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 The Greater Good (Both Parts in one)

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PostSubject: The Greater Good (Both Parts in one)   Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:22 pm

Titania was happy.
In fact, Titania had probably never been as happy.
She sat in Orgrimmar's Wyvern's Tail, and drank her favourite Alterac Whisky. Her throat burning, she smiled, and ripped open another bottle.
If only Segoth would propose to her...
She heard a noise downstairs, and looked over to see who had entered. A troll, a tauren, and weirdly enough, an undead.
The troll and tauren looked at Titania, then at each other, then walked up to her.
"Titania?" Titania felt worried, but then again, Garrosh would send orcs to arrest her, not a troll and tauren...
The tauren spoke.
"We would like to join in your quest for the Greater Good of the Horde... We found your posters in Echo Isles and Sen'jin and... We do not like this bloodthirsty warchief one bit..."
Titania grunted, and finished yet another of her whiskys.
"Sit. Take a drink... NO Not the whiskys!" She growled, as they slowly took a beer instead.
She looked at the undead, who was staring at her. She looked away, and smiled at her new recruits.
"So... tell me about yourselves..."

It was midnight. The two recruits had been signed up, they were waiting for her in the Darkspear Hold.
She was about to go and meet them, as she stepped out of the Wyvern's Tail, into the dark, empty Orgrimmar. Only a few grunts marched side by side, clenching axes, looking quite nervous.
She saw the Undead again, he was behind the Wyvern's Tail sign, as if about to jump her... Maybe he was if she hadn't spotted him.
"What do you want, Forsaken man?" She grunted, as he came out of his spot almost cowardly, and shaky.
"I h...have come to give information, Titania Winterfang..."
"How do YOU know my name? I am only famous amongst the Darkspear's and Frostwolves... not the filth- Forsaken." She coughed, as he continued.
"It's something about Garrosh... I understand you wish to assassinate him?"
Titania grabbed him by the throat and marched him around the back of the now-empty inn.
She growled to the scared Forsaken man, and then spoke: "You do not breathe a word of that. I don't know how you know about this, but one slip like that could get us killed... and the Horde will be lost." He almost smiled, but kept his bluffed scared face.
"I...I'm sorry, orc!"
"Now what of this... information?"
"It's about one of his advisors... I have my suspisions that he is a... a-" That's as far as the Forsaken man got, before he died. A single knife sticking out of his chest, and a breath of wind hit Titania's cool face. She dropped him, and grabbed Frostbite, and looked around.
"Strange things... I must tell Vol'jin..."

Part 2
Titania arrived on her Frostwolf, and ran into the warm hut, the Darkspear Hold.
Vol'jin looked at the tired orc, and had a questioning look about his face.
She explained about what had just happened.
"Ah see. What was da Forsaken man's name?"
"I... didn't get it. He knew about what we wanted... he knew about our future plans..."
"It coulda been a guess mon, relax! He's dead now, I would've gotten you to kill him anyway if he actually knew dat..."
"We go far, Vol'jin, for the Greater Good... I am beginning to think it is ruining me..."
"Sacrifice mon! For the Greater Good of The Horde! Now, you must rest... Afta you see to ya recruits, dey are upstairs..."
"Vol'jin... you do seem a bit less worried about killing innocent people lately... You spoke about the Forsaken like he was nothing..."
"'E was mon, 'e was a traitor, just afta 'is money."
Titania sighed at him, and went upstairs. There was the tauren he met earlier, Roggor. He looked petrified.
"Erm, Roggor, you alright?" He dropped a note on the floor, and went out... shaking."
She went over to the note and picked it up.

We know about you... Roggor.
We know what you are doing.
We know what you are betraying.
Quit now, and you shall be forgiven...
Quit now and you shan't die like that wretched orc leader of yours...

She swore.
Who was this? Who was playing these tricks on them?
Or perhaps they weren't true...
If Garrosh knew... surely she'd be dead by now.
She dropped the note, and apologised to the troll in front of her who just stared, bleakly.
"Sorry, Xiondrak. I must postpone this meeting for now... I have some things to think about..."

Leave now? Quit everything she had built, and ever dreamt of? Save herself?
Or stay strong, and fight for this Greater Good Vol'jin had promised.
Garrosh had made innocent orcs into war machines, soon there will be no more innocents... just warriors.
She got on her Frostwolf and went to seek the advise of a great leader.
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The Greater Good (Both Parts in one)
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