. The world was an ever changing place, and like this view, he knew that the world he had just seen may only last through the night. But as this one would leave, another would rise, like the Sun. What was once silver would become gold. He liked that - "what was once silver would become gold". He thought he should write it down - it may well impress Catari. Not Alathreal of course - Alathreal wasn't one for philosophical debates.

How long he stood there for, he could not say, but he remembered having to get out of the way of several deluded customers at times. As the night went on, the soundtrack to the skyline, that of the rowdy inn, grew ever quieter until as always the silver gave way to gold, and the sun rose once more above the sand. He stared at it, before quickly covering his eyes. If he stared too long, he would be blinded, not only by the beauty, but to its joys, to even noticing its little changes on the world and above all else him. Rubbing his eyes, he took one last glance, and walked forward towards the stables, his gaze quickly catching a poster, which for most of the evening had been before his very eyes. He blinked and read its title once again. Had he been staring at the poster or the setting sun and sand? He smirked manically to himself, a smile only one other man could smile quite like him, and with this his walk developed into a run.

Darting past the few goblins which wandered the streets, his mind raced with thoughts. This was his time to change and he was sure of it. Once he had been a he was a Sunwalker. Once he had been Yorien Blackeye - now he was Yorien Dreamwalker. Now he was a nobody, and with this news he was going to be Chieftain of the Shatterskull Marauders. Even if he had to fight for it.

In his wake, the poster still stood, as the wind tugged at it, causing it to flap and writher. To those who saw it, before it blew away across the desert dunes, the following headline could be seen:


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PostSubject: Re: Sand and Stare   Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:10 am

((Great as always Cheifie Very Happy))
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Sand and Stare
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